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Totally agree with comments, the sites do not hang around long enough to hit the Google index, a complete waste of time.

In most cases the web 2 sites drop in a day or so, doesn’t give them time to index, let alone improve your websites ranking. Go manual, put in the extra work and it will pay off.

I agree with what you say Nick, I have used Money Robot for a month now and every single web 2.0 site drops. Some of the sites disappear after one day, some last a week max.

That’s correct, the sites do not last a long time. This means you need to keep running the software to ensure your rankings stick. It’s so much easier to create web 2.0 sites manually, they stick and the rankings stick.

Does this backlink software work for casino and gambling websites?

It will build backlinks to casino and gambling websites, however, the results in ranking depend on your keywords and the competition. For absolute best results go with PBN links like these:

This software did not help my website and I find it too expensive too.

It’s possible that you did not index the links or the links dropped. It’s best practice to do the web 2.0 sites manually so that they do not drop, they index and most importantly help your website rank higher.

WOW just what I was searching for, I needed a way to automate my web 2.0 backlinks with FCS Networker not working any more.

Money Robot will automate your web 2.0 backlinks, it’s a shame FCS Networker has gone down but at the end of the day, manual web 2.0 creation is always best although is time-consuming.

We have been looking for software to build backlinks for us and found your post on Money Robot, we think it’s expensive for what it is. Do you have any alternative for less money?

I only recommend using software on Tier 2 and above, try to do all tier 1 links manual. The best backlinks you can get will be niche related and contextual, you can get these with PBN’s or guest posting.

This software is okay, I gave it a try and think it’s a bit expensive. My rankings went up using the software and then they dropped and could not work out why that was. I came here and noticed on the comments you say the web 2 blogs and the backlinks get removed, so I checked and pretty much all of the links the software had created had disappeared. I now go with what Nick says, do it manually, it’s better in the long term.

That’s correct Mixxie, if you add decent content to the web 2.0 blogs and set everything up manually then they will last years and years. If they are generated with the software they will drop in weeks, you will get a quick rank up and then it will drop down again.

Money Robot links always drop, it’s good yet I have to keep it running all the time to replace the dropped web 2’s. Like you say, it’s best to do them manually. In the long run, it saves time, the software is not any good for SEO anymore.

Yes, all automated links on web 2.0 platforms drop eventually, if you do them manually with fairly decent content on them they will stand the test of time, will index and improve your rankings. It’s time-consuming doing them manually, but in the long term, it saves time.

Money Robot is okay, it builds the links fast but when I check on them a few later all have been removed so I have to keep replacing them, how can I get round this?

No way round it when using software, the only way to ensure they stick is to build them manually.

I have used Money Robot and it’s not the best backlink software you can get, I agree with what Nick says about the web 2 sites dropping all the time. I have decided to do manual work going forward.

Hi Barry, that’s correct the links drop, so you need to software running all the time to replace the dropped links, if they even index anyway that is. The links are a waste of time if the search engines do not know that they exist. Manual web 2 creation is the best way, they index if the content is good and they will not drop.

i wish i have read comments 1st before reading this long article.

i noticed your said in a comment that this software or any other link building software is not good for Tier 1 Web 2.0 setup.

is this or if you may recommend any other link building software to use firing social signals/wiki submission/contextual article link building for Tier1 ?

The software can be used on Tier 1 however the Web 2’s will drop so you need to keep running the software over and over on the same project. The best way for web 2’s is manual, this way they will stick and will index. The best for web 2’s is FCS Networker, however the site goes down often and the customer support is terrible so I don’t recommend that either. If you can and you have time set everything up manual or order a service for it that do it manual, it’s worth it in the long term. I recommend Tumbling Jazz for posting to Tumblr.

What is the best backlink software right now?

Best to do everything manual then the links don’t drop 🙂 if you don’t have the time our web 2 link building is all manual and they stick.

Money Robot is okay, I say that because the price is high for what it is.

Yes it’s a lot of money for people starting out, a lot of the blogs/backlinks drop too so you have to keep running campaigns which can be time consuming. In the end it’s always better to go manual with web 2 backlink building.

The backlinks disappear after a few days, glad I only used the trial version.

Yes that’s correct, the only way to ensure the links stick is to do them manually yourself or by using one of our web 2 services in our store like this:

The Money Robot software builds links easy, then a week later all the links have dropped. I have to keep running it for each post to keep things moving and it’s very time consuming.

Yes they use a lot of sites that get suspended, it happens when you use software I am afraid. When you buy web 2 backlinks from our store the sites stick, we use good content and all is done manual. You only get what you pay for, if you buy cheap web 2.0 backlinks it’s guaranteed the seller is using software like Money Robot and they will drop, so it’s a waste of time. We hand write content and do everything manual on this service: if you can’t afford do it yourself manually following my guide here:

Can you tell us more about this? I’d love to find out some additional information. Does it help with ranking sites still in 2019?

The web 2 sites drop when done with software like this, so you have to keep on top of it and keep running the software over and over for the same page. I find it better in the long term to do the web 2 links manual. The web 2 services in our store are still working well in 2019, like this one

Hi Nick.
Thanks for awesome article.
Is it important that how set our anchor in money robot?
can you tell us what is the best strategy that we can use with MR?

Are the Tumblr’s account work in 2019 with MR? (or expired accounts)

Yes Tumblrs still work is 2019, it all depends on your keyword. Take a look at your competitors links and take it from there.

To see the perfect anchors to use go here. With Money Robot a lot of the sites drop, so you need to keep running campaigns to make sure the ranks stick and keep going up. The best strategy to use all very much depends on your site and keyword. Definitely build Tiers with the software, the more the better, less links on Tier 1 if the site is new or the keyword is low competition. It’s best to do Tier 1 manual if you can and then hit them with Money Robot or FCS Networker.

Waow man its really awesome article.

Thanks, let me know if you need some help using the software.

Would you say that this is the best backlink building software?

It’s best to do everything manual on tier 1, using software the links are likely to drop and therefore you need to keep it running all the time to pick up links that have gone. You can use our link building packages to get it done, the links will stick and are high quality.

I need a way to automate my web 2 backlinks, I don’t have time to do manual. Will this software do the job?

Yes Money Robot will automate your web 2.0 backlinks, however it’s always best to do manual, automated work tend to drop in time and so you have to keep creating the links to ensure you cover the lost links. If you don’t have the time then you can buy web 2.0 backlinks in our store. Our work is all manual and will stick, we use web 2 platforms that stay in place a very long time because we put good content on them for you, so your site will rank up and stay there.

Money Robot is pretty good, creates web 2.0 backlinks fast but when I do a big campaign about 15 to 20 percent drop. So is Money Robot worth the money? Yes, it saves me lots of time.
Thank you!

Yes you need to do slightly more web 2 backlinks than you need in each campaign in case some drop.

I installed money robot software as a trial to test how it works. and within a minutes my system got hacked by “GANDCRAB 5.0 4” encrypted my all files in all drive. they demanded $500. I pay but they didn’t send me decryption software. now they are demanding $2000. I am not sure what to do. I reported in the cyber cell, maybe someone helps me, please.

I’m sure the developer of Money Robot will help you, he is a nice guy. Let me know how it goes.

Quality posts is the key to invite the users to visit the web site,
that’s what this web site is providing.

Correct, and with quality content comes natural backlinks 🙂

Hey Nick,
First of all really a great article and in-depth.

But I am little curious about money robot. Do money robot still works?

Waiting for your reply buddy.


This really does boil down to how you use the software. Quite a lot of the blogs get suspended after a few days, however it can build a lot of backlinks fast so the ones that drop dont really matter, you get ones that do stick and will index. Your best option if I am being 100% honest is to do everything manual where web 2s are concerned, if you don’t have the time to do it yourself you can buy it from our store and we will get you blogs that will not get suspended and will index….this is certainly the key to long term ranking. Our 5 site and 20 site web 2.0 blog set up services and the most popular. Our 5 site one is here, our 20 site one is here. If you need any more details just let me know.

Great post, Nick and very useful new tool for my campaigns. Appreciated!

No problem at all, let us know how you get on with your campaigns and if you achieve any top ranks with them.

Hi Nick! Thanks for the article.
What happened after month 2? I cannot find any updates.

Hi Jack, I will update soon 🙂

Thanks for sharing it changes the way how i write article

No problem, glad I can help 🙂

i need some robot that i can send spam comment in : فروش سرور HP

does any body help me?

Do you have scrapebox?

Hi nick,
Thanks for your complete review here. Im not a writer, im not a good translator, i dont have any spin tool articles and MR has only limited languages. Can you help me to get the best way if i buy this software?

Hi puguhelka, the best option is seo content machine and or GSA…..that way you can get content in any language you need. I use seo content machine along side fcs networker.

I will use it. But confused for google count it Black Hat SEO ?

Any backlink you create yourself is blackhat seo, you are not supposed to do it. You can sit and wait for backlinks to come and not get anywhere, or you can make it happen yourself. If you use the software carefully and do not build too many links all in one go you will be safe.

Hi Nick,

I am trying MR 7 days free trial.

When I click on Create Campaign, It gives message : Function “Link Tiers ” is disabled in trial mode.

So I am not able to start campaign though its free trial. Any solution?

Email here: and they will sort it for you 🙂

You can only do Tier 1 backlinks in trial mode…if you contact them it is likely that they will upgrade your trial for a week if you say you need to see how the tiered link building works before you order.

thank you

No problem, good to have you here 🙂

hi nick very good product and tutorials i am going to buy MR, HMV VPN for 12 months, for 10 bucks.

i have some doubts

1. you saying run this campaign four to six times (once you completed this diagram T1 T2 T3) how many days you took for next 2 campaign and 3, 4, 5, 6 campaigns

2. when you completed T1 Back links How much time you take for T2 back links and T3

3. can i close the MR software running the campaign

4. in your post i didn’t understand. i think you explaining about the diagram strength i am a right ?

This is what you have to choose from:

3 low competition seo strategies
3 medium competition seo strategies
3 high competition seo startegies

5. In T1 back links “Social Like and Shares….” set up. In the right side box you entered any text or it will come default

6. I have high end system can I put the 5 Threads to 10 threads

7. If I enter premium Captcha settings the auto indexer will be automatically disable or I want to disable manually?

1. You can start the campaigns straight after each other, the thing that matters the most is when you index the backlinks. Make sure you index the links slowly, 3 a day is okay. You can have all the campaigns complete, your ranking will not improve until the URLs are indexed in Google search.

2. This depends on which seo diagram you choose, Tier 2 and Tier 3 backlinks are built into the campaign and will be done on autopilot. The 3 tier seo diagram that I used in the tutorial took about 15 hours to complete, it can be done faster if you load up more proxies and have a good internet connection and have the captcha service.

3. Yes you can close the MR software when the campaign is running, when you open up again the campaign will start where it left off.

4. That’s correct, those seo diagrams are for low, medium and high seo competition scores. You can add more seo diagrams into the software, those are the ones that come built in.

5. That’s done to tell the software which social signals you want it to get to your money site.

6. Yeah sure, if you have a high end system it will cope with 10 threads no problem.

7. Just leave the auto indexer, it’s unlikely it will index any of the backlinks anyway…you need to index the backlinks yourself using Google Console.

Remember to make sure you use the correct anchor text ratio when pumping so many backlinks to your money site 🙂

Thank you nick i purchased the MR now i am practicing the MR.
i have one more question ?

when we creating the campaign that time we giving the ranking URL (http:\\\keyword) after that when we editing the Tier 1 Web 2.0 blog tasks in that insert box witch URL we have to give that place (http:\\\keyword) or ranking website URL (http:\\

Depends which page you want to rank up: I used my

If i add like this in T1 we getting two money sites links. there is any problem ?

Ah yes, sorry, I left that blank…that way you only get one backlink per post to your money site.

hi nick what is the this month ranking update ?

Ahhh…sorry missed that one with Christmas….completely forgot…I will do the update now 🙂

All done 🙂

Thank you nick

How to create a PA30+ blog post on one of the main blog platforms using this software? How to create TF20+ with it? Is there a formula for that or a SEO diagram that will take a new blog to a PA30+ TF20+ in x amount of days/months?

Also is there a way to bulk register expired blogs from a list? I have a huge list of high PA expired blogs but it just takes so much time to register them and make 5 posts to them.

You will not achieve that in days, you are better off looking for expired web 2.0 blogs with these metrics and loading them into it. There is no way to bulk register expired web 2 blogs, the easy way is to pay someone to do it for you. You can autopost to them using Rankwyz, take a look at my post here to learn how to do so.

Hey Nick,

I decided to follow in your footsteps and give this product a try and I want to thank you, because without your step by step instructions, I wouldn’t have given it a whirl. However if you could clarify one portion for me, I would appreciate it. In your post you said, “Only index Tier 1 backlinks using Google Console.” Could you please explain to a novice how one would go about doing this? It is missing from your guide and I’m not sure if this is common knowledge or what. I tried googling. Thanks again for your guide. Sincerely John.

Hi John, glad you took the jump and got the software, it’s great for pumping out backlinks and pushing ranks…super easy to use too. It’s all explained on my web 2.0 backlinks posts, go to the “get your backlinks indexed” heading and follow the instructions.

Hi Nick,

Have you tried FCS Networker? It looks similar to Money robot and much cheaper. Do you have any experience with it?


I haven’t used FCS Networker, only heard of it. I will give it a trial for a few months and see how it goes…when I get some spare time to do so 🙂

Hi Nick Sir .
Looking forward to some powerful senuke campaign tutorial just like you have done money robot . If possible , please do some powerful multi tier link building campaign tutorial for senuke tng with free built in stuffs like free article creator , its free proxies etc

I will do that when I get some free time to do so…..

Hi Nick,

Looking forward to some good YouTube video ranking strategy. Thanks for sharing !

I will do that as soon as I get some free time 🙂

thanks for this tutorial. i will wait patiently for the senuke tutorial if you are still going to do one : ) I pray that you do, so i will know which one to go with.

I have not seen this particular post but i know it was an issue and senuke recently updated the software. since you have this one though i will do the free trial and if you make the senuke tutorial i will decide on which one to use. But wow that is really expensive.

🙂 Let me know what you think of the software after you have had a go with the free trial… is rather expensive….but well worth the money if used on the right keywords.

Money Robot software is a great tool , it is simple to use and really powerful , but I want to mention that they are more techniques that can be used, and once you find the best techniques you can rank any niche keywords, basically there is no limit.

Yeah it’s awesome….pumping out hundreds of Web 2’s, which are reusable, which saves time next time around. I have already seen some big jumps on all keywords that I have used it on. People think it is expensive, however it is a game changer….pick the right niche and you can make your money back ten fold. I will set up a Money Robot section in the Forum where people can share other techniques….I am very interested to know what else the software can do and what the most effective seo diagrams are. If you only get one piece of software it has to be this one, the in-built article builder makes it worth the money alone.

I had an extensive google search on this software before and I couldn’t find any real life success stories from someone using it. I found reviews but they looked like affiliate links. Some of the forum posts on blackhat world were 50/50. Some good, some bad. But, I seem to notice that people only write so much then don’t ever report back their successes. Maybe they got rich quick and then don’t need to log into any forums ever again as they have retired, maybe.

I haven’t been using the software very long and have seen some big jumps in the SERPs for certain keywords. It is a great piece of software, easy to use and will certainly pump your site up the SERPs if used on the right keywords.


Nice article as always.

Does this software supports other languages?

Sure does 🙂

Money Robot does support other languages

You can set the Money Robot article builder to work in:


Let me know what you think of it if you purchase a copy.

Hi Nick,

Which tool you prefer GSA, Sinuke, Magic Submitter or Money Robot and reason? Thanks

All are great for different reasons. I love Money Robot because it is easy to use. The fact that you can load in existing Web 2.0 accounts and publish to them fast is great…the Money Robot indexing service (free) is very effective too….certainly saves me loads of time. The web 2.0 backlink strategy is very effective, this software gives it a supercharge. You can use your high page authority Weebly and Tumblr blogs on Tier 1 and give them a power up with niche relevant backlinks from new web 2.0 sites on Tier 2 and 3.

Hi Nick,

Have you had any web page success with this particular software?


Not yet, I have not been using it long enough. I have had much success with manual web 2.0 backlinks…the software is going to make the whole process so much easier. The in-built content creator is awesome….with the click of a button you have a fully spun article ready to be uploaded to each and every web 2.0 site….the content is spun each time to create a new and unique and most importantly indexable article on each site….if you are ranking many affiliate sites at the same time you are going to have to use some software at some point, unless you are using seo clerk gigs of course. Considering how much Kontent Machine costs this is an awesome price…definitely worth the money so far.

Hi Nick Sir !
First of all many thanks for another great post .
Sir I want to ask that when we start the Campaign which you have stated , in how many hours or day will it be completed , and till its completion , do we have to continuously switch on our laptop or we can hibernate our laptop in between the Campaign and the campaign will be paused ?

It all depends on the seo diagram you choose for your campaign as to how long it will take to run. The campaign I chose in the tutorial took about 15 hours to complete (I was scrapping for expired web 2s at the same time, which will have slowed down the progress), but that had three Tiers and many new web 2.0 accounts to create….if you want to upload to existing accounts it will take 70% less time. A low competition seo diagram campaign can be done in a few hours, faster if you use existing web 2.0 accounts. You can hibernate your laptop, the campaign will not pause.

Nick. Thanks for the detailed awesome guide !

One question.

Does the software return the subdomain url?
As in “” instead of the individual post url “”.

I like to build backlinks to the web2.0 subdomains to make them stronger.

I was using rankerx and didnt like that they dont return the main subdomain url.

It was tedious to navigate all the different web2.0 !

No problem.

Money Robot Web 2.0 Sites

If you click on the “My Accounts” tab you can get the Web 2.0 subdomain URL (the homepage) including the login details….username….password and email address.

If you click on the “URLs” tab you can get the post URL too. So you can get both. This software is very easy to use, not tedious at all to navigate around.

Looks like a solid piece of software. $67/mo is a bit expensive, but most of the programs that are able to do all of this (Magic Submitter, Ranker X, SEOnuke, etc) all cost the same or significantly more.

The free proxies is great. And captcha services can get expensive, but only if you go crazy and build 1000s of links in a short amount of time.

I may try Money Robot out in the future. Looks like a good way to cut down time which is something I need since I’m trying to rank multiple pages at a time.

Yeah it is a bit expensive for people just starting out…the cost is certainly in line with most other seo software out there. You can get a one time fee lifetime licence for $497….don’t have to pay monthly. You can return that money in a month if you know what you are doing.

The built in proxies worked just as well as my dedicated proxies. You can definitely use the software without the Captcha service, per every 77 web 2.0 backlinks built I think I only had to do about 10 Captcha’s…if that…..

There is a no credit card required free 7 day trial available….take it for a test drive and let us know what you think of it. It will certainly save you time, the article builder is worth the money alone considering the price of Kontent Machine.

As per screenshot of kwfinder it has over 7000 links so how will you beat it. Moreover, it has also great PA and DA.

Take a look at the content on each of the top ranking sites, it’s not very impressive. Doesn’t matter how many backlinks the site has if it has poor content. Google wants the best content ranking in position no. 1. Money Robot will build the backlinks and the bounce rate will work it’s magic and see this page hits the top spot for the selected keyword.

Thanks Nick,

I am regularly following your blog. Please also share YouTube video ranking strategy and earning $100 per month. Thanks

Will do…..I will do a YouTube video ranking strategy soon 🙂

Hi Nick,

Great post. I think tool is good but very costly.

I am also looking for video ranking strategy. Thanks

I agree, it is a bit pricey. The good news is that if you can’t afford the software SEO CLERKS gigs have you covered.

I know it’s expensive but if you use it wisely you can see a good return on your investment.

This SEO CLERK gig will get you YouTube video embeds and backlinks using Money Robot software to rank high in Google search.

This seo clerk gig will get you a full campaign using Money Robot.

Also this gig will get you an all in one seo package using Money Robot link builder software.

So sad that I just came to your post this year whereas I have used money robot for a year now. Thank you for the suggestion. There are so many things that I don’t know yet from money robot.

Money Robot is great for ranking website with web 2 backlinks, it’s the complete software and works on all seo competition score keywords if you know what you are doing.

Hey nick, nyc article can we see any updates on the website that you were trying to rank

No update available as yet, my next post is about local keyword ranking and a little trick that works so I will share everything then. It will be available soon 🙂

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