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I already tried the strategy but I have a question
I used this service (500 social signals from top two platforms for $1)
but when I tried to check the signals after the order delivery I didn’t find the signals on HTTP I found them on HTTPS , the sevice provider told me that http of my site is not valid to have signals so he used https (when I checked using the HTTPS, message appears telling me that the url is not valid but I can see the signals though)is that normal??

Drop you website URL into this social signals checker. If social signals show you are good to go πŸ™‚

Hello Nick,

Great advice. Thanks will do.


No problem, let me know how it goes.

Hello Nick,

Too be honest, we haven’t built any new backlinks for the past two years and it has stayed number one since then.

Now recently it has dropped one to two places over 30 keywords.

So not to sure what to do next.


I would go real careful with this, drop 10 decent backlinks……use brand anchors, not on all but on 1/3 at least. Use open URL anchors and long tail exacts…this all depends on the current anchor text ratio of course. I would do 10 backlinks in the next 30 days and index them slowly.

I would freshen up the content on the page too, I would add to the content and get the post fresh again. Keep the keyword density below 1%.

Hello Nick,

So maybe do a ” The 301 Elevator Effect ” or the ” 10 Site Two Tier New Web 2.0 Link Wheel Backlinks ” on the site ranked 2nd.

What do you think?


How many backlinks have you been building each 30 day cycle. Keep the backlinks coming at a steady rate….so you really need to match the flow of backlinks from previous weeks/months.

Hello Nick,

How are you?

Quick question, with the ” Premium Backlinks ” list can we use this service to push to top rank if your already ranked on the first page or top 2nd – 3rd rank?

Or are these links better suited if the website is on page 2 – 4, to then push to top of page one?

Thank you

Hi Shannon, I am really good thanks, hope you are too.

It depends which service you choose to use from the Premium Backlinks section. This certainly all depends on your keyword and if your site is set up for a top rank.

When I hit 2nd and 3rd rank I go real steady, I do not blast a lot of backlinks at my site for fear of a big drop. You need to keep dropping backlinks at a steady rate, so it pretty much depends on your previous backlink building strategy. Last month…how many backlinks did your site get? Keep them coming at a steady rate, and if you are unsure use web 2.0 buffer sites and pass the rank juice down through those.

Hi Nick,

For PBN services, What anchor texts we have to provide seller? only exact match?

Depends which service you are using and your current anchor text ratio. If you are buying high quality PBN backlinks then I suggest you only use exact match, but only do this if you are going to build other links to even out your anchor text profile.

Hi Nick,

Using your techniques, I am seeing first time ranking improvement in google so I am feeling very good now. You know that I discussed you few days back that one of my post shows 2 times in google and my ranking was not improving from 9 days but I now jumped from page 6 to 3 suddenly so very happy.

Also how many no follow backlinks you create for every ten do follow backlinks and from where you get the no follow backlinks. I know that no follow links don’t pass link juice but it seems natural to google that not all backlinks are do follow.

That’s great that you have experienced rank improvements πŸ™‚

I don’t create no follow backlinks with the web 2 backlinks strategy. That strategy is to get your site ranking high enough that the natural backlinks start to flow…which they will if you have great content. Then you will pick up no-follow and do-follow backlinks. If you want to drop some no-follow links into your campaign there are web 2 sites that are no-follow…pretty sure Jimdo is πŸ™‚

One question about expired WordPress blogs. I have bought expired wordpress accounts and added unique content to them but none of them got indexed. Is there a problem with expired WordPress not getting indexed?


They will index eventually…Wordpress do take a little longer to hit the SERPs for some reason. Super easy to way to index them…find an expired Tumblr that is already indexed…re-register and hit the WordPress with a backlink..doesn’t have to be a long post…just 30 words or so. That will get them indexed.

Hello Nick,

How are you?
Just wanted to let you know one of the gigs on your post doesn’t work anymore. Here is one I found:


Thanks Shannon, I will remove that one now πŸ™‚

All done.

Thank you Nick!


Hi Nick,

quick question,

is there a service you can suggest that will only set up
the web 2.0 with no content, then give the login info.

I’ve heard it is better not to set up the web 2.0 yourself
because they will be set on from my ip address.

Is this right or false.

thank you,

Depends on how many and how quickly you’re banging out the web 2.0s. If you’re building a lot in a relatively short amount of time, yes, it can be risky to utilize your own IP over and over again.

In my opinion it’s too pricey having them registered for you. What I do is use a tool called PIA (Private Internet Access). It’s a subscription VPN that allows you to change your IP at will with the click of a button. It only costs about $7/mo and it’s definitely worth having if you’re planning to do a bunch of web 2.0s quickly.

I know other people register web 2.0s on a regular basis without any issue without having to change IPs or anything, but you do run a risk of getting accounts deleted doing it that way.

I suggest using PIA. Nick may have other advice for you, though.

thank you Brad, I will look into that.

hope to hear from Nick as well.

This service is good. However they will add content to the blogs. You can tell them when you order not to add any content, or simply delete it when the order comes through.

I have set up a whole load of web 2s without changing my IP address, it is not a problem at all as long as you are not setting up 5 or more on the same platform each day…I have even done that without any problems. The best thing is to set them up manually, add unique quality content to them and you will most definitely not have any problems.

It does not matter at all if you set them up on your IP address. I have achieved many top ranking doing it. All I can say is from my experience is that it does not matter.

thank you Nick,

that is good news. πŸ™‚

No problem πŸ™‚

Hello Nick,

How are you? Is there a service or gig that can remove / disavow links ?

I have disavowed over 100 links through Google console but I’m not sure how affected that is.

Thank you

There is one service here: Disavow backlinks and recover from Penguin.

You will have to wait 2 to 3 weeks before you see any affect at all.

Thank you Nick!




Thanks for putting up everything at one place. I had used the second service “Web 2.0 link wheel, social signals, doc share, video and high PA Tumblr backlinks for $5” under complete seo package. This service is horrible and that guy don’t know seo at all.

I have couple of questions.

1. Did you hosted all your sites under one hosting provider or at multiple hosting providers? Since your #1 seo technique is web 2, I am thinking hosting under a single hosting provider might be a foot print as all our domains have backlinks from web 2’s

2. These days I am hearing a lot about a seo technique using google properties like Google Sites, docs, slides etc. Did you get a chance to try this?

No problem at all Vijay. Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with complete seo package. What happened? Did he mess up your anchors?

1. I host my sites under multiple hosting providers. It’s not a problem if you have all your sites on one shared hosting account if they do not interlink. You can even change their IP even when on the same hosting account using CloudFlare, you can find out how to do this here. Although it’s not a problem if all sites on your hosting account have web 2 backlinks, that will just be a part of your backlink strategy. When your sites start to rank up they will gain backlinks naturally and you will have a diverse backlink profile that is completely natural…use web 2s to get the ball rolling, then the rest falls into place πŸ™‚

2. I have used Google sites and Google docs yes, they are good for mixing up anchor text and also for Tier 2 backlinks to get your Tier 1s indexed and to remain indexed.

Thanks for the reply.

1. He created all web 2s with the same sub domain name. I expected the domain names to be different.
2. Didn’t Modified the default template at all and didn’t add site title.
3. All anchor texts are keyword targeted.
4. Out of 10 web 2’s created, 4 have noindex meta tag which google won’t index.

There are so many other things which I am not able to recollect.

the web 2s with same sub domain isn’t a massive problem….I never change the default theme template on Tumblr. You really should have a site TITLE, but not a massive deal. All anchor text being keyword targeted is a big problem and could well cost you in the long run. It’s a real shame, you need him to get those backlinks removed if you can.

Hello Nick,

Good point, thank you!

Speak soon


Hello Nick,

How are you? I had a quick question about building local citations.

Like building links to a website too fast, all at once will harm your site, does that also apply to building too many local citations all at once?

Thank you

Hi Shannon, I am good thanks, hope you are too πŸ™‚

This all depends if you get a backlink in the citation. If the citation is not linked back to your website then you can get as many as you want, Google will still evaluate them as a positive impact on the authority of your site. If the citation includes a backlink you really should build them slow and steady.

Hey Nick, what do you think. For a keyword competition of 32, which strategy is better- the one with expired web 2.0’s or the one with fresh new ones?

And overall, which strategy you like better?

Hi Kire, Have you done a manual audit of the keyword…what is the content like on the top 10 sites? I like to use a combination of both as shown in the web 2.0 backlinks strategy. 5 high PA Weebly and 5 high PA Tumblrs in month 1….make sure you do the social signals first. I like both strategies, I like to shake it up a bit and use both of them to stop me from getting bored. I have been killing it recently with a new strategy, I need to do a new post on it but I don’t have time lately. It’s basically 5 new mixed web 2s on tier 1 with 5 high PA Tumblrs also on tier 1. Then blast the new web 2s on tier 1 with mixed high PA web 2 with good spun content…10 to each new web 2. I need to show how it works over 3 months…you build the Tiers and the new Web 2s, they gain power fast and become a real ranking asset.

That is nice thank you. And yes, I always do a research about my keyword and the content on the first three pages is not that big and good. It is relevant to the niche and keyword, but not products, just general information.
I will go with the expired web 2.0s strategies because I already work with the other one.
Two questions:
1. Do I have to use expired weebly or I can just use expired tumblrs because I have like 100 expired tubmlrs already?
2. Your perfect anchor text ratio goes with the expired web 2.0 strategy right?

That’s great, if the content is thin definitely go for that keyword…sounds promising.

1. I would use 5 of each platform. You need backlinks from different platforms, not just one. You can use other platforms like 5 wordpress and 5 tumblr, or 5 blogpot and 5 tumblr.

2. The perfect anchor text ratio is not inline with the web 2.0 backlinks strategy. The Web 2.0 backlinks strategy is for new pages, to get them up and running in the SERPs. It goes for a 30% exact match anchors. If you want to play it safe use this anchor text strategy:

Full Open URL
Long Tail Random
Part Match
Long Tail Exact (1)
LSI Keyword Synonyms
Exact Match
Long Tail Exact (2)

This will work a treat for you πŸ™‚

So I just repeat this anchor text ratio over and over again through the whole process of expired web 2.0’s??

Yes….you can use different long tail anchors if you wish…

Great. I will use the expired web 2.0 strategy this time, since it does not cost much money. Also, I will write all of my content even on the expired tumblrs after the first round of mixed expired links and the second round of fresh new links which is used for diversity.

Just one more question- when I use fresh new web 2.0’s I constantly post new content on them, or I use new web 2.0 on every month?

Definitely drop unique hand written content on Tier 1, it works best for ranking up. You can add fresh content to your new web 2s for two or three months to fill them out and to get some internal links going on. Treat your web 2s as an asset to your business and they will look after you πŸ™‚

Thank you Nick!

No probs Kire πŸ™‚

Thanks for this tip, but I think this is for 1st month ranking, what of second and third months, and can’t we use only 10 high PA tumblrs to blast each new web 2 instead of finding high PA web 2s that are hard to come by. Tumblr is easier to get

Pretty much the same thing on month 2 and 3. Add new posts to your new web 2 properties and have high PA Tumblr backlinks to your money site. Then hit the new post with high PA Web 2s, make sure that the previous post from month 1 gets another round of backlinks too. You can use high PA Tumblrs on Tier 2, I like to use mixed platforms because top sites have backlinks from many IPs…will work better at ranking up your fresh web 2 sites…and as they shoot up your money site will too πŸ™‚ You will be left with some awesome properties that your competitors wished they had….

What anchor text strategy do use on the 5 mixed web 2s and the tier 2 high PA tumblrs

You do 5 new web 2s and 5 high PA Tumblr backlinks on tier 1 to ensure you mix up your anchor text the right way. I use:

Full Open URL
Long Tail Random
Part Match
Long Tail Exact (1)
LSI Keyword Synonyms
Exact Match
Long Tail Exact (2)

So you have 1 exact match in every 10 backlinks, plays it safe. Use the same anchor text profile on your Tier 2 backlinks to each post. Each post gets 10 backlinks per month. As your web 2.0 properties rank up your money site will too πŸ™‚

Would love to learn about this strategy in details.

It’s pretty simple….add hand written content to 5 new web 2s. Then do 5 high PA Tumblr backlinks on Tier 1 just to mix up anchor text ratio…this can be spun content but make sure the Tumblrs are already indexed in Google search. Then hit the 5 new Web 2s with 10 mixed high PA web 2.0 sites (spun content is good as long as homepage is already indexed)…That’s month 1. Then in month 2 you drop post 2 on the same fresh web 2s you set up in month 1, hit that post with 10 high PA mixed web 2 backlinks. Still in month 2 hit the first post on the fresh web 2 with 10 high PA Tumblr backlinks. Month 3 will see a new hand written post on the fresh web 2s we set up in month 1. Post 3 will get 10 high PA mixed web 2s at it. Stll in month 3: Post 1 on the fresh web 2 will get another round of 10 high PA Tumblr backlinks and post 2 will get the same. In month 4 your third post on the fresh web 2 will get 10 high PA Tumblr backlinks, post 2 will get the same. In month 5 the third post will get 10 high PA Tumblr backlinks. By the end you will have 5 top quality web 2 ranking assets in your arsenal with lots of rank juice flowing round them….super ranking power from web 2s πŸ™‚

Sounds solid! One question is that do all the 5 fresh web 2s get 10 high PA web 2 each.Or is it 10 in total? Each web 2 getting 10 High Pa Expired web 2 would mean 50 in total for the first month.

They do yes, all 5 posts on the fresh web 2 sites get 10 mixed high PA backlinks each. If you don’t have the web 2s you can use this seo clerk service to get the job done. The service offers 50 mixed high PA web 2.0 backlinks…and you can split them between 5 URLs πŸ™‚

what of sites that are already ranking on position 9 to 12 (1st and second page) how long do you think your strategy can last for them to rank number 1?

This all depends on what the sites are doing around them. If the sites that are ranking above your sites are gaining backlinks too then they will not move. You will see some good movement in 4 weeks with this strategy, however it’s not going to be the same for every site….too many variables at play. Best bet is to get the backlinks and keep them coming at a steady rate, not too many though. At some point your sites are going to hit the top spot, it is impossible to say when.

@Jerome – In my experience, it varies a good bit. It depends a lot on the competition you’re up against. if they’ve got some good links – expect it to take at least a month, perhaps two to reach #1.

If your competitors don’t have many links or their links are garbage – it can be a matter of weeks. Just keep chugging along and it’ll happen.

And this is why, in my opinion, it’s important to be working on multiple projects at once. Some will take longer than others to rank, so having as much out there as possible is your best bet for getting traffic and sales.

Too true….lots of lines in the water is a good idea…as long as you have the time to attend to them all πŸ™‚

can 1 hand written content be used on 5 new web 2.0s to make the job easier for someone handling over 18 websites?

Definitely not, you will have a duplicate content issue. You could try SEO Content Machine to generate content for Tier 1 using the Tier 1 content builder option..still takes a bit of time, however it is faster than writing completely unique articles.

so tell me about the disavow time. and when my site will come back to serp

Google states it takes up to 2 weeks to disavow links. Your site will improve in the SERPs in around 1 month or so.

i believe if these pbn links can be hiden from my site, then my ranking will improve with tumblrs only.

You can rank up with Tumbrs only, however it is more effective to have backlinks from many web 2.0 platforms.

How long does it take for my links to be disavowed? And how do I know if links are disavowed? Thanx

When you Disavow a backlink it makes Google bot apply an invisible no follow tag to the backlink when it next crawls the site in question, therefore it will completely ignore that backlink to your site. So for this to take effect on your ranking you need to wait for Google bot to crawl all the sites that backlink to your site, which could well take up to 1 month, the longest at has taken has been around 3 months. The links are disavow when they have been submitted, you will find out when you login to your Google account that you used to disavow the links, you will also find out if there has been any errors with the process too.

what if i delete the links of the pbn posts by the seller, wont the process be faster?

Probably, but you still have to wait for Google bot to find them.

Hi Nick,

After having 10 web 2.0’s created with an article, should I add more articles,
if yes how many is enough.


Hi Jeremy, you should definitely add more content to the web 2s even if it’s just for internal backlinks to boost your original post. I have Web 2s with 3 articles on them and have not been deleted as spam and have lasted many years.

thank you Nick,

thanks for the internal backlinks tip,
forgot about that.

No problem πŸ™‚

Hey Nick, I’ve been reading through this post and all I can say is AMAZING!!
Also, I read through all the comment and I’ve came up with a question.

I follow you perfect anchor text ratio post. When I link to my tier 1 links from my tier 2 links I use the perfect anchor text ratio or I use long tail variations of my keyword?

Thanks Kire, That’s a good question. The backlinks to your Tier 1 sites need to look natural too, mostly use open URL. I do them in rounds of ten as follows, which does follow my perfect anchor text ratio strategy:

1. Title TAG
2. Full open URL
3. Long tail random (1)
4. Part match
5. Generic
6. Long tail exact (1)
7. LSI keyword synonym
8. Long tail random (2)
9. Exact match
10. Long tail exact (2)

You will have two different Long tail random and Long tail exact. This will have your Tier 1 sites rank up, especially if you have used hand written content on them. When those sites rank up, your money site will fly too πŸ™‚

Thank you Nick. So I will follow the anchor text ratio on the tier 2 too.

Yep….you will rank up πŸ™‚ Let me know how it goes….

Hi Nick,

I know how to index expired tumblr homepage but I am having difficulty regarding how to index a post url. I have searched in google but again I don’t find such an option to index the tumblr post. I don’t know where to see the post url.

Drop the Tumblr post URL into Google console…to get the Tumblr post URL simply click on the blog post title on the Tumblr homepage.

Hello Nick,

You don’t have to worry about that I’m on your website everyday! Also I’m not a quitter as well which as you said is VERY important in SEO. Love to hear your new SEO technique when your ready.

Had another question, can you still build links just on a domain without the website currently? Soon we will have a website up there but I wasn’t too sure if I could start the SEO process now.

Thank you

It’s good to have you here Shannon πŸ™‚ you can start the link building process before the site is up, the best thing to do is not index those links until the site is live. Make sure the content on your site is indexed, then get some social signals and then start to index those backlinks that are in place ready to roll.

Thank you Nick for the advice.

Will do, keep up the great work on this site πŸ™‚


Will do Shannon.

where is the link for this…
The premium Web 2.0 site creation is a real game changer. At $37 for 10 blogs it seems a little steep, however when you think about the work that you are getting done it is very reasonable.

Nick has the link listed under the “Premium Backlinks” heading in red. It’s #2 on that particular list. If you miss it just do a CTRL+F (on Windows anyway) and search for “10 blogs”.

Thanks Brad πŸ™‚

Hi Jeremy, you can get the premium Web 2.0 service here. Great service for the price πŸ™‚

thanks Nick. πŸ™‚

No problemo πŸ™‚

I totally agree Nick and Brad! Thank you both of your advice and input.

I had great success with one aged domain not in my niche about 2.5yrs ago ( Cost me $65 ). It was an old aged domain with thousands of baclinks, worked so well that it’s still working now bringing back links to websites.

I had recently bought a High PR domain name ( cost me $1,000 ) to do the same idea as before but it ruined my rankings and it was a total waste of time and Money. I think it was a spammy Domian looking at the domain anchor texts most popular ( black Infared S – which is a Nike shoe ) But I guess you live and your learn.

Keep up the great work Nick, your the sole reason why I continue with SEO ( and you too Brad πŸ™‚


Thanks Shannon, I will certainly keep pumping out the content. Just testing a new backlink strategy now….looking good so far but it’s in the early stages….I will reveal all if I get a no. 1 rank with it.

Definitely do your research before you buy an aged domain, they can be very effective, like you say, they can destroy your ranking if you get a spam dom.

Never quit Shannon…winners keep in the game…..losers quit….that’s one thing you are guaranteed to be if you quit. Learn from your mistakes, never make the same mistake twice and you will be set to rank up…wish you lots of luck for 2017 πŸ™‚ and make sure you keep coming back to check out my new posts….

Hello Nick,

How are you and happy new year!

All rankings are improving, will update you soon on results.

I had a quick question, do you have any experience in buying aged domains and linking them to money sites?

I had tried this sometime ago and if worked great! Does Google still allow us to 301 redirect links to our money site? I had tried this last year with a different aged domain and money site but no links were passed.

Thank you in advance

Happy new year Shannon πŸ™‚

That’s good news….

I have purchased many aged domains in the past, with good and bad experiences. I have purchased domains, added content to them only for them not to index in Google search because they have been spammed in the past…so you have to be very careful when choosing an aged domain…make sure you check it’s backlink profile….no Chinese spammy links in there.

You can 301 redirect the sites to your money site, but it’s a but risky to 301 many sites to one site, I think it’s much better to pop content on the sites and drop a backlink on them. I don’t bother with this strategy any more because it is way too time consuming.

I’ve used 301s from niche-relevant domain with clean backlink profiles to varying effects. Some boosted the overall authority of the site and caused rankings to rise a bit. Others provided little to no value whatsoever.

I feel like it’s a 50/50 shot. As long as you only do a few, keep the redirects as niche relevant as possible, and make sure you thoroughly research the domains you’re using – I don’t see it causing any drops, but there’s also the chance it won’t do anything and you’ll have wasted a bit of money on the domain.

Years ago 301s were amazing. You could buy 20 of them (niche related or not), get them indexed, pump them up with GSA blasts, then redirect to your money page and you’d shoot up the rankings without any penalties. Google has definitely wised up to that technique, though. They are nowhere near as powerful as they used to be, even when you get it right.

Thanks for the great content. I was looking into the premium Web 2.0 site creation for $37 for 10 blogs as it does seem great value. I have lots of keywords sitting around the 5-10 placing and am looking for a final push.

Franklin at onlinedimes also promotes this gig but says that the blogs still require a blast of thousands of backlinks to power them up and that its more of a quick rank and bank approach. Any thoughts on making the web 2.0’s a bit more of a longer -term investment. I don’t want to kill my sites. Thanks again for the very helpful info.

No problem Bob, glad I can help. You need to look at my improve Google search ranking strategy, then get the $37 web 2 site creation service if you don’t have the time to do the work yourself. That service is good value for money considering the amount of work you are going to get done, if you use it on the right keyword you will see a good ROI.

Blasting the web 2 sites with thousands of backlinks will certainly ensure it is a short term strategy. To ensure the sites stay indexed for the long term ask the seller to build them into a link wheel, it says in their description that they will do this for you. Miss out the thousands of backlinks blast, that will only help them rank up in the short term and will not last. You can build Tier 2 backlinks to the web 2s with a Blogger post, as described in my improve Google search ranking post. I have web 2s still indexed and ranking on page 1 and 2 for my selected keywords for years now, my money is ranked no. 1. Build and develop web 2s as an asset to your business, when they rank up your money site will rank up too πŸ™‚

Hi Nick,

My all web 2.0 backlinks got indexed after using link wheel technique so I am very happy with it. Also I have put some content on 4 expired tumblr blog which was already indexed in google but after 2 days, 2 of them got vanished from google after I had just put some content on it. I have send google plus backlinks but still I can’t see that Tumblr blog again in google. I don’t know how they got de indexed after I have just put some content.

The link wheel technique is a good strategy to keep your backlinks indexed πŸ™‚ You need to add unique content to your Tumblrs for them to remain indexed. You are going to have to drop a backlink to your Tumblr from another Tumblr to get them indexed. Find another expired Tumblr that is already indexed in Google search and simply reblog your content on the other blog, this will drop a backlinks fast and easy to your other blog that you want to index…that will work πŸ™‚

Hi Nick! Great article as always!

But i have a question. It is good idea to buy on fresh site one of “Complete SEO Packages” and then blast this links with “20,000 mixed platform GSA SER backlinks for $1” ? in meantime i will be creating expiried web 2.0 (one blog per week) πŸ™‚

And it is good idea to dipfreed link indexing for one month and repeat whole proces every month ?

Thanks Jacky. Definitely do not blast 20,000 GSA backlinks to your money site, you can use them on Tier 2 or 3, but not Tier 1. If you drop 10 high PA web 2 backlinks to your money site in month one you are certain to rank up. You can juice up those sites with wikis or blog comment backlinks for $1. Definitely a good idea to drip feed index those links over 30 days, then rinse and repeat over the next 30 days, always works for me. Slow and steady wins the race, try to rush the process and it will harm your ranking.

Never, ever, ever point GSA backlinks at your money pages. That’s a recipe for disaster.

We’ve been talking about tiered backlinking in the forums a good bit. Just in the past day I’ve been reading from other prominent SEO guys stating that GSA even in tier 2 can be risky.

I’m not 100% sold on that. I think it has to do with the way people are utilizing it, but if it is true it may be worth investing in a slightly better tier 2 layer as well.

In Nick’s web 2.0 ranking strategy you actually do a stacked web 2.0 technique at one point – with quality properties on the first layer, and then another set of quality properties on the second layer.

That may be the way to go. Then on tier 3 utilize GSA or other affordable SEO services to boost the tier 2, which pass juice to tier 1, and then power back to your own money pages.

That’s correct….treat tier 1 as assets to your business…don’t do to them what you wouldn’t do to your money site. Try to rank up tier 1 sites…get them on page 2 or even 3 for your selected keyword….as these sites rank up and gain authority your money site will shoot up the SERPs too πŸ™‚

About that Gig “21 Edu and Gov profile backlinks with 50+ DA for $1”, should I put the URL to my money site or Tier 1/Tier 2 Web2.0?

Also thanks for the info, Nick!

Hi Tian, thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

I have used them on Tier 1 to my money site before. Today I recommend you fire them at your quality Tier 1 backlinks to power them up….play it safe this way.

I would use them for tier 2 links to high quality tier 1 web 2.0s or other good quality backlinks.

If you do want to go the route of pointing them to your money page, be sure to index them slowly. I’d do 2-3 per week max. And make sure you vary the anchors a lot.

For profile links I almost always use URLs and brand terms for the anchors. Save your keywords for good contextual tier 1s (quality web 2.0s, good PBN links, etc).

Hi Nick,
Great article as always! Would you mind taking a look at the question I posted in the forum (


No problem, I will take a look now πŸ™‚

So I don’t need to index expired tumblr blog that is already indexed in google. I just have to put some content on it. Please correct me if I am wrong. I still have a doubt. If the expired tumblr is already index that I got for example like so google will show it exactly or it will show like . Sorry but this is getting me confused.

No, if the Tumblr homepage is already indexed you are good to rank. Every time you add a new post you can try to index the post page too…doesn’t matter if the post page does not index because you already have your backlink from the homepage in the blog roll.

The Tumblr url that you are looking to be indexed is πŸ™‚

Hi Nick,

How to drop google plus backlink to Tumblr post because my Tumblr backlinks get deindex after day or two. I have tried to search this thing in google but I am getting confused. Also how to know that the expired tumblr that we are going to re-register for backlinks has already indexed its Home page. What things we have to see in that.

Hi Tushar,

To get a Google Plus backlink to your Tumblr blog do the following:

1. Join Google Plus
2. Add Google Plus backlink Drop full Tumblr post URL into the post box and hit the “post” button.
3. Google Plus backlink URL Click on the BOX with and ARROW in it (circled red) to get your Google Plus backlink URL.

Bingo….you have a backlink to your Tumblr from Google Plus πŸ™‚

When you get an expired Tumblr URL….pop it into Google search…..if the sub domain homepage URL is in the results then you know that it is already indexed in the SERPs…re-register and you have a Tumblr that is already indexed in Google….

Hai Nick,

Thanks for posting all services in one post.

No problem, it’s going to help me too πŸ™‚

Oh by the way,when ordering any web2.0 blogs services,check it out if they are follow or no follow by default.
If it’s no follow,see whether you can edit it to follow link via HTML editor.just remove the rel= no follow part.
I always do not take wat the service provider say if it’s do follow.

I will ask for the list of blogs and check it out one by one.
Just add a chrome or Firefox extension called links checker(do follow or no follow with colors shown)
And visit any blogs randomly and test it.
Don’t make this silly mistake and wondering why the hell I can’t index this post no matter what I do!lol
Otherwise it’s just simply a waste .
Finally it’s good to have no follow links to diversify .
And how to get Google attention with this no follow links?
Share in social media of course!
My overall percentage for links are 70 follow30 no follow.
Another powerful trick I used is putting exact anchor text in my social media post.(not every posts if course) and make sure it’s no follow)why?
Because they are mostly No Follow!
I got successful with this trick rather than putting anchor text in do follow blogs.(quite dangerous if you don’t know what u are doing)
OK by the way Nick’s web2.0 strategy is definitely all Do follow as I had checked them all .

Good advise Jeff πŸ™‚

it is good to have a few no follow backlinks in your profile….I drop them into Google Plus for recognition.

Hi Nick once again,

I had bought expired tumblr domain and put some spun content on 2 tumblr and index it. 1st one got indexed and vanished and 2nd one did not index at all specially when it has so many backlinks linking.

Hi Tuushar, Drop a Google Plus backlink to your Tumblr posts…usually gets them indexed….as long as the Tumblr homepage is indexed you are set to rank up…doesn’t matter if the post does not index. I usually only re-register expired Tumblrs that already have the homepage already indexed in Google…saves messing around trying to get it indexed. Drop the Tumblr URL into Google search before you re-register it, if the URL shows in the SERPs then register and bang some content on there….I have found many Tumblrs that are already indexed.

Oh somehow I addicted to comment and help fellow rankers
Just my personal method to get links(for those that aren’t indexed after you order the services recommended here) ,instead of letting the links rot.
Say u order 10 links only 3 indexed and say it’s been a month more after u tried to submit the URL to Google and still to no avail.
My method is using and and
Add your unindexed links there with some relevant topic content.
Example if it’s about Seo packages,i will write about a topic like Top 7 Seo packages review sites and put in the links sparingly with a short description about individual post ( your pbn or web2.0links ).
The idea here is to sum up all in a post with topic relevancy and come out with a list.
Next I will shorten the and URL and share in social media.(your list post about the links you wanna indexed)
Google will pick them up and u can be assured of this.
As for a live I will pose as different site owner(again all your unindexed links) and add a nice profile in it.Oh yeah,blackhat huh?lol
If time allows,add content and write some post there again with your unindexed links here and there(Natural).
Finally I will create a list at index rate by Google) and a list again at hub pages.
Now,remember any steps above if your links got indexed finally,stop and dont continue .Do not over do it once your links get indexed.
Last trick iif all fail,i will create videos for individual post and upload to you tube and create a video sitemap.(I don’t worry about footprints because it’s a good Google practice and videos do Really guaranteed your post got indexed and Fast!)
Don’t be lazy just Google how to create a simple video like a power point presentation and create the sitemap.
Good luck fellow rankers!

Thanks for the tips Jeff…much appreciated by everyone πŸ™‚

I will try some of that……

Hi Nick.What a time saver it is for rankers with this post! Yeah indeed at times it’s a bit frustrated to search high and low for the services through your posts.
So this is indeed a time saver and it’s thoughtful of you .
Anytime when we wanna buy any services we can check this post.
Hope you can add more for those whom you have personally tested into this post with updates.
I found what you said about pbn is very good advice.
If we can supply our own content ,use it as tier 1 and direct to money post.
If we aren’t allowed then use it as tier 2.
The only concern here is how many links can be indexed eventually.
Ordering 10 links example can only index 5(consider good),but sometimes the index rate for some services are just poor.
I also learnt from you using to get my liNks indexed.
I dont cramp all links one after another in one blogger post but rather write a well structured content with the links sparingly throughout .
Or just start a few different blogger post if u got a lot of links to be indexed.
I find that this is a much faster and safer and Natural way compared to using Google URL submitter daily.
Credit to you Nick.Thanks for teaching.
What a valuable blog you have created!
Rare gem indeed.

Thanks Jeff, it will help me too πŸ™‚

I will keep the post updated and add any further services that I use onto the list if they deserve to be there. If any of you guys use any services that are not featured in the post that you think should be there drop me an email with a link to the service and I will include it.

With the latest algo update I think it is very important to have great content on Tier 1….try to rank your Tier 1 posts as you would try to rank up your money site…as they gain authority your money site will see some pretty sweet improvements in the SERPs. Build quality assets on Tier 1, make your competitors want the links that you have….using new quality web 2.0 on Tier 1 is a good strategy now…..use them as a buffer and blast them with PBN backlinks etc.

Stick to indexing just 10 backlinks per month…slow and steady….if you build your web 2.0 sites into a link wheel then you only need a few of thse sites to get indexed….Google will find the rest eventually πŸ™‚

Using as a Tier 2 is a sneaky way to get all your Tier 1 links indexed, drop a Google Plus backlink to your blogger post and Google spider will find all your Tier 1 backlinks too.

Thanks for the kind words….gets me pumped to write more content….

Now I need to ask a question about Pbn’s ..
If a seller builds 40 pbn links for me, and then I check and see those links there, then I copy the pbn link and check it on google, it says the link is not found, what should I do? Should I index the pbn links in google ? Or leave it? And how many should I index a day?

Yes you need to index it. Backlink checkers showing links doesn’t mean anything, really. The link needs to show up in Google or it isn’t really being counted.

How many you should index per day varies, but right now it seems that doing just 1 quality link a day is the way to go. Before you start dropping links, though, you want to make sure your content is great, your on-page SEO is up to par, and even have a couple internal links pointing back to the page you’re trying to rank.

Too true, ahrefs is nothing to do with Google search…no point in other companies knowing that your backlinks exist…you are trying to impress Google not ahrefs or any other seo tool.

I think 10 quality links per month is perfect….you can index more links on tier 2 and 3 to power them up. Quality is the way to go right now….less is most definitely more and will be even more so this way in the future. Build assets on Tier 1….try to rank your tier 1 backlinks onto page 2 of Google search using PBN backlinks etc….as your Tier 1 backlinks bump up the SERPs your money site will rise up too.

Concentrate on quality Tier 1 and adding lots of quality content to your money site and you can’t fail to be a success.

Internal backlinks are a good place to start getting a page rocking up the SERPs….

remove that 40 pbn backlinks for 5$, that gig is shit. you get upto 55 pbn backlinks and you cant index upto 10 out of 55 links, does it worth it? NO!! the links dont indx when you try to index it in google webmaster .. since 15 days now i bought the gig am unable to index them.

40 PBN backlinks for $5 are not going to be awesome…the content is spun…however they have some value…you can use them for anchor text diversity…even if just 10 of them index they are good value. It all depends on how you use them, take a look at my improve Google search ranking post, that is how it should be done…it takes time…you can use this service if you don’t want to do it yourself….or you can do it yourself as explained on my free backlinks post.

You can then power up your quality Web 2.0 blogs with the cheap PBN gigs that you mention. When your web 2.0 sites rank up…and they certainly will with those cheap PBN backlinks….your money site will rank up. You can use those cheap PBN backlinks on Tier 2 for maximum effect.

Are they worth it? to some people no…because they will use them incorrectly. Are they worth it to me, most definitely, yes….great value.

Also, if you are prepared to power up those PBN backlinks with Google Plus and other social signal backlinks many more of them are likely to index.

Yes you need to get the PBN posts indexed, I would only index 10 links per month…slow and steady….too many and your site will get penalised. 40 PBN backlinks has you covered for the next 4 months πŸ™‚

my keywords keeps dancing from 6 – 7 and from 7 – 6 it doesnt pass these spots since 10 days now. am entering the 3rd month of the site.

Page 6 and 7, or the 6 and 7 result on the first page?

Have you made sure that the backlinks are indexed, if Google does not know that they exist then your rank will not improve.

Drop me an email if you want me to take a closer look πŸ™‚

All backlinks are indexed. The pages have disappeared from google search since 5 days now, no rank improvement with google.

Wait it out Jerome…it’s likely that your site will return in a better position. If not let me know…drop me an email and I will take a look at it for you πŸ™‚

Ok, only 1 site returned today, and went from formerly position 9 to 4th position on 1st page of google, am jubilating since morning, even though the other 2 have not returned, this is my 1st time I get to this position since I started SEO. I pray I hit No 1 position soon. It will multivate me a lot for the rest of my 17 websites. Thanks

Sounds like you are on track for a number one ranking πŸ™‚

2 of my sites have not returned on google.i have tried my best its roughly 12 days now. yet they are not back. and they were on 14th position 2nd page and 6th position first page. before i built and indexed some PBN for the 1st page site, thinking it will get to top 3, but am surprised that i built PBN links for the one that has showed on 4th position along with this one that doesn’t want to come back to google together.

Ahhh that is tough…sounds like the PBN has been caught by MR Google bot. At least you know what the problem is, remove those backlinks. Did you use exact match anchors? Ask if you can change the anchors to long tail ones if you can. If you want me to take a look email me your URL and keyword…I will help you out if you want πŸ™‚

Ah, its one of this seo services you suggested here, where seller is only kin on his payment and nothing else matters. He won’t even listen to remove those links. And none of the indexed links are exact match for this particular keyword. All are long tail keywords, url, generic.. On 1 or 2 of my 23 tumblr links have exact match keywords for this site.

You will need to Disavow the links, then Google bot will ignore them. Which service did you use? I need to remove it…

please check i have contacted you with site url and keywords, analyze and let me know please.

I will take a look now πŸ™‚

The seo clerks 40 pbn links from steve01. Remove it. If you even have problem and ask him to remove it, he won’t even listen.

Thanks for the heads up Jerome, still useful for Tier 2 or even Tier 3 backlinks…

I’ve had the same happen on a couple of mine. Rather than add more links, I’d recommend doing an on-page analysis. Make sure your content is longer and better than the sites above yours. Make sure your keyword is first in the title, in the URL itself, in the first paragraph of the content, and sprinkled a couple times throughout.

Then go write up a couple relevant articles (can be generic info articles, no need to chase keywords with these) and drop internal links to the page you’re trying to rank using partial match phrases or an exact anchor.

Index those articles and wait a couple weeks to see if it makes a difference. If not – do a couple more and add 1 or 2 high quality backlinks to the money page as well.

Internal linking is having a huge impact on rankings right now and honestly it couldn’t be any easier. As long as your keyword is low-medium competition you can jam it up to the top 3 with a mix of internal links and some high quality backlinks.

Good advise πŸ™‚

Thanks Brad…

Thanks will do that of internal linking, but my contents are well organized, I used seo yoast on the site. So all is in place. The problem now is that the page has disappeared entirely from google since 5 days now. Upto 3 of my site which am building links on have disappeared from google 1st page since 5 days now.

Hold off on the backlink building…sounds like you might have been hitting your site with too many links too quickly….hold off for a week and let me know if you are back in business πŸ™‚

I’ve had that happen, Jerome.

In almost every case – the site bounced back to a more normal position after 7-10 days. It definitely causes your heart to race when you first see it happen, but, in most cases, it’s temporary.

Give it a few more days, maybe even a week and see what happens. If it doesn’t bounce back after 10 days then it’s time to analyze the page, the backlinks, the pace you’re building you’re links, your anchor text ratios, etc to get to the bottom of the issue.

Thank Nick!!

No problem, hope this helps πŸ™‚

Nice Nick,

I am really impressed that you have listed all the SEO services from lower price to higher price. Also I have bought expired tumblr blog package so how do you know or check all the backlinks pointing to it and the PA factor and all other good stuff. let me know. Will wait for your reply.

Good to know you can make use of these services….I don’t put too much time into checking the backlinks that point to the Tumblr…it would be a big waste of time…I simply visit the URL and look at the stats on MOZ bar….which will show you some of the backlinks that the sites have pointing to them.

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