Best Free Backlinks – DA 100 Google Loving Rank Juice

Best free backlinks that Google lovesI am going to show you how to get the best free backlinks that will push your site to the top of the SERPs fast.

So why are these the best backlinks you can get for free?

Because they have a domain authority (DA) of 100.

Most importantly of all these backlinks come from Google, and Google loves Google.

So a backlink from Google comes highly regarded, that’s why these are without doubt the best free backlinks that you can get.

I am going to show you how to get these backlinks yourself for free right now.

It does take a little time to complete this ranking strategy, around 6 or 7 hours.

So if you do not have the time, you can buy it in our seo store right here.

I am not telling you to buy it, I am just saying it is there if you want it. You can do it yourself for free πŸ™‚

The strategy is very powerful and very safe too, this is because you get one top quality high domain authority backlink pointing at your money site.

That high domain authority backlink gets powered up big style, it’s guaranteed to give your site a boost.

Let’s get started;

Best Free Backlinks – Step by Step Guide

I will do this step by step for you, it needs to be followed in order for everything to work.

The YouTube video must be done first, this is because we are going to embed the video and even link back to it later down the line.

Each step is very important, so don’t miss any part of it out.

Step 1: YouTube Video

First of all we are going to do a simple YouTube video.

YouTube is a Google entity and has a domain authority of 100.

We are not concerned about the quality of the video. All we are looking at here is getting a backlink in the description surrounded by lovely relevant content that is related to your selected keyword.

Right, head on over to

If you don’t have an account sign up for one and let’s get your video on there.

To get my video I simply used my phone to video the web page I am looking to get a backlink to.

The video does not have to be good quality, just do a 30 second video and get it on there.

You can take a look at my video below, it’s nothing special at all, just get it done.

All we are concerned about here is the backlink in the description.

If you want to see how I got my backlink in the description take a look at the video page right here.

You want a full open URL anchor right at the beginning of your video followed by the keyword you are trying to rank for.

Add some content to the description, nothing special, just make sure your main keyword is featured at the top, in the middle and at the end of the content.

Free backlink from YouTube description

I used generated content from seo content machine and optimized it myself adding the keyword into the content.

If you don’t have seo content machine do not worry, you can use any of the free online article generators featured in my post here.

Or you can buy content generated using seo content machine from the Rankers Paradise store, which is the recommended option.

For this strategy you are going to require 61 articles, that includes the article for the YouTube video description.

You can buy 70 generated seo content machine articles from the Rankers Paradise store for just $20, you can get that here.

Right, so you have your first DA 100 Google loving backlink in place, which is from within the YouTube description.

Now it is time to get on with the serious rank pushing backlinks.

Step 2: Google Sites Backlink

Now this is going to be our main backlink, all other backlinks that we create from this point on are going to point to this site.

We are going to make this one super powerful rank pushing backlink.

The backlink is from Google Sites, Google loves Google, a backlink from this one site powered up in the way we are going to do it is going to work wonders for your ranking.

Head on over to to get started.

Sites Google Free Backlink

Drop your content onto the Google Sites blog.

Make sure your main focus keyword features at the top, in the middle and at the bottom of the content.

Ensure the keyword is in the main heading and the sub heading.

Add an image to the post and make sure your main keyword is in the ALT TAG.

The YouTube video we created in step one needs to be added to the post too, I popped my video at the end of the content.

I used a brand anchor, you can use whatever anchor you want to use.

Make sure you embed your YouTube video into your Google Sites Blog

This site only has one outbound link, that one link points to your money site.

I recommend using a brand anchor, however, if you have many brand anchors in place and really want to push your site up for your selected keyword you can go ahead and use an exact match anchor.

That’s your second domain authority 100 Google loving backlink in place.

Now we need to power up that backlink, I am going to show you how to do that right now.

The next lot of backlinks will point to your Google Sites Blog, all of these backlinks are going to push up the posts page authority.

This is going to leave you with one very poweful backlink that comes from a post with high page authority and from a site with the highest domain authority you can get.

These really are the very best free backlinks that you can get, they really are.

Let’s move onto the next step and get some rank juice flowing to your money site.

Step 3: High PA Web 2.0 Backlinks

Now we want to pass on some page authority to the Google Sites Blog.

What better way to do that than through high PA Web 2.0 backlinks.

For this step you are going to require five Web 2.0 sites that have high PA.

You can scrape them for free yourself using this free software from

The video below shows you exactly how to use the software and how to find those web 2.0 platforms.

Remember we want to find five different Web 2.0 platforms that have high page authority.

It is important to have backlinks coming from as many different IPs as possible, that is why we need to use five different web 2.0 platforms.

Do not use Tumblr in this step, all is explained later.

To check the page authority of the Web 2.0 platform simply get yourself MOZ BAR and visit the Web 2.0 URL.

The five Web 2.0 platforms that I used for this tutorial are:

  • WordPress
  • Webnode
  • Webs
  • Jimdo
  • Weebly

Remember you can also buy expired Web 2.0 blogs with high page authority from the Rankers Paradise seo store.

We will register 21 mixed web 2.0 platforms for you right here for just $30, all will have a PA of at least 28.

Now you have the web 2.0 platforms in place it is time to drop the content on them and link to your Google Sites Blog.

All of these five sites will link to each other in a link wheel formation. For a detailed tutorial on how to set up a web 2.0 link wheel go here.

In simple terms this is how it is set up:

  • WordPress links to Webnode.
  • Webnode links to Webs.
  • Webs links to Jimdo.
  • Jimdo links to Weebly.
  • Weebly links to WordPress.

This ensures all the sites get a backlink and the rank juice flows everywhere.

Remember to make sure each web 2.0 site links to your Google Sites Blog, which we set up in step 2.

Add content to your free web 2.0 backlinks

Right let’s optimize the content that you drop on the high page authority Web 2.0 sites.

Here is a simple check list for you to follow:

  1. Keyword at top, middle and botton of content.
  2. Keyword are start of main TITLE and in SUB TITLE.
  3. Keyword in image ALT TAG and in image file name. Make sure image is featured at the start of the post nearest to the link to the Google Sites Blog.
  4. Have the keyword in BOLD and ITALIC.
  5. Remember to embed the YouTube video into the post set up in step one.
  6. Remember to link up the web 2.0 blogs into a link wheel formation.

The anchors you use to link the web 2.0 sites together should be all long tail exact match anchors.

The anchors you use to link to the Google Sites Blog should be a variation of generic, exact match and long tail exact match.

To find out more about which anchors texts to use take a look at my perfect anchor text ratio post.

Right, go and do that for all 5 high page authority web 2.0 blogs.

These Web 2.0 blogs have a high page authority for a reason, and that is because they have backlinks pointing to them.

All this lovely rank juice will now flow down from your web 2.0 sites and onto your Google Sites Blog, pushing it’s page authority up.

The Google Sites Blog then sends all the rank juice onto your money site.

We are not finished yet.

I purposely did not use Tumblr for any of these five sites, this is because we are now going to power up these five web 2.0 sites with high page authority Tumblr backlinks.

I told you this is one very powerful ranking strategy, it does work.

This strategy is not featured anywhere else, and really is a rank pushing machine.

Google absolutely loves these backlinks, they are without doubt the best free backlinks you can get.

Right, let’s move onto the next step and get those Tumblr backlinks in place.

Step 4: Powerful Tumblr Backlinks

Next we are going to power up the five web 2.0 backlinks we have just created, we will do this with backlinks from Tumblr.

We are not going to use just any Tumblr backlinks, we are going to use high page authority Tumblr backlinks.

That means all of these Tumblrs have backlinks pointing to them themselves, which is incredibly powerful, and in this case very useful.

This step takes up most of the content we generated earlier.

Each Web 2.0 site created in step 3 is going to get 10 high page authority Tumblr backlinks.

This is the third tier of backlinks so you do not need to optimize the content, just make sure that you use all exact match and long tail exact match anchors.

You can also embed the video that we created in step 1 to each and every one of the Tumblr posts.

This is going to be some serious ranking juice right here for you, and best of all if you choose to do every step yourself, it is free.

If you need high page authority Tumblr blogs you can scrape them yourself for free using the free software featured earlier in this post.

You can also purchase 50 Tumblr backlinks from the Rankers Paradise seo store for only $20. Simply give us the URLs for the five web 2.0 sites and we will split the 50 Tumblr backlinks between them.

If you are going down the route of doing this yourself it can be very time consuming. Doing 50 Tumblr backlinks manually is easy but takes time, however there is a software you can use to speed up the process, it is called FCS Networker.

You will find a detailed guide on how to use FCS Networker here.

If you choose to go down the manual route, I suggest you register 7 to 10 Tumblrs per account, which will speed things up for you.

Like I say, if you have the time, all of this strategy can be done by yourself for free.

If you want to power up your 5 Web 2.0 backlinks even further, you can fire some powerful PBN links at them. You do not need to do this step, it is just an added extra to really get this moving along.

You can buy 30 powerful PBN links from the Rankers Paradise store here. These backlinks have high page authority and are guaranteed to help push ranks for you.

Step 5: More DA 100 Google Backlinks

In the final step we are going to create 4 more Google loving backlinks, all of which are free to get.

Each and every one of these Google sites is going to link to our:

  • YouTube video
  • Google Sites Blog
  • 5 high page authority web 2.0 sites

Three of the sites have a domain authority of 100, the last site has a domain authority of 97.

Just think how powerful these links are, and best of all they are absolutely free.

You can’t get any better than this. This is one of the safest ranking strategies in 2017 and beyond, it really does work too, I have tested it over and over.

Okay, so where do the next 4 backlinks come from.

Well they come from Google entities, which is why Google loves these backlinks so much.

You are going to go ahead and get backlinks from:

  1. Google documents
  2. Google spreadsheets
  3. Google presentation (slides)
  4. Blogger (Google entity)

Let’s tackle these backlinks one by one so you know exactly what to do here.

Google Documents:

Go to the Google docs site by following the link above.

Google Docs Free Backlink

Select “Blank” document and then simply add your content to the site and publish.

It is very easy to do.

Make sure you link to your Youtube video (remember you can’t embed the video here, so link to the video), link to the Google Sites Blog and also the five high page authority web 2.0 sites.

Keep in mind that the only sites in this ranking strategy that link to your money site come from YouTube and the Google Sites blog.

That’s it, make sure you use random anchors and exact match and long tail exact match anchors.

Google Spreadsheets:

Go to the Google spreadsheets site.

Free Google sheets backlinks

Select “Blank” document.

These are the easiest backlinks you are going to get right now.

In the first column of your spreadsheet add 7 keywords, box A1 will have an exact match keyword, box A2 through to A7 will have long tail exact match keywords in there.

In box B1 to B7 add the full open URLs for your backlinks.

Then highlight the URL and select the link icon from the menu bar and link them up.

That’s more domain authority 100 backlinks in place.

Google Presentation:

Go to the Google presentation (slides) site.

This is a slide show, which will include backlinks to all the sites we have set up so far.

Free backlinks from Google slides

Go ahead and select “Blank” document.

You are going to create 8 slides. The first slide will have your presentation TITLE, which of course will include your main keyword.

Then create a further 7 slides, each slide will link to one of the sites we have already set up.

So slide 2 will link to your YouTube video.

Slide 3 will link to your Google Sites blog.

Slides 4 through to 8 will link to the 5 high page authority web 2.0 sites.


You will be pleased to know that this is the very last step in the ranking strategy.

Simply head on over to, either create a brand new blogger site or scrape yourself one that has high page authority.

You can buy 25 high PA 28+ blogger blogs from the Rankers Paradise store right here.

Make sure you link from your blogger post to the Google Sites Blog and all 5 high page authority web 2.0 sites.

Make sure you embed your YouTube video into the post too.

That’s it, you are all done.

I know it’s a lot of work, but it is well worth it in the long run.

In the end you are going to end up with one very powerful Google backlink.

The Google Sites backlink will eventually have high page authority, and of course comes from a domain that has the best domain authority score you can get.

Final Step

Remember to get all of these backlinks indexed, they are useless if Google does not know that they exist.

To index your backlinks use Google console.

You do not need to index the 50 Tumblr backlinks, although you can do this if you want to.

The main point here is to get your Google Sites Blog indexed first.

Then drip feed indexing the other backlinks over a 2 week period.

Index one backlink per day using Google console.

Eventually you are going to end up with one super powerful backlink here that your competitors are going to wish that they had too.

If you are after even more free backlinks take a look here.

In the end, when you have finished this strategy you will have something that looks like this:

High domain authority Google ranking strategy

If it sounds like too much for you to do we can do it all for you, head on over to the Rankers Paradise store right now and get it done.

When it is complete you will have some amazing ranking juice flowing down to your money site from a domain with the highest authority.

This is a really fast way to improve the page authority of your money site.

So here is a quick run down of what you will be left with:

  1. A YouTube video backlink. This YouTube video will gain lots of power as it will be linked to, it will also be featured in the high page authority blog posts. This in turn will also help rank your YouTube video in Google search and on YouTube itself. Which in turn will send even more traffic to your money site, this is why this strategy is so effective.
  2. You will get a really high domain authority backlink from the Google sites blog, which of course Google absolutely loves. This one backlink is going to be powered up to the hill and will be super effective at pushing ranks for you.
  3. Your Google Sites blog will be powered up with high page authority web 2.0 sites, which have backlinks pointing to them themselves. All that powerful rank juice flows down to your money site. These blogs are set up into a link wheel formation so that the link juice flows all around the sites, it is guaranteed to push the page authority of your money site sky high.
  4. The 5 high page authority web 2.0 sites get 10 high page authority Tumblr backlinks pointing to them. As you know each of these Tumblrs have backlinks too, making this one very powerful strategy indeed.
  5. The Google Sites Blog is powered up even further with more high domain authority Google loving backlinks coming from Google Docs, sheets, slides and blogger.

There is a lot going on here, and really is well worth doing. This strategy alone can rank your site top if used on the correct keywords.

I think you will agree that these are the best free backlinks that you can get. Don’t waste any more time, go ahead and get them done, or let us do them for you.

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89 Responses to “Best Free Backlinks – DA 100 Google Loving Rank Juice

  • mazharoddin
    1 year ago

    Hi Nick,
    I would like to know which one is better spinner/article creator, is better than thebestspinner software, I am looking for cheap content generator or spinner to create tier 1 and tier2 articles for web 2.0 and youtube descriptions etc, Kontentmachine is beyond my reach ..

    I am not looking for complete automated content generator, I can spend 1-2 hours if required, but I am looking for SW which can generate unique articles with minimum effort, so that those articles get indexed and useful for all teir1 web2.0 blogs.

    • Don’t go with smart article generator, it has limited sources and if you want a lot of articles on the same niche you will run into duplicate content issues over and over.

      By far the best cheap option for content generation is, you get a free trial and it’s only $60 one off payment, really good value. Give it a try for free, it’s well worth a try.

      That’s your best option, let us know what you think of it πŸ™‚

  • mazharoddin
    1 year ago

    Sure Nick.. I will try and let you know. thanks.

  • nonchetos
    1 year ago

    Hi nick, something just came up on my mind about the different web 2.0 sites some of then have a pretty strict policy and do not let re-register expired domains so probably I won’t be able to find other then tumblrs for registration. I want to know if it’s ok to create new web 2.0 and then drop some high page authority backlinks on then? Also do you have a method to create new google accounts to avoid leaving any footprints?

    • Yeah it’s okay to use new web 2.0’s because you are going to power them up with high page authority Tumblrs, so those new web 2s will eventually have a high page authority when the rank juice flows down…’s just going to take a little longer, that’s all.

      To avoid footprints you could use a free IP Hide/blocker when setting up your Google accounts. Not tried that particular one myself, let me know if you use it and if it is any good πŸ™‚

      • Just a heads up for You and anyone else following along Nick. Webnode is annoying AF and off the rip makes all your external URLs nofollow. That could be devastating in regards to passing link juice. So what you do when you access the header is drop this shit in there:

        β€”β€”β€”β€”STOP NoFollow COCK BLOCKβ€”β€”β€”β€”β€”

        var $this = $(this);
        var $items = $this.find(‘a’);
        $items.attr(‘rel’, ”);

        β€”β€”β€”β€”STOP NoFollow COCK BLOCKβ€”β€”β€”β€”β€”

        Passing juice on my cutecatsrus webnode com site now

        • Thanks for the tip Sean. it’s good to have a mix of dofollow and nofollow links anyway.

  • michael zhu
    1 year ago

    Hi,dear Nick,but there have one question, With nofollow tag,
    Webnode nofollow no index,
    youtube with nofollow tag,
    how to go through juice from these web?

    • That’s correct, is nofollow as is youtube. You are doing this to purely build TRUST, like I say, Google loves Google and a backlink from a domain authority 100 site is going give your site a boost. I have tested this strategy and it does work, all the lovely rank juice flows down to the Google Sites Blog, I know it does not pass to your money site, however you end up with a high trust backlink that is from an incredibly powerful juiced up article. This means you get a lot of TRUST, and you need dofollow and nofollow backlinks in your profile for it to look as natural as possible. Even though the Google Sites backlink is nofollow it is still recognised that you have a (Up Vote) so to speak from a high trust fully juiced up domain. If your article on the Google Sites blog is well optimized for your keyword it is going to work wonders for you ranking, it’s one of the best and safest free backlinks that you can get, it’s well worth doing.

      If you want you can replace the blog with a blog, which is dofollow, it’s up to you. You can use all dofollow web 2.0 blogs with high PA, I like to use a mix of dofollow and nofollow to keep things looking as natural as possible.

      • Yeah id say its a much better choice to use the blogger in place of the page. That’s what ill do.

        • Yes that’s the best option if you want the juice to flow to your site. You could use blogger and Google sites blog on tier 1, that way you get a dofollow and nofollow link πŸ™‚

  • Hi Nick, big fan of your work. I have a couple requests.

    1. Could you do a tutorial on the process you go through to find keywords when you already know the niche/content. For example, did you find the keyword “best free backlinks” and create content around it, or did you already have the idea for the content and then proceed to find a keyword to rank it for?

    2. Does your Amazon affiliate site still make you money? How long does it take to see an ROI?


    • Thanks Josh. I had the content in mind, then I did some keyword research to find a keyword that would rank with very little effort. It doesn’t have a big search volume, I get traffic from long tail searches too, which boosts the post. My epilator site does make money, I have not bothered with it at all to be honest. It make around $50 to $100 per month, not a lot but I have not done anything to it, so it’s not bad for the time investment I put into it.

  • Aleksandra
    1 year ago

    Hi Nick, great write up. Enjoying your post so far!
    In relation to new web 2.0 and/or high PA expired web 2.0, can you please answer 2 questions:

    1. How would you go about keeping the web 2.0 (such as tumblr/weebly/wordpress etc) from being deindexed, after creation? &

    2. Once these web 2.0s are built, is there anyway we can hide them from competitors, in the same way that we can hide our PBNs? Would majestic and ahrefs pickup on these web 2.0 in our backlink profile?

    I like the fact that web 2.0 are high DA and are free hosted, but if we are going to put in all this effort, we hope that they remained indexed, and hidden. Cheers.

    • Thanks Aleksandra, I can answer your questions, no problem.

      1. Make sure you set them up manually. Don’t use any software to register them. Make sure you add content to them every now and again and always customise the theme, for example….with Tumblr….edit theme and add a header image and profile image and keep them active….this way they are sure to stick.

      2. You can’t hide your web 2.0 backlinks from your competitors because you need access to the robots.txt file to do this, and as these are free sites you do not get that option. The only way you could work this is by using the web 2.0 backlinks in Tier 2 to power up your PBN backlinks on Tier 1, which you can hide from the search engines by altering the robots.txt file by adding to it as follows:

      User-agent: * Disallow: User-agent: rogerbot Disallow: /
      User-agent: AhrefsBot Disallow: /
      User-agent: SemrushBot Disallow: /

      You can keep them indexed by adding content to them on a regular basis and by doing internal linking. You can hide web 2 backlinks by using them further down the link chain.

      • Aleksandra
        1 year ago

        Hi Nick,

        in relation to your comments “Make sure you add content to them every now and again.” Is that to suggest that there is a risk of de-indexation if we fail to add fresh contents on a regular basis? My concern is that if we go through the hassle of setting up these web 2.0 (both high PA and new web 2.0s) there is a risk that we can loose the whole sub-domain if we fail to add fresh content on a continual basis.

        Do you have a scheduled time table as to how often you would add fresh contents? How would you go about managing say 20-50 web 2.0s? I feel the need to ask these questions, because if it could be maintained then It is certainly worth the effort.

        • I have web 2.0 blogs that are 3 and 4 years old, some even older that I have not added extra content too. I did however build up the web 2s so that they have 4 to 5 pages on them, if you make them into a mini site and they get indexed and receive traffic it is highly unlikely that you will lose the blogs. Can can add content to the web 2s over a one month period, or build out the site right away and then leave it, the choice is yours. You will not lose the sub domains if you set them up as I have suggested.

          I don’t work to a timetable in which to add content to the web 2 sites, I simply build out the site, internal link the pages and leave them. This is the best way to do it if you are managing 20 to 50 web 2 blogs. If you need content for the blogs get seo content machine or buy the articles from the rankers paradise store πŸ™‚

  • Will we need to register a new google account when creating links for another new keyword? Or we use the same account for the new keyword?

    • You can use the same Google account, just use a different Google Sites blog if you are dropping another backlink to the same site.

  • Michael
    1 year ago

    Hi,Dear Nick,Thank You For Lots Of Help. I Still Have Two Questions. 1. In Most Of Your Strategy, Web 2 0 Link Wheel Tutorial Is Very Important, But Whether they Could punished by google As They Are “Link Farm”?
    Another Question is I use This Soft,, and sometimes i find some easy keywords Score is Below 30 Like 26, 28. but after 2-4 days, i check these keywords again, these Score changed, some change from 26 to44,
    28 to 36. Why This will Happened? Thanks, Michael.

    • 1. All link building is black hat and could end in a penalty, you need to cover all footprints to stay safe. Web 2.0 backlinks are safe, they are just like social signals, think of it as you are promoting your content. Keyword seo competition scores change on a daily basis because they are calculated by the SERPs and they change everyday too, sites gain more backlinks each and every day, which can change the seo competition score. The best tool is Long Tail Pro for keyword research, if you can’t afford it we can do it for you and get you some amazing keywords in your nich, the service is here.

  • Hi, Nick. First thank you for another great tutorial. I have learnt a lot from your blog. Though it’s a bit long process but I can’t wait to try it. I have just 2 doubt

    1. Is this backlink same powerful as web 2.0 ranking strategy (direct hit with 50 high PA weebly+tumblr blogs) ?
    2. This tutorial for only 1 page and 1 keyword? What about if I have 2,3 keywords and 1 page?

    • Hi Avijit, good to hear I have been some help to you πŸ™‚

      1. It’s good to do this strategy as well as the web 2.0 backlinks strategy. A link from a high domain authority site like this will never hurt your site.

      2. Make sure your content on the Google Sites blog is highly optimised for those two keywords. Get the keywords in the ALT TAGS and in the TITLE TAG and H1 and H2 TAGS. The sentence where your contextual backlink is placed make sure you have your keywords in there. Make sure the two keywords are close to the backlink.

      Then on your tiered backlinks mix up your anchors using both keywords, use 2 or 3 keywords and link up the sites doing the same thing. That will do the job for one page targeting more than one keyword.

  • Thanks for quick reply. I will test this process and share my result soon.

    • Thanks Avijit, I am interested to know how it turns out for you. Keep us posted πŸ™‚

  • Hi.
    Google Docs, Sheets and slide don’t get indexed by default. I have checked this. How do you get a backlink from them if they are not indexed?

    • Yes they do index, I have them indexed πŸ™‚ You have to do this. In the top right hand courner of the screen click on the “Share” button. Above the URL you will see some text, to the left of “Copy Link” button. Click on the text and you will get a drop down menu, click on “More…..”

      Then you will get three options:

      Public on the web
      Anyone with the link
      Specific people

      Make sure you select the “Public on the web” radio tab.

      Now…click on “Can View” next to “Access”

      Make sure it says – Access: Anyone (no sign-in required)

      Then hit the “save” button.

      If you don’t have the correct access requirements selected the links will not index. By default Google sets the link to “Anyone who has the link can access” which will not index. You need to change it to “Anyone on the internet can find and access this. No sign-in required” then the links will index πŸ™‚

      If you have any problems let me know.

      I always manage to get the links indexed through Google console. They do index if you set the requirements as I have suggested, I should have mentioned this in the post. Thanks for pointing this out.

  • Health N Fitness Tips
    12 months ago

    It was really amazing discovery for me that Google Docs, Sheets and slide too provide quality best links..

    Thanks dude for excellent exposure !

  • Hi that is not a problem. You can also get good links through google plus profile these are do follow only if you do it through googles profile though, if you go on to googles actual own google plus profile page and drop a comment on one of their posts related to your niche including the link of your website (which will go down as no follow) and the link of the google plus profile all the link juice will flow through to any of the websites on your google plus profile page, once you index the post of course you made on their profile -works really well

  • Hi,
    I started working on this strategy for one of my website, I am using seo content machine as you suggested…I wanted to auto post using rankwyz…so do you feel Kontent machine is better than seo content machine because it allows to use rankwyz ..pls suggests me which one would be better for tier 1 content + rankwyz or with other post automation SW.

    One more question, I wanted to rank several posts from same website using this I do I need to use different web2.0 subdomains for each post? currently I am using 5 different web2.0 subdomains for each post..let me know if I can use same web2.0 platform(link wheel web2.0 witch link google sites) for all the posts?

    • I recommend seo content machine, and upload your articles into the bucket on rankwyz. seo content machine has a tier 1 builder, which is great for building articles, this would be perfect for use on the Google sites blog.

      I would most definitely use different web 2.0 sub domains. Use different web 2.0 sites all the way down the tiers πŸ™‚

  • Hi Nick, the PayPal buttons on your dropshipping page don’t seem to be working…
    Let me know how else I can pay…
    Thanks πŸ˜€

    • carolinekelly
      12 months ago

      Hi joshua we are updating payment buttons now

    • Everything is working, we had only just added the drop shipping section when you landed on it. You can buy now to get massive discounts from our seo store if you want to re-sell πŸ™‚

  • Hi Nick
    What do you think of using to place a blog there and get a backlink from it to the money site?
    What the really is? Is it a good site to use it in linkweel?

    • is fast and easy to set up (no email verifaction required), you can use it in your web 2.0 link wheel no problem at all. has a domain authority of 66 and is good for a backlink to your money site. This is another web 2.0 site, reminds me a little of Tumblr.

  • This is so useful I have done fully and get how it works. How to improve SEO for the web that 100% coded by myself ? This is my site

    • If you want a full seo audit on your website you need to go to our Hire Me page and send us an email with your details from there. We offer custom seo packages on a monthly basis, however slots are limited, so you have to contact us first using the form on that page.

  • Ok I need to read more about this, I still don’t understand it correctly. What makes a tool sense when I need to tell it what my keyword is. The tool shall tell me what is the best keyword for me. Why would I use google docs for indexing? At least mine are not public?

    • You should look at Long Tail Pro or to find best keywords in your niche. To index your Google docs you need to make them public.

  • Abhishek
    12 months ago

    Hey Nick,

    Most of them are purely No-Follow and Obviously there is no use of no-follow links right now, whether they are from 100-DA or 0-DA. How these links might be useful?

    • The sites pass TRUST, every site needs a mix of dofollow and nofollow backlinks. These links are extremely useful.

  • prasadgfx
    12 months ago

    Hi Nick great post
    Is this method will work on you tube video?

    • Yes course, however it will be better to simply get video embeds from high PA Tumblr blogs to rank your YouTube videos from niche related content. We offer 100 high PA Tumblr video embeds in the Rankers Paradise store, these work wonders at ranking videos on Youtube and Google.

  • hey sir, can i create a content in google docs and is this content paste a link for my article from my blogspot it’s a true backlink or false thanks and i’m soru for my skills in english

    • Yes you can create content in Google docs and link to your Blogspot, the Blogspot site is dofollow, Google sites is nofollow. I think this is what you are asking me πŸ™‚

  • Michael Zhu
    12 months ago

    Hi,dear Nick,i have one question, before i registered 300 different forum/Wen profile, now i want these 300 webs link be indexed by google, before you said it is better to submit to Google Seatch Console, and also you said only one day one per.
    so 300 web links need 300 days to finish submit?
    anyway, there have other ways to let google indexed speed?
    like blogger Backlink? Comment Backlink? or other ways.
    hope to hear from you soon.thank you!

    • Hi Michael, you can throw a social backlink from say Twitter or Facebook to your backlinks to get them indexed quickly. These social sites get crawled often, so your links will be found by Google bot quickly. You can index more than one a day using Google Console.

  • Hi Nick,

    I’ve found web 2.0 with high PR, there are form livejournal and webs. How di I claim that expired domain from livejournal and webs, i’ts not easy like I do in tumblr and weebly.

    Thank you

    • I think you might have to pay to re-register an expired Livejournal web 2.o, maybe the same with webs. I have not done them before.

  • nonchetos
    11 months ago

    Hi Nick, just checking did you got my email?

    • I don’t think so. Email me today and I will get back to you, I have been busy over the past few months on other projects.

  • Hi Nick,
    I am applying this technique to one of my money site and it has already jumped from page 6 to page 4 although the process is still going on as i am daily using only 2 -3 tumblrs manually and index them. As far as i have used 24 tumblrs means half way to go more and already i can see some improvent.
    I have one question that for my another site, will it be good to use google plus in place of
    One more thing, if i do it for another site, i am thinking to use another 5 expired web 2 0. Can i use the same 50 tumblrs (already used for site 1) to link these other web 2 0 which i will use for my next site?

    • That’s good to hear Tariq. This strategy does work, like I said in the post, Google loves itself and getting these Google loving backlinks in place can only help any site rank up. Instead of using Google Sites you can use Blogger so it is dofollow, you could try Google Plus and let us know how you get on, although you wont be able to post a lot of content on a Google Plus post. Yes it is okay to use the same Tumblrs because they are on Tier 3, if you use different expired web 2s on Tier 2 you are all good πŸ™‚

  • Thanks for reply Nick. Need to bother you one more time. What if i fire GSA SER Backlinks on my 3rd tier tumblrs. Will it be give my tumblrs more power or just leave them as it is with their existing links.

    • It’s no bother, that’s a great idea, GSA backlinks on that last tier will help index your other backlinks….especially if you use GSA to get blog comment backlinks from sites that are already indexed. It will power up your Tumblrs and like I say, help index them and keep them indexed.

  • michael safwat
    8 months ago

    Hi Dear Nick, sorry for my bad English
    I learned a lot from your blog. I have a question In Google site part? Do we copy an article from the money site, Then put it in Google site with a link to the original article, or generate a new article then link it to my money site.

  • Larry Ellision
    7 months ago

    Great…!! that’s great advice, I read and also saw your every post, nice artical very usefull your post Thank you so much for sharing this and the information provide.

    • Good to have you here Larry, glad you enjoyed the post. Get these free backlinks in place and let us know what they do for your site.

  • theophilus onyukwu
    6 months ago

    Hey Nick. I really appreciate your effort in helping out a lot of seo noobs like me – especially considering how you attend to every question asked.
    My question:
    I am building out my site from scratch. I’ve done my keyword research, as well as analyzed my competition. Here is my discovery, and it really got me confused. I found out, using Longtail Pro, that my keyword of choice has very low KC(below 20). This got me excited, but when I turned on the MOZ tool, I see that my competing pages have very high PA & DA; Although they’re not optimized for the keyword. In such a scenario, what would you advise – go on or abandon ship, and look for other keywords??

    • The sites ranking for your keyword are not optimized for it and are only there because they are authority sites. You will most definitely out rank them if you add some quality unique content to your site and get those all important backlinks in place. The Long Tail Pro software has given your keyword a low seo competition score because those sites are easy to beat because they are not optimized. Pay more attention to content and external backlinks rather than metrics from MOZ like PA and DA. Try to keep things clear and don’t get confused adding metrics into the mix from third parties, forget about MOZ and majestic CF and TF metrics…..stick to what is important. The quality of the content and the quality of the backlinks, if they have good content and lots of contextual backlinks from quality niche related sites then move on if you are looking for easy rankings, if they have poor content and very few or poor backlinks then you are onto a winner. Stick with the basics, 1. content and 2. backlinks….forget the rest….keep things simple.

      • theophilus onyukwu
        6 months ago

        Wow! Response in record time…Nick, you’re one hell of a blogger…a human machine☺!!! Thanks for coming through as usual.
        I have some more questions, though.
        I went back to the serps for my keywords, and actually carried out a check on the number of words on the competing pages. My findings:Except for like 1 or 2 of those sites, which have about 1700 word articles, others are just nothing to write home about. But overall, their no. of backlinks are very very poor…less than 10 in most cases. I think I’ll just go ahead and attack this niche using some of the seo tricks I’ve learned from you, and a super-massive content(min. 2500 words). I think that’ll do it.
        Meanwhile, I noticed you seem to trust the data from Longtail Pro so much. If this is so, does it mean you don’t use other KW tools? Do you think it’s wise to compare data from different KW tools(say, KW Revealer & Longtail Pro)? I do that often, and admittedly, it gets me confused most times, b’cos the results can vary widely, sometimes.
        Thanks for all the help, Nick. More power to your elbow!

        • No problem at all πŸ™‚ Yes if you get some good content on your site and some backlinks on place sounds like you have found yourself a nice easy niche to rank in and you certainly will hit the top by the sounds of it. I stick with long tail pro these days and look at the SERPs within long tail pro, which shows number of external backlinks and their META TAGS…..make sure exact keyword is not in there and then I look at the content, if everything ticks the boxes then I move ahead on that keyword. You should not just rely on the keyword tools alone, always do a quick manual check before you go ahead, missing out the manual check can be fatal on a project. It’s good to hear from you, let me know how your project goes and if you need any help just drop me a message.

  • Dear sir its best thing you shared with us it really helpful for us.

    • Good to know Rankers Paradise is helping you. Let us know if you need any help.

  • My god i did this strategy 2 weeks ago and nothing else, my site is now rank number 1. This is amazing, thank you so much.

  • Vijender Godara
    5 months ago

    Great Post Boss
    Helpful for me.
    Thank You

    • No problem at all, glad you found it useful. These links are great, Google loves em πŸ™‚

  • hi,dear Nick.
    For this google Strategies, can i use your website service “50 SPUN SEO CONTENT MACHINE ARTICLES” for tier 2, 50 tumblr articles or i must hand write really articles myself?

  • michael zhu
    5 months ago

    hi,dear Nick.
    For this google Strategies, can i use your website service “50 SPUN SEO CONTENT MACHINE ARTICLES” for tier 2, 50 tumblr articles or i must hand write really articles myself?
    if use your service 50 spum content by machine articles, google will indexed them or not indexed because fake supm articles?


  • Amazing post, Nick! You make this sound so easy.

    Just one question, before I put this into action.

    Do we use the same (gmail) email address for all the various google entities:

    2. google docs
    3. google sheets
    4. google slides
    5. blogger

    Would the one gmail account be considered a footprint by big G? or would you suggest we set up one gmail account for each entity?

    • Use different accounts if you have them, although I have not had any problem using the same account.

  • Do we still need to use google add url to index the various google entites eg. / google docs / google sheets / google slides / blogger?

    Or can we assume that they are google entities and will naturally index by themselves?

    • You don’t need to use add URL, they will index by themselves. Wait a few weeks, if they don’t index drop a link to them on Google Plus, that will do the job πŸ™‚

  • craze mr
    3 months ago

    is this strategy still working???

  • craze mr
    3 months ago

    Will this strategy work for now i mean this year?

    • Yes of course, this strategy works in 2018 and will do beyond πŸ™‚

  • On the diagram, it mentioned “google forms”. However, you haven’t mentioned much about it in the instructions. Is it worth persisting with “google forms” at all? can we still place backlinks there? If so, how?

    • That was a mistake, we don’t use Google Forms for backlinks, just ignore that. Go and get backlinks from the Google properties Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, that’s all you need.

  • whatsapp 2018
    3 weeks ago

    Thanks for the information.

    • No problem at all, thanks for stopping by. Get those Google loving backlinks in place and let us know how you get on.

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