How To Rank youtube Videos on Page 1 of youtube

how to rank youtube videosToday i am going to teach you how to rank youtube videos on page 1 of youtube.

So you have a youtube video and you aren’t getting enough engagement? Well I am here to help and tell you how to rank youtube videos fast on youtube.

Let me firstly explain more about youtube and exactly how  it works. While Google is the biggest search engine online, Youtube comes in second.

Youtube is now the second largest search engine with 1 billion daily visitors. I mean, who wouldn’t want a piece of that?  Youtube receives over 5 billion daily views… and that number is rapidly growing!

Trouble is when it comes to ranking youtube videos, this can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you are in a niche where the competition is solid, like weight loss for instance.

This is where I would like to introduce one of the best video marketing tools online …Video marketing blaster PRO. A personal favourite tool of mine. I will show you how i use it for my youtuberankingspecialist business online to rank hundreds of peoples youtube videos.

How To Rank youtube Videos With Video Marketing Blaster Pro

This is a tool you need if you wish  to rank youtube videos. You can purchase this here.

Over the years I have tried several video marketing software and to date this is the best , you cannot beat it. There is no monthly charges either, which makes it even better.

The software costs 57 dollars, a one off payment. Once you own this software, you will be able to rank youtube videos over and over again without having to pay any extra charges.

This video tool has it all.

It has a ranking tracker where you will be able to check your position on your videos at any time. You can analyse competitors videos, see the exact information they are using on there videos to rank them to the top.

It also includes a video generator, where you enter your keyword into the software and it will generate the best seo optimised title to get you a number 1 ranking.

The software also shows you all the keywords people are searching for on youtube, their rank, and the search volume on  youtube.

So lets get started…

How to rank your video on youtube the right way

Once you have purchased the software from here, you will receive a confirmation to your email and a download link where you will be able to download the software with your username and password.

Follow the steps below;

  1. Once you have downloaded the software it will show on your desktop as blastersuite manager. Click on it and it will open.
  2. It will then show the following screen

video blaster pro

As you can see the company offers alot of different products, the one we wish to focus on is Video marketing blaster pro.

3 . Now click on start application and it will say starting. You will then get a screen like below

How to rank youtube video start

Ok, so now we have the software open. The next step is to click on keywords at the top and you will be presented with a screen like below:

find youtube competitors

This is where all the magic happens. Let me show you exactly what to do.

As you can see to the left there are 4 boxes : find competitors, get search results, generate video details and also research from search suggestions.

This tool does it all. I always ensure all 4 are ticked at this section.

How to choose the right keywords to rank your video

So you have your video and are now wondering what people are searching for and what keywords to use.

Let me step away from the software for one minute. The youtube search tool on is your best friend when it comes to keywords and how to find out exactly what people are searching for.

If I go on to youtube and start typing in on the search box ‘weight loss’ a lot of other terms show, including weight loss diet and weight loss tips.

Now start typing in weight loss diet, look at the terms that come up : weight loss diet plan for men. This is called a long tail keyword which works best when ranking on youtube.

If i type in cat on youtube I don’t want to sit through all those videos, I want to see a video on a black hairy cat playing – this is a longtail keyword.

Focus on longtail keywords when it comes to ranking videos and you will win every time. When a video does rank for long tail keywords it will also rank for shorter keywords over time, depending upon the competition. Let me show you an example – click here. This video is currently titled ‘buy seo services online’ – it is number 1 on  youtube for buy seo services online, but wait, it is now also ranking number 1 for ‘buy seo’, buy seo online, ‘buy seo services’.


Let me now show you a demonstration on how I ranked the following youtube video below number 1 on youtube instantly using a long tail keyword.

This video is basically about exercise for back pain;

Back pain youtube video that I ranked number one

I entered into the box to the left on the software ‘ exercise for back pain’ and ensured all 4 boxes to the left were ticked – the more information I get on this the better.

See screenshot below;

youtube keyword research

Then click on research keyword. It then goes out and searches for all the keywords being used on youtube.

I then get the results below:

selecting the best search terms for youtube ranking

It gave me a whole load of search terms showing the keyword search volume, the software also shows me the most popular to least popular terms.

You would be surprised on what people type in on youtube. I like to focus on keywords under or just at the 500,000 search volume, anything above 550,000 you will not rank for instantly.

If you are looking to rank page 1 instantly focus on the 500,000 search volume and below. You can rank videos for multiple search terms.

Anyway, when I entered this search term, you can see a whole load of results. The rank shows you how the keyword ranks on youtube.

So where you see those under 10 no one is searching for them, they are no good. I like to concentrate on keywords around the 24 mark as they seem to rank every time.

When I searched here i got the following keywords :

Select which Youtube keywords you want to use

As you can see I have ticked the two keywords I’m interested in here to rank this video number 1.

Both have a rank of 24 which is good – “lower back pain exercises video free download” and “lower back strengthening”, the latter being over the 500,000 search volume mark….which means it will not rank for just ‘lower back strengthening’ instantly, but it will rank for it eventually once it starts receiving traffic for the other search term ‘lower back pain exercises video free download’.

So here is how you do it : The only 3 things you need to use in ranking youtube videos is the title, description and tags. Nothing else.

I go on to the video and I have to change the title from what it is below to “lower back pain exercises video free download – lower back strengthening”. All of my keywords are in the title now 🙂

Modify the youtube video TITLE TAG


A well optimised youtube TITLE

When I performed my search here on the software I also had all 4 boxes ticked, including the video generator.

At the top I clicked on video details, it then shows me the details it has generated for me to use on my title tags and description, but i never really use this.

I only use this section for the tags. After I have clicked on the video details at the top I get the following below:

This is how to optimise your youtube TITLE and DESCRIPTION TAGS

As you can see it has generated a title , it even suggests to you tags and titles if you do not wish to use the one it has generated.

I only use this section for the tags. I then go on to the tags section on youtube and delete any tags i have on there and copy and paste the ones the software has provided into my youtube tags section on the video, then click save – see shot below;

Optimise your youtube tags

I then look at the description and add the long tail keywords to the very beginning of the description so youtube picks up on it.

Important information when it comes to the description on youtube – the 3 first sentences are the most important part, as this is what youtube search picks up on.

If the video does not rank instantly with just adding the title to the start of the description, get the keywords in there as much as you can in the first 3 sentences and the video will rank…. Take a look below, the video is number 1 for  “lower back pain exercises free download” out of 200,000 results.

It also ranked for “lower back pain exercises strengthening”. Once the video starts to receive traffic for these longtail keywords it will also rank for other search terms including lower back pain, back pain exercises – more competitive terms.

The video and keywords in the tutorial were used only for demonstration purposes.

This video currently ranks for;

exercise for instant neck pain
exercise for instant neck pain and stiffness
instant neck pain and stiffness

Video ranking top on youtube

Video Promotion and Marketing Resources:

While you may be page 1 or number 1 on youtube, there is also the competition you have to think about.

You certainly do not want them creeping up and stealing your position. What I recommend highly is video embeds,  which can be purchased here, this will strengthen your video against competitors and will rank you to the top if you are not number 1 but page 1. The seller uses and will embed your video on to the 50 tumblrs.

That’s how to rank youtube videos real easy. This of the traffic potential you are now going to have. A link from a high traffic video to your money site can help you make some serious bank.

Keep an eye out soon for my post on how to rank youtube videos on google. I hope you enjoyed my post and if you have any questions at all please feel free to ask.

Remember, if you do not have the time to spend ranking your videos, or do not want to learn or pay for any more software you can get it done for you right here. Alternatively you can purchase the video software by clicking here.

While this software helps you with ranking on youtube if you are looking to rank for more higher competitive terms instantly without having to wait through using my longtail keyword ranking method – Youtube video marketing pro will give you suggestions on how many views likes etc you need to rank for the term you wish to rank for. What many people do is purchase high retention views, likes and subscribers first then go back to the software and use the generated title , description and tags on the video to become number 1 or on page 1. Below are some of the resources where high retention views, likes and subscribers can be purchased. These services have been tried and tested  and i highly recommend them. 
High Retention views – Recommended services (tried and tested)
100k high retention views -click here .
500k high rentention views with likes and comments – go here
30k high retention views – see here
Youtube Subscribers –
500 Youtube Subscribers – click here
1100 Youtube Subscribers – you can view here
Backlinks are always good too for your video
How to earn money with youtube: Highly recommended
Tube Cash Jeet     The most amazing video course on youtube traffic, monetization, ranking techniques, researching keywords and backlinks.

Youtube Marketing , Creation and Software resources:

Other Youtube ranking, creation and marketing softwares i haven’t tried yet but look very interesting include the following:

Video Maker Fx -You can make videos with this software, unlimited, no restrictions.

Youtube Marketing Success kit – Thousands of channels are making fortunes with this kit.

Video Marketing 2.0 Success Kit  – A course which offers  very interesting information on video marketing.

Be sure to check out the new Rankers SEO Store NOW OPEN – Rank your youtube video on page 1 for just 15 dollars.

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  1. This is the perfect website for anyone who hopes to understand this topic.
    You realize a whole lot its almost hard to argue with you (not that I personally would want to…HaHa).
    You definitely put a new spin on a topic that’s been written about
    for years. Wonderful stuff, just excellent!

  2. For Keyword ranking you can use is the Most Powerful YouTube Ranking Automation Tool For All your YouTube Channels

  3. Great post. what do you think about using just backlinks to rank a video? In other words can a video be deranked due to low quality backlinks or spam backlinks.

  4. Really interested in the YouTube on Google aspect of this. Hope that post comes sooner rather than later. Also hoping to hear about how to get your video ranked in Google instead of one that is already ranking in Google.

  5. Hello Caroline,

    How are you? I’m Interested in your Youtube package. I have one video already on page one of Youtube for a keyword but I would like it number one and also number one for other keywords on Google as well.

    Is it still ok to order this gig on this website?


  6. Price is high, make it $5 and you will succeed with the sells. Just my tip.

  7. This is over exagerated here. put it simply that ranking videos is not a day jod. I I tried with lower amount of searchs and keeping its rank at 24 also, with 350k search result, optimized title, description and tags exactly like what you did, nothing happend till now. Its going to 48hrs now

    • hi thanks for your message and im sorry it didnt work out for you
      i guess you really need to know what your doing :))

      ive ranked over 5000 videos and got a highly successful video business so i guess it may not be for some people and it ranks instantly :))))

      if you need your video ranked in 1 day order from the store on here and we will do it for you many thanks

  8. Thanks Caroline for this great post.

    So at least we need two tools video marketing blaster pro and video maker fx to start this journey. I was not in video marketing earlier but after this i will definitely give it a try.

    Please help me on the following issues;

    1). I am also looking for how we could also rank videos in Google.

    2). Please also tell how could we rank keywords that have two to three words because most of the time we are focusing on that length.

    3). Is it better that we place an affiliate link in the description or place my money page link of my site?

    4). Are the conversion rates in videos are better than websites?

    5). If i can rank a video with 550000 searches and with good product affiliate link in the description then what is the earning potential? (On average)

    6). What is the best strategy to earn a fulltime income with this strategy? (like 10k/month)

    7). If i create a video using video maker fx then what should be the length of the video?

    I know some of the things may not be that easy to answer but as you are in this field since long so you know well. I hope you give me good ideas. Thanks

  9. Hello Caroline,

    What is the turn around time on these shop gigs?

    Thank you

  10. Nick has opened a store on here now and you can purchase my service and i will rank your videos

    take a look at my other video here–F2ufFmJA

    its still not ranking page 1 yet for youtube video marketing or video marketing because the competition is strong, i could go out and buy views and i could get this to page 1 of youtube for these two terms but im not going to because its ranking for at the minute

    youtube video marketing company – page 1 out of 14 million results
    affordable video marketing number 2 out of 2 million results
    video seo service page 1 position 3 out of million results
    video seo service company page 1 position 2 out of 1.68 million results

    this video will soon rank for ‘video seo’ *currently on page 5 for this term, youtube marketing etc 😉

    and it will eventually rank for those other two phrases above i want 🙂

    • I saw you comment that if you buy views it is just a “ranking for at the minute”, how risking this can be? What thing should I be careful if I decide to buy views?

      Thank for the answer in advance

  11. Hi Caroline,

    I was trying to rank some keyword and did what the program ask, I bought the number of views and also, subscriber and likes but I am still nowhere, I even was ranking for something, now I cant even find me

    Can you bring me some help?
    thank you in advance

    • hi ok sure can i have your video url please? and ill take a look

        • also be careful who you buy views from it has to be high rentention views ensure the seller you order from has good reviews for it -as if you order views which drop this can also effect your video and drop your rank be careful if doing this

          thank you

        • hi thanks so your trying to rank for facebook ads tutorial for beginners
          is that correct? well without even looking at the software friend the results found are 22 million results, the competition some of them have 39k views if you wanna rank for that term instantly you need to meet that number of views before you rank for it or alternatively rank for something else if you look on the view suggestions section after you enter the keyword on the software it tells you how many views you need to outrank the competition
          let me look for other keywords for you —found a great one for you
          how to use facebook ads effectively it has 150,000 search volume which is not alot of competition and an amazing rank of 84 which means many people are searching for it

          Change the title on the video to please
          How to use facebook ads effectively for beginners – facebook ads tutorial 2017

          please change the title to this 🙂
          place it to the beginning of the description

          delete all the tags from the video please 🙂 and copy and paste all of these tags into the video
          how to use facebook ads effectively, facebook retargeting tutorial, how to retarget facebook ads, how to retarget on facebook, facebook retargeting, facebook retargeting strategy, Facebook. Facebook Ads, CPC, CPM, Marketing, Advertizing, Facebook Insights, Sponsored Stories, shopify ads, ad scaling, facebook scaling, shopify advertising, shopify audience, facebook audience, ecom, woocommerce, facebook ads tutorial 2016 indonesia,

          let me know once you are done please and ill check the video

          thank you

        • Also I was trying to rank for complete ads for authors

        • I just did it, thank you for your answer and your post. Expecting more of the, too 🙂

  12. Thanks Caroline for this great post.

    So at least we need two tools video marketing blaster pro and video maker fx to start this journey. I was not in video marketing earlier but after this i will definitely give it a try.

    Please help me on the following issues;

    1). I am also looking for how we could also rank videos in Google.

    2). Please also tell how could we rank keywords that have two to three words because most of the time we are focusing on that length.

    3). Is it better that we place an affiliate link in the description or place my money page link of my site?

    4). Are the conversion rates in videos are better than websites?

    5). If i can rank a video with 550000 searches and with good product affiliate link in the description then what is the earning potential? (On average)

    6). What is the best strategy to earn a fulltime income with this strategy? (like 10k/month)

    7). If i create a video using video maker fx then what should be the length of the video?

    I know some of the things may not be that easy to answer but as you are in this field since long so you know well. I hope you give me good ideas. Thanks

  13. Hi Caroline,

    You have missed to hyperlink it . “You can purchase this here.”

  14. just like that :)) yes

  15. and does it rank instanly? Just like that?

  16. WowwwwWowwww Caroline Kelly is bae ..Nice one..

    How long does t take for videos to rank. What’s the likely time duration?

  17. Hello Caroline,

    Great post, I never thought you could Seo a YouTube video, that’s cool.

    Is there a good chance of bringing a lot of traffic to a website once you are ranked 1st for a long tail keyword on YouTube?

    Can the keyword be location targeted? For example ” wedding photographer Melbourne ”

    Thank you

    • Hey shannon yes 🙂 Most companies now use videos to drive traffic to there sites from youtube works really really well 🙂 you can add your website link to the video and description
      And of course it can be targeted yes –i recently ranked a video number 1 for iphone screen repair melbourne 🙂
      so definately yes give it a shot 🙂

      • Hello Caroline,

        I would like to buy Video Marketing Blaster PRO.

        Is there a MAC version?

        Thank you

        • hey shannon let me look on that and get back i dont think there is but ill check for you

        • Hello Caroline,

          How are you? Did you have time to find out if this program works on a Mac? I have tried to search it online but didn’t find any answers.

          Also with the gig I bought on SEO Clerks (Premium Backlink With Special Tier 2 Ranking Juice for $50) Is this the same as the gig on the Rankers Paradise shop page? (Premium Quality Web 2.0 Backlinks RANK BLAST to hit Google TOP SPOT for $50)

          Thank you

      • Thank you for the reply Caroline.

        Would optimising a youtube video also help in ranking the same site on Google organic ranks as well?

  18. Besides are you talking about 500k searches? If so how many people or competitors does such high volume keywords have? At 24 I think its high to rank for.

    • This software is one of the best online i will also in 5 minutes be adding some other youtube resources and tools to my post for anyone interested to take a look.

      Also 500,000 search volume is the amount of results found the amount of videos on there targeting that particular keyword 🙂

      thank you

      • So, is there a way to calcule how much traffic will I probably get with an especify kw from youtube?

        • hi how are you you can use this free

 , its not always accurate though because the traffic changes on a daily basis 🙂

          there is a section on the software which shows you whats trending in each country etc but it only gives you an estimate traffic search

          The keyword you go for is really based on judgement, when you type in on youtube the keyword you wish to rank for look at all the competitors videos engagement etc —-you can also check out where they may be advertising too by typing there video link into google etc..

        • What About if I want to rank a kw that has about a million search volume? What you recommend to rank in that case?

  19. Great article here, but how do create youtube videos and avoid bans? Do we use generated videos or create original? How do you do it yourself?

    • Hi thanks for your comment. If you are looking for a tool to make videos i will be adding some recommended tools in my post in one moment i will update it for you and you can take a look.

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