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1. You use URL in this project is URL of root domain ( or URL of Page (
2. My website does not have “www” so URL I should use to be or or

Use a mix of the URL combinations you suggest 🙂

1. Do you use FCS Networker to create content for 2880 posts that not use GSA content generator? I don’t see FCS Networker has API for GSA content generator?
2. Do you build 20 backlinks every month so with 2880 posts you will take 144 days to finish them?
3. With 20 backlinks you use for 20 different pages (you have 48 pages) or a page? Because a page will receive 60 backlinks from 60 web 2.0s.

1. You can add the spintax article into FCS Networker, or you can use their content generator, we use GSA content with spintax inserted.
2. We set FCS Networker to drip feed the backlinks over 90 days.
3. Yes we use the web 2’s over again for different pages on the same site (think that is what you mean?).

1. Which spintax do you use to insert (Wordai, the best spinner,…)?
2. How long do you finish 2880 posts?
I tried to register an FCS Networker account but it doesn’t accept. You know tool/software can replace FCS Networker.

1. GSA content generator puts the spintax into the article for you. It shows you on my post here: go down to the “Content Media” heading.
2. The posts are set on drip feed over 90 days, all are set off when post is complete. Instead of FCS Networker a good alternative is Rankwyz as shown here: for Tumblrs which is a one off payment you can use Tumbling Jazz which you can see in action here:

How many do you use Tumblr & Weebly in this project?

30 Tumblr backlinks and 30 Weebly backlinks to each post on drip feed over 90 days.

As the article above, you use 60 web 2.0 for 48 keywords (48 pages). So every page will receive 60 backlinks from web 2.0 and will have 60 x 48 = 2880 backlinks (2880 posts). You post manual or use tool to post them?

yes but we use the same aged web 2’s over and over again for different pages on the same website. We drip feed using FCS Networker.

1. What do you use tool to create content for web 2.0s?
2. How many backlinks do you use in every post on web 2.0s?

1. I use GSA content generator. It’s a one off fee (which is reasonable) and the content is good.
2. In most cases there will be 1 link to the money site, 1 link to another web 2.0 (if you are doing a web 2.0 link wheel) and 1 link to an authority site in the same niche (not a competitor for your keyword).

Thanks Nick,
1. You use 60 web 2.0s are new brand or expired?
2. Do You do link wheel for 60 web 2.0s?

No problem. 1. They are aged web 2’s. 2. No we don’t link the web 2’s up into a link wheel.

Why you don’t use Link Wheel for Expired Web 2.0s?

You don’t need to, they are done to pass the juice and are all indexed anyway. If you have some expired web 2’s that are not indexed you can link to them from indexed web 2’s to get them to show in the SERP’s.

yes I have thanks

Good to hear that. Let me know how your rankings go.

yes I have , Thanks

Good 🙂

Google console
Add property
Under URL prefix
put Expire tumblr home page URL
Vertfy ownership by putting meta code in edit theme head of tumblr
Ownership approved under URL inspection submit the full URL post then select index

I hope you used a different Google account to the one that your money site is in?

I have index expired tumblrs. Not my own site

It’s a footprint if you do it in the same webmaster account that your website is verified under too. Did you use a different Google account?

Thanks for reply. I just found out you can index in google console . Just index 3 today and showing up on google

Yes you can index your own site using Google console. Links on other sites will need to be done in another way.

I have found Expired tumblrs that are index the new post still needs be index . How do you index new post?

If your Tumblr homepage is indexed the new post will index naturally when Google bot next crawls the site it will discover the post and index it. To speed things up you can pop the Tumblr post URL onto social media, any sites like Twitter and Facebook that get crawled often by Google bot will get the URL indexed.

Do you think web 2.0 can help build up authority and raise my money site DA and PA?

And on FCS network how do you drip the web 2s? I mean how many per day.

In FCS you set the project to drip feed the backlinks over so many days. Most of the time we do 60 backlinks set to drip feed over 90 days, the amount done each day over this period is randomly done by fcs and looks a little more natural this way.

Is GSA content scrapper better than content machine? And have you checked how many of the tumblrs shows up on search console with the scrapped article on them? Am afraid of using scrapped article on tier 1. Most of the time now tumblr don’t show in search console now. Don’t know why.

I prefer to use GSA content generator now over anything else on the market. The majority of my Tumblrs index using gsa content, and it generates content in pretty much any language. If you have the time it is best to hand write your tier 1 content. Tumblr don’t show now because it is heavily spammed, still good to use if you do it right, finding Tumblr that are already indexed is a good start.

You talked about drip feeding back links with FCS network, and I ask are we supposed to drip feed back links or drip feed indexing of the back links. For those who don’t have. FCS networker , can’t we post the 20 web2 articles in a day and then drip feed the indexing for 20 days?

Both, because many Tumblrs might already be indexed. So drip feed your backlinks for safety. If they are not indexed, then yes you can post 20 web 2 articles in a day and then drip index them.

What if a domain is not brandable, i mean the anchor text you said we should use. Brand and URL. Will you use only URLs for the 60 links?

Yes you will use different URL anchors instead of brand anchors e.g and and full open url including https.

Hello Dear, I have a confusion. How to put h1 and h2 tag. We know that h1 tag means title tag. But where I will use h1 tag. Please explain to me.

Set them in code:

If you are using WordPress simply highlight text you want as a heading tag and select the heading you require from the drop down menu on the tools panel above the text area.

Hlw nick sir, here you have told “the linking domains has gone from 77 to 356”.
All are different web 2.0? or same web 2.0 but different sub-domain.
If I make 50 web 2.0 for 1 keywords. Can I reuse these for all keywords? Or I need to make 50 same web 2.0 but different subdomain?

Hi Avijit, links mainly come from Tumblr and Weebly using different sub domains, all have backlinks pointing to them and high PA. If you need help doing it we have a services for mixed web 2 backlinks here: we have some very powerful Tumblrs PA 50+ and Weebly blogs in the network. Yes you can use the same 50 web 2s to rank other pages/keywords on your site. It’s good to drop new web 2s into the network every now and again, use the web 2s two or three times on the same site and then get some new ones into the network.

Thanks for the suggestion, all these 50 tumble+weebly are already index in google?? If i get most backlinks from tumblr and weebly only, is it not suspicious to google???

Yes we use indexed Tumblr and Weebly blogs. It’s good to find expired ones with many backlinks that are indexed, if they have lots of backlinks they will re-index right away when you add content to them. It’s good to have backlinks from many referring IPs, however with this strategy we are choosing very easy low competition long tail keywords so backlinks from just Tumblr and Weebly work.

“You can use the same 50 web 2s to rank other pages/keywords on your site.” mean is I can use same Brand Name keyword but different Url on same site?

Yes you can use the same web 2’s over again to rank different pages on the same website. That is correct, use any keyword for different URL on the same site.

Hi Nick, how can you build backlinks around a coupon site?

For this one you need to think about where people share deals, to look natural you will need forum backlinks and of course social media links and shares.

With recent Google algorithm updates “reviews” are good too, even without hyperlink in place they help (brand mention). Of course with the hyperlink in place they are more powerful.

what can you say about this since it has a keyword score of 39 and has barely any complete target website targetting the exact keyword?

secondly someone asks you about optimization and you say if the keyword is not completely in the title and description etc that the top 10 sites are not optimize, i have this confusing question with regards to what keywordrevealer shows.

1. if you have a keyword like “complete seo package for free” and put in see top 10 sites with title and description like “see complete seo package free” is this optimized for the keyword “complete seo package for free”? i ask this question because keywordrevealer shows “see complete seo package free” as optimized for “complete seo package for free” notice that the “for” is not inside the top 10 results and yet keywordrevealer says its optimized.

Keyword looks easy based on the screen shot, I would need to take a look at the content on the sites and take a look at the backlink profile too.

1. words like “for” are stop words and are ignored by Google in url and titles. So you can ignore these words too, like “and” “to”.

What if the top 10 siteshave 3 sites that are optimized with the long tail keyword? I did an intitle and inurl keyword research on google and found keywords with results like 25, 15, 18, etc and the top 10 sites doesn’t have the keyword, you think I can rank it?
Again check your first site proof image and show us the unique visitors graph before the 6 months you started it. I see fluctuations from the same spot which means you didn’t move the site. Let’s see the the unique visitors graph for at least last 9 months

Yes that sounds like a low competition keyword. The visitor stats were not important for this client. They wanted to improve sign up’s, after the second month sign up’s were up so they continue. Depending on what area you work in and in most cases the most important aspect is more sales/sign ups.

From the first site proof where you said you increased unique visitors,I think that’s not real because I see fluctuations from 16k unique visitors to 24k to 18k, what was the actual unique visitors before you took the site for 6 months? This is where website proof comes handy where we should judge by ourselves. Well keep going.

The first site we worked on also utilizes a social media marketing strategy and has paid advertising too. The visitor statistics was not just down to what we did. In the service we find low comp keywords, write the content and then rank the pages, that’s all we guarantee. The sites then rank for other keywords too, the main focus with this service is continuous content added to the site and a steady flow of backlinks. The posts link to one page which all traffic is directed too, that page is ranking up now for a short term keyword and the visitor stats are going up month on month.

Do you use intitle and inurl for manual keyword research? When I tried it today I saw keywords with just 14 and 16 exact keywords respectively on google and on top 10 just 3 have that exact keywords intitle and URL, and its a long tail keyword with 5 words
Do you think I can rank easily for such keyword?
Also I saw other keywords with inurl 26 and in title 20 and yet top 10 have just 2 optimized sites. What you think about this?

Yes you can use intitle and inurl for manual keyword research if you don’t have software. I use software, takes less time. Yes you can easily rank for long tail keywords with 5 words with 3 sites in top 10 with keyword in URL and TITLE. Just 2 optimized sites in the top ten is good, the lower the better.

I found your website about 2 month before and really I am impressed by your tutorial and guides. In this tutorial, I am really amazed to see the web 2.0 power. I really want to test it. Before starting
3 question I will like to ask.
1. Here you have ranked for 48 keywords and you said that every kw would get 60 web 2.0. Is this mean you made total (60×48= 2880) web 2.0 backlinks?
2. Did you use same web 2.0 for all kw?
3. Did you write 48 article for each web 2.0 and took 1 link for each keyword?
May you share the web 2.0 lists please.

Hi Diana, thank you for the feedback, keeps me going to write more 🙂

1. Yes that is correct.
2. Each page uses different web 2s, mostly a mix of Tumblr and Weebly. We use the same web 2s for different pages/keywords on the same site.
3. We do not write the content for the web 2 sites, we use gsa content generator, which is great quality and most importantly readable.

The web 2.0 sites we use is mostly tumblr and weebly, we throw in some strikingly too.

Also you didn’t tell us the ranks of the main keywords for those websites but their posts ranks..

It’s all the post pages that rank, the posts that we hand write rank top and we filter the traffic to the sign-up/sales pages. Because we hand pick low seo competition keywords web 2 backlinks alone rank them top, the links must be drip fed over 90 days.

Come to think if it, how will ur linking domains move from 77 to 356 from just 60 web 2.0s, no anchor text ratio stated, no other links apart from web 2.0s

you don’t even talk as if you know web 2.0s are no longer indexing nowadays.

Anchors are brand and URLs only, which is mentioned in the post. Yes just web 2 links, web 2s do index. Try the service and you can leave a review for us 🙂

As always I will doubt this cause its not a full case study as any one can manufacture result and show here as well without showing the blog then its a tutorial.

Come to think of it,you think there is an ecommerce niche one can see that doesn’t have the keywords in the title tag, description , etc?

What do you even consider a keyword in description and title tags? When my keyword is “movie cinemas in July 2018” and in the top ten results I see “come and watch free movie cinemas for aged people in July 2018” will you say the top 10 results are optimised with the keyword?

I agree, results could be fake, but I don’t lie. Best thing to do is to order the service and leave a review for us on it 🙂 . I can’t reveal the client it’s not professional to do so.

What you say about the keyword in the TITLE and DESCRIPTION TAG is correct, the top 10 are not optimized for that keyword. The exact phrase has to be in there.

You mean try a $800 services blindly? You have have to proof something before bringing up this huge sale bro
You may be right but who knows?

Yes you can order $800, we have re-occurring clients that pay month after month, they wouldn’t do this if it didn’t work. It’s a shame I can’t give you the urls but it’s not possible. You will know when you order, or simply do it yourself to test it, if you need any help just let us know. Everything is described in the post for you to follow. The keyword research, content/backlinks alone is worth the $800, even without the ranks in place if you think about how much time it takes to complete. But we go ahead and get the ranks too, it’s really well worth the money.

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