Tiered Link Building Strategy To Rank Multiple URLs and Keywords

Tiered Link BuildingToday I am going to show you a tiered link building strategy to rank multiple URLs and keywords on the same site.

Many people do not want to rank lots of pages on the same site using many different backlink strategies, because it is very time consuming.

This strategy is going to fire backlinks at 3 URLs on your money site and rank you up for 5 keywords per url.

So you are going to rank up for a whopping 15 keywords.

This is going to boost the traffic to your website big style.

The strategy takes a little time and effort, but the results are well worth it.

The strategy is available to buy in the Rankers Paradise seo store, right here.

You can go ahead and do the strategy yourself, I will show you exactly what is required below.

It’s a slightly more advanced strategy than you normally see here on rankers and you are going to require some software to complete all the tasks.

This is why we have made it available in the store.

If you want a basic strategy that you can do without software take a look at my web 2.0 backlinks post here.

Okay let’s get started.

Tiered Link Building Strategy

The strategy is split up into three tiers.

Just to complicate things a little more I have split each tier into levels.

The image below should make it a little clearer at what we are going to achieve here.

Quality Backlinks Ranking Strategy

So here is the break down:

Tier 1 (LEVEL ONE)

  • Web 2.0 property (5 pages)
  • Web 2.0 property (5 pages)
  • Web 2.0 property (1 page)

Tier 1 (LEVEL TWO)

  • Web 2.0 property (5 pages)

You get login details to all Tier 1 web 2.0 properties if you buy the service from our seo store.

Tier 2 (LEVEL ONE)

These backlinks point to all Tier 1 (level one) properties.

  • 60 high PA Web 2.0 backlinks
  • Over 3000 Wiki and Profile backlinks

Tier 2 (LEVEL TWO)

These backlinks point to all Tier 1 (level two) properties.

  • Over 60 social signals and bookmarks
  • Over 1000 contextual article backlinks

Tier 3

These backlinks point to all Tier 2 (level 1) backlinks, which is the 60 high PA web 2.0 backlinks.

  • Over 2000 social bookmark and profile backlinks

That’s the strategy explained, let’s crack on and build those backlinks.

So basically, you end up with something like this:

Three Tier Backlink Strategy

All that lovely rank juice flows down to your money site and you rank up 3 urls all in one go for multiple keywords.

Great way to rank many urls on one site all at the same time.

To buy our link building services for one URL follow the link provided.

If you are new to tiered link building and need more details take a look at the video below, it will help you before you get started with this strategy.

Tier 1 (LEVEL ONE) Backlinks

So tier 1 (level one) has 3 web 2.o properties.

Two of the web 2.0 sites have 5 pages on them, the last site has just one page.

The three web 2.0 platforms we are going to use are:

  1. wix.com
  2. sitey.me
  3. jigsy.com

Head on over to those three sites and set up a free account.

Make sure you have your main keyword in the sub domain url.

On Wix and Sitey you need to add five posts.

On Jigsy you just need to add one post.

Each post must link out to an authority site on your subject (ensure you do not link to a competitor for your selected keyword.

Some examples of authority sites to link out to include:

  • Huffington Post
  • Wiki How
  • Wikipedia
  • Pinterest

I think you get the idea.

The authority link should always be at the bottom of each post.

Now you can add the backlinks to your website from each post.

Each post will have 4 backlinks, 3 will go to your website and of course the 1 to the authority site.

So here is how you are going to link out on your web 2.0 properties:


  • Post 1: 3 links to your 3 website urls using the first of your 5 keywords for each url as anchors.
  • Post 2: 3 links to your 3 website urls using the second of your 5 keywords for each url as anchors.
  • Post 3: 3 links to your 3 website urls using the third of your 5 keywords for each url as anchors.
  • Post 4: 3 links to your 3 website urls using the forth of your 5 keywords for each url as anchors.
  • Post 5: 3 links to your 3 website urls using the fifth of your 5 keywords for each url as anchors.

The exact same applies to the next web 2.0 property, as outlined below.


  • Post 1: 3 links to your 3 website urls using the first of your 5 keywords for each url as anchors.
  • Post 2: 3 links to your 3 website urls using the second of your 5 keywords for each url as anchors.
  • Post 3: 3 links to your 3 website urls using the third of your 5 keywords for each url as anchors.
  • Post 4: 3 links to your 3 website urls using the forth of your 5 keywords for each url as anchors.
  • Post 5: 3 links to your 3 website urls using the fifth of your 5 keywords for each url as anchors.


Just one post on this site.

The post will link to all three urls on your website using one of your five keywords for the anchor text.

Also, ensure you drop a link to an authority site too.

Tier 1 (LEVEL TWO) Backlinks

On level two of tier 1 we have another web 2.0 property.

For this we are going to use:

  1. my-free.website

You can use any web 2.0 properties you want.

These are the ones I use when deploying this strategy on my websites.

Remember, this strategy works on all keywords, from easy right through to hard ones.

The last web 2.0 property is going to have 5 posts on it as follows:


  • Post 1: 3 links to your 3 website urls using the first of your 5 keywords for each url as anchors.
  • Post 2: 3 links to your 3 website urls using the second of your 5 keywords for each url as anchors.
  • Post 3: 3 links to your 3 website urls using the third of your 5 keywords for each url as anchors.
  • Post 4: 3 links to your 3 website urls using the forth of your 5 keywords for each url as anchors.
  • Post 5: 3 links to your 3 website urls using the fifth of your 5 keywords for each url as anchors.

Right, so that’s tier 1 complete.

You should now have 4 web 2.0 properties with 16 posts spread between them.

Tier 2 (LEVEL ONE) Backlinks

I will now explain how I have split this tiered strategy into levels.

The tiered 1 level one sites will all receive backlinks from tiered 2 level one sites.

The tired 1 level two sites will all receive backlinks from tiered 2 level two sites.

The tier 3 sites all link to level one tier two sites.

Hope that makes sense to you all.

Now I will show you how to get the rest of the backlinks in place and the software you will require to get them with.

60 High PA Web 2.0 Backlinks

I use FCS Networker to get these backlinks in place.

For a full run down on how to use this software go here.

I put high PA/DA web 2.0 properties in the software (mostly Tumblrs) and use all these blogs to backlink to my tier 1 sites.

For anchors use exact match and long tail exact match variations.

To get long tail exact match variations head on over to keyword shitter.

Drop your main keyword in there and hit the start button.

Copy and paste the list into fcs networker to use as long tail anchors.


The 60 web 2.0 backlinks link to all tier 1 level one properties.

Examples of properties you can use on this tier include:

  • Tumblr
  • Weebly
  • Strikingly
  • Beep
  • WordPress

Basically, just hit the site with as many web 2.0 backlinks as your want.

For a list of more web 2.0 platforms take a look at my free backlinks post here.

3000 Wiki and Profile Backlinks

Now the 3000 wiki and profile links are done with gsa software.

The same process applies here for the anchors as with the 60 high PA web 2.0 backlinks.

Use exact match and long tail anchors.

All these backlinks link to the tier 1 level one web 2.0 properties (wix, sitey and jigsy).

Examples of properties you can use for backlinks on this tier include:

  • wiki.mrmoseley.co.uk
  • cyberplusindia.com
  • wikiprofile.org
  • apbb.de
  • pek-sem.com
  • gilissen.me

Tier 2 (LEVEL TWO) Backlinks

Now we hit the final tier 1 web 2.0 property with backlinks (my-free.website).

Same again, use exact match and long tail exact match anchors.

60 Social Signals and Bookmarks Backlinks

You can use Magic Submitter or even Money Robot to get these backlinks in place.

To see how to use the Money Robot software go here.

Examples of properties you can get these backlinks from include:

  • facebook.com
  • twitter.com
  • diigo.com
  • tagpacker.com
  • papaly.com
  • plus.google.com
  • raindrop.io
  • thinkery.me
  • evernote.com

1000 Contextual Article Backlinks

Again, use exact match and long tail exact match anchors.

If you are unsure what I mean by this take a look at my perfect anchors text ratio post here.

To get these backlinks I use a mix of GSA, Money Robot and FCS Networker software.

Here are some sites you can get contextual backlinks from to use on this tier:

  • shuuka.com
  • witwebcoder.com
  • teamconasauga.org
  • ginim.com
  • webaccess.co.id
  • riseup.net

You can drop articles with backlinks on sites like these.

Absolutely perfect for tier 2 backlinks.

That’s all the tier 2 backlinks completely taken care of.

Tier 3 Backlinks

Now we are onto the final tier of the tiered link building strategy.

You can add more tiers if you wish to do so, I find three is enough (even for hard keywords).

There is a hell of a lot of backlinks on tier 2, we do not need to link to them all from this final tier.

All we really need to do now is power up the 60 tier 2 web 2.0 properties.

We will fire all the tier 3 backlinks to the post page of the web 2.0 properties, not the homepage.

For the final tier we are going to use low quality social bookmark and profile backlinks.

2000 Social Bookmark and Profile Backlinks

All of these backlinks link to the post pages of our 60 web 2.0 tier 2 properties.

Being bookmark and profile backlinks the anchors will mostly be URLs.

However you can use exact match and long tail exact match anchors wherever possible.

To get these backlinks I use GSA.

You can get these kind of backlinks from site like:

  • html5gameslabs.com
  • freeonlinecricketgames.net
  • secretgirlgames.com
  • letsgofamily.com.br
  • minecraftsgamesplay.com
  • eindore.com
  • gameshill.net

All the lovely rank juice will flow down to your website.

The strategy will work on any keyword out there.

You will see top rankings for easy low competition keywords within weeks.

It really is worth putting some time into it, the results are worth it.

That’s it, remember to do all tier 1 manual.

You can use spun content on tier 1, but make sure it is readable and unique.

This tiered link building strategy is available to buy in our seo store, and works for any keyword.

53 Responses to “Tiered Link Building Strategy To Rank Multiple URLs and Keywords

  • Hello nick sir, nice to see the new post, I am looking for this for long times. I have some question regarding this,
    1. For level 1 tier 1 All 5post’s content are almost same, I mean almost same content but 5 different post?
    2. 15 backlink from 1 web 2.0 and all are exact match anchor.

    • Hi Avijit, I finally found time to write this new post 🙂

      1. Yes, the content will be about the same thing, however it will be unique and readable. For example, your site might be an epilator review site…..so all pages will be about epilators….and will link out to the different urls on your site about epilators.

      2. No, you have 5 keywords per URL, if you are ranking each URL for one keyword then use long tail variations of your main keyword for the other 4 anchors.

  • Hi Nick, another great post. I’m using a software to submit lot of links to T3. Do you think I should use an indexing service to index those backlinks, or can let them sit and be found naturally by the search engine?

    • Let them sit and be found naturally, it’s good to get blog comment backlinks lower down the Tiers from sites that are already indexed.

  • Hi nick,
    Another great post. Just one question, you said in the post that just to make this strategy complicated you are spliting the tier in level one and two. What is the benefit in doing that. I mean we can keep all tier one, four web 2 0s in level one and then start linkbuilding on all of them as you did for tier 2 and 3. Why split levels in tier one?

    • Thanks Tariq. I split the tiers up into levels to avoid footprints, otherwise all sites on tier 2 would have backlinks from the same kind of sites. It shakes things up a little bit. You could do what you say and do not split the tiers into levels, I like to mix it up so all properties do not have the same kind of backlinks, you could even put more properties onto tier 1 level 2 if you want. What I show in the tutorial is what I have tested and know works 🙂

  • globaltrendz7
    8 months ago

    Thanks for clarification nick. That question was just came in my mind and i asked you. Definitely, i would like to replicate this strategy as it is and would not like to play with it. 🙂

    • No problem, let me know how it goes 🙂 If you need any help just let me know.

  • this are nonsense strategy if you have been building web2.0 links of late. you will agree with me that no matter the anchor text or velocity you use, you have just little impact maybe 20% of the time and the rest are negative. even with manual and hand written original articles. so grow up and invest in Proper PBNs than web 2.0s. just my 2 cents

    • Thanks for the input 50thy, web 2 backlinks do work on the tight keywords 🙂 Although there is nothing better than as you put it “Proper PBNs” because the best backlinks are from niche related sites within the content.

  • Isabella
    8 months ago

    Really great strategy, I will implement it on my affiliate blog n will share results here

    Isabella chris

    • Thanks Isabella, let me know how it goes. All feedback from you guys is much appreciated 🙂

  • hey, nick thank very much you using your strategies I have ranked my keywords. my one quick question can I point pbn’s to web 2.0 site rather than my money site to stay safe

    • Yes it’s a good idea to point PBN links at buffer sites like web 2.0 properties, especially if you are buying them and you are not sure about the quality of them. If they are your own PBN sites that you have set up and they are quality then they are better directed directly to your money site.

  • Hassan Raza
    8 months ago

    hello sir i am read your article with enjoy but i can’t understand first line of

    your website

    url 1 url 2 url 3

    you means

    my 3 site url right ?

    • Yes I mean your site url, the 3 urls you wish to rank on your site 🙂

      • Hassan Raza
        7 months ago

        3 links to your 3 website urls using the first of your 5 keywords ?

        so sir clear that

        means one web 2.0 to publish 5 post and than 1 post and submit my website url with keywords

        means its not be clear for me please sir tell me

        every post have 3 link and with 5 keywords

        • You have 5 posts on a web 2.0 site, and you are trying to rank 3 urls on your money site.

          So each post on the web 2.0 site will link out to the 3 urls on your money site.

          On post one you will use keyword one as anchor for each url, on post two you will use keyword two as anchor etc.

          Hope this makes sense to you. If not just let me know and I will try and clear it up for you 🙂

  • Thanks for the great Share I started to implement on one of my site,Hope will get good results. Will share the result soon 🙂

    • Yes let us know how you get on with this strategy. If you need any help just let me know.

  • thx for this great article but I have some question :

    first why you choose 3 webs 2.0 ( Wix,…) and not use(WordPress, Tumblr, Weebly) this 3 web 2.0 better

    second: what do you mean “3 links to your 3 website URLs using the first of your 5 keywords for each URL as anchors” do you mean each post have different keyword

    third, can I used it for my direct site I mean 1 URL, not five, I need to do backlink to one link using this strategy if yes how that with the post I put it to first trie ( just small explication ) sorry
    thx again for helping us

    • You can use any web 2.0 you want to, I chose the ones I did because they are less popular and people may already have links from WordPress, Tumblr and Weebly from using my other strategies.

      Yes, each post will have 5 keywords you want to rank for. So it will have one main focus keyword eg “best epilator” and then long tail variations of it like “best epilator for sensitive skin” and “best epilator for underarms” etc. You can use the strategy to rank just your main keyword, however it’s a good idea to try and rank for long tail variations too….less work in the long run. Make sure you work the long tail variations on your main keyword into the content on your money site.

      Yes you can do it to 1 url on your site, link the posts on the web 2s….all five of them to the one page….just one link per page and use your main keyword a few times (depending on your current backlink profile) and use open URLs and Brand anchors. If you need help with anchor text ratio take a look at this post: http://www.rankersparadise.com/perfect-anchor-text-ratio/

  • HI nick,
    i want 3000 social bookmarking gig , have you try any seoclerk gig or not please help me thanks

    • I have not tried any seo clerk gig for 3000 social bookmarks. The only one I have used that might be of use is this one at $1 for 300 backlinks however it’s a mix of social backlinks, forum backlinks and wiki backlinks. I have found on that does 1500 social bookmarks for $2 here, you could order that twice. However I have not used it, although it does have good reviews. If you use it let us know how you get on with it.

  • Imrul Quayes
    8 months ago

    Great post boss. I often visit your site to find new post. Finally found new post. Thankyou.

    • Thanks for dropping by all the time, I will try and publish more often 🙂

  • and can you tell me how to index them pl give me any solution

    • The tier 2 and 3 links will index your tier 1 links. if not you can force index your Tier 1 links using Google console. Also, you can pop your links on Google Plus, Facebook and twitter….they are crawled regular by Google bot and it’s a god way to get your sites found and indexed without using Google console. Social bookmark links will index fast by themselves anyway, all these kinds of sites are crawled often by google bot.

  • Hi Nick,

    As usual nice article. Give us one post about YouTube Video ranking. Please We need it.

    • Hi Imrul, I will get a YouTube post done as soon as possible, to rank videos on youtube and Google 🙂 All is in hand and will be done soon.

  • Hey Nick,

    Great post. I have a question about linking web 2.0s to my money sites. Can you have to many compared to other types of links that google gets suspicious. Because I have money robot so I can send and create many juiced web 2.0s for cheap but am worried that google will notice that most if not all my good backlinks are from web 2.0s. Is this a legitiment concern?

    • if you are using the same web 2 platforms over and over you are getting backlinks from the same IPs, which is not great. You need backlinks from a vast array of platforms including web 2s. Web 2s alone will rank you top for easy keywords, even hard keywords using this strategy if you do it the right way using the right anchors etc. You can also get links from Blog Comments, Social Bookmarking, Directory Submissions, Press Release, Video and Audio Sharing, Doc Sharing, Guest Posting and even go for PBN links if you know how to set them up. The key is to index the backlinks at a steady rate over a set period to rank top eg 3 to 6 months depending on keyword comp. You can’t have too many web 2 backlinks, just make sure you get them from different platforms and you will be good to rank up.

  • hi Nick,
    I have replicate the whole strategy on one of my website. All my first tier links have been indexed. Can you tell me how much time should it take to show some kind of results?
    Do i also need to index all the back links in tier 2 also?

    • You will see a rank change in 2 to 3 weeks, sometimes it happens right away. You don’t need to index the tier 2 links, let them index naturally over time and you will see a constant rank rise over the next 30 days or so.

  • Hi Nick,
    I just want to know, should I need to build 2nd tier backlinks to all those 5 posts which we built in all 5 web 2.0 sites?

    • Yes, all five posts on each web 2 site need to get tier 2 backlinks.

  • Increadible huh.

    Link building is the most confusing and tiering effort for newbies but you explain the basic concept of building a list

  • michael zhu
    5 months ago

    Hi,dear nick, for tier 3, submit to 2000 social bookmark, you mean which one is better?
    get the top social bookmark ,like facebook, twitter,diggo, total 20-30pcs.
    and i submit to 60 expried web 2.0, 20*60=1200 or 30*60=1800
    because i think if submit with top bookmark, it is easy to indexed by google quickly.
    and if other low quality 2000 bookmarking, i think 99% not indexed by google.

    same like 3000 wiki and 1000 article, i don’t think google will index them (even google hate these spam link) .

    please tell me how to do with this.

  • matthewrobbs
    4 months ago

    Quick question about this method. I bought the service from the shop for this one but was wondering approximately how long it would take for the rankings to be about as high as they will go? The reason I’m asking is I’m just trying to see how long I should wait after the work was finished to do something else to try and push them up the last little bit.

    Also, which of your packages in the store would you recommend to use next after this package if needed for some harder keywords?

    Sorry for the newbie questions. I’m really new to all of this and your info and services have been amazing!

    • The links will index over three weeks, so your rank will improve steadily over the first three weeks. For all links to take full effect it will take around 60 days max, the full effect of the service will be done within this time scale. You can order more packages right away, because it all depends upon when the links index and if they index. You need to keep the backlinks flowing at a steady rate and keep an eye on your competitors gaining links too. I recommend niche related backlinks next for you: http://www.rankersparadise.com/product/cheap-monthly-seo-plan-niche-backlinks/ this works on hard keywords. I am happy to help, if you have any questions drop another comment or send us an email any time.

  • Post 1: 3 links to your 3 website urls using the first of your 5 keywords for each url as anchors.

    Didn’t really get you, Nick.

    • Okay, I will explain 🙂

      In the same post/article:

      Link out three time, each link goes to 3 different URLs on your site.

      You have 5 keywords for each of the 3 URLs on your site.

      Use the first keyword from your list as the anchor text, which links to each page of your site.

      Hope this makes sense.

      If you need to see a sample report of how we do it just send us an email 🙂

      • Shakir Hassan
        2 months ago

        Hi Nick,

        Thanks for the quick reply. Just wondering why I should link to my website’s 3 pages on each web 2.0s post because, say, I wanna rank one page of my site and not three, then I will link once to my site and maybe 2 to some other high quality web pages right?

        Also, linking to 3 of my site pages from one web 2.0 will look pretty spammy, isn’t it?

        And yeah, I’d love to see those sample reports. Just sent you out an email! 🙂

        Looking forward to hearing back from you soon.


        • If you are only ranking one page then just link out once on each post and once to an authority site in your niche. This was set up to reduce work load and rank multiple keyword for one site all in one go. Linking out the 3 sites is possible, people do link out in blog posts to the same site 3 or even 4 times, it’s natural to do so. I will get back to you with the samples 🙂

  • Shakir Hassan
    2 months ago

    And yeah, one more question, dont you think it will look too spammy If I link to my money site from every web 2.0 posts (5 in total) ?

    • That’s why you must insert an authority link to another site, or even add more links out to cover this. It’s not going to hurt your site because it can happen, people do blog and link out to the same site two, three or four times in one post 🙂

  • Shakir Hassan
    2 months ago

    Thank you Nick for clearing all my questions for tier 1 campaign. Let me dig into tier 2 now and then 3. If I have any question, will ask. Sorry about that. xD

    • No problem, ask as many questions as you need to, I am happy to help.

  • Thank you Nick. . . for the amazing strategy.
    i am implementing this strategy on a Niche site, that has 4 posts (Different).
    so according to this (3 links to your 3 website urls using the first of your 5 keywords for each url as anchors.) , Is it Ok?

    on Post 1 : 4 links to 4 posts (post1, post2…) using first keyword (post1 keyword , post2 keyword…) as anchors and 1 to authority site.

    • Yes that is okay 🙂

      “on Post 1 : 4 links to 4 posts (post1, post2…) using first keyword (post1 keyword , post2 keyword…) as anchors and 1 to authority site.” That is correct.

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