How to don't get scammed when purchasing  


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05/01/2017 9:57 am  

Hi guy's,


i would like to share with you my small trick to avoid getting scammed when i purchase a gig on seoclerks, fiverr,


1)    When there is  negative review i read it very carefully then ask the seller, (even have 100 positive,1 negative) 

you can find 100 dumb people and 1 people like brad and nick.

2)   When there is a comment" Very good i'll definitely buy again!"   i check if he really buy again or no, if no it mean something is wrong.

3)  I'll always google the description and title, sometimes the resellers just copy and paste from other website.


Hope it help, if you guys have other suggestion i'll be happy to hear it!

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05/01/2017 11:35 am  

For me I'd stick with people above 500+ positive review, or 1000+ even. With good positive percentage. 

But there still bad apples, I guess that can't be helped.

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31/01/2018 12:07 pm  

When buying online, there's always the risk that the seller has just taken a photo someone else has posted online of the item you're looking to buy. Ask the seller to send you a tagged photo. A piece of paper with their name and the date, their ID, their face, anything that can prove they have that item in their posession. This is online buying 101, and if they won't do it, it should set alarm bells ringing. Get redirected here...


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