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will it work for all the niches or some and the site should be already ranked or any website??

These backlinks will work for any website, it all depends on your keywords.

The site does not need to be in the Google index.

Thanks for great info, Nick I want to ask some question regarding SEO of Amazon Product.
How to rank Amazon product for a particular keyword at no. 1 position on Amazon website.
How does Amazon SEO algorithm works?

That’s a very good question Bonny. As more people search for products to buy on Amazon over Google it’s important to know. Amazon search pulls products that are most relevant to the customers search query first, then they can filter their search by customer reviews, newest arrivals etc. Amazon want to show the products at the top which the searcher is most likely to buy. So you can forget about backlinks to rank top of Amazon search, its all down to conversions….here are all the factors you need to consider:

1. Relevancy to user search term – have keyword in products title and description.
2. Conversion rate – have lots of reviews, good images, well written descriptions. Also PRICE is a big factor, have your product cheaper than the others and the customer is more likely to purchase from you.
3. Customer feedback – good reviews, if they order from you again etc.

There is a really good guide here including all factors.

Let me know how you get on.

Thanks for the info, had a good time looking for this, I bought the backlinks that you suggested and my site is on first page of Google now.

Yes these backlinks do work on easy keywords. The backlinks have ranked this page Google page one, sometimes position 2, sometimes rank 3. All on autopilot, so definitely worth getting for the right keywords.

This article is very Helpful thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. can i buy backlinks for my site

You should look at our starter monthly seo package, this will get your site to the top. We will build niche related backlinks to your site and destroy your competition. You can see our starter package here.

As ppl are more and more manipulating serp result with backlink,do u think in future google can elminate backlink as factor and come up with something else as ppl are manipulating too much….want your detailed view

Of course, Google is already doing it right now, you can see this just by looking at your Google analytics. The factors that are becoming more important in ranking a website are more focused around your traffic including:

    Direct website visits
    Time on site
    Pages per session
    Bounce rate

Then after these factors backlinks come into play. They will be pushed further and further down the list as time goes on. It’s good to promote on social media more to boost traffic and write good content, and think about the design of your site, you want your visitors to look at more than one page and be on the site as long as possible.

Thanks Nick

Hi Nick,
plz write post on android app SEO in google play store and also add android app SEO service on @RankersParadise SEO store.

Hi Ashu, I will add this into our seo store as soon as possible for you šŸ™‚

Thanks for fast reply

I have some queries

1) can I use GSA software for power up my PBN

2) can I use same expired tumblr for every month to power up my PBN

3) How many backlinks I have to give each month for one blog and Is it necessary to index these backlinks? which anchor texts I have to use for these backlinks?

4) And one important question is why the domain authority going lower and lower

1. Yes but be very careful what backlinks you use.
2. Most definitely, this is the better option over GSA.
3. This depends on your competition, you should use seo spyglass (free) to analyse the top ranking sites anchors and use those.
4. Domain authority is dropping because your backlinks will be dropping.

Hi, nick
I have created account on and for selling links but when I added my website on these site at the beginning my all website domain authority is above 45 after one month it’s become DA30 after two months it’s become DA15 and after three months it’s lower than DA10 so how to maintain DA constant if any idea to maintain DA constant or if any tricks to manipulate Domain Authority for pbn site plz share me….

You need links that are going to stick…..or keep a steady flow of backlinks to your PBN sites. Get yourself FCS Networker and fire High PA expired Tumblrs at your blogs every month.

Will this work for medium competition keywords? if you buy more links??

Of course, but I highly recommend buying quality PBN links from our seo store….much more effective:

This is fantastic, this post is already on the first page of the search engine for the targeted keyword. Honestly, its very vital to do keyword research. Nick, can your keyword research package get low comp keywords (the ones with buying intents) like this in kitchen niche for me??? as i just find it hard to come with any. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

Hi Kayode, yes our keyword research package will find buyer intent keyword in your niche with low seo competition scores that will enable you to rank first page of Google with good content only. All we need is a seed keyword or just your niche and we will do in depth keyword research for you. We will find you loads of low comp keywords in your niche that you should be targeting for easy rankings and easy visitors šŸ™‚

Hi Nick, do you think that the Magic submitter’s spin article is enough for content or do you recommend the SEO content spinner that you post about some time ago?

Their article spinner is good enough šŸ™‚

Cool, thanks Nick. Good to hear that you think they are worth it.

I went ahead and placed an order for one of your services, so look forward to seeing the results.


No problem. Let us know what you think of the service šŸ™‚

Hi Nick

What about these automated services such as rank x or gsa or magic submitter where you pay 63 dollars a month and it submits loads of backlinks. Do you have any experience with those?



Hi Rob, yes I use those seo tools, all are good for tier 2 and tier 3 backlinks. Magic submitter can be used on tier 1 if you know what you are doing.

With 50$ you are better off buying $5 contextual pbn links. And since they are footer and side bar links, they are already indexed as they dwell on the homepage. What happens to seoclerks gigs you posted here? Are they no longer good?

Yes you are correct, contextual backlinks that are from niche related sites are better. The footer and side bar links are not great, however they do work on easy keywords. The seo clerks gigs I have suggested on rankers still work well, we also have some very powerful PBN links for sale in the rankersparadise seo store.

Great info Iā€™m looking into it now!

Let us know how it goes šŸ™‚

Wow, impressive ranking results. I will try these back links on my site today. I have an easy keyword so its worth a try. Thanks Nick your work is the best.

These will work on easy keyword. Let us know how you get on šŸ™‚

Please post your results this may be something I want to invest in for my blog.

I will keep you posted šŸ™‚

Hey nick have you ever got any good results with this link building software?

This is the first time I have used it. The owner contacted me to give it a try. So this is a test to see what happens. Some of the links are not contextual, they appear in the footer and on the sidebar, so I don’t hold up much hopes at the moment. I will keep you posted šŸ™‚

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