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Every time Google refines its SEO algorithms it’s not trying to be mean. It’s focusing on providing the best experiences for users who are searching for ...

I am going to show you the results for a recent client based in the UK that used our 30 days cheap SEO package. You can go ahead and follow the strategy for ...

Looking to generate amazing content? Look no further than Article Forge. I will review the tool and show you how it works. Article Forge generates ...

I am going to show you how I ranked one of my websites higher on Google. You can follow the case study step by step to get a top ranking too. I am going ...

I am going to show you how to index your backlinks fast in Google. This only takes a few minutes to complete and it works 100% of the time. The process ...

Use our simple SEO Checklist to get a top search engine ranking. It's easy to follow and it works. Get the basics right and the rest will drop into ...

Link building for SEO is super important. You are going to learn how to do link building for seo. IF ALL IS EQUAL - THE NUMBER/QUALITY OF BACKLINKS WILL ...

Here at Rankers Paradise you can learn how to rank higher and boost your website traffic quickly. All our SEO strategies are proven to work, you can follow ...

If you go ahead and purchase some backlinks will it hurt your website ranking? You are not the only person asking this question. Everyone with a website ...

I am going to show you how to write content that will get you a top keyword ranking. From this you will understand how to write content to get a top search ...

Step by step guide on how to buy SEO services to improve search engine ranking. We know how to get your website on top of Google. Our services work for ...

This is how to get your website on top of Google for any keyword. We have ranked many websites top of Google using this strategy. This has worked on very ...

I am going to show you how to start a blog fast in a few easy steps. First we will create a blog using free websites. Then I will show you how to start a ...

Some people say that you lose your link juice with the Tumblr URL redirect in place. I am going to show you how to edit the Tumblr html to remove the Tumblr ...

I am going to show you what the GSA SEO content generator can do. It's a great tool, and a lot cheaper than others on the market. GSA Content Generator ...

Today I am going to show you the best keyword research tool. The tool is free to use too. If you go with the free option you will get: 5 keyword ...

If you are looking for a new jersey seo company that will always get results then check this out. Not only do we get results, we prove what we can do. I ...

I am going to show you how to find expired web 2.0 without using software. Everything is done manual and is completely free. This means you do our web ...

Below you will find a web 2.0 blog list. If the sites are set up manually they will not drop. It's important to use sites where the backlinks are going to ...

I am going to show you a ranking strategy that will make you a local seo expert like no other. This strategy will help you push ranks for any local search ...

This is a step by step guide on how to get on the first page of Google without spending any money using free tools. In just 4 easy steps your site can be ...

Here we have a full and easy to follow step by step seo tutorial for beginners. Follow this strategy to get your website ranking number one for your selected ...

Today I am going to run through a case study for a few clients that are on our complete seo package. I will reveal the ranking strategy, how it works and ...

I am going to reveal top quality link building services that will get you a top ranking for any keyword guaranteed. I have done this over and over, but ...

I am going to show you how to get the best backlinks for YouTube videos for fast ranking. Video embeds on high PA Tumblr blogs is the way to do this. The ...

Today I am going to reveal the top image sharing sites for SEO purposes. Every website needs to have a diverse backlink profile. To ensure you have a ...

Today I am going to show you a tiered link building strategy to rank multiple URLs and keywords on the same site. Many people do not want to rank lots of ...

Today we are going to find out if is the best place to buy backlinks to rank a website fast. How are we going to prove that this ...

I was asked to take a look at the online seo checker tool. I have been told it is the best seo analysis tool around, so I thought I would give ...

I am going to show you how to get the best free backlinks that will push your site to the top of the SERPs fast. So why are these the best backlinks you can ...

Today I am going to show you how to use the Rankers Paradise search engine optimization services to get a top Google rank. I am going to rank this post ...

I am going to show you how to build a web 2.0 link wheel manually and with the use of software too. This ranking strategy got me a Google page 1 ranking on ...

Today I am going to show you how to use FCS Networker automated link building software. You can use the software to build backlinks on just about any Web ...

I am going to show you a real quick way to find bad backlinks pointing to your site. Then I will show you how to remove them in order to push your site up ...

Here are all the affordable SEO services for small business and one person affiliate ranking machines that have been featured on this site. I want you to be ...

I am going to show you how to find low competition keywords with high traffic really fast. These keywords are so easy you can get a top rank without any ...

Today we are going to take SEO Content Machine for a spin. Let's find out if this is the best article writing software on the seo market today. This is not ...

I am going to show you the perfect anchor text ratio to use to rank number one on Google search. I have analysed the anchor text profile of many top ranking ...

I am going to show you how to find quality expired Web 2.0 blogs using Domain Hunter Gatherer. You will have an endless supply of free high page/domain ...

You can use the Money Robot Backlink Maker Software to get backlinks from web 2.0 sites on autopilot with ease and speed. You don't even have to write or ...

I am going to show you how to improve Google search ranking for free. This is going to be the slap in the face that you need. I am not going to pull any ...

I am going to rank this page no. 1 in Google search using cheap SEO packages on SEO CLERKS. The keyword I am going to rank this page no. 1 in Google search ...

The Smart Article Generator is by far the cheapest content creator you are going to come across anywhere. You can get this software for a one off payment of ...

I am going to show you how to automate your backlinks for free. There is a super cool PBN, web 2.0 and Social Bookmark automation service called Rankwyz. ...

So you need a free blog content generator for your Tumblr backlinks because you don't have the time to write it. I am going to show you how to generate ...

On June 12th 2016 I had 5 brand new posts complete on 5 of my affiliate sites. So I worked out a schedule to rank these 5 new posts number on Google search ...

I am going to show you how to build, rank & bank an Amazon affiliate site from start to finish. I am going to build an Amazon affiliate site that will ...

This is a dirty little ranking boost trick that I like to call the 301 elevator effect. I was thinking one day; "how can I boost my site up the SERPs with ...

I have been asked over and over recently how to check if your keyword is easy to rank number 1 for. I am going to show you how to: Find out if you have ...

This is my complete do it yourself seo guide. I use this exact step by step strategy to rank sites no. 1 in Google search. This is diy seo for small ...

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30 Days Affordable SEO For Small Business
2 months ago

30 Days Affordable SEO For Small Business

$250.00 $200.00 -20%
40 PBN Backlinks Service with DR 50+
2 months ago

40 PBN Backlinks Service with DR 50+

$150.00 $100.00 -33%
100 Private Blog Network Backlinks
2 months ago

100 Private Blog Network Backlinks

$200.00 $150.00 -25%
Buy Backlinks Cheap – PROVEN Results
3 months ago

Buy Backlinks Cheap – PROVEN Results

$400.00 $300.00 -25%
High Authority Edu Backlink and Guest Post
3 months ago

High Authority Edu Backlink and Guest Post

$120.00 $60.00 -50%
8 DoFollow Edu Guest Posts with Backlink
3 months ago

8 DoFollow Edu Guest Posts with Backlink

$800.00 $500.00 -38%
Tiered PBN Backlinks – Rank No Where To Top
100 YouTube Subscribers
5 months ago

100 YouTube Subscribers

Buy Web 2.0 Backlinks Strategy
6 months ago

Buy Web 2.0 Backlinks Strategy

DoFollow Backlink on Google News Approved Website
7 months ago

DoFollow Backlink on Google News Approved Website

$130.00 $100.00 -23%
9 Rank Pushing PBN Backlinks
7 months ago

9 Rank Pushing PBN Backlinks

$130.00 $30.00 -77%
Buy .gov Links and .edu Backlinks
7 months ago

Buy .gov Links and .edu Backlinks

$80.00 $30.00 -63%
One Off All You Need Complete SEO Package
7 months ago

One Off All You Need Complete SEO Package

$230.00 $70.00 -70%
10 PBN Dofollow Backlinks
7 months ago

10 PBN Dofollow Backlinks

$200.00 $20.00 -90%
Top Ranking Backlink Services
7 months ago

Top Ranking Backlink Services

$200.00 $50.00 -75%
195 High Authority Backlinks
7 months ago

195 High Authority Backlinks

$50.00 $30.00 -40%
Purchase Backlinks on 50 Powerful PBN Websites
7 months ago

Purchase Backlinks on 50 Powerful PBN Websites

$170.00 $20.00 -88%
PBN Website SEO Service for Top Ranking
8 months ago

PBN Website SEO Service for Top Ranking

$150.00 $20.00 -87%
Buy 11 high quality PBN backlinks. These backlinks are usually $150 but for a short period are just $20. Get them now before we pump the price back up. These guarantee rank improvement for any website and any keyword out there. At the checkout give us the following details:
  1. Your website URL's (you can split the links across 5 websites if you wish)
  2. You anchors to be used (you can give us up to 5 anchor text's to use)
Metrics: Trust Flow -  10 to 15+ Delivery turnaround time: 7-14 days
Buy Links for SEO – 250 Powerful PBN Backlinks
8 months ago

Buy Links for SEO – 250 Powerful PBN Backlinks

$150.00 $100.00 -33%
250 powerful PBN backlinks.
  • The average Page authority and Domain authority is 10+.
  • The average trust and citation flow is 10+.
What we need from you:
  1. Your URL's (unlimited - split allowed)
  2. Your anchors (unlimited - provide as many as you like per URL)
Delivery turnaround time: 7-10 days
30 Days Backlink Services
9 months ago

30 Days Backlink Services

Full 30 days backlink building including on-page seo report. For details of all work to be done over the month see below. Full ranking report delivered after 30 days. Regular ranking and progress reports given in your Rankers Paradise account. Delivery turnaround time: 30 days
20 Google Business Citations [Local 3 Pack Ranking]
20 Local busines citations. Guaranteed to get your website into the local pack. We accept all countries and languages. See below for what we need from you. Delivery turnaround time: 3-7 days
Ultimate All In One Affordable SEO Package
9 months ago

Ultimate All In One Affordable SEO Package

$200.00 $150.00 -25%
All in one ranking package for a one off payment. Works for any local and organic keyword. All work is niche related and manual. The link are permanent and will stick and index. The best backlinks you can get are niche related ones, you are getting a whole load of them right here. This works, it is tried and tested. Perfect for small business looking for fast investment through seo. See below for details of what's included and what we need from you. We will provide a full report, it takes between 10 and 14 days to complete.  
Index Your Tier 1 Backlinks
9 months ago

Index Your Tier 1 Backlinks

Index your tier 1 backlinks with 7000 article backlinks. Do not use directly at your website. Full report given upon completion. Delivery turnaround time: 3-5 days
All in One Affordable SEO Service
11 months ago

All in One Affordable SEO Service

Brand new affordable seo package for guaranteed keyword ranking. You are going to receive: Tier 1
  • 19 web 2.0 backlinks
  • 5 PBN - DA 30+
  • 20 article backlinks
  • 25 profile links
  • 5 classified ad links
  • 5 guest posts - DA 30+
  • 15 social bookmarks
  • 5 image submissions
  • 2 video creation
  • 2 audio submission
  • 3 forum posts
  • 5 doc shares
  • 5 edu links
  • 2 Yahoo question and answers
Tier 1
  • 80 blog comment backlinks
  • 25 niche blog comments

What We Need From You:

  1. Your website URL (One URL Only)
  2. Your keywords (3 keywords MAX)
This affordable seo service is one you do not want to miss. Delivery turnaround time: 10-14 days
5 Homepage PBN Backlinks DA 40+
11 months ago

5 Homepage PBN Backlinks DA 40+

5 rank pushing PBN backlinks with DA 40+. These backlinks are 100% safe. High quality backlinks like these are guaranteed to boost keyword ranking. We provide a full report when complete, all PBN URL's are included in the report. What we need from you:
  1. URL's (you can split between 5 URL's)
  2. We need your 5 anchors to be used
The backlinks are published over 3 to 5 days to look completely natural. Delivery turnaround time: 3-5 days
The Keyword Ranking Jump Advanced (high competition keywords)
Guaranteed keyword rank improvement. If your website is stuck, this service will improve your keyword ranking. This is the advanced package for high competition keywords. See below for full package details. This is for ONE URL and up to 5 keywords for that one URL. What we need from you:
  1. Your URL
  2. Up to 5 keywords
Delivery turnaround time: 10-14 days
The Keyword Ranking Jump Medium (medium competition keywords)
Guaranteed keyword rank improvement. If your website is stuck, this service will improve your keyword ranking. This is the medium package for medium competition keywords. See below for full package details. This is for ONE URL and up to 5 keywords for that one URL. What we need from you:
  1. Your URL
  2. Up to 5 keywords
Delivery turnaround time: 10-14 days
The Keyword Ranking Jump Basic (low competition keywords)
Guaranteed keyword rank improvement. If your website is stuck, this service will improve your keyword ranking. This is the basic package for low competition keywords. See below for full package details. This is for ONE URL and up to 5 keywords for that one URL. What we need from you:
  1. Your URL
  2. Up to 5 keywords
Delivery turnaround time: 10-14 days
Buy Blog Posts and 3 Month Ranking
We will write one in depth blog post and rank it top for the selected keyword in 3 months. You are going to get:
  • Keyword research (if required)
  • One ultimate fully optimized blog post
  • 3 month ranking of the new blog post
We will write one piece of content that is better than all the rest in the SERPs for the selected keyword. The content will be longer and of higher quality than the top ranking websites. What we need from you:
  1. Your Website URL
  2. Your Niche
  3. Provide Your Keyword if You Already Have One

Delivery turnaround time: 3 Months

Buy Guest Posts – Amazing Results
Buy guest posts of the highest quality for guaranteed rank increase. See below for real ranking results from using our guest posts. You are going to get 10 high quality guest posts on our own websites. We have a mix of general blogs and news websites to promote your guest posts.
  • We will write the 10 pieces of content
  • Or, you can write the content yourself
We accept all website and all languages. Perfect for new and aged websites looking to increase keyword ranking fast. What we need from you: You can give us the following details at the checkout:
  1. Your website URL
  2. Your 10 anchors to be used

Delivery turnaround time: 5-7 days

Promote Your Tumblr
1 year ago

Promote Your Tumblr

We will promote your Tumblr blog across 50 Tumblrs in our network. You will get a short post on 50 Tumblr blogs all promoting your Tumblr blog. Included in the post will be a backlink to your Tumblr blog. This will help increase your Tumblr blog followers and popularity.

What We Need From You

At the checkout we just require the following details from you:
  1. Your Tumblr Blog URL
  2. Any anchors you might want to use for the backlinks text (if you do not give us this we will use URL anchors)

Delivery turnaround time: 3-5 days

Powerful Tumblr Backlinks
1 year ago

Powerful Tumblr Backlinks

Buy our powerful Tumblr backlinks. What you are going to get:
  1. Tier 1 - 10 Tumblr Backlinks PA 50+ (200 words hand written content)
  2. Tier 2 - 100 Tumblr Backlinks (10 Tumblr links PA 28+ to each tier 1 Tumblr blog)
  3. Tier 3 - 30,000 GSA Backlinks using different backlink platforms (blog comments, profiles and more)
What we need from you:
  1. We Need Your Website URL
  2. We Need Your 10 Anchors to Be Used (we can do this for you, if you want us to choose your anchors just give us your main keyword)

Delivery turnaround time: 5-7 days

Buy Expired Tumblr
1 year ago

Buy Expired Tumblr

Buy high PA Tumblr accounts with backlinks. What you are going to get:
  1. 10 registered Tumblr accounts
  2. Minimum page authority of 50
  3. Lots of backlinks
  4. All login details provided
  5. Tumblrs registered on separate accounts (under 10 different emails)
  6. 10 different themes without Tumblr redirect
Get your very own high PA 50+ Tumblr blogs today. Start ranking for low, medium and even hard competition keywords now.

Delivery turnaround time: 3-5 days

Buy Web 2.0 Backlinks
1 year ago

Buy Web 2.0 Backlinks

Buy quality web 2.0 backlinks. All hand written content. All manual so will never drop. What you are going to get:
  1. Tier 1 - 10 Web 2.0 Sites (in a link wheel formation for maximum rank juice flow)
  2. Tier 2 - 100 Web 2.0 Backlinks (10 high PA Tumblr backlinks to each tier 1 web 2 site)
  3. Tier 3 - 30,000 GSA Backlinks from many different platforms
What we need from you:
  1. Your Website URL
  2. Your 10 Anchors (if you want us to set the anchors to be used we just require your main focus keyword)
Full report delivered when the order is complete. All login details are provided.

Delivery turnaround time: 7-9 days

Buy GOV Backlinks
1 year ago

Buy GOV Backlinks

Buy 15 powerful Gov Backlinks. All links are 100% manually created. All links built from different IPs for zero footprints. Full report including login details sent to your email when complete. What we need from you:
  1. Your Website URL
  2. Your Anchor Text To Be Used (Up to 15)
Delivery turnaround time: 3-5 days
High PR Backlinks Service
1 year ago

High PR Backlinks Service

Purchase our high pr backlinks service and get 70 high quality backlinks. You will get a mix of dofollow and nofollow links to look natural. You are going to receive:
  • 50 high pr backlinks (from sites like TED and PINTEREST)
  • 20 high pr backlinks (from edu and gov websites)
We need your (give it to us at the checkout):
  1. Your Website URL
  2. The Anchors You Want Us To Use (give us up to 20)
  3. A Short Description of Your Website (this will be used on some of the sites - optional - we can write it for you)
Delivery turnaround time: 5-7 days
Purchase Backlinks on 100 Edu University Websites
1 year ago

Purchase Backlinks on 100 Edu University Websites

$300.00 $250.00 -17%
Purchase 100 Edu backlinks on top university websites. All work is manual. 100% hand written profile descriptions added, profile pics added where possible. Highest authority links on the net on top university website like:
  • Harvard University
  • Stanford University
  • Cornell University
  • The University of Utah
What we need from you:
  1. Your website URL
  2. Your anchor text to be used (up to 100)

Delivery turnaround time: 5-7 days

PA and DA Booster – EDU Link Pyramid
1 year ago

PA and DA Booster – EDU Link Pyramid

$100.00 $70.00 -30%
DA and PA booster using high authority backlinks in a link pyramid. You will receive:
  1. Tier 1 - 2 Web 2.0 Blog Posts
  2. Tier 2 - 10 High Authority Edu/Gov Backlinks
  3. Tier 3 - 50 Social Bookmarks
  4. Tier 4 - 3000 Mixed Contextual Backlinks (blog comments, guest book, directory, wiki's)
We Need:
  1. Your URL
  2. Your Two Anchors to be Used on Tier 1
  3. Provide up to 10 keywords (used for anchors on Tiers 2, 3 and 4)
Delivery turnaround time: 10-15 days
Two Quality PBN Backlinks Powered Up
1 year ago

Two Quality PBN Backlinks Powered Up

$130.00 $100.00 -23%
Two high quality PBN backlinks powered up with web 2 backlinks. We will select 2 blogs from our network, they will be niche related if we have them. If not we will use general or news blogs, all are super powerful and most importantly are indexed. We will power the PBN posts up with quality web 2.0 backlinks. We even hand write the tier 1 content for you. All languages are accepted. This is what you get:
  1. Tier 1 - 2 Quality PBN Backlinks
  2. Tier 2 - 100 web 2.0 backlinks (50 to each PBN post)
What we need from you:
  1. Your website URL
  2. Your main keyword (to optimize the posts)
  3. Your two anchor texts
  4. Your content (OPTIONAL - we will write it at no extra cost)
Delivery turnaround time: 3-5 days
Buy Guest Post on General Blog
1 year ago

Buy Guest Post on General Blog

$150.00 $100.00 -33%
Buy guest post on quality general site blog. Your can purchase a guest post on a top quality website for a fast ranking boost. This is a general site blog, so we accept all niches. See the website metrics below. We write the content for you. All you have to do is give us your:
  • Website URL for backlink
  • Anchor Text for backlink
That's it, we will do the rest and you can watch your website fly up the SERPs. Any questions, get us on live chat or send us an email.

Delivery turnaround time: 3-5 days

PBN Backlinks with Tier 2 and Tier 3 Rank Juice
1 year ago

PBN Backlinks with Tier 2 and Tier 3 Rank Juice

$500.00 $300.00 -40%
This is what you get:

Tier 1

4 PBN Backlinks

Tier 2

20 Web 2.0 Backlinks

Tier 3

200 Web 2.0 Backlinks (mixed)

What We Need From You

  1. Your website URL
  2. Your main keyword
  3. The 4 anchors you want us to use on Tier 1

Delivery turnaround time: 7-15 days

Affordable Local SEO
1 year ago

Affordable Local SEO

$200.00 $150.00 -25%
Here we have a proven local seo strategy. You can see the proof that it works right here. This is what you are going to get:
  • Google Sites Backlinks (Tier 1)
  • 50 High PA Tumblr Backlinks (Tier 2)
  • YouTube Video and Google MAP embeds if required

What We Need From You

At the checkout in the notes section please give us the following details:
  1. Your website URL
  2. One local keyword
  3. Your YouTube video (we can create one if you do not provide it)
  4. You Google MAP (we can create one if you do not provide)
Here is the proof that Google Sites rank like crazy for local seo search terms:

Another Top Local SEO Ranking ProvenDelivery turnaround time: 3-5 days

Buy Forum Backlinks
2 years ago

Buy Forum Backlinks

$25.00 $20.00 -20%
1000 Forum Posting Backlinks. Here is what we need from you:
  1. URLs - We accept unlimited URLs and Anchors/Keywords per order
  2. Anchors/Keywords - We accept unlimited anchors for each URL provided
*NOTE* You will get all login details including usernames and passwords in the final report. To keep everything looking natural we use a mix of dofollow and nofollow backlinks.

Delivery turnaround time: 5-7 days

8 Cloud Backlinks Stacked For Guaranteed Rank Boost
2 years ago

8 Cloud Backlinks Stacked For Guaranteed Rank Boost

$120.00 $100.00 -17%
Very high domain authority cloud backlinks for guaranteed rank boost. Receive 8 backlinks from super high authority sites:
  1. Github - Domain Authority 98
  2. Rackspace - Domain Authority 91
  3. Amz S3 - Domain Authority 87
  4. Google Cloud - Domain Authority 68
  5. MS Azure - Domain Authority 61
  6. Alibaba - Domain Authority 45
  7. P Cloud - Domain Authority 40
  8. BackBlaze - Domain Authority 25
This is how it looks:
  • Tier 1 - 8 Stacked Cloud Backlinks
  • Tier 2- 100 Web 2.0, Doc and PDF Backlinks
Perfect for ranking boost for websites, videos and even maps.

Delivery turnaround time: 5-7 days

Google Play Store Search Optimization For App or Game
Get your app or game to the top of the Google Play store for your selected search terms. We just need your app/game url and keywords to get started. You will receive:
  • TITLE and DESCRIPTION optimization
  • Backlinks
We will take care of on-page and off-page game/app optimization for top ranking on Google Play store. For full details see below.

Delivery turnaround time: 5-7 days

Buy Authority Backlinks
2 years ago

Buy Authority Backlinks

$30.00 $20.00 -33%
Buy authority backlinks. You are going to receive 60 backlinks.
  • 40 High DA Backlinks
  • 20 EDU/GOV Backlinks
Full report and login details provided. To get started we require:
  1. Your URL
  2. Your Anchors (up to 60)
Delivery turnaround time: 3-5 days
Affordable SEO – 7 Day Link Building
Affordable SEO for 7 days. We will build 150 backlinks to your site over 7 days. Your site will receive 20 backlinks per day over 7 days. Your site will get backlinks from:
  • 10 High Domain Authority Web 2.0 Sites
  • 70 Profile Backlinks
  • 30 Edu and Gov Backlinks
  • 10 Social Bookmarks
  • 10 Wiki Backlinks
  • 20 Social Signals (10 Google Plus + 10 Twitter)
We will build backlinks for you over 7 days and deliver the full report on the 8th day.

Delivery turnaround time: 8 days

Buy Google Reviews
2 years ago

Buy Google Reviews

$75.00 $60.00 -20%
Buy Google reviews: Get ahead of the latest Google algorithm updates. 10 Google Reviews
  • We need your Google review link
  • We will write the 10 reviews for you (or you can send us the text to use for the reviews)
*NOTE* We do not need any username or password access to your Google account. We will use our own Google accounts to submit the reviews. We will give you 5 star ratings, unless you suggest otherwise.

Delivery turnaround time: 3-5 days

Rankers Gold Monthly SEO Package
2 years ago

Rankers Gold Monthly SEO Package

The Rankers Gold monthly seo package is recommended for any website targeting local, national or international audience. (works for any keyword, local or broad) This is what you are going to get:
  • Up to 30 Keywords
  • Client Dashboard Set Up (see daily reports and ask us questions any time)
  • On Page SEO Analysis
  • On Page Optimisation (including content if required)
  • Site Architecture Audit
  • Competitor Analysis (ranking strategy developed)
  • Schema Mark up Where Applicable
  • Aggressive Link Building
  • YouTube Video Ranking (account set up included if required)
  • Social Accounts set up if required
Time Frame: 1 Month Website Ranking. This is payment for your first month. If you wish to continue with our monthly seo services we will invoice you for the following months through PayPal when the first month is complete. If you do not wish to continue with the service you simply ignore the invoice. This could not be any easier, no contracts or reoccurring fees.
Browsing All Comments By: Nick
  1. RE: Karla Review – Thank you for the kind words 🙂 I have tested a lot of free tools to bulk check if URLs are indexed in Google, this is the only one I have found that actually works: You can check up to 25 url’s in one go. To check keyword ranking I use Rank Tracker by SEO Powersuite: however you have to download it, it’s free though. You have a couple of online options: 1. 2. all of which are free. Any questions just let me know.

  2. Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

  3. Yes it is working, it’s the same sort of links and it is different for every project.

  4. WordPress blogs go into a 30 to 90 day rest period after they drop, so keep the subdomain on file as it will be available for registration soon.

  5. Thanks for the feedback Emma, we enjoyed working on your site. Yes, as the last lot of links index your site will continue to climb the rankings.

  6. These image links are a good place to start, also do some contextual links using web 2.0 sites.

  7. No problem at all, glad you found the information useful and that it has saved you time from writing content 🙂

  8. You are okay working on the same IP and same computer every time, it is what we do and we have not had any problems ever. The only thing you should do, is if you are using Chrome for your browser make sure you are not logged into your Google account as you work.

  9. Hi Kalen, thank you for the kind words 🙂 It is okay to have the Tumblrs with a PA lower than 50, that’s not a problem. Make sure the homepage of the Tumblr is indexed.

    1. Yes, use different web 2.0 platforms, some web 2’s have problems indexing and are therefore a waste of time. The web 2.0 sites that always index every time without fail are:


    2. You can use anything on tier 2, the best sites to use are ones that are already indexed, like leaving blog comment backlinks on sites that are in the SERP’s.

    3. Sure, you can add more posts to the web 2.0 blogs on level 1 and 2. Do as many as you need for the pages you are trying to rank up on your money website.

  10. All our sites are indexed and are very powerful, what we do always pushes rankings for any keyword. Thank you for the feedback 🙂

  11. If you send us an email we will take a look for you, we just need your URL’s and main focus keywords for each page.

  12. Hi Evan, good question 🙂 The backlinks are done on already indexed sites, so the next time Google bot crawls the sites the links are discovered and the post pages are indexed too. This ensures everything is completely random and looks 100% natural, some days 5 sites will be crawled, some days just 2 sites, but the key is that the dates are also on the blog posts, the blog comments and the social media posts, Google bot then knows when the links were first published and can establish that the site is getting a constant flow of links. Using this strategy your site receives a constant flow of links and a good mix of links from different IP’s and different platforms.

  13. yes, they work, sites rank top with forum links alone, even better if they are niche related. A forum backlink would help index and pass juice to your Google Sites blog and push rankings for the Google Sites blog and in turn your main website too.

  14. Glad you enjoyed it and found it useful 🙂

  15. No problem at all, if you need anything just let us know 🙂

  16. This does get results ranking videos, thanks for the feedback.

  17. That’s correct, SEO is ongoing and needs to be continuous every day to get results right across the board.

  18. That’s totally correct and if you buy backlinks from some sellers you can get penalized, so be careful who you buy from. Of course, all our services here on Rankers Paradise are tried and tested and completely safe.

  19. Thanks for taking a look and leaving us a comment 🙂

  20. Thanks for the feedback much appreciated 🙂

  21. Good to have you here and glad that you have found us. If you have any questions just let us know, let us know how you get on 🙂

  22. Yes, Article Forge integrates with other SEO tools like that has a built in spinner and also works with WordAi.

  23. Thank you, they will always give you a rank boost 🙂

  24. No problem, get the backlinks in place and let us know how you get on.

  25. There is something called Article Forge that creates great content that can be used on your money site, and yes you need your on-page SEO perfect before you go ahead and start the backlinks. You can discover more information about Article Forge here:

  26. Good to know you found it useful, go ahead and get the backlinks in place.

  27. You can register them fast and easy using a free Email generator.

  28. Yes, you can place the link in the Tumblr description area, however, it’s not required. Just a link from the post page is enough, nofollow and dofollow links help, you need a good mix. It’s not necessary to remove the Tumblr redirect, the juice will pass anyway. If you want to remove the redirect you can follow this to do so:

  29. I would need to take a look at your site, like I say, there is a lot of variables at play and without taking a look I can’t be specific. When a site starts to receive backlinks it’s completely normal to see the Google dance, or like in your case, the site drops from the SERP’s altogether. It’s guaranteed it will come back in a higher position than you started.

  30. I agree it’s better to build the sites manually, the results are so much better. Follow this web 2.0 link wheel tutorial for a top rank:

  31. Simply use your Google Webmaster Tools account to index the Google Sites URL. You can see the step by step process here:

  32. My backlink techniques are all proven to work, all have been tried and tested by myself. The free content is good if you can’t afford a premium content generator. When you build up some cash you should invest in Article Forge, the generated content is amazing:

  33. These image sharing sites have high traffic, so not only will they help your website rank higher, they will pass traffic to your website too.

  34. That’s correct, if you get these backlinks in place your website ranking will improve in Google SERP’s.

  35. No problem at all, the sites are good to use to mix up your backlink profile and anchor text profile.

  36. The site age does not matter, what matters is that you cover all aspects and do everything the right way. If you leave a footprint then you will come into trouble. Just 10 PBN backlinks on Tier 1 to any site, new or old will not hurt it’s rankings, what will hurt it is that you do not cover all the steps and leave a footprint. Maybe you linked up the PBN’s? Or maybe you were logged into your Google Account on Chrome while posting to the PBN’s? Maybe you did not index all the links, there is a whole load of variables at play and anything could have caused you a problem, this is not because of the strategy itself, it’s because you may have cut corners in some way, I can’t be exact unless I have your website URL and take a look at the PBN’s that you used.

  37. 1. No, it’s not duplicate content if the other website has been removed from the index.

    2. Yes, you can use the sites that you have set up for backlinks for your new website. It would be a good idea to do extras as you say.

    3. Yes, I have handled migrations and had to deal with migrations from people that have come to me for help after losing all rankings after a migration. The juice needs to pass from the old site to the new one, in time the rankings always come back.

  38. Putting the sites into a link wheel makes a huge difference, this not only helps them index faster in Google it also ensures the Tier 2 juice passes right across all the domains, this means that if one of the web 2 sites does not index all the juice still flows to your website and none of the Tier 2 links are wasted.

  39. Use Brand anchors for all pages, not just your homepage.

  40. Thanks John, yes I can do a full guide on GSA SER and Xrumer when I get time to do so. I will do it as soon as possible.

  41. That happens quite a lot actually, a lot more than it should. It’s a shame competitors can’t concentrate on building or earning quality backlinks to their own website rather than wasting time to destroy someone else’s hard work.

  42. I have sent you the Google Site URL and a web 2.0 URL too for you to check over. Any further questions just let me know.

  43. If you embed your YouTube video into the web 2.0 platforms it will rank high on YouTube and pass traffic too, make sure your keyword is on the YouTube video Title and Description area and also add it as a TAG.

  44. Sure, you can use the Tumblr blog again to build backlinks to other pages on your website.

  45. Yes, you can use the same Tumblr blog over and over again to rank other pages on your website.

  46. It’s good to have a mix backlink profile, blog comment backlinks really do work, so yes, go ahead and get them. Make sure you leave a useful comment and get them on niche related sites for best results.

  47. Hi Jessica, I can help you no problem:

    1. It would look natural to add URL and brand anchors now, also throw in some exact match anchors. The URLs where the backlinks sit would show in the SERP’s if your competitors place your website URL into Google, so yes they would be able to discover your backlinks, but they would be playing catch up anyway, you need to keep the links flowing and not worry about that.

    2. No, keep the keyword on your homepage menu, that is a good thing.

    3. You do not need the keyword in the subdomain for high PA Tier 2 links. The key is to find blogs that have lots of backlinks pointing to them, the juice passes down.

    4. It’s not vital that you have the keyword on the subdomain of the Blogger site, just make sure it is in the URL extension and the post TITLE.

    5. Sure I can send you the URL. Send me an email and I will send it to you.


  48. Thank you, hope you used some of the SEO packages and improved your website ranking.

  49. Most definitely, takes away the hassle from yourself 🙂

  50. That is okay, if you have used an exact match keyword anchor text then your website ranking will improve when Google bot crawls the site and finds the backlink. To ensure Google bot finds the link do the following:

  51. No, it doesn’t have to be hard to start a blog or even cost a lot. These days you can be up and running within ten minutes.

  52. Good, hope the links helped improve your website ranking on Google 🙂

  53. In most cases the web 2 sites drop in a day or so, doesn’t give them time to index, let alone improve your websites ranking. Go manual, put in the extra work and it will pay off.

  54. Thanks for the share Donald, much appreciated.

  55. Good to hear you like the work and that your site climbed the Google rankings for your search terms.

  56. Hi Jess,

    1. You definitely need to get some more links in place, use this free web 2.0 sites: I do recommend using more exact match anchors, this will get things going for you. Make sure you throw in some URL anchors too.

    2. Make sure the keyword is in one image ALT only. It seems like your keyword is in the page TAG’s and in the page Menu? Make sure it is in the H2 TAG and BOLD FONT IT. Use the keyword just a few more times in the body content.

    3. You site will show for “search appearance” in a month or so after the data has been collected, as you say it is a new site and will take some time to show.

  57. No problem at all, Rankwyz is the only decent Web 2.0 backlinks builder now that FCS Networker has gone.

  58. That’s correct, the sites do not last a long time. This means you need to keep running the software to ensure your rankings stick. It’s so much easier to create web 2.0 sites manually, they stick and the rankings stick.

  59. The ranking juice passes anyway, however it gives people peace of mind without the redirect in place.

  60. Depends on the links, if they are poor quality then they most probably will not index anyway. It’s good practice to build thousands of backlinks over time of months rather than days.

  61. It will build backlinks to casino and gambling websites, however, the results in ranking depend on your keywords and the competition. For absolute best results go with PBN links like these:

  62. That’s correct, as the remaining links index your website will rank no. 1 for the keyword.

  63. Yes the web 2.0 backlinks strategy is still working today, if you have a tough keyword then I recommend using PBN’s too:

  64. 1. Yes, you can use Blogger to replace the Google Sites blog to get a dofollow link. You can go ahead and use another Blogger site on Tier 2, it’s better if it comes from a different Google account. It does leave a footprint, however, web 2.0 links like this is safe and will never get your site penalized.

    2. The result depend on when the sites are crawled by Google bot and the links are discovered if you let them index naturally it can take any time from 1 day to 3 weeks max.

  65. Glad you found it useful.

  66. Yes you can use web 2.0 on tier 2 too, they pass juice and also help index the tier 1 links. Of course, it’s more effective to use more PBN links on Tier 2, but, if you have a low to medium competition keyword web 2’s alone on Tier 2 will be enough.

  67. Hi John,

    1. They don’t need to index because they are Google properties, make sure they are public online and that anyone on the net can see them. To view them in the browser you need to make sure they are published to view public online. The process is: Top right of screen click “share”, click above the link URL and select “more…” and click the radio button for: “On – public on the web”.

    2. Yes, you can link them to as many accounts as you want to, they are for indexing purposes and to pass juice.

  68. Tumbling Jazz works great at ranking YouTube videos, if you want us to do the Tumblr links for you use this service: many blogs in the network are PA 50+

  69. No problem at all 🙂

  70. It’s possible that you did not index the links or the links dropped. It’s best practice to do the web 2.0 sites manually so that they do not drop, they index and most importantly help your website rank higher.

  71. Hi, yes they still pass juice even if they do not show on Ahrefs and MOZ. The main thing is that the URL’s are indexed in Google SERP’s.

  72. If you have the budget yes, we would use different sites each time if used for the same site. It’s best to pick out your most profitable search terms and buy for those when the traffic and money start flowing in you can then order again for other pages.

  73. You just have to take action, get the links in place and your ranking will improve.

  74. You do not need to spend a lot to get good results in the SERP’s, make sure your check the top-ranked site backlink profile and get what you need from the list and you will get a top ranking.

  75. These backlinks are safe and always help improve rankings.

  76. Yes and these backlinks are free and do improve website rankings if done the right way 🙂

  77. Money Robot will automate your web 2.0 backlinks, it’s a shame FCS Networker has gone down but at the end of the day, manual web 2.0 creation is always best although is time-consuming.

  78. No problem, good to hear you got the links in place. They are great for mixing up your backlink profile.

  79. Pretty much all web 2 platforms allow re-registering of expired domains. The most popular web 2.0 platforms for this are Blogger, Weebly, Tumblr, Strikingly and WordPress. Some platforms like WordPress will only allow re-registration after it has been dropped for a certain amount of time, like 30 days, some are as long as 90 days.

  80. Hi Jess, it doesn’t matter if the links do not show in GWMT or any other checker like SEM Rush or AHREFS. The main thing is that the URL’s show in the SERP’s when you search for the full URL. If they are indexed, then Google Bot knows they exist, your vote is counted and your rankings will improve, keep the links flowing at a steady rate and you will hit the top.

  81. Yes it’s good to use this strategy in 2020 these links are safe for any site new or aged. This is a good place to start, however you will need PBN’s if you have a tough keyword, if not, this strategy will do the job.

  82. Yes, this is 100% safe to use on a new website.

  83. Another great free article spinner is and the free Spintax inserter tool is at

  84. The first step is always taking action, with SEO services at such low prices you have no reason not to. If you do the right things at the right time you will always get results. This post just goes to show that you do not need to spend a lot to get a top ranking, the key is to get those links started and to keep them flowing.

  85. These links do work, they are easy to get in place and when they index your website ranking will improve quickly.

  86. Good to hear you took action and got that top ranking.

  87. Sure does, and you can use free online spinners and spintax inserters to turn one free piece of content into many others.

  88. Good to hear it, thanks for dropping by.

  89. Not used or heard about this, thanks for the share Lily 🙂

  90. It’s good to be able to generate decent content to publish on websites that are going to backlink to yours to help your website rank higher in the search engines.

  91. I only recommend using software on Tier 2 and above, try to do all tier 1 links manual. The best backlinks you can get will be niche related and contextual, you can get these with PBN’s or guest posting.

  92. Thanks for the review, these blogs are good quality and will always get any casino/gambling site a ranking increase.

  93. That’s correct Mixxie, if you add decent content to the web 2.0 blogs and set everything up manually then they will last years and years. If they are generated with the software they will drop in weeks, you will get a quick rank up and then it will drop down again.

  94. Yes, the generated content is decent, like you say it will index, which is the most important thing.

  95. It’s around $12 per month for ten domains on different IPs with seekahost.

  96. That’s what we like to hear. We monitored your site’s ranking and watched it go up and up. This strategy always works, and yes, it pays to spend a little extra on quality.

  97. Yes, this still works in 2020, used it recently on a gaming website, went from no ranking at all to ranked number 14 in a few weeks. Give it a go and if you need any help along the way just let me know 🙂

  98. Really good to hear more people hitting the top spot using this SEO ranking strategy. Go ahead and do it for other keywords now and get even more traffic and higher rankings on Google.

  99. No problem at all, glad it has helped you and your friend.

  100. Glad you liked it and found it useful 🙂

  101. It only needs to be handwritten to ensure that the URL will index in Google SERPs, if Google Bot does not know the link exists then it’s a waste of time. Also, scraped content will be removed from the web 2.0 site and you will lose the link. Handwritten content stands the test of time and pays off in the long term. For a tough keyword I recommend tiered PBNs like this:

  102. That’s what will happen if you get the links in place, Tumblrs are very powerful backlinks for ranking videos and getting more views.

  103. No problem, good to hear you found some decent Tumblr blogs, get those backlinks in place now.

  104. 1. yes, you can go back into the post and add the second link, it will not cause you any problems.
    2. yes, the link juice is diluted the more links that are placed in the post, with just two links it’s nothing to worry about.

  105. Really good to hear you took action, you can make money from nothing online with a completely free blog. Takes a little time and persistence to build up, if you stick with it then it always pays off.

  106. It’s mixed, worldwide to look natural.

  107. Hi John,

    1. Yes, use exact match anchor, as your site climbs the rankings other links will come in using different anchors.
    2. It’s not as strong as a PBN if the PBN is niche related and indexed. There is no better link than one from a niche related site and is contextual. If the PBN is of low quality then this is as strong.

  108. Takes a while with web 2 only, consistency is key and make sure all content is hand written. Keep the backlinks flowing on a daily basis using as many web 2s with different IPs as possible.

  109. The juice will pass with the redirect in place, I have tried and tested it. Anyway, it’s always good to have the traffic flow quickly to your website, sometimes with a redirect in place a real website visitor might click back having to wait for the page to load. I will keep the posts coming 🙂

  110. Always glad to help, these content generators are pretty good for beginners without wanting to spend anything at the start of their SEO campaign.

  111. No problem, it’s worth the time finding powerful blogs with lots of backlinks pointing to them. Just one link from these can boost rankings significantly.

  112. 1. It doesn’t matter.
    2. All link to the post pages.

    Any more questions just let me know 🙂

  113. Hi Jessica, don’t stuff two keywords into the anchor, you can do two links from the same post using different anchors. Have you see this strategy?: ranks multiple keywords in one go.

  114. Really good tool, thanks for share Desman 🙂

  115. Take a look at my latest post, shows you how to index the web 2 backlinks quickly:

  116. Yes, you need to index the backlinks for them to have an effect on your website ranking.

  117. This strategy is effective for all keywords, even difficult high SEO competition ones.

  118. Really pleased you are ranking top and got those backlinks in place, they still work today and always will do if you do them the right way.

  119. Good work 🙂 get those backlinks in place and push those rankings.

  120. These backlinks are great and work well at pushing rankings, good to hear you got them done and took action.

  121. Good to hear you are ranking higher, keep testing and trying and you will hit the top.

  122. That’s great, glad you found it useful and got your backlinks indexed on Google. Most of the time the Blogger link is all you need, the Blogger post will index instantly using Google Webmaster Tools, the bot will crawl that page and find and index your links, works a treat.

  123. Yes, it works, pushes rankings up and up for any keyword. Has to be tried to be seen 🙂 will get top ranking for any keyword, these links are powerful. We have PBN’s in the network that has backlinks from the BBC and The Guardian, the juice passes to your website and they rank you up. All our PBN’s are indexed, so you can be sure no Spam is being used.

  124. Glad you loved our work, we will keep your website at the top 🙂

  125. See sites for samples:

    We have sent you some more examples to your email 🙂

  126. Thank you so much for the feedback Lauren, we have enjoyed working with you guys and hope to do so for a long time into the future 🙂

  127. Yes you can find some really powerful web 2.0 blogs using this method and it’s completely free.

  128. Yes it will work on a porn site, we have tried it on those for a few clients and it works on the right keywords.

  129. You can do it in NameCheap 🙂

  130. No problem, get some content on them and the backlinks in place and you will rank up 🙂

  131. Hi Karim, it’s good to keep a steady flow of links. Make sure you put all Tier 1 URL’s in a file and keep track of the ones that are indexed. The key is to keep building the links at a steady rate, have a plan based on what the top ranking sites have (number of backlinks, anchors used etc). Build your Tier 1, hit them with your Tier 2 and move on, leave them to index naturally. If they don’t index have a Google bot run over them, like their google speed insights tool, if it is going to index then it will do so doing by that. Be sure to note how many backlinks the top site has, if they are ranking with 5 links, go steady and build them over 3 weeks or so, take it easy and use similar anchors. Keep note of the indexed links, if some don’t index go ahead and do more to replace them, keep the links flowing at a steady rate and you will rank top and will not hit the sandbox. I will do a post soon on how to index your links instantly, it’s basically getting Google bots to crawl your URL’s like the page speed insights, the structured data testing tool and the google mobile friendly test tool. There is another thing you can do to index them, use a Blogger blog on Tier 2, add the free web 2 blogger blog to Google Webmaster Tools, then use the “inspect url” tool to have the url crawled and indexed, which will also have your tier 1 sites crawled and indexed pretty much right away. The blogger will index instantly, the links within the post will index the day after.

  132. Yes, this is still working 🙂

  133. Hi Umair, I am good thanks, hope you are too. We don’t use FCS Networker anymore, their server goes down often and their customer support is terrible. Take a look at RANKwyz, it’s free to get started.

  134. Yes you can do another run of links, this time use a Blogger site on Tier 1, this way you will get a dofollow backlink this time around.

  135. That’s true, try using Wicked Article Creator too, the free version generates decent content. You will always need to read through to make sure everything makes sense, but it beats having to write it by hand all the time.

  136. No problem at all, glad I could help. Do forget to check out the free version of Wicked Article Creator, you can get some great content from that tool and it’s readable and unique.

  137. Do another round of links when you have all indexed and your site will keep going up 🙂

  138. If all the links are indexed then do some more web 2’s, use different platforms so that you have backlinks from different IPs. If the links are not indexed then wait for them to index before you do anymore, drop the URL’s on social media to speed things up.

  139. Yes, all automated links on web 2.0 platforms drop eventually, if you do them manually with fairly decent content on them they will stand the test of time, will index and improve your rankings. It’s time-consuming doing them manually, but in the long term, it saves time.

  140. It’s not a problem at the moment but in the future, it’s likely that Google and other search engines will refuse to index websites that are not secure under https, so it’s a good idea to go ahead and get it done right now. Don’t worry about the rankings, if anything they will improve after you have added https, just remember to update the URL to the https version in your Google Webmaster Tools and add the https sitemap too.

  141. Once the link is in place you can go back and change the anchor, but it’s not recommended. You are better off getting more links and using different anchors to diversify.

  142. 1. I always use the same IP, even the same IP I use to log into my money site and not had any problems.
    2. Doesn’t matter which browser you use, you are logged into a Google account anyway and on the same IP.

  143. Without taking action it’s unlikely your website will get anywhere, instead of waiting for it to happen it makes sense to make it happen and get things moving. As your site moves up the SERPs the backlinks do come naturally and less work is required and you can stick closer to Google guidelines.

  144. Yes it works fast using Google properties 🙂

  145. Let us know how you get on Liam and if you need any help at any stage in the process just let us know.

  146. No problem at all Daniel, thanks for dropping by. The generated content is decent enough and most importantly is unique and readable. This ensures it will index in the SERPs.

  147. It’s okay to use one Google account all done on the same IP, we have done it this way over and over without any penalty.

  148. No way round it when using software, the only way to ensure they stick is to build them manually.

  149. Yes we build the backlinks, we also deliver the login details in our final report should you wish to make any changes further down the line.

  150. The best web 2.0 blogs that don’t drop if you set them up manually can be found in this list here: also are good for finding expired ones with high page authority.

    Happy New Year to you and your family too, I wish all Rankers readers a great year ahead and top rankings 🙂

  151. There is no other way other than this, however make sure you keep those ones that show 404 that you could not register because they will come available soon. The Tumblr blog sub domain name goes into a grace period before it can be registered, sometimes they can get released to re register after 24 hours or 30 days and at most can be 2 years, there isn’t a way to know how long the Tumblr sub domain has been suspended/dropped. However keep the URL’s as they will be ready to re register at some point, just keep them on file and keep checking them.

  152. Hi Barry, that’s correct the links drop, so you need to software running all the time to replace the dropped links, if they even index anyway that is. The links are a waste of time if the search engines do not know that they exist. Manual web 2 creation is the best way, they index if the content is good and they will not drop.

  153. Yes the backlinks need to be indexed for them to have any affect on your rankings. Good to hear your website is climbing the rankings.

  154. Great to hear you got a top ranking, in some cases you might not need all the links shown in the tutorial.

  155. No problem, it’s good to have a mixed backlink profile and getting links from images like this can be very powerful as you have noticed for yourself. Good to hear your ranking has improved, get some more backlinks and you will go up again.

  156. Don’t use Google Console to index the links, simply register expired web 2’s that are already indexed 🙂 for new web 2’s drop the URL’s on Facebook and Twitter and other social media platforms and they will index when the search bots next crawl the sites.

  157. The software can be used on Tier 1 however the Web 2’s will drop so you need to keep running the software over and over on the same project. The best way for web 2’s is manual, this way they will stick and will index. The best for web 2’s is FCS Networker, however the site goes down often and the customer support is terrible so I don’t recommend that either. If you can and you have time set everything up manual or order a service for it that do it manual, it’s worth it in the long term. I recommend Tumbling Jazz for posting to Tumblr.

  158. It’s most important that they index so your ranking improves, glad you found the tutorial useful and could get some decent content for free. There is another little hack to get free quality content, go to Wayback Machine and browse the history of expired domains that you find on Search for niche related expired sites, pop the URL’s into Wayback Machine and take a look at the content and re-use because it’s now not published anywhere, you can check it’s not being used elsewhere by others doing the same thing by using a free plagiarism checker.

  159. Yes the content is decent and most importantly will index so the search engines know that your backlinks exist.

  160. Good to hear you are taking action, yes outsourcing is required at times, especially when you are ranking a lot of pages/posts at once.

  161. It’s a good idea to plan everything before you outsource, go ahead and know your keyword worth and you can’t go wrong. Make sure you asses the competition and get optimized and you are good to rank top.

  162. If you want things to happen you make them happen, good on you for taking action 🙂

  163. Yes that’s how I do it, the content is best being related and always use exact match anchor. So article 1 would link to article 2 using “Linking Building” as the anchor text. Go through all your content and get the internal links in place, they do make a difference and send out a big signal to the search bots as to what your main keyword is.

  164. Hi Zoe, really good to read your comment and to know this is post is still helping people more than 3 years after I wrote it. Keep on ranking and keep in touch, let me know when you get your next number 1 ranking.

  165. yes these links done on a regular basis will always get you a ranking boost. Glad you liked the service.

  166. Yes definitely add your site to Google Console and sitemap too, this way anytime you add new content Google will find it. Yoast will not add the sitemap to search console for you, although Yoast does add a sitemap to your domain. You just need to add it to your Google Search Console and verify domain, you can also add new content manually to the index from there.

  167. No problem at all, do it the right way and it will always improve your website ranking.

  168. Yes it’s still working today, good to hear you took action and got a top ranking too.

  169. Looks good thanks for sharing 🙂

  170. Use a mix of the URL combinations you suggest 🙂

  171. Good to hear it Asif, take action and get those rankings up 🙂

  172. Thanks for the feedback Francis much appreciated 🙂

  173. You can use PBN’s, set up your own network of niche related blogs on different IP’s.

  174. I put the Spintax in at the end, highlight the article or articles you want to insert the spintax into and click “Tools” and then select “Insert Spintax for Highlighted Articles” and job done. You can have GSA generate articles with spintax in them see “Content Media” heading on this page.

  175. 1. GSA content generator puts the spintax into the article for you. It shows you on my post here: go down to the “Content Media” heading.
    2. The posts are set on drip feed over 90 days, all are set off when post is complete. Instead of FCS Networker a good alternative is Rankwyz as shown here: for Tumblrs which is a one off payment you can use Tumbling Jazz which you can see in action here:

  176. You can export the content with “TITLE as First Line”.

  177. Yes you can use the same web 2’s over again to rank different pages on the same website. That is correct, use any keyword for different URL on the same site.

  178. 1. You can add the spintax article into FCS Networker, or you can use their content generator, we use GSA content with spintax inserted.
    2. We set FCS Networker to drip feed the backlinks over 90 days.
    3. Yes we use the web 2’s over again for different pages on the same site (think that is what you mean?).

  179. If it’s shows for then it’s not penalized, you need to use some more exact match and long tail exact match anchors on backlinks to get it to show for your search terms, the competition for Google Austria will be different to You need to get more backlinks, it might also be an on-page issues maybe over optimized or not optimized at all for your search terms. Make sure your keywords are in the TITLE and DESCRIPTION TAG’s.

  180. You don’t need to, they are done to pass the juice and are all indexed anyway. If you have some expired web 2’s that are not indexed you can link to them from indexed web 2’s to get them to show in the SERP’s.

  181. Hi Jessica,

    1. yes use your keyword in the Google Sites URL.
    2. Yes it can be used on a brand new domain/post/page. Yes this strategy alone can rank the site, however this depends on the competition.
    3. What is the domain extension? is it .com? To get listed on Google Austrian SERP’s you will need to submit your site and sitemap on Google Search Console.

  182. yes but we use the same aged web 2’s over and over again for different pages on the same website. We drip feed using FCS Networker.

  183. No problem. 1. They are aged web 2’s. 2. No we don’t link the web 2’s up into a link wheel.

  184. 30 Tumblr backlinks and 30 Weebly backlinks to each post on drip feed over 90 days.

  185. 1. I use GSA content generator. It’s a one off fee (which is reasonable) and the content is good.
    2. In most cases there will be 1 link to the money site, 1 link to another web 2.0 (if you are doing a web 2.0 link wheel) and 1 link to an authority site in the same niche (not a competitor for your keyword).

  186. Yes it works when it is done the right way. no short cuts taken and you will rank top. Like you say, it’s well worth the money, the time it takes to complete and the content alone is worth the price let alone the fact that you rank top too 🙂

  187. 1. yes you can use both keywords as the anchor. yes rotate the long tail exact match between the two. 2. yes same again, rotate the two anchors used.

  188. Yes it’s still working this strategy, you will get a rank boost if you use it 🙂

  189. Most definitely, mix it up and you will rank up 🙂

  190. You can see how to make web 2.0 backlinks and check they are live and indexed here

  191. Sure no problem at all 🙂

  192. Thanks Megan, yes it’s best to be self hosted and I agree WordPress is better, but Blogger is perfect for anyone starting out for free.

  193. Yes all you need is a free Blogger or WordPress blog and you can monetize with Adsense or affiliate links from sites like Amazon and Ebay. You can make money from nothing, takes a little time to build up but the effort is worth it.

  194. Yes it’s a good way to get started for free, if you are working on a small budget maybe just starting out in seo then this free way to get started will help you out.

  195. Not a problem at all, glad you found it useful.

  196. Hi Jessica, yes mix up the anchors on the 5 web 2.0 link wheel using “long tail exact match anchors” if you are unsure what I mean by that all is explained here and scroll down to the “Anchor Text Examples” heading. Those are the anchors that link up each web 2.0 site, the anchors used to link to your Google Sites blog are: a variation of generic, exact match and long tail exact match. The anchors used on the Tier 3 Tumblr links that point to the Tier 2 web 2.0 links should use all exact match and long tail exact match anchors. Hope this clears things up for you, if not let me know 🙂

  197. No problem glad I could help, if you need anything just let us know. It takes little time to find expired web 2.0 sites without software but it’s well worth it when you find some good ones that have a whole load of backlinks pointing to them.

  198. No problem ask as many questions as you need to. When it’s to a video you should use a mix of exact match anchors and the full YouTube video URL as anchors (use this mostly – 60% of the time). You can use them all on Tier 1, it looks natural as Tumblr is a social platform and will look like people are seeing the video and sharing it. Most definitely use the Blogger sites on Tier 1, do a mix of video embeds and anchor text backlinks.

  199. Thanks for the feedback, yes all sites have high DA and backlinks from these will boost the domain authority rating of your website too.

  200. Yes and filter traffic with good call to action so the traffic either leaves the site to another website or goes to another page on the site.

  201. Yes it works for local search terms too, make sure you have the keywords in the TITLE of each post and drop the location keyword quite a lot within the content “London” will need to be mentioned a lot within the text. It’s also good to drop a Google MAP embed of the location into the content too. make sure you embed the video into the web 2 post and also link to it using exact match anchors.

  202. Yes they jump in and out of the index, when they index if bounce rate is high they will drop out and that is purely down to your content.

  203. These links do work and will have an affect on any keyword competition score.

  204. Glad to hear you took action and got your video top too 🙂

  205. No problem, if you need any help choosing your next service let me know 🙂

  206. Best to do everything manual then the links don’t drop 🙂 if you don’t have the time our web 2 link building is all manual and they stick.

  207. That’s the key to success in this game, make sure you buy backlinks from a reputable source and always read reviews online to check. Really pleased I have helped you and that our service have got your site ranking higher again. Like always if you need any help we are on live chat or just a quick email away 🙂

  208. That’s correct, if you have a good source for backlinks and the anchor text you use is like what your competitors are using that are ranking high for your keywords then you will not have any problems.

  209. These backlinks work well if done right, glad you have a top ranking now 🙂

  210. Send us your URL and keywords to and we will get back to you on what is needed. If you have a low seo competition keyword a link wheel will do the job: anything else will require contextual backlinks from good PBN’s:

  211. We only use tried and tested web 2 blogs same with edu links so we know which ones are less likely to drop and which ones are going to index quickly.

  212. Just use new default domains, get your keyword into the sub domain URL. If you do Tier 2 from expired Tumblrs that will boost the PA.

  213. Good to hear you got the results you wanted, thanks for the feedback.

  214. For a 5 site link wheel I usually go with:


  215. If you choose to purchase links you need to be 100% certain of the seller, take a look at the sellers website, do they give you confidence? Read their reviews too 🙂 The links we sell are safe, we use them for our clients, we know they work.

  216. Have you tried changing the content to index the web 2’s? Do tier 2 links from sites that are indexed like blog comments and social media.

  217. Yes that is the full open URL. I have described all anchor text variations here: it’s possible that a website with a full open URL anchor may show in the search results pages if someone searches for your brand yes.

  218. Yes it’s great 🙂 removes the Tumblr redirect so thank you for that it is much appreciated by all of us.

  219. Thanks:

    1. Link them to your money site right away, they only take effect when Google knows they exist. If you link them right away they will do nothing until the other tiers are complete and the URL’s index and backlinks are discovered by Google bot.

    2. Link tier 2 to tier 1 right away, or when you are ready for the links to index. It’s good to do it right away because the links take time to index, it will happen when Google bot re-crawls the already indexed sites further down the tiers.

    3. The ranking improvement depends on when the links are discovered by Google bot, usually takes around 3 to 4 weeks to see any major ranking changes.

  220. No you can’t get dofollow from Google Sites, you can switch the Google Sites for a Blogspot backlink, which is dofollow, you get the same desired result at the end using this strategy 🙂

  221. Yes the strategy still works today and will do for a very long time into the future. Thank you for sharing your results with us, keep going getting those number 1 rankings.

  222. I use GSA now, sometimes I use it in conjunction with Wicked Article Creator, which is very cheap and you can try the free trial to see how good it is. It’s actually really good too so I recommend GSA and Wicked Article Creator together if you can even if it’s just the free version of WAC.

  223. No problem, if you need anything else just let me know 🙂

  224. Hi, I answered this on the “do you have a profitable low competition keyword?” post: you can calculate adsense earnings but it’s tricky. You need to try and get a high search volume keyword, it comes from experience with adsense. However if you are new to it and have nothing to fall back on, you can do a trick I used to use when I first started out. Go to and select sites being sold making money from adsense revenue then click on a website that is being sold. You can view how much that website is making and discover their keywords by visiting the site and popping the domain url into then you can see their keyword stats on spyfu eg monthly keyword search volume, then you can get a picture of how much traffic you need to earn the same amount that the adsense site is making that is being sold for on Flippa. It’s also a great way to discover new ideas for starting new sites, it’s a way to find a profitable adsense niche with very little work. Any questions just let me know 🙂

  225. The math for Adsense is tricky, the CPC is hard to judge because the ads shown to a person is dependant upon their cookies, so your site could be about loans but that doesn’t mean an advert about loans will be shown, they may have been on a dog breed website before that and it may show an advert about dog food which has a much lower CPC should the user click on it. You can do a very rough calculation, a keyword with 22K search volume is good and is definitely worth going for. You can judge this based on experience, a keyword with a monthly search volume of 250 make me between $170 and $250 a month, but it all depends on the visitor, that’s just on one page on one of my adsense sites. It’s hard to put a figure on those sites, so it’s good to go for high search volume keywords.

  226. 1. yes I use it for tier 1.

    2. yes I scrape from many sources and sometimes you do get content in there which is way out of context. I have a skim through the generated content and edit out anything that is not related to the subject.

  227. Yes the content generated comes from many different sources based around the keyword you enter. You can have the software add spintax to the content when you export, which will make is less readable but more unique to ensure them to be more likely to index, which is the most important thing. I usually don’t add spintax, I like the content to be readable, if the web 2.0 sites do not index I add to the content and that usually gets the job done.

  228. Doesn’t matter where the social signals come from, also we can switch IPs to Italian ones to make them look like they were posted in Italy.

  229. 🙂 if you have any questions just let me know.

  230. Thank you so pleased I can help. If you need anything just let me know, it’s great to hear from visitors like this.

  231. Yes you can even use free tools to add spintax to the generated content to get more out of each generated article.

  232. Considering these are free content generators they produce decent enough articles for use on sites for your backlinks.

  233. Doesn’t matter if they are all done in one go or done by drip feed, they can never harm your website. You have to think about if it can happen naturally, and it is possible that something can be shared quickly across social media, which does happen all the time.

  234. Traffic from Google will help with ranking (it is a ranking metric) where Google bot tracks the traffic movement, how they move on your site, it can also hurt your ranking if the visitor doesn’t stay long on your site and bounces back to the SERPs. The traffic from social media makes everything look natural when the web 2.0 backlinks start.

  235. Hi Margaret, the social signals are done for the backlink and to make the backlinks that follow look natural. A post without any social shares or traffic will not get any backlinks to it, so if the post/page is shared on social media it looks as though it’s getting popular and therefore looks natural when the backlinks start.

  236. Yes image backlinks are powerful and can give you a quick rank jump.

  237. Yes you start a free blog on blogger and monetize it with Adsense. The only thing you will use up is your time if you choose to write the content yourself, you can make money online without spending any.

  238. Yes you can show Adsense ads on your free Blogger blog to make some money out of your traffic. The only thing that is not allowed is advertising on adult blogger blogs. Of course you need to sign up for an Adsense account first to show these Ads, you can find out more here.

  239. No problem at all, yes you can do on-page seo rather easily without any software using just a few keyboard shortcuts as shown in the post.

  240. Sure, here are some article submission site:

    Good enough to use on Tier 2 🙂 or you can use on Tier 1 to mix up anchor text profile.

  241. Yes most definitely, YouTube is a authority site these links will not harm ranking only improve it. Also, exact match anchors are good but still mix them up, mostly use exact match.

  242. If you have 12 indexed then it will move up in ranks soon, 3 weeks max. You can hit the YouTube URL with blog comment links too, that will get it moving.

  243. On Google you need to treat it the same as a website, you will see results in 3 weeks or so. Doing some Blogger and Google Sites on Tier 1 will help 🙂

  244. Hi Jeremy, yes all the Tumblr homepage’s will be indexed. Yes we have a package for PA 50+ Tumblrs:

  245. No problem, let me know how it goes 🙂

  246. Thanks for the feedback Umair 🙂 if you need anything else just let me know.

  247. Good to hear you are ranking up using this strategy with web 2.0 backlinks. Definitely use a different gmail id for creating extra blogger accounts and for indexing links. Best way to index links is to post them on social media sites, do some blog comment backlinks from sites that are indexed and also to another tier of backlinks from expired Tumblrs that you have re registered and are indexed. You can use this website to bulk check Google website indexing:

  248. Do a mix of both backlinks and embeds, keep them flowing and it will rank 🙂

  249. Yes I had that issues after using the custom html to remove the Tumblr redirect link. To stop it from happening you need to remove this from the code:

    I think the creator has complained, even though I left the credit in the code. It’s not my code, I discovered it to share so you guys can remove the URL redirect too. If that part is removed the Tumblrs will not drop.

  250. Yes sometimes the Tumblr blogs drop, I try to put a few in each account to avoid losing a lot in one go. I post from the same IP, which helps to stop them from dropping.

  251. Yes that will help, you can use other web 2.0 sites for backlinks from different IPs.

  252. Do you have the keyword in the video TITLE, start of description and TAGs. Then continue with the backlinks and it will definitely rank.

  253. Sorry Bev, I didn’t read your original Tumblr post, I got the code from a tumblr that did not have the URL redirect and worked it in from there. I am happy to add a link to the source if you send me the URL 🙂

  254. You can remove the redirect on the Tumblr links: adding an outbound link to a niche related site other than your own helps too.

  255. Thanks Nima, and yes this method will work with all languages, even Persian.

  256. Yes this will work the same on videos too, make sure you link to the video and also embed the video in the blog posts. Yes you can create 2 to 5 tier 2 Tumblr accounts, they are there to index the tier 1 and pass some juice down. Try and make sure you use decent Tumblrs on Tier 2 with lots of backlinks pointing to them if you are using fewer. Yes you can use GSA and Scrapebox on Tier 3, use blog comment backlinks to boost the Tumblrs and help index the Tumblr post URLs.

  257. yes these backlinks are good to have in place and will always give your site a rank boost.

  258. No problem Tilly, glad you found the information useful.

  259. I’m great thanks, hope you are too. The tiered links will index the 3 domains, make sure you have some blogs comment backlinks in there from indexed sites.

  260. Yes I know, the credit is in the code 🙂 for all to see

  261. Yes it’s a lot of money for people starting out, a lot of the blogs/backlinks drop too so you have to keep running campaigns which can be time consuming. In the end it’s always better to go manual with web 2 backlink building.

  262. I agree, a good host will help your website load faster and in turn will help it rank. Very cheap hosts will cram a lot of poor quality websites onto one server and in turn website load time will be very slow and having bad sites on the same server as you will affect ranking.

  263. We have sent you a sample blog from that network.

  264. Good to know I have helped you in some way. SEO does not have to be expensive, you can get results working yourself, the only down side is that it is very time consuming and a lot of patience is required.

  265. YouTube video ranking is fast, few changes to TITLE and DESCRIPTIONS and TAGs together with these backlinks make a big positive different.

  266. Now that you have your content optimized you can get the backlinks in place, and yes you will get top of Google when you do. Let me know how it goes 🙂

  267. That’s another great way to get free content for your web 2.0 blogs. GSA Content generator is the best paid option, it’s a one off payment. You can see how it works here:

  268. These cheap seo packages do work when used on a well optimized site. Good to hear that they worked well for you 🙂

  269. Yes it’s good to know that there is a way to make Google bot ignore links. Good to hear your ranking came back up, it does take a little time after the disavow file is submitted, but as everyone knows seo requires a lot of patience.

  270. Glad it helped you get your ranking back 🙂

  271. That’s another great free way to get content for your web 2 blogs. If you have a good spinner the content will index and will be fairly unique.

  272. Yes it’s a one off fee and generates good readable content.

  273. Glad you found it useful and the strategy pushed ranks for you 🙂

  274. Hi Abdul, most indexer tools don’t work and are a waste of time and effort. Indexer tools will not hurt any of your web 2 blogs, however it’s best to do another Tier of backlinks from blogs that are indexed, or drop the links on social media sites which get crawled a lot. When Google bot next crawls the social sites the links to your web 2s will be found and will be indexed if they are going to be.

  275. Thanks Abdulrahim, it’s good to hear I am helping people out there. I don’t use a plugin to categorise content. If I want something to show outside of my blog page I will create a page and not a post. Hope this helps, if you have any further questions just let me know.

  276. Good to hear that. Let me know how your rankings go.

  277. I hope you used a different Google account to the one that your money site is in?

  278. It’s a footprint if you do it in the same webmaster account that your website is verified under too. Did you use a different Google account?

  279. Yes this method works really well, if it does not index change the content because that’s the reason.

  280. Yes you can index your own site using Google console. Links on other sites will need to be done in another way.

  281. It was on path to be no. 1 yet someone yet again has hit Rankers Paradise with a GSA run, some of my posts now have 250,000 backlinks pointing at them. So I noe have to disavow the links to get the posts back on track. All services work if people don’t go out of their way to destroy what I am showing you for free, obviously someone has taken offence to what I am doing.

  282. If your Tumblr homepage is indexed the new post will index naturally when Google bot next crawls the site it will discover the post and index it. To speed things up you can pop the Tumblr post URL onto social media, any sites like Twitter and Facebook that get crawled often by Google bot will get the URL indexed.

  283. Onsite anchors for internal links can be mostly exact match, this will send strong signals to Google bot as to what your target keyword is and will not get your site penalized.

  284. Yes these image links work well.

  285. Yes that’s correct, the only way to ensure the links stick is to do them manually yourself or by using one of our web 2 services in our store like this:

  286. Hi Winnie,
    1. FCS is working, however their customer support is not good at all so it doesn’t surprise me that their contact us form isn’t working.
    2. Yes those links are done using Money Robot software, they do have a high drop rate. You can read more about it here:

  287. No coupon code for monthly seo at the moment. Yes Google has updated it’s core algorithm, some very big news sites have lost their ranking. We have seen some ranking drops and ranking gains, nothing major for us. Sites now have to load fast and be mobile friendly or ranking are going to drop going forward.

  288. It takes time I’m afraid, you need to stick with it. Make sure you select a good keyword to ensure all your efforts are worthwhile.

  289. Yes 5 different articles to be used.

  290. Yes they use a lot of sites that get suspended, it happens when you use software I am afraid. When you buy web 2 backlinks from our store the sites stick, we use good content and all is done manual. You only get what you pay for, if you buy cheap web 2.0 backlinks it’s guaranteed the seller is using software like Money Robot and they will drop, so it’s a waste of time. We hand write content and do everything manual on this service: if you can’t afford do it yourself manually following my guide here:

  291. No problem, it’s a nice easy way to remove the redirect from the links in your Tumblr blog posts.

  292. Yes that’s correct. Your competitors can find and get these backlinks too, unless you use them on Tier 2 and have PBNs on Tier 1 that block spiders.

  293. Hi Ashoo, yes it’s for one single keyword. You can do multiple projects targeting different search terms for the same site. Yes this is 100% safe and will help you rank up, be careful what anchors you use. If you need help look at this:

  294. Yes it’s a good piece of software for building web 2.0 backlinks, saves time 🙂

  295. You could use this on Tier 1 if you edit, but it’s more appropriate for content on your web 2 sites.

  296. You can’t hide these free backlinks unless you do them on Tier 2 and use a PBN on Tier 1, then you can block bots crawling your site using the robots.txt file.

  297. Thanks Tushar. I don’t know Florin, I don’t use Fiverr. Yes you can go with our monthly starter plan here: we accept 1 URL and up to 5 keywords on that package…..or you can give us 5 URLs and 1 keyword per URL, we take 5 keywords spread across how ever many URLs you wish to choose.

  298. No problem at all, pleased you found the information useful.

  299. Glad you found the information useful, if you have any questions just let me know 🙂

  300. Yes they work well, great for booting video ranking for keywords and getting those all important views.

  301. No problem, these packages do work when used on the right keyword/URLs 🙂

  302. Power them up with high PA Tumblr blogs. No free tool to create backlinks that work, best way to do web 2 backlinks is to do them manual, if you use software they almost certainly drop. If you don’t have the time you can buy the services 🙂

  303. you do all the links over 2 Tiers 🙂

  304. I will keep everything updated, thanks for dropping by 🙂

  305. Glad to hear you took action and got the links in place, yes they do work and always will if you do it the right way.

  306. Good to hear you took action on these backlinks. They do work 🙂

  307. You can also try the free keywordseverywhere Chrome add on, that’s free. Rank Tracker by SEO Powersuite also have an seo competition score built in. You have a few options that don’t require credit cards to get started.

  308. You can also try, they have a seo keyword competition score. is another option.

  309. Yes most definitely, it’s a good stop gap until you can afford a decent content generator.

  310. You definitely do not have to spend a lot if you are working on low seo competition keywords.

  311. Yes sometimes our sites will get spammed with poor backlinks and we will need to disavow them to get our rankings back. Glad you found the post useful.

  312. No problem, if you need any help just let me know.

  313. Thanks for the feedback. Glad you found some good expired Tumblr blogs. It’s a lot more time consuming doing this manually, however if you don’t have the money for any software it’s a good way to get started. Try finding other expired web 2.0 blogs from other platforms like Weebly and Blogger, you might have more luck with those 🙂

  314. Add your cricket related keywords into the URL of the Google Sites Blog. You can also use Blogger and use your keywords in the sub domain name. Failing that, you can find some cricket domains on and set up your own PBN network.

  315. Yes it’s a good way to get free content for your web 2.0 blogs, you could even use it on your PBNs.

  316. Take a look in Google Webmaster Tools, could be done to one of many things. Maybe you have seen a drop in ranking for a specific keyword, someone may have hit your sites. You can discover the problem in Google Webmaster account 🙂

  317. Link Centaur can be used but it’s not something you should use alone, it is hit and miss at indexing links. If you have enough Tumblrs then do some extra tiers links, so fire Tumblr links at your Tumblrs links. If you don’t you can get some Tumblr links in our store: we will split the links over 10 Tumblr blogs for you. Or, if you have GSA drop some blog comment backlinks at your Tumblr blogs, do the blog comments on sites that are indexed. You can also use social media to index your backlinks.

  318. Use SEO SpyGlass and (both free) to discover the backlinks your competitors are using, take note of the links (PBN’s, web 2s, blog comment etc) note the anchors used and plan out your backlink strategy to get the same quality links in place.

  319. As the free backlinks index down the tiers your site continues to rise up the SERPs 🙂

  320. Glad you got the backlinks in place, they do work when done as explained in the post.

  321. Hi Mohamed, best metric is the number of live backlinks pointing to the blogs, that’s all you need to know. I don’t check TF, if the site has a lot of live backlinks the PA will be high. One Tumblr backlink can be enough to rank your website, it depends on your competition and how good the Tumblr blog is…number of backlinks pointing to it….if it’s indexed etc. Use different Tumblr sub domains, some have different IPs, which is needed.

  322. 1. yes that’s correct.
    2. you can leave all the links when done, you do not need to index the 5 web 2s, the Tumblrs will index them when Google bot crawls them next.

  323. Good to hear it, these backlinks are powerful and do work when done right.

  324. You can find any expired web 2.0 platforms manual by doing the following:

    Go to Google:

    If you want Weebly blogs do as above, if you want WordPress replace Weebly with WordPress in the search string, if you want YolaSite replace Weebly with that and so and so forth….you can find any expired web 2.0 platforms with this method.

    Now you have done the search string you need to run the “Check My Links” add on as shown below:

    As you can see I found an expired Weebly. Go to the site, check the MOZ stats and re-register if it’s a good one.

    Run through the Google SERPs until you find as many as you need 🙂

    You can also bang your keyword into the search string if you want niche related blogs.

    If you need help let me know.

  325. No problem, if you need any help let me know.

  326. This post will help: if you have questions about local seo leave a comment on that post 🙂

  327. Either way the juice still passes to your website 🙂 When the Google sites blog ranks higher so does your site, whichever way you choose to direct the backlinks your site still benefits.

  328. Use blogger and and embed your NAP and Google MAP in them. This will help you get started: any questions just let me know 🙂

  329. To get in the local pack you need to carefully optimize your website with NAP placed on specific pages and MAP embeds where necessary. You Google Business Page needs to be optimized having keyword (local area) in the business TITLE. When your website and Google Business page is optimized you are ready to go and do some off site work. For this you will need to get local citations in related directories and yes you can use web 2s make sure you embed Google Map and all your NAP information and be consistent with it. You will also need to link to your website using carefully selected anchors, you can use web 2s or PBNs for tough keywords putting your local area in the anchor text, this will link to your website not the Google business page. You also need to work on getting reviews, we can get you Google reviews if you want (THE REVIEWS ARE VERY IMPORTANT) this will help you hit the 3 pack if your on-page is good: the last part is social engagement, post in local groups on Facebook.

    Yes use your keywords in the TITLE of the web 2s. Make sure you mix up your anchors, take a look at this:

  330. Sure, here is a list of some of the high pr sites we use:

  331. It’s good to get as many backlinks as you can from different IPs and resources, image backlinks alone can rank keywords. Let us know how you get on if you decide to put some of these in place.

  332. These backlinks are proven to work, we rank up videos using these backlinks all the time. Thanks for sharing for experience, it helps others to know that they really do get results.

  333. Yes you can use Blogger for Tier 2 no problem at all. It is 100% safe, make sure you use the correct anchors and you will not have any problems at all. If you are unsure about which anchors to use take a look at this:

  334. It’s rank 5 at the moment, I will reveal all when it is no. 1.

  335. These packages really do work, as I have shown. If you use them carefully then you can rank any website top without having to spend a lot of money on over expensive seo services.

  336. Yes they are good tools for anyone just starting out that needs free content for their web 2 blogs.

  337. It’s a good tool and does a lot more than Ubersuggest. You can give it a try for free, so it’s worth testing. Yes the free version has limited daily searches, but it still gives you the chance to test the tool in full. If you are going into building Amazon affiliate sites keyword research is the most important part and can make or break your venture, so a tool like this can be very helpful. Finding keywords where the top sites don’t have exact keyword in the TITLE TAGs and content is thin with few backlinks in place make ranking a whole lot easier and a lot less time consuming.

  338. It’s a decent tool, and yes it is very easy to use.

  339. Great to hear it worked out for you, yes it still works in 2019 and will always work if you do it on the right keywords and use the correct anchors for backlinks on the web 2.0 properties. Regarding the Tumblr backlinks, the re-direct does not affect the juice flow, they still help with ranking.

  340. No problem. These backlinks are powerful for ranking YouTube videos.

  341. Yes it still works 🙂 The video you have seen wasn’t mine, I have not done a video. What do you need help with?

  342. Yes that’s correct, we are jumping between page 2 and 3 right now. Another 4 weeks and we will be first page, probably top 5, we have everything going on in the background to ensure we hit the top taking it nice and steady. I will reveal everything we have done at the end when this post in ranked #1.

  343. These are the best backlinks you can get for YouTube videos for free like this and they work too 🙂

  344. Good to hear you took action and got the backlinks in place, yes they still work in 2019 🙂

  345. Yes you can use a Temp mail if it makes things easier. Sometimes you might need to change your password, Tumblr did it with me recently, and to do that they send you a confirmation email, which of course you can’t do with a Temp email so you will lose the account.

  346. you can replace Kinja, it never indexes either. It’s good to have a mix of dofollow and nofollow links, but yes you can replace Kinja with another platform that is dofollow.

  347. Thanks for the feedback Mazhar, it is appreciated. The backlinks done were to the metrics as described in the service description. At the end of the day, it’s not about the metrics, the only thing that is important is the ranking. If you could share your rank improvement from the links that would be great 🙂 For more specific links it costs a little more:

  348. Okay, if you need anything just let me know.

  349. Good to hear it, this link building strategy does work. If you are prepared to stick with it you can rank top with links like these 🙂

  350. Thanks for letting us know that the strategy worked for you, it’s good to hear people are taking action and getting results from these ranking strategies.

  351. Yes, good content alone will get you placed well with that one 🙂

  352. Take a look at your competitors links, it depends on the keyword. However, if you get contextual backlinks from good PBNs you will hit the top, like these: Our PBN sites are quality so they are cheap at that price. They will push ranks for you. If you want to do it yourself, find expired niche related blogs that are indexed using and register and put content and links on them, make sure you use different IPs.

  353. The web 2 sites drop when done with software like this, so you have to keep on top of it and keep running the software over and over for the same page. I find it better in the long term to do the web 2 links manual. The web 2 services in our store are still working well in 2019, like this one

  354. Yes this is the best anchor text ratio to use, glad it worked out for you too.

  355. Yes still use the Tumblrs, if the Tumblr has a high PA with few backlinks it means those few links are passing some good rank juice to the Tumblr. Sometimes a few links are more powerful than thousands of links.

  356. Yes it’s a good tool, definitely worth trying.

  357. Thank you for the kind review, and yes you certainly get what you pay for. These backlinks are all manual and it takes time but it pays off in the long run. The backlinks stick and so does your ranking.

  358. Glad to hear you are ranking up with this strategy, yes it still works in 2019 🙂

  359. Yes it drops in and out, it’s what happens 🙂 you have to stick with it. It will come back stronger.

  360. Great the private post is ranking as expected, going up and up. I will reveal all when complete.

  361. Yes seo does not have to be expensive. It’s important to keep a steady flow of links once you start and to use the correct anchors. If you have good well optimized content then you are guaranteed to hit the top every time.

  362. All the best to you too. If you need anything just let me know.

  363. I estimate 3 months, I will target other USA cities in the future yes when I get time to write the content

  364. Thanks for dropping by Micki, glad you found it useful. If you need anything else just let us know.

  365. Hi Silvi, Im good thanks hope you are too. Good to hear your site is holding ranks with this strategy, it does still work in 2019. Switching (WordPress) with a blogspot is a good idea, that will work just as well if not even better. It certainly won’t hurt your site, these buffer blogs keep everything safe.

  366. Glad I could share it, if you have any questions about the tool just let me know.

  367. Hi Karla, yes I saw KWFinder now have limited use in the free account. It’s most definitely worth giving SEMScoop a go, it’s a little slower than Long Tail Pro but gives you more metrics, and gives you the most important metrics. I will look into doing an article on how to find good keywords with examples soon, thanks for dropping by 🙂

  368. Yes it’s a good tool, give it a go and let us know what you think of it.

  369. Take a look at your content and compare to competitors, you can use Site Auditor to do it. Improve content quality. Then go ahead and get some contextual niche backlinks, quality backlinks, Take a look at your competitors links first. This will give you and idea of what is needed going forward.

  370. It is back ranking for the keywords, currently 149 for main keyword, some backlinks have been done which is why 🙂 as the backlinks keep coming in the post will hit the top.

  371. Yes Tumblrs still work is 2019, it all depends on your keyword. Take a look at your competitors links and take it from there.

  372. To see the perfect anchors to use go here. With Money Robot a lot of the sites drop, so you need to keep running campaigns to make sure the ranks stick and keep going up. The best strategy to use all very much depends on your site and keyword. Definitely build Tiers with the software, the more the better, less links on Tier 1 if the site is new or the keyword is low competition. It’s best to do Tier 1 manual if you can and then hit them with Money Robot or FCS Networker.

  373. Yes it’s a good tool 🙂

    I don’t use the Google Adwords tool anymore, I did use it when I first started out in seo.

    I will be using this tool only from this point forward, I use keywordshitter for long tail search terms to get TITLES for blog posts for backlinks and for long tail anchors.

    You are first person in the hat to win access to the tool 🙂

  374. These backlinks work really well at ranking YouTube videos. Glad you found it useful. If you need anything just let me know.

  375. Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated 🙂

  376. The keywords are in and out of the SERPs at the moment, this is natural. It did exactly the same thing for another local search term I did recently. The site ranked and then fell from the SERPs and then came back stronger, it’s what happens.

  377. Hi Wasim,

    Yes the keywords are jumping in and out of the Google SERPs at the moment. One day they are ranked, the next they are nowhere again, it’s natural at this stage. I am letting everything settle and then I will start backlinks, I have not done any yet, I will start end of this week or early next week 🙂

  378. No problem, have you used the image sites yet?

  379. Thanks for the share, it’s always good to have an alternative in case one site is down 🙂

  380. No problem glad the information could help you 🙂

  381. Get the keyword density right and use the keyword in the Heading tags and you will rank without any backlinks. Make sure the content is hand written and unique and it will index in Google right away too 🙂

  382. No problem, if you need anything let me know 🙂

  383. That’s good to hear. Find those web 2 blogs with lots of backlinks pointing to them and they will help rank your web sites.

  384. Yes the page is moving up nicely. I will let you know when it is ranked no. 1.

  385. Thank’s for the feedback Matt it is much appreciated 🙂

  386. Hi Karla, good to hear from you again.

    1. Yes the Tumblrs just point to the 5 web 2.0 blogs. The 5 web 2.0’s each link to your Google Site blog.
    2. Let the URL’s index naturally. If you find expired Tumblrs to use on Tier 2 that are already indexed then all your links will index. If you do not want to wait drop the links on sites that get crawled a lot, a good one to use is a social bookmarking site called This site usually gets the links indexed really fast. If you are indexing the links on your own money site, you can do that in a few minutes using Google and Bing webmaster tools. You add your site map and then submit url’s for indexing individually.

  387. Glad it was useful, if you need anything just let me know.

  388. No problem, there are some great way to get some free blog content online if you know where to look 🙂

  389. Great to know that you took action. These backlinks work really well at ranking YouTube videos 🙂

  390. it’s started, I won’t tell you the page until complete. It started at rank 117, then went to rank 71 and is now rank 62 today. The page was published on March 17th 2019. So in 8 days it has gone from not indexed, to indexed at rank 117 with no backlinks, just good on-page seo. The backlinks started and it is moving up the SERPs nicely. I will show you the page when complete 🙂

  391. Hi Josh, just been a bit busy but we will get to you soon 🙂 sorry for the wait.

  392. Glad you found it useful, thanks for dropping by.

  393. Ok we will take a look 🙂

  394. Yes it’s good to add in your NAP citations 🙂

  395. No problem at all, good to hear you took action and it has worked out well for you. I love hearing this stuff, really good to know I am helping you out.

  396. Hi Josh, I will reply asap 🙂

  397. That backlinks generator for YouTube videos will not hurt your video ranking, however the backlinks it generates are poor and will not help it rank. To be honest it’s not even worth getting those backlinks. The best thing you can do is to go and get video embeds as shown in this post.

  398. I mean if you are in the blogging niche then it will look natural to have your blog roll show on the front page. If you are in any ecommerce niche it looks natural to have the blog a few click inside the site. Every niche will benefit from the backlinks, there is more benefit from being on the front page yes but it’s not a big issue.

  399. You don’t need to worry about the re-direct in 2019, the rank juice will still pass 🙂

  400. Yes it will show up in the SERP for your competitors to see, you want it to show in the SERP for your keyword, the higher the web 2 sites rank for your keyword the higher your site will rank up. Your competitors can copy your links but you have a head start, your Tumblr will be aged and will have backlinks to it, while they are trying to catch up you will be getting more backlinks, your competitors will always be behind.

  401. Great to have you here, let us know how you get on when you get the backlinks in place.

  402. Thanks for the feedback Jorden, if ever there is something a client needs changing we will always do it for them until they are 100% satisfied.

  403. Yes it takes time to find decent Tumblrs and yes you can rank up without them, I really use them on Tier 2 these days for indexing purposes.

  404. Yes these packages do work even today in 2019, use them on the right keywords and you will rank top for sure.

  405. Get the links in place and let us know how it goes 🙂

  406. The content is pretty good for free, glad you found it useful.

  407. You will get a strong domain authority by spreading links across the whole domain, use internal links wisely to spread the rank juice around your site. Don’t just hit one page on your website with a load of links and ignore the rest of your site. At the start, you can link out from the homepage to your important inner pages to distribute the rank juice from all the backlinks you have pointed to the homepage. You most definitely have to send backlinks to your inner pages too, however this depends on your keywords, some inner pages will rank with internal links alone if your content is really good and the seo competition is low. Keeping the blog posts on the front page all depends on your niche, it doesn’t really matter if they roll off the front page, if you have too much going on at the homepage your load time will suffer.

  408. Hi Jasmine, definitely fire indexed Tumblr backlinks at them to index them and keep them indexed. MOZ did an update so new web 2.0 blogs show DA 1, if you fire hire PA/DA Tumblr backlinks at them their PA and DA will go up quickly. It’s nothing to worry about having a PA DA of 1, as long as you have the keyword in the sub domain name you now have a conextual backlink from a niche related site. Also, to avoid the blog getting de-indexed you can add some more content to the blogs and use internal links.

  409. A “.” anchor comes from a website embedding your image on their website from your WordPress content uploads folder. Here is an example:
    Here is a site that links to Rankers Paradise that has given us a “.” anchor by embedding an image on their website from Rankers Paradise WordPress content folder, the site page is: and you will see this image on the page: which has given us a “.” anchor. You can get this done using web 2 sites like Tumblr, simply embed images from your WordPress upload folder to the Tumblr blogs.

  410. Drop full url in there, don’t use any code. Let me know how it goes.

  411. You don’t need to use any code in the youtube description area. Just drop the full URL in there and after you publish it will link out. As far as I know nothing has changed. Let me know if this works ok 🙂

  412. No problem, glad you found it useful.

  413. Good to hear you found it useful, there are some great free tools out there if you can find them 🙂

  414. They are fairly good for free, you can pop the content into free spinners and spintax creators to get even more free content squeezed out of the articles generated 🙂

  415. Yes if you can automate parts of seo it does help save time which you can put into other areas of your site.

  416. Glad you took action, got the backlinks in place and have seen the benefits 🙂

  417. In FCS you set the project to drip feed the backlinks over so many days. Most of the time we do 60 backlinks set to drip feed over 90 days, the amount done each day over this period is randomly done by fcs and looks a little more natural this way.

  418. I prefer to use GSA content generator now over anything else on the market. The majority of my Tumblrs index using gsa content, and it generates content in pretty much any language. If you have the time it is best to hand write your tier 1 content. Tumblr don’t show now because it is heavily spammed, still good to use if you do it right, finding Tumblr that are already indexed is a good start.

  419. No problem, if you need any help let me know.

  420. Yes that’s correct 🙂

  421. Ask as many questions as you need to, I am happy to help any time. Take a look at what anchors your competitors are using, pop the top ranking site for your selected keyword into seo spyglass (free) to see their anchor text profile. Keep close to this: use mostly brand and full open url anchors. You can use generated content but it must be unique and readable to index. Most of the time I use gsa content generator, it is really good.

  422. No problem Karla. The indexed Tumblrs will help index the non indexed Tumblr because the indexed Tumblrs will backlink to the non indexed Tumblr. Google bot re-crawls indexed sites every 2 or 3 weeks or so to find new content added, so when Google bot next crawls the indexed Tumblr blogs it will find the non indexed Tumblr blogs through following the backlinks and will in most cases index them if the content is good enough.

  423. Yes guest posting is a great way to get the best backlinks possible, which are contextual and niche related 🙂

  424. Hi Moin, yes this is most definitely worth doing nowadays, this still works in 2019 if done the correct way as described in the post. It’s done for one keyword, however you can link to your site more than once in each post to rank multiple keywords if they are related.

  425. My new post is complete. You can see how to find expired Tumblrs that are indexed here. The tutorial shows you how to find expired web 2.0 blogs on any platform manually using free tools, no software used.

  426. I will do a post on it Karla this month, will be done in the next few weeks. I will let you know when it is ready 🙂

  427. Both, because many Tumblrs might already be indexed. So drip feed your backlinks for safety. If they are not indexed, then yes you can post 20 web 2 articles in a day and then drip index them.

  428. Yes you will use different URL anchors instead of brand anchors e.g and and full open url including https.

  429. Yes these backlinks are very effective at ranking youtube videos.

  430. Let them index naturally on their own, make sure the home page is indexed. My new post shows you how to find expired Tumblr blogs and any web 2.0 blogs manually that are already indexed.

  431. Let the Tumblr post pages index naturally on their own, your backlinks sit on the homepage so it doesn’t matter. As long as your homepage is indexed you are good to rank up. Most of the juice is on the homepage anyway.

    Doing 100 web 2.0 backlinks on Tier 1 depends on your keyword. It can provide good results, take a look at what your competitors are doing.

  432. Not yet Jerome, I barely have time to write new posts here on Rankers. I have it on my list of things to do, it’s getting longer and longer I can’t seem to catch up with things. I will get started as soon as I can and let you know.

  433. Link the them from Tumblrs that are already indexed 🙂

  434. That’s true, using our guest posting service works well: it’s safe for new sites too. No better backlink than a contextual one from a niche related site.

  435. Thanks, let me know if you need some help using the software.

  436. Yes you will need to modify the tumblr blogs before you load them into FCS. Yes FCS Networker can do PBN posting, it will post to self hosted wordpress blogs, of course the website must be on WordPress. Simply load the PBNs in the same as you do with your web 2.0 blogs, just select self hosted WordPress blogs option from the menu. If you need some help let me know.

  437. Hi Alvin, tumblr will use your “Post Heading” as the URL extension, so make sure you have your keywords in the Post TITLE/HEADING. FCS will sometimes give you the links with numbers in the url extension, simply paste it into your browser and you will be redirected to the real URL that has your TITLE/HEADING as the URL extension.

  438. This is great for anyone just starting out.

  439. All the same variables, someone decided to spam the post with exact match anchors.

  440. Every site will benefit from image backlinks.

  441. It works, depends on many factors including your content and the keywords, the competitors, anchors used etc. Some factors you can’t control, your competitors gaining links too. Every single project is different.

  442. No problem, your image sharing sites list is useful too 🙂

  443. you can do that too, Google docs are included in this strategy. The Google docs are used to boost your Google Sites blog, the juice flows to your site anyway and they help index your Google Sites blog. You can use them on Tier 1 and Tier 2 if you want to, it will not harm your site.

  444. Yes it’s a great tool to help improve your ranking quickly.

  445. I will run it on one of my own affiliate blogs. I run it all the time on them anyway, I just need to think about one that I am willing to share with everyone. I will start asap.

  446. Yes okay I can run for this again, it will have to be done on another blog and I will share after it is complete.

  447. yes I will run this again in private when I get time, I will do it as soon as I can 🙂

  448. Thanks for the feedback Ali, good to have you here. It’s good to have a mixed backlink profile and comments on indexed competitor videos, web 2 blogs and forum posts will not only help with your ranking but will pass traffic to your site too, just make sure you use the right anchors and you have other backlinks in place eg contextual ones from niche related blogs.

  449. Yes if you use the packages in the right way, using correct anchors etc you will rank top.

  450. Glad you found it useful, it’s good to get some no text backlinks in place like these to have a natural looking backlink profile.

  451. I use Tumblrs on Tier 2 where the homepage of each Tumblr is already indexed in Google. So when Google next crawls the Tumblr blogs your links are found and indexed. So when you find expired Tumblrs to use on Tier 2, first of all check they are indexed before you register them. You can find expired Tumblrs that are still indexed really easily.

  452. The only one you will have a problem getting indexed is Kinja. You can replace that with Weebly if you want, I didn’t include Weebly because it requires phone text varification but you can use a free online service to receive sms like this one here. That sms service works, I have tried and tested it. You will also need to use the free sms service to set up your Google account to get your blogger and Google sites backlinks.

  453. Yes it’s a nice free way to automate seo if you have a low budget.

  454. Glad you found the image sharing sites list useful, when I come across more I will add them to the list and keep it updated.

  455. Yes web 2.0 backlinks still work today in 2019. It’s best to use Brand and URL anchors most of the time now. If your target URL is optimized well for your target keyword you will hit the top.

  456. No problem, if you need any help just let me know.

  457. Yes seo does not have to be expensive, if you can spend time on keyword research discovering the easy to rank search terms you do not have to spend a lot or put in a lot of time to rank top of the SERPs.

  458. Yes, still works in 2019 really well, you have to use mainly brand anchors 🙂

  459. Go to and it will take you to (this is okay), sign up and publish your site and you will get a web 2.0 site on Some of the best web 2.0 sites you can use also include:

  460. It’s best to do everything manual on tier 1, using software the links are likely to drop and therefore you need to keep it running all the time to pick up links that have gone. You can use our link building packages to get it done, the links will stick and are high quality.

  461. você precisa manter um fluxo constante de backlinks. Para termos de pesquisa fáceis, os backlinks da web 2.0 ajudarão você a alcançar o topo. Atualmente, você precisa usar âncoras de marca apenas para classificar o topo do Google para os termos de pesquisa selecionados.

  462. Here is a list of web 2.0 blog sites that are free to use:

  463. Sure no problem, free list of web 2.0 sites:

  464. These free backlinks are still very useful for seo in 2019, if you use Brand and URL anchors you can rank top using just these backlinks right here. Google bot knows exactly what your main focus keyword is if you optimize the page correctly, so there is no need to risk using exact match anchors.

  465. If you have any questions about the free content generator just let me know. Right now there are some great options available to generate content for your web 2 blogs and pbns.

  466. Thanks for the feedback Helen, this strategy works to rank local keywords, if you don’t get movement after the first run then do it again and you will hit the top. Most local search terms are easy to rank top for so in most cases just one hit of this will work.

  467. Yes these backlinks are all free and from really high authority domains so if done right (using the correct anchors) your website will go up in the SERPs every time. Thanks for dropping by Emma. If you need anything else just let me know.

  468. Google console has removed the URL submit option, you can index your links fast using It’s a social bookmarking site (free to join) it works well at getting your backlinks indexed, also reddit is another option. A good free backlink checker tool can be found at, you can run the task daily and take note of your total backlinks to keep a check on whether you have a new backlink or not. The free tool shows dofollow and nofollow links shows anchor text used, the date the link was created and even gives you a referring URL rating…good to know if you should remove/disavow the links or not.

  469. Yes Money Robot will automate your web 2.0 backlinks, however it’s always best to do manual, automated work tend to drop in time and so you have to keep creating the links to ensure you cover the lost links. If you don’t have the time then you can buy web 2.0 backlinks in our store. Our work is all manual and will stick, we use web 2 platforms that stay in place a very long time because we put good content on them for you, so your site will rank up and stay there.

  470. Weebly and Strikingly, they stick, less likely to drop 🙂

  471. Here is a free bulk Google index checker that works The META TITLES of the Tumblrs will change in Google SERPs over time, I’m afraid you just have to wait for it to change over and re-index new data.

  472. No problem, I came off Skype, I’m on live chat every day on here 🙂

  473. Create a post on your personal reddit front page and drop your links in there, they index very fast in a few hours up to 24 hours.

  474. Glad you found what you needed here and that our link building packages have helped your business.

  475. Yes it used to be easier in index links a year back, you could submit to Google console and it would be in the SERPs in ten minutes. Now Google console URL submit has gone you need to share your URLs on sites that are indexed and get crawled a lot like social media, Google Plus is a good one to use to get them indexed. It doesn’t matter if your post pages on the Tumblrs are not indexed, as long as the homepage is indexed it’s all good, after all your link sits there too and that’s where all the juice is on the expired Tumblrs. To guaranteed your sites get indexed you need to use really good readable generated content that is unique, if you have time it’s best to hand write your content. A good workaround indexing links is to get yourself Reddit account, you can drop links to your links on them, they index really fast 🙂 To guarantee indexing of your links drop them also on Twitter and Facebook and then use this little trick: This one trick usually gets the backlinks indexed in a day, two at the most. Pop the URL into search engine submission website. The urls will drop on Yahoo and Bing fast and will then land in Google SERPs the next day. Have fun 🙂

  476. Glad you found it useful, it’s good to be able to get free content when you are just starting out in seo.

  477. Yes you need to do slightly more web 2 backlinks than you need in each campaign in case some drop.

  478. No problem, these links are great for anchor diversity and ranking first page for low seo competition keywords. They will help push ranking for harder search terms too.

  479. Yes it will help you get into Google local 3 pack. Any NAP citations and Google MAP embeds like this will help you, just make sure you keep your address and everything consistent. To get in the local pack you need backlinks too just like these, the more local citations you get the better your chance is of getting into this local section, boosting your Google reviews every now and again works well too, you can get Google reviews in our store here.

  480. it’s not essential to have the local keywords in the domain name. We rank many clients for local search terms that have branded domains, in the long run branded domains are better. People are still using exact match domains, at the end of the day it will always come down to your content and backlink strategy.

  481. Yes you need to check competitors backlinks. Then set up a niche related private blog network leaving zero footprints done over time. This is guaranteed to work if done right.

  482. Let me know how it goes. If you need any help just let me know.

  483. Yes these Google Sites index fast and because they have much authority then will rank first page quickly for long tail local search terms as shown in the post.

  484. Sample sent 🙂 Any questions just let me know.

  485. Yes you can rank top using affordable seo packages, ranking top does not have to cost a lot 🙂

  486. That’s a tough keyword, not impossible. Get the backlinks started and you are on your way 🙂 Make sure you website is optimized well.

  487. No problem.

    You can just do one page per web 2.0 site, so you will have 4 web 2 properties on Tier 1.

    Use different web 2 properties on Tier 1, you need backlinks from many different referring domains/IPs.

    Use long tail exact match anchors on the 60 High PA web 2 backlinks.

  488. I’m sure the developer of Money Robot will help you, he is a nice guy. Let me know how it goes.

  489. I have send you a sample of the Tiered link building strategy to your email, any questions let me know.

  490. If you need any help let me know 🙂

  491. 1. Yes they are safe to use.
    2. You can index links with more backlinks from sites that are already indexed. When Google bot next crawls the sites it will find and index your links. You can also drop the links on sites that are crawled often which includes social media like Google Plus and Facebook.
    3. Yes the rank juice still passes even with the redirect in place, however you can switch the Tumblr theme so that the redirect is not used. This these does not have the redirect:

    The link wheel will get your boost your position:

  492. No update available as yet, my next post is about local keyword ranking and a little trick that works so I will share everything then. It will be available soon 🙂

  493. Yes you can use Reddit to rank your video top on Google and YouTube itself. The strategy is this (and it works – we have tried it):

    1. Post a link to something in a subreddit as a text post and that will create a do follow link to whatever you’re linking to. In this case it is to your YouTube video. Create a new text submission in a subreddit of your choice. And link to the video using your preferred keyword or keywords as the anchor text.

    But you have to do it in a certain way using Markdown syntax. That would be like this reddit!

    Where “reddit!” is the anchor text you want to use and “” would be the YouTube video link you want to use.

    So it might look like this;

    You will want to wrap this around a lot of text. So just fill in the text field with as much text as you can. You don’t need to add a lot. But the more you do the better it will is.

    Then just choose a subreddit to submit it to and hit submit and you’re done!

    Now when it’s submitted you’ll have the URL for it. But there is also another URL that doesn’t show which you’ll need to get so you can index it.

    Get the main URL that shows in the address bar.

    And look to the right and you’ll see a shortened URL. Copy that in notepad or something. You’ll need to change this URL

    So for example, this submission:…/6gyniw/good_vibes_radio/ Has this short link:

    Copy and paste that below it and change it to this:

    Now you should have 3 URLS

    1:…/6gyniw/good_vibes_radio/ 2: 3:

    Now you need to index these URLS. And I will tell you about the index helper sites I use for this method.

    Go to: and write in some content. Make sure to include your main keywords as the title and paste in those URLS too. Go to: and paste in each URL at a time so that it can crawl them. Go to: and do the same here. Go to: and ping all the URLs (optional).

    And that’s it! Now check in Google for your keywords that you used.

    It should be showing quite high within about 5 minutes time as Google ranks Reddit high.

    If it doesn’t show in the top 10 results then maybe top 20 but usually definitely in the top 100 somewhere depending on the toughness of the keyword.

    And that’s basically it!


  494. No problem at all, if you need any help you can get me here 🙂

  495. Yes MOZ changed their algo so DA/PA is much lower. You can blast the blogs with gsa to boost their backlinks and DA/PA back up. You can use this service to get it done 🙂

  496. Yes Google Console submit site to SERPs has been removed, you can get links indexed doing tier 2 backlinks from blogs that are indexed using high PA web 2 links. So, when Google bot next crawls the indexed blogs your new links will be found and indexed. You can also drop the url’s on social media to get them indexed.

  497. yes you can use the same content, you can use a free tool to add spintax to your content so it reads different on all blogs. These backlinks will rank your website top on Google and Yahoo for your keyword, of course this depends on your competition, more links might be required on harder search terms.

  498. Glad you found the information useful.

  499. 1. They are mix of dofollow and nofollow links.
    2. You can use this to get it done, mention at checkout on the notes it is for Tier 2 (level 1) – wiki and profile backlinks on the tiered link building strategy.
    3. Just order one service and give all URLs to split links, use generic anchors.

    Ask as many questions as you need to 🙂

  500. No problem, hope it goes well for you.

  501. yes split the 60 links between the 11 tier 1 (level 1) pages, you can do 66 links split across the 11 sites if you want them all to have equal number of links to them, so each page will get 6 backlinks. yes split the 60 socials over the 5 pages on the tier 1 level 2 web 2.0 property. Let me know if you have any more questions, I am happy to help 🙂

  502. Thanks Karla, say the keyword you want to rank your page number one on Google for is “best epilator” then an exact match anchor would be “best epilator” and a long tail exact match anchor would be “best epilator for whole body” which is an anchor with your exact keyword in there plus some extra words.

    For the 60 High PA Web 2.0 backlinks you can use generated content but it must be readable and then optimized adding your main focus keyword to it around three times at the top, middle and bottom.

    On Tier 2 (Level One) there is 3060 backlinks done, the more the better, your buffer blogs can take the hit and it helps to index Tier 1 sites. Do just one backlink in each post.

  503. No it will not trigger over optimisation, write your content natural and try to keep keyword density below 1%.

  504. No problem, if you need any help just let me know 🙂

  505. Yes split the article backlinks across each page of tier 1 level 2. So each page will get around 200 backlinks. Split the 2000 bookmarks between the 60 web 2.0 backlinks, so each site will get between 30 to 35 backlinks.

  506. Thanks for the review Leo. Your site will continue to rise 🙂 if you need anything going forward just let us know.

  507. Correct, and with quality content comes natural backlinks 🙂

  508. Hi Priscilla,

    1. All Tier 2 (level 2) are sent to Tier 1 (level 2)

    2. All Tier 3 links are sent to Tier 2 (level 1) only. Send all backlinks to the post page on the 60 high PA Web 2.0 backlinks.

  509. Yes these backlinks are safe, work well on the right keywords and best of all are free 🙂

  510. The strategy works and my ranking have stuck using it, if you have suffered a rank drop it is probably because you use too many exact match anchors, replace exact match anchors with TITLE TAG anchors now. Go ahead and do more backlinks to diversify your anchor ratio and your rank will bounce back for sure.

  511. Reply