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Hi Nick.
This is a good case study but most of the web 2's and guest posts like ted, behance, trello, buzzfeed, live journal, jigsy, pearltree do not index anymore. Probably if you prune those that do not index and get many of those that index, the result will be great.

Yes, the links do need to be indexed to get results. I have a list of sites that always index here:

Does this work with affiliate keywords or just local keywords?

Works for any keyword 🙂

Hi, about the indexing. If you do not force index the 6 daily links, how will you keep the indexing consistent?
Google might index 0 today, then 20 tomorrow etc.

Hi Evan, good question 🙂 The backlinks are done on already indexed sites, so the next time Google bot crawls the sites the links are discovered and the post pages are indexed too. This ensures everything is completely random and looks 100% natural, some days 5 sites will be crawled, some days just 2 sites, but the key is that the dates are also on the blog posts, the blog comments and the social media posts, Google bot then knows when the links were first published and can establish that the site is getting a constant flow of links. Using this strategy your site receives a constant flow of links and a good mix of links from different IP’s and different platforms.

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