Should you really buy backlinks?

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I always buy backlinks from you guys and always get good results, it’s safe when you buy from reputable suppliers.

That’s totally correct and if you buy backlinks from some sellers you can get penalized, so be careful who you buy from. Of course, all our services here on Rankers Paradise are tried and tested and completely safe.

Can’t we buy thousands of links in one go?

Depends on the links, if they are poor quality then they most probably will not index anyway. It’s good practice to build thousands of backlinks over time of months rather than days.

I purchased backlinks from a well known freelance website and my ranking tanked. I luckily found this website and managed to disavow the links. I have since bought backlinks here at Rankers Paradise and they are good and have helped my rankings come back. Thank you for all your information on the blog it is amazing and has helped me a lot.

That’s the key to success in this game, make sure you buy backlinks from a reputable source and always read reviews online to check. Really pleased I have helped you and that our service have got your site ranking higher again. Like always if you need any help we are on live chat or just a quick email away 🙂

Like you say you can buy backlinks, you have to make sure the source is good and you use the correct anchors. Thanks for sharing Nick.

That’s correct, if you have a good source for backlinks and the anchor text you use is like what your competitors are using that are ranking high for your keywords then you will not have any problems.

what type of service did you buy?

I purchased this first:
and then this: the links are really good, not dropped and have indexed. I’m pleased with the results.

We only use tried and tested web 2 blogs same with edu links so we know which ones are less likely to drop and which ones are going to index quickly.

I purchased backlinks on your site months ago, my website went up in ranking and the rankings are still the same now. I know the backlinks here are safe.

If you choose to purchase links you need to be 100% certain of the seller, take a look at the sellers website, do they give you confidence? Read their reviews too 🙂 The links we sell are safe, we use them for our clients, we know they work.

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