I am going to show you the results for a recent client based in the UK that used our 30 days cheap SEO package.

You can go ahead and follow the strategy for yourself and improve your website’s Google ranking.

The featured site for the case study is located in the UK, however, the strategy works for any local/organic keyword worldwide.

Of course, you can go ahead and purchase the package from our store and let us do the same for your website.

The reason this strategy is successful is that the backlinks are done consistently every single day over 30 days.

We do not force index any of the links, we let them index naturally.

We use our own PBN sites, which are all indexed in the search engines. This is very important to take note of.

If you find that your web 2.0 backlinks have not indexed after 30 days you can index them fast in minutes using this strategy.

With consistent link building done the right way, your ranking is guaranteed to improve.

Before we get started you should know that we stick to this anchor text ratio.

As a basic guide ensure you use Brand, URL, and exact match anchors most of the time.

Every now and again you can throw in a generic anchor like “click here”, keep it random.

Cheap SEO Packages UK Ranking Strategy

Our 30 day cheap SEO package includes:

  • 1 PBN backlink
  • 2 Web 2.0 backlinks
  • 1 Social Media Post
  • 1 Blog Comment
  • 1 Guest Post

So, in the course of the 30-day cycle you will receive:

  • 30 PBN backlinks
  • 60 web 2.0 backlinks
  • 30 social media posts
  • 30 blog comments
  • 30 guest posts

I am going to show you the results of this strategy and how you can do it for yourself.

The difficult part will be setting up your private blog network, if you get this wrong you will get your site penalized.

At the end of this post, I will reveal the ranking results for our UK client.

You must do the backlinks every day for this to work.

Do not go ahead and buy 30 PBN backlinks that are published all at the same time on the same day.

The links must be published over time, this really does work.

If you don’t have the time go ahead and order the service and let a member of our team do it for you.

I should also state that we did not build links over the weekend, links were done for a full 30 days.

I will show you how you can get it done for yourself and get started to improve your website’s Google ranking today.

PBN Backlinks

If you do not have a PBN then the task of finding the domains and setting them up will be the most time-consuming process in this strategy.

I have already been through this on a previous blog post, so I will provide you with the links to take a look at those.

Here is my step by step guide on finding domains for your PBN.

Here is my step by step guide on how to set up your PBN.

We use Seek A Host for the PBN hosting, they are low cost and do work.

All the sites will be set up onto different IP’s, you will not leave a footprint.

It is also important to note that the domains we used do not have great MOZ or Majestic metrics.

We are not concerned about Domain Authority or Trust and Citation Flow.

The two most important aspects for us when looking for domains for our PBN are that they are indexed in Google (ensures they are not penalized) and that they already have some backlinks pointing to them.

To check that the site is indexed simply pop the URL into Google search, if the URL is shown in the SERP’s then it is indexed and you can go ahead and register.

You should also be aware that just because it is indexed right now that it does not mean that it has not been penalized, it could well still drop from the SERP’s later down the line.

Making sure the domains are indexed gives you a fighting chance, there is nothing worse than buying a domain and setting up the CMS on it only to find it will not index in Google (complete waste of time).

Finding domains that are already indexed in Google eliminates the risk of this happening to you.

The main point of finding and using expired domains in your PBN is the fact that they have backlinks pointing to them, this is where the value sits.

Make sure that the domains you choose are indexed and have backlinks, the more backlinks the better.

Before you register the domain go ahead and check the backlink profile.

You can analyze the domains that backlink to the site and the anchors used using backlinkshitter.com.

Make sure the backlinks are not too spammy and that there is a good mix of anchors used.

best cheap seo packages uk based clients

If the domain is indexed then it’s highly likely that the backlink profile will be good.

If the domain is indexed and has a decent backlink profile go ahead and register it at namecheap.com.

We use Name Cheap as they offer “free whois” which of course is needed in order not to leave a footprint.

To follow this strategy step by step you are going to require to find and register 30 domains.

To host 30 PBN sites on Seek A Host it will cost you $1.1/month per domain. This is a total of $33 per month.

Of course, if you buy our service it is a one-off payment, with that in mind it is a really good deal.

Once you have the PBN set up you can go ahead and get started building the backlinks.

You must publish one PBN backlink every day for 30 days.

You must use a different PBN site each day.

Web 2.0 Backlinks

These backlinks do not require any monthly costs, you can go ahead and get these for yourself completely free.

If you decide you can’t afford to do the PBN backlinks, then you can substitute those for web 2.0 backlinks.

This would mean that you would do 3 web 2.0 backlinks each and every day.

Of course, you really do need the PBN backlinks if the keyword has a tough SEO competition score.

For our client, we did two web 2.0 backlinks every day.

In total the client received 60 web 2.0 backlinks over the course of 30 days.

Do not be tempted to do all the 60 links in a few days, this will not help.

You have to do the links on a daily basis, for this to work you need to be consistent.

You simply sign up at the web 2.0 site and go ahead and publish your content.

Generate Content

To sign up you can use a free email generator, everything must be done manually.

You can use generated content for all the backlinks, we use a combination of GSA SEO Content Generator and Article Forge.

Those are the paid options, you can also use a free blog content generator.

I am going to list the 60 web 2.0 platforms that we used.

Simply head on over to the site, sign up, add your content including the backlink and you are good to go.

If you need to know how to publish content on web 2.0 sites go ahead and take a look at our web 2.0 backlinks post available on our SEO blog.

Here is a list of the 60 web 2 platforms that we used over the 30 days:

  1. strikingly.com
  2. page.tl
  3. blogspot.com
  4. bloglovin.com
  5. Google Sites
  6. uberant.com
  7. livejournal.com
  8. evernote.com
  9. dailygram.com
  10. patreon.com
  11. pearltrees.com
  12. thebaynet.com
  13. soup.io
  14. tumblr.com
  15. wordpress.com
  16. weebly.com
  17. wix.com
  18. aircus.com
  19. yolasite.com
  20. sitey.com
  21. skyrock.com
  22. webself.net
  23. websitebuilder.com
  24. sitebuilder.com
  25. constantcontact.com/website/
  26. simplesite.com
  27. penzu.com
  28. issuu.com
  29. all4webs.com
  30. jigsy.com
  31. website2.me
  32. im-creator.com
  33. site123.me
  34. pearltrees.com
  35. kiwibox.com
  36. minds.com
  37. skyrock.com
  38. nouw.com
  39. articleted.com
  40. rapichat.com
  41. imfaceplate.com
  42. linkedin.com
  43. edocr.com
  44. fastlisting.org
  45. webnode.com
  46. webstarts.com
  47. slashdot.org
  48. articleweb55.com
  49. vk.com
  50. over-blog.com
  51. blogfreely.net
  52. zenwriting.net
  53. nation2.com
  54. postheaven.net
  55. writeablog.net
  56. joomla.org
  57. doodlekit.com
  58. bravenet.com
  59. hatenablog.com
  60. shutterfly.com

Here are a few extra sites that you can use just in case any of the sites listed above don’t work anymore.

Web 2.0 platforms tend to drop every now and again.

  1. launchora.com
  2. ello.co

Go ahead and sign up for the sites and add your content and backlink.

Of course, some of the sites listed are not necessarily web 2.0 platforms, however, you can post an article to every one of them and get a backlink.

Sometimes you may want to use the same platform twice, that is okay. Make sure you go ahead and set up a different account.

If you need more platforms take a look at my web 2.0 blog list and my free backlinks post.

Ensure you do two of these backlinks per day. Keep in mind you must mix up the anchor text used.

Social Media Promotion

You will do one social media post every day for 30 days.

You will need to use the same platform more than once, this is not a problem.

Here are the social media platforms that you can use to post on every day:

  1. Facebook.com
  2. Twitter.com
  3. Pinterest.com
  4. Reddit.com
  5. Linkedin.com
  6. imfaceplate.com
  7. rapichat.com
  8. about.me
  9. tumblr.com

Remember that these are going to be status posts, not article submissions.

This is not going to take long, simply write a few lines about the page and drop the link, in most cases, you will be using a full URL anchor.

Do one post a day on any of the platforms listed above.

The key is to keep it flowing, ensure your backlinks are coming in consistently on a daily basis.

You can use the same account over and over again on each of the listed social media platforms.

Blog Comment Backlinks

You are going to leave one blog comment plus backlink each and every day.

There is a really fast and easy way to get this done.

Some web 2.0 platforms instantly accept these comments and backlinks.

The best thing is that you can find niche related ones too.

There is a nice tool you can use to find niche related Blogspot sites that you can leave a comment and backlink on.

The tool is called searchblogspot.com, head on over to the site.

Simply enter your niche or keyword and hit the search button.

The tool will then list all the Blogspot sites that are available to leave a comment on working in your niche.

Simply click on the blog, leave a comment (remember to leave a backlink) and you are done.

You can also do instantly approved blog comment backlinks on Weebly blogs.

To do this you need to perform a simple Google search.

Head on over to Google.com.

Then enter the search string:

niche/keyword + Weebly + Leave a comment

An example would be:

“best treadmill Weebly Leave a comment”.

Click on the Weebly web 2 sites that appear in the SERP’s, leave a comment plus backlink. Job done 🙂

Guest Post Backlinks

The final part of the strategy involves doing one guest post plus a backlink per day.

You are going to need 30 sites that will accept a guest post with a backlink.

The good news is that there are many free sites that accept guest posts completely free.

I am going to give you the list of sites that we used, just head on over to the site, sign up and leave your post and backlink.

Here is a list of the sites that we use for guest post backlinks:

  1. behance.net
  2. buzzfeed.com
  3. justpaste.it
  4. diigo.com
  5. box.com
  6. slideshare.net
  7. docs.google.com
  8. debate.org
  9. goodreads.com
  10. jevois.org
  11. shamefool.com
  12. trello.com
  13. titletownsoundoff.com
  14. crunchyroll.com
  15. expressbusinessdirectory.com
  16. ted.com
  17. hometalk.com
  18. livestream.com
  19. lookbook.nu
  20. splice.com
  21. dashburst.com
  22. cookpad.com
  23. 8tracks.com
  24. artmight.com
  25. slides.com
  26. tupalo.com
  27. dreamwidth.org
  28. getsatisfaction.com
  29. weheartit.com
  30. hiphopinferno.com

Here are some extra sites just in case the ones above do not load anymore:

  1. zuarticles.com
  2. uberant.com
  3. topsitenet.com
  4. 24article.com
  5. knowpia.com
  6. pr3-articles.com
  7. freepressreleasedb.com
  8. thebaynet.com
  9. fortunetelleroracle.com
  10. prsync.com

Please be aware that some of these sites do not allow a guest post per se, you will need to get your content posted in the “About Me” section and the backlink will be from your profile.

This really is about getting as many free backlinks as possible from different IP’s.

This is what we do for our clients that purchase the 30 Days Affordable SEO For Small Business package.

These backlinks do work, as you will see from the results listed below.

That’s everything you need to know.

Go ahead and get the backlinks in place and rank your site higher on Google.

Time to take a look at the results for the website that we did these links for.

SEO Package Case Study UK Ranking Results

The client gave us two keywords, we used anchors using both keywords to push ranks.

You must do this for one URL for the best results, you can give us up to 5 keywords. Obviously, the fewer keywords you give us the better the results will be.

This is because the URL will get more keyword-rich anchors used.

Obviously we need to block out the keywords and URL to protect the client’s confidentiality.

If you hire us to do the backlinks for you we do regular ranking checks, all logged on the dashboard for you to see.

This way you can see clearly that the service is working for your website.

Day 1 Rankings

Day 1 Rankings

Right at the start, the website was ranked 70 on Google.co.uk for keyword 1.

For the second keyword, the website was ranked in position 33 on Google.co.uk.

Day 10 Rankings

Day 10 Rankings

As you can see, after just 10 days the rankings improved quite considerably.

Day 20 Rankings

Day 20 Rankings

After 20 days and with the majority of the backlinks hitting the Google index the site was making good progress for both keywords.

Day 30 Rankings

Day 30 Rankings

Needless to say, this UK client ordered the cheap package again for another 30-day run.

After just 5 days of work into the second run, the keyword in the second spot hit the Google no. 1 spot.

The second keyword is now on the first page and will more than likely be ranked no. 1 too when month two is complete.

The Keywords

So you can be clear on the SEO competition score of these keywords this is what they score on Long Tail Pro:

SEO Keyword 1

This is the keyword that finished in the no. 11 spot after 30 days SEO.

SEO Keyword 2

The second keyword that is now ranked no. 1 has a monthly search volume of 9900 and an SEO competitiveness score of 33.

These are not low SEO competition keywords, this strategy will work for any keyword.

Go ahead and get the backlinks in place and you will rank top too.

Don’t have the time?

Go ahead and order our cheap SEO package just like our UK client did.

Let us do all the work for you, it is well worth the money.

Just take the cost and time of setting up the PBNs alone, buying the domains and hosting, that value alone would surpass the price of this package.

Remember if you purchase the PBNs yourself, you will have a monthly reoccurring cost, something you will not have with our service.

Purchase Google Rank Improvement service here