Need help with my web 2.0 PBN  


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I'm working on building my own Web 2.0 PBN. Can I get some opinions on it.

How do I build more tier 2 sites? How can I increase the PA of the tier 1 and 2 sites? How can I improve it?

The sites on the far right are newly registered doodlekit and wix. The tumblr in the tier 2 both have adult content history so I'm not linking them to my money site as was suggested in a different post 

Apologies if this are all noob questions, this is my first time attempting something like this

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I would say diversify to different properties besides just tumblr for starters. Get wordpress, blogger, and many others etc on tier 1 as well. 

You build tier 2 like you did tier 1. You can do it manually yourself or buy more sites/pages for ANY tier. Tier 2 pages/sites will just point to tier 1 pages/sites. You increase the PA by getting links from pages/sites with HIGHER PA than you already have. You want as many "contextual" links as possible. 

If I were you I'd go back and read a lot of the posts on the main page here (the blog not the forum). And I'd read more elsewhere too. 

Good luck.

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Yup, JoeyD nailed it.

Increasing the power of your links is all about stacking them.

Tier 1 is your core that actually link to your money pages. You want the BEST links you can get for this layer. A good 80-90% should be contextual on this tier and the content needs to be decent.

Tier 2 is your first power-up set designed to boost the overall juice of your tier 1 links. You still want a good 80% contextual links here, too. The content doesn't have to be as great, but if you can do it try to at least make it readable, but it can be spun.

Tier 1 links you can utilize include:

  • Web 2.0s (new or expired)
  • PBNs (quality ones only)
  • Doc Shares / PDFs (big name sites; use only quality content)
  • Videos (upload to YouTube/Vimeo with link in description)
  • Infographic Submissions (get a decent design from Fiverr, upload to high quality infographic directories)
  • Image Shares (uploaded to sites like Imgur/Flickr with link in description)
  • Press Releases

The meat of your links on tier 1 will be your web 2.0s and PBNs for the most part. The others are mainly used for diversity and making things look more natural.

Tier 2 links can be:

  • Web 2.0s (preferably expired ones with backlinks)
  • PBNs (can be cheap packages)
  • Video Submits
  • PDF / Doc Shares
  • High TF/CF Blog Comments
  • GSA Blasts (packages that are mostly contextual only)

Technically, you can toss just about anything into tier 2, but I like to be a bit more careful than most. I stick to mostly contextual links in tier 2 and then have junk links (article directories, social network blogs, social statuses, comment spam, image comment spam, etc) utilized on tier 3.

Tier 1 you should usually do manually because to get it done right (using quality sites and good content) it can be pricey (around $30 to $100 for a set of 10).

Tier 2 and 3 you can either do yourself or use a cheap gig for since they aren't as high of a priority.


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