Find expired Web 2.0 blogs with Domain Hunter Gatherer

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Found some very high PA blogs, thank you so much you are the best.

No problem, get some content on them and the backlinks in place and you will rank up 🙂

Is there a free method to find expired web 2.0 blogs?

Nick, have you tried them in 2019? Do they still work?

Yes, still works in 2019 really well, you have to use mainly brand anchors 🙂

Why does those web 2.0 expire anyways?

Boils down to poor content, SPAM. If you spam then the blogs will be removed, if you add poor content to the web 2.0 sites then they will not index, they will receive zero traffic and will most definitely drop. If you want to build out your web 2.0 sites the right way you should follow my improve Google ranking strategy.

Best tutorial how to get expired web 2.0 ever. Thanks!

Thanks Satruk, happy to help 🙂

Hey Nick. Any alternative of Domain Hunter Gatherer? As there has been negative reviews of the product… The Free Tumblr Hunter doesn’t seem to work that good anymore I can barely find good tumblrs. Do you suggest picking up scrapebox?

At the moment Scrapebox is the very best option available with vanity name checker (free with scrapebox). You can use the free version of G Scraper but you will have to use an external tool for 404 error page checking…whereas this can be done inside the scrapebox software.

I really wish this would work. Unfortunately I’m having the same results as everyone else and all of the domains after scrapes with any kind of PA have already been registered. Should we go with Gscraper instead? I really want to start a web 2.0 PBN but I just haven’t found any

Yeah I have dropped my subscription…it’s not so good at the moment…they need to improve it quickly. You can use the free version of G Scraper with some proxies. The best option is ScrapeBox and the Vanity Name Checker.

The Gscraper free version is down. Do you know how to get it by any chance? Thanks for all the info btw. Your sites awesome

You could try this. Think the main Gscraper site is working again.

thanks for your kind reply

No problem at all.

And please what’s the name of the social plugin that pops out from the left here on rankersparadise.

SumoMe and is free to use 🙂

I see some websites ranking with .website and .online domains on 2nd and 3rd positions for my keyword. But am unable to rank with such domains and not even a movement on serps for my .website and .online domains, don’t know why

email me your domains and I will take a look and let you know why 🙂

Can you do a tut on how to rank a facebook page?

Can do in time, a little busy at moment. You can use the web 2.0 backlinks strategy, will have same effect on Facebook page.

Hi Nick, thanks for your answer.

I was referring to the fact that all 2.0 websites are taken. Jon tried it for 2 months :(.

Yeah they need some way of testing them built into the software….they only run a 404 error check…which does not check if they have been registered already….It is rather time consuming going through each blog individually….if they improve that it will be a whole lot more useful.

I was going to try but it seems pretty hard.

No it’s pretty easy….a lot less to do than using G Scraper or ScrapeBox. All you need is some proxies loaded into the software and you are all set, all the rest is pretty much straight forward 🙂

Hi Bro, thanks for your article. Really helpful. But I have 1 problem.

I have registered a few domains of PA od 28 and age 3+ years BUT! there is 0 backlinks linked to them. Ahrefs and Majestic can’t find a single one.

It’s worthless to try to use such domains, right?

Thanks for your reply

Pretty much yes, if the backlinks have dropped the PA won’t be far behind. If they have 0 backlinks pointing to them you are better off starting a new web 2.0 site getting your keyword in the sub domain URL. I only register them if they have backlinks pointing to them, the backlinks have the power 🙂

Hi Nick,

thanks for your reply. Ok so I found some Weebly websites and bought them. Now Im going to write unique content for them.

Is 5 of them enough, how many do you usually register to help you rank? And is it enough if there’s only 1 article on the website and thats it? Or is it better to make the website deeper?

Thank you very much!

Yes you need to add unique content to your Weebly blogs for them to last, duplicate content will not index and if it does they will not remain in the SERPs for very long.

How many you use depends on your keyword. 5 Weeblys will be enough for an easy keyword, just make sure you mix up your anchor text. I recommend using your full TITLE TAG as the anchor text and not exact match anymore….it seems Google have made a few changes to the algorithm and too many exact will push your site down. Play safe and use long tail anchors with your keyword in there.

I have some Weebly sites with just one article on there, but I usually build them out, use them to rank many sites in different niches, that’s the beauty of it 🙂

Thanks Nick.

I have used this software for two months with dedicated proxies but it shows poor results. The software shows lot of good web 2.0 but one you try to register it, it has already been register by someone else.

I think developers need to sort out this issue. I have seen other peoples are also complaining about this issue as well. Thanks

Yes I have the same issues, it’s rather annoying when you find a great Web 2 only for it to be registered already. They only have a Weebly account check built into the system so far….to check if the Weebly has been registered already or not…they should have this feature for the other web 2.0 platforms too.

Any news Jon? Found some 2.0 websites to register?

Thanks Phil. I found very few but most of them have a PA less than 30. If you are looking for more than 30 and having CF and TF then you will have to spend a huge amount of time.

Ok Jon, thanks. I guess for the moment I’ll wait.

Agreed the videos showing how great this software is really don’t represent the reality. Maybe before it was known about this worked. The reality now though is you can waste a couple of days doing all sorts of searches and never turn up a single expired domain that has even a half decent trust rank. There is no way you would want any of the domains that you see in the results.

That’s true Gary, I had high hopes for this software when I wrote the post. The more I used it the less happy I was with it…I did find some decent domains but it took way too long to find them…it certainly needs some improvement before they get any long term customers. Scrapebox is the only decent option at the moment…

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