the reddit strategy of upvote.  


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23/12/2016 2:26 am  

Hi again,

This is my second post today, i was wondering if this strategy is working.

the strategy is once you create a link in a good subcategory in reddit you make some other account with different ip then give atleast 3 UPVOTE to your link , the link will change and be automatically do follow.

Is it worth ?


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28/12/2016 6:06 pm  

Not sure on this one, all my reddit posts always get removed as spam so I don't use anymore. I would me interested to know if the links stick 🙂

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29/12/2016 9:04 pm  

More trouble than it's worth if you ask me.

Reddit heavily moderates links on their site for one. Second, even if the link does become dofollow it's not that great of a link. It's just a social media site. Even getting on the homepage won't mean much because you will drop off quick.

Reddit is good for boosting traffic with quality content in some niches. Even then you have to bust your butt to get it. Just not worth the effort if you ask me.

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