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Thanks for sharing this info and keep it up! I have tried the free option and now FCS Networker is gone it’s the only option.

No problem at all, Rankwyz is the only decent Web 2.0 backlinks builder now that FCS Networker has gone.

thanks for this awesome article.

for this method and all other methods you told in your various posts where we are creating new or expired web 2.0 properties do we need to use separate google search console account for indexing of every web 2.0 property along with different email and different ip addresses ?

Don’t use Google Console to index the links, simply register expired web 2’s that are already indexed πŸ™‚ for new web 2’s drop the URL’s on Facebook and Twitter and other social media platforms and they will index when the search bots next crawl the sites.

Thanks for sharing, just what I needed for free. This is very helpful with us, we needed to automate some tasks for backlinks and this is just perfect.

Yes it’s a good way to get started for free, if you are working on a small budget maybe just starting out in seo then this free way to get started will help you out.

Thanks for sharing, just what I needed for free. This is very helpful for people starting out in seo and are running on a tight budget. Love your blog πŸ™‚

Good to know I have helped you in some way. SEO does not have to be expensive, you can get results working yourself, the only down side is that it is very time consuming and a lot of patience is required.

Hi Nick,
I would like to ask two questions:
(1) I am interested in FCS, but its “contact us” is not working. This makes me hesitated.
(2) Do you know the name of the software that create the tarpon links on this website
My daughter keeps asking me, just don’t want to make her disappointed.
Thank you!
Best Regards,
Winnie Chan

Hi Winnie,
1. FCS is working, however their customer support is not good at all so it doesn’t surprise me that their contact us form isn’t working.
2. Yes those links are done using Money Robot software, they do have a high drop rate. You can read more about it here:

Thanks, great article it helps me be 10x productive !

Yes if you can automate parts of seo it does help save time which you can put into other areas of your site.

Wow really work this tool I am very happy. My page rank 1 page on google search taxi service in Aligarh. First page show my page 99 city Cabs

Yes it’s a great tool to help improve your ranking quickly.

A useful piece of information.

Yes it’s a nice free way to automate seo if you have a low budget.

Wow very interesting software, I usually do direct marketing with Reddit promotion and Buy Reddit Accounts and upvotes from :

Yes you can get some good traffic from Reddit if you do the right promotion. Thanks for sharing.

I have tried rankwyz 2 times but both of the time i did not see worth. Its complicated dashboard plus all the domains are not that powerful which can rank you. This is what i felt but i may be wrong. If anyone have success please share…

Rankwyz has a very complicated interface, without doubt you need to take a look at fcs networker. Take a look at my fcs networker tutorial here, so much easier to use than Rankwyz and it’s affordable too. Let me know if you need to know anything else.

thank you for the great links

No problem.

very useful for me thank you

Let me know how you get on πŸ™‚

First of all thanks a lot for sharing this tutorial which is very helpfully.
The problem I have is with setting up RankWyz.
Since this tutorial was created RankWyz have updated the interface. I tried may times to make it work but I cannot.
Do you think you can update this tutorial or have a good link to one.
The problem I am hiving is in the submission I think because I did all the rest.
Thanks again.


Hi Andrew, yes I noticed Rankwyz had updated their interface. I use FCS Networker now, it is so much easier to, believe me.

This is sick Nick, thanks so much for the method!!

No problem Judocruise….saves time and it’s free πŸ™‚

I hope this doesn’t come off as too much a novice concern, however I ‘d enjoy to understand how you to the point of having such a grasp on the digital marketing market. With so much details on the subject, I am having a tough time understanding what to believe and exactly what not to believe. Any ideas?

What do you want to know? I will try and clear it up for you if I can….

Yukiko. Everything Nick tells you here is spot on and tested, I can confirm that. This is the only place you will get honest help and no bs, I’ve tried them all, Nick is currently the only guy that tells you everything you need to know about ranking, so just follow him and ignore the rest of the mugs.

Thanks Steve….that is spot on….I only share tried and tested methods that work. I use them myself, I prove that they work too….many others don’t put their money where their mouth is. I should pay you for that comment LOL

Hi Nick,

I’ve a question, how do you index your tumblr post using google add url? Using one account to submit your 10 tumblr at once? or using separate google account?


I do use Google “add url” to index my Tumblr backlinks. I don’t use just 1 account, I have about 10 accounts. I submit a max of three URLs per account per day.

So The differrent of Kontent Machine and is quick or slow and the price. is create content manually and I must select each sentence by myself so result of article more readable then Kontent Machine. Resource content both software using article directory and web. Its TRUE? So which its better?

In the article you are optimizing 5 keyword with 5 different websites. How to optimize keyword 3 in 1 website. I am confused. whether using a guide from your article that this better using this SEO Guide better follow this SEO Guide Can you describe so I am not confused anymore. Sorry, for mmany question because I am beginner of SEO. Your articles very useful for me. How many more words in the article to 1 keyword in order to rank the top 1-3 google search engine?

That’s correct. Kontent Machine will cost you a whole lot more, however it will be a lot faster. SmartArticleGenerator is cheap but takes a little time to build up the articles…however you do end up with a decent article at the end…and it’s a small one off payment unlike Kontent Machine. Yes you select sentences from a scraped list with Smart Article Generator, the result will be a highly readable article, slightly better than Kontent Machine in most cases. Both scrape content from the web and article directories, I would say Kontent Machine is better however it is a lot more expensive. Is it worth the extra spend? This all depends if you are going to use all the other features that come with it, if you simply want some software to create content for you then Smart Article Generator is the way to go.

Your ranking schedule all depends on which route you want to go down and the age of your site. My do it yourself seo guide is aimed at established sites. If you are starting from scratch I recommend using the strategy outlined on my web 2.0 backlinks post…which is the same tactic I used outlined on my 5 keywords 5 top rankings post.

So use my web 2.0 backlinks ranking schedule. To rank top in Google search the top ranking sites have posts on average around 2000 words in length.

Ask as many questions as you like, I am happy to help πŸ™‚

Hi Nick,

I glad you reply my question quickly. Your article very useful to me. Before I think SEO is very difficult and need expensive budget. But your article giving me new thinking and inspiration to me, so I wanna start optimizing with SEO for my websites. Thank You Nick

I wanna asking again to you Nick. Sorry I asking you many question nick.
My website age is almost 9 month. But I create content 3 months ago. You said before to start SEO with this guide Web 2.0 Backlinks Ranking Strategy. Can I using web 2 backlink each article my website at same time like your schedule? Can I get penalty If I doing social signal and web 2 to each my article? I have 10 articles in my website. But My articles only have more 500 words. You suggest better article with 2000 words. I will increase my article to be 2000 words. How many LSI keyword using If I using 2000 words? Where I can get my LSI Keywords related with my keywords? Can I create content with Kontent Machine or Smartarticlegenerator to this web 2 backlink ranking strategy? In article you only said you create article by yourself to your web.2 backlink.

You giving many suggest to order PBN, which better service doing PBN? Can tumblr and weebly use to more 1 article in same web.2? If I create posting in web.2 backlink, Its need different IP to posting my article in web.2?

In other article you said IP Class. What its means? I still confuse about IP Class and Foot print? You said too build high quality backlink with high PA and DA and no footprint. Whats its means about footprint? Please explanation to me more about Ip class and footprint.

I am happy with your suggest and your blog.

Thank You Nick. (^_^)

I have explained all in the email I have sent you πŸ™‚

Thank you so much nick for your answer. Your blog very helping me to doing SEO again. I am really glad with your blog. I will doing your suggestion to my SEO project.

I asking to you a little question again to your email.

I am not confused again πŸ™‚

No problem, I will take a look at your email now. Ask as many questions as you like, I don’t mind at all.

Hi Nick

Your article very useful to me. But I am confused, Its good to doing PBN with content machine or wordai content? What better between wordai and content machine to result unique content on PBN and web 2? its content can become unique and readable on web2 or PBN? I want knowing more about automated backlink.

I know that Kontent Machine is one of the best out there, it selects articles from article directories for you to spin and re-use. Wordai is the best spinner out there, I myself don’t find the need for it. I have just started using which is pretty good. This one is the cheapest out there and there is no re-occuring fees, just a one time small fee. What it does is pull in content from the net using article directories and site, you then select lines to put into your content creating a completely new article. There is a good spinner included in the software too. I will do a post on this soon πŸ™‚ I have created readable content of good quality for my web 2 sites using smartarticlegenerator, I highly rate it for the price.

Thank of your reply nick. I glad you suggest me best article generator. Does use an article for spin or rewrite or not? does produce unique articles, highly quality and readable and copyscape pass? I asked the support of KontentMachine, he said that the article is a little readable if the article is truly unique. Whether can produce articles that are unique and readable for all keyword? Its has no effect to be good or bad against to rank my keyword if you use articles like this for the web 2 and PBN? I am really new to the SEO. I need your advice.

You build your own article in using scraped content that it presents you, it pretty good actually. Then you can spin it to make a completely unique and readable article. The articles I creat do pass copyscape yes. The content you put together for your web 2.0 sites is important, it needs to be unique for it to index in Google. If Google does not know that your backlinks exist then there is no point in creating them in the first place. So it is very important to make sure that you write or generate content that will index.

Thank of your reply nick. which is the better Content Machine, Article Builder or Smart Article Generator to produce unique articles and readeable and copyscape pass? I asked the support of KontentMachine, he said that the article is a little readable if the article is truly unique. Does use an article for spin or rewrite or not? is a little different. It scrapes sentences from the web in one window, you select a sentence and it puts it into another window, you build up an article that way. It takes a little but more time but at least you end up with a readable article. Then I use their in built spinner to make it completely unique, it’s not bad for the price. It’s not as quick as Kontent Machine, but at east it’s cheaper and you end up with a pretty decent article at the end of it. I will do a post on it soon πŸ™‚

Another great post, Nick.

Automated software is definitely useful for some applications. You do have to be careful with it, though. I’ve used several in the past and they almost all have issues from time to time.

Sometimes they’ll double post content, glitch and not post your URL / anchor text correctly, or not even post to your property at all. Even though it’s “automated” you have to keep a sharp eye on it to make sure the software is running properly or you’ll miss out on links.

It’s definitely useful for hammering out backlinks like web 2.0s, though. Personally, I don’t bother with much software these days.

As far as Kontent Machine goes – I’ve never used it, but I have read good things about it. From what I understand services such as Article Builder are better, though. Haven’t used that either, just going off what I’ve read / heard from others.

Regardless of whether you do it manually or using software – just get out there and get it done. That’s what really matters – taking action.

Yeah there are a few problems with auto post software, however the time saving aspect makes them worth using. If you have the time, manual link building is the way to go. Kontent Machine is pretty good and it speeds up the whole process, it’s not required though, so people just starting out do not need to buy it. Too true about taking action, it’s the only way to make things happen in this game….it’s no good waiting for the links to come to you.

By using your google webmaster tool account to submit url to google for web 2.0s and PBNs, is there a risk that google will put the pieces together that you’re using these PBNs for your money site?

Possibly, but that’s the risk. I like to get my links indexed right away and this is the best way to do that.

Think about this: how can Google determine if you have found a piece of content that you think is good and should be in their index that it is anything to do with your web site. There is no way of knowing that you wrote the content on that site, there is no way to determine that you created that content for a backlink to your money site.

I mean if you submit loads of URLs with links to your money site it is definitely a footprint, just make sure you add fairly decent content on the web 2.0 sites with backlinks out to other authority sites in your niche….try to cover it up as best you can.

You can wait for Google to find your links naturally, but this takes way too much time. Pinging is not that effective either.

It works for me, if it stops working I will be the first to tell people about it. It’s a small risk I am willing to take.

There may be some risk in it, but, honestly, I feel like it is very minimal. This is an automated system, after all. I seriously doubt they have anyone going through 1000s of submitted URLs manually, reading the link, following all of the links posted, and connecting dots back to your site.

I think people give Google more credit than they deserve. They’re good at what they do, but they aren’t an omnipotent force that’s able to detect every little thing that millions of websites on the Internet are doing.

They can tweak their algorithm to pick up certain things but, in the end, if you’re creating links that look like something a natural website or blog would post – it’s going to be very, very hard for Google to hone in on you.

That’s true, there is a small risk but it is worth it. If you build the backlinks right, leaving minimal footprints, it is unlikely you will be found out. I just couldn’t sit and wait for the backlinks to come to me anymore, many wait and fail. If you build them in a smart way you are going to be okay for the long term πŸ™‚

Yeah and idk if you’ve noticed this or not but web 2.0 based backlinks are extremely hard to get indexed naturally these days. It can literally take months and that’s just absurd.

Some of the keywords I target are for seasonal / time-sensitive phrases so having to wait too long just isn’t possible. Even with evergreen keywords you don’t want to wait 5-6 months to even notice a bump in rankings. We’re trying to make bank here. Having to wait 3 months for a #1-#3 slot is bad enough lol

Too true, I don’t have the time to wait for them to index naturally. I agree, waiting 3 months is bad enough…if you hit the right keywords it’s definitely worth the wait.

Hey Nick. You once again rocked with these post. I really like they way you have presented your seo techniques in all your posts.

All of your posts are really helpful for me and many others who are just starting their online journey with a small budget. I have read and followed many blogs and every seo guru tells you that you need thausands of dollar to rank which is total BS.

You have proved them wrong and have shown a easy and cheapest way to rank and bank with your techniques and recommended Do It Yourself guide and Outsourced services providers list on seoclerk. Once again thanks a lot for your support in the emails and keep sharing such amazing knowledge with us. You Rock Bro

Best of luck in all your current and future business ventures.

Thanks Tejas. You definitely do not need thousands to rank a web site, you just need a little patience and time. I will keep pumping out the content for sure, it’s great to have you here. Good luck to you too, if you need any help just drop me an email…always happy to help πŸ™‚

Keep coming back to drop a comment or two and to let me know how you are getting on….

Love it Nick.

Thanks for sharing.

No problem, glad you enjoyed it. Get those backlinks working on auto pilot πŸ™‚

Nick, so when you mean URL anchor texts, you mean all these variations? Sorry for this silly question, but I want to make sure.

Also, I use RankSignal and found the backlinks of Tumblr in your example are removed. Is that mean normally your metrics to look at are PA and referring domains from Majestic?

Yeah that’s correct, use all those as your anchor text.

It just means that I needed to register 10 expired Tumblr for this tutorial and did not have time to check the backlinks LOL. You really do need Tumblr blogs with backlinks pointing to them. The backlinks are what is important here, these are going to pass on the ranking juice and improve your ranking.

Are those accounts not going to be banned very soon when registering them with only one email?

It’s possible, we will wait and see. I have just started to use Rankwyz so we will see how it goes. I only registered 10 under one email because it made it faster to load the expired Tumblr blogs into Rankwyz, you can register them under different email addresses and load them into Rankwyz one by one if you want to. I wanted to try 10 to see what happens. If I don’t test I will never know πŸ™‚

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