Find bad backlinks and remove them

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Just what I needed, I used your web 2.0 backlinks post to rank my website top for my keywords and then a competitor hit my site with what looks like GSA backlinks, thousands of them. I removed them using this walkthrough guide and my ranking came back to top. Thank you for all your work done.

That happens quite a lot actually, a lot more than it should. It’s a shame competitors can’t concentrate on building or earning quality backlinks to their own website rather than wasting time to destroy someone else’s hard work.

My site got hit with GSA and it bombed down the SERPs. I found your post and it gave me hope to get my ranking back, I thought all was lost. I did the disavow links method and my site ranking came back to where it was. It took 3 weeks to return after I submitted the disavow file to Google console.

Yes it’s good to know that there is a way to make Google bot ignore links. Good to hear your ranking came back up, it does take a little time after the disavow file is submitted, but as everyone knows seo requires a lot of patience.

My website got a lot of spam links recently and I used this method to get them removed and get my ranking back. Thanks for sharing.

Glad it helped you get your ranking back πŸ™‚

I did this and my ranking went back up to where it was, thank you so much.

Yes sometimes our sites will get spammed with poor backlinks and we will need to disavow them to get our rankings back. Glad you found the post useful.

Thanks Nick,
Can you make a new details post about new proven usage of web 2.0 which you use recently because I need to follow it. Your all posts are so much good and also your comments and replies are so much helpful to me. Keep it up. I have one more question that I have 6 pages on my money site may I use same web 2.0 backlinks on each url and bought same seoclerk gigs or change the algo. please advice. thanks

I have a few new strategies in the making, I will reveal all soon in a new post πŸ™‚ You can use the same web 2s to rank different pages on the same money site yes.

Hi Nick,

Thanks for such gr8 post i just order 50 tumblr seoclerk gig on directly on my money site which you share in the post. is it good idea or bad please help me thanks

Hi Atif, they are okay as tier 1 as long as you mix up your anchor text, keep your exact match anchors below 10%.

Hi Nick,

I have send you an email about 1 or 2 question that I can’t share in public.

Please check it whenever you get the time.

Will wait for reply.

Hi Tushar, I will take a look for you now πŸ™‚

there is no update factors on seo spyglass. i have tried it severally and i need your help ranking one of my site as we said earlier. but it seems is not possible with you now.

Hi Jerome, I have been very busy with another project…writing content etc….I am going to take a look through my emails now…it’s possible I have missed it. Send me what you need to know and I will get back to you πŸ™‚

Nick, I saw comments for all articles but this one are closed, is there a reason for that ? Maybe the blogs take too much of your time as it has grown considerably.

Hi Rinti, comments are not closed for any post…I am still taking and replying to them…as the blog has grown it is taking up a lot of my time…I hope to drop some new content soon for you guys to read…

Hey Nick, I need a quick help here.

I indexed 2 web2.0 posts using google url submit but they drop off the index after a few days. I checked them by putting the posts urls in the search bar. These 2 posts have unique handwritten content.

So, do I need to index them again with url submit for them to stick or do tier 2 backlinks (wiki links) to help them index again?


Have the same problem bro.. know the struggle. I tried everything and they still can’t index. I also have 2 handwritten posts on each web2

Check again after a few days. The same happens to me. They index, after 2 days they are “deindexed” and after week – 10 days they are back in index.

I’ve read that is how google behaves lately. Check again after a week, very sure they will be indexed again without doing anything.

Lol I am not Brad, no idea why and how my comment in shown as from Brad πŸ˜€ Something is wrong here.

That’s weird…I will look into it πŸ™‚

Brad is like Chuck Norris, he appears everywhere even when he is not there.

LOL….he likes to get around πŸ™‚

Don’t submit them to Google Console a second time. Go and get some high PA tumblr backlinks to the post from Tumblrs that are indexed….when Google bot crawls the indexed Tumblrs again it will find your links πŸ™‚

And again we use long tail exact on every tumblr that we use to link to our tier 1 posts?

Yes πŸ™‚

Thank you Nick!

Sorry Nick, one more questions, is it okay if these posts are with spun content?

yeah that’s not a problem for Tier 2 links. Keep all tier 1 links clean and tidy….unique hand written content only πŸ™‚

Hey Nick, I’ve got a little off topic question from this post, but I’ve wrote you an email almost a week ago and didn’t get a reply. So I will ask here if that is not a problem..

I’m using the fresh web 2.0 strategy.

1. Can I add expired tumblrs with high PA as Tier 3 linking to the tier 2 blogger post and if yes what anchors should I use?
2. For the third month I post the third tier 1 article on the same websites that I’ve made on the first month or I go and create new websites on other web2 platforms?

Thank you for your time!

Also, what should I do about the websites from tier 1 and doc shares that do not index? I already have 2 great posts on each web 2.0 and they hardly index..

Same applies, get some backlinks from Tumblrs that are indexed πŸ™‚

Hi Kire, sorry about the late reply…I have been really busy working on a new project πŸ™‚

1. yes you can add a third tier directing Tumblr backlinks to the Blogger post. Use long tail exact match anchors on all πŸ™‚

2. you go and create new fresh web 2s on different platforms πŸ™‚

Thank you for the reply Nick. Hope you make lots of $$$

Thanks Kire πŸ™‚

Hello Nick,

I have heard that Google has made a recent update and is now focusing on backlinks from PBN sites. Have you had any drops because of this?


Not had any drops in rank down to this. Stay safe and use web 2 buffer blogs with quality hand written content on them πŸ™‚

I have send you email since 24hrs as you asked me to and waiting to move on from there. Am the guy that mistakingly used Brad as name here

Hi, sorry about that Jerome….I will check my email today…not had time to get on it recently…been busy working on a new project.

Hi nick
I sent you email
waiting for your reply

Okay, I will take a look at all my emails today. Been busy working on new stuff, I will reply to you today πŸ™‚

Hi Nick,

I am looking for something like “White hat SEO technique”. I just have to know what kind of ‘White hat SEO technique you use personally’ to rank keywords and also what would be best way to get backlinks from guest posting.

I don’t use white hat methods, it’s a lot of work…but it can pay off. I always rank using web 2s and PBN links. This is a safe strategy these days. You could also grab some dead backlinks which is sort of “White Hat”…all is explained in step 9 on my free backlinks post πŸ™‚

So Nick.

Can we consider this as a black hat backlinks strategy that we build with expired tumblr and web 2.0 etc to rank our sites.

I mean is it safe or harm or what.

All web 2 are safe if you have the login details, you can remove the links with ease, it is safe for that reason. Any backlink that you build yourself is blackhat, you are not supposed to do it…however the alternative….sit and wait for the links to come is not an option…in most cases it will never happen, especially with affiliate sites..

Good information. Pitty SEOspyglass only gets a tiny fraction of all back-links. How do you add back-links you get from other databases like AHREFS and Majestic SEO.
You should probably add some section in this article on how to add other back-links into spyglass for analysis. Otherwise good job.
By the way your site is popular now, you need a search box to help your readers easily find things they may want to cross-reference…

If you upgrade SEO Spyglass then it will show all backlinks, you are going to have to use other tools to analyse all backlinks for free. Great idea to add a search box, I will add that right now….thanks for the suggestion Tina.

Search bar added πŸ™‚

Hi Nick,

I often heard using ‘white hat SEO strategy” helps to maintain ranking even after algorithm changes and ranking stays for long and all those sorts of things but I did not understood the actual meaning of it. What does it mean ‘White hat SEO strategy”. Is it mean playing safe to google when it comes to ranking. I know that I have asked you dumb question but this thing is really going straight over my head.

White hat seo is more than likely “Guest Posts” for backlinks, every backlink you build yourself is black hat, paid backlinks are black hat too of course. I suppose White Hat is promoting your content to other webmasters in your niche and asking for a backlink…either by finding broken links and asking the website to replace the broken link with yours or by simply asking if you can guest post for a backlink….still not to big G guidelines…but it’s as white hat as you are going to get πŸ™‚

am very very sad with my rankings, i have 18 websites, and this is my 4th month. and i cant even seem to get closer to 1st page ranks. very very sad. my competitions range from 1-7 using keywordreaveler. help me out this annoying. when am i going to make it in life? over 2 years i have been trying to get my sites to no 1 but i cant. am using tumblrs and blogspot accounts.

Hi Brad, keep your chin up. I set Rankers up to help people and that is what I hope I am doing. I have very little time, but I am devoting as much as I can to you guys. Brad, if you need my help we can focus on pushing one of your sites to the top….drop me an email and we will take it from there. When we get one of your site top you will know how to move from there….drop me an email…I will check and get back to you tomorrow πŸ™‚

ok i have dropped you a mail through this sites contact page

Ummm…. not sure what happened here – but that comment – not from me lol

I have no idea why it has my account on it, but that’s not a comment from me.

yes, really not sure how it happened, maybe my network error. am sorry for this man. thats my comment.

That’s a strange one LOL

Hello Nick,

Thanks, so Tier 1 is the money site?


Tier 1 backlinks point to the money site.

Hello Nick,

If your hovering around 2nd – 3rd rank for a keyword on Google, what is the best method for a little boost to first?

Would it be some more social media mentions, or blast more GSA links to Tier 2 site? I don’t want to over do it.

Thank you

You need to be very patient when you get to rank 2 or 3, patience will most definitely be your best asset. Don’t do firing a whole load of backlinks at your site, that will only hurt your rank at that point.

The safe option is most definitely to juice up your Tier 1 backlinks. Find some quality Tumblr blogs and fire them at your Tier 1, this service works a treat for that πŸ™‚

Thank you nick for this now i can check bad links.

Let me know how it goes and if you need any help.

Hi Nick .This is a timely post as I have problems with expired tumblrs seoclerks.i mean the backlinks.

I learnt a lesson is that to play safe,i ts better to point all exp tumblrs even pbn to a buffer.

Like I currently redirect all tumblr pbn to a domain or URL shortener and point to my money site and I blasted gsa to boost up tumblr and pbn.

Tier 1 be safe than sorry.tier 2 I don’t care the quality.
After I switch to tgis method,i found the backlinkk profile of my site much cleaner rather than pointing exp tumblr pbn to money site.

I dont spam my tier 1 but tier 2 yes I do.
Of course,the seller is important in this case but if I am buying(testing) for first time,i will NEver use it as tier 1 links.W by?

Because of the backlinks qualities issue as mentioned in the above comments.

It’s not that all seo clerks seller are bad quality but at times one just can’t help to think if it’s good ,it shouldn’t be that cheap.

But Nick I take your recommendation for gsa links from seoclerks.Actuaaly we don give a damn about gsa quality here.only Indexation is the key here.

My 2 cents.

Hi Jeff, If you don’t have the time to check the backlinks to your expired Tumblrs then it is safe to use a fresh web 2 buffer. However if you come across a Tumblr with a particularly high PA then I would check the backlinks pointing to it, it’s possible there is a high authority site linking to that Tumblr and you want that direct at your money site.

That’s true about Tier 2, pretty much any links will do within reason. Good to hear your thoughts on this.

Like you say, it is also good to test seo clerk services on a buffer site first…stay safe πŸ™‚

Hi Nick!

When I analyse the page on SEO Spyglass it shows me 276 backlinks and in the bottom left it says and 1774 backlinks. Is there a way to see the rest of the links somehow? I am sure there is lots of spam in there.

Hi Dean, you only get a certain set number of backlinks shown in the free version…you need to upgrade to find unlimited backlinks per site. You will need to use ahrefs and export them into Bad Link Buster at SupaGrowth for a completely free analysis.

Thanks for the info nick.
I realize that seo spy glass don’t show web 2.0 backlinks so is there any other way to check if you got low quality web 2 tumblrs or any other web 2.0?

You will have a log of all your web 2 backlinks. Simply drop them into Bad Link Buster from SupaGrowth, job done πŸ™‚

And another add to my last comments. Is it possible to buy quality links to make those tumblers better because when I check those with Moz site explorer some of those expired has low spam score and high PA.

Like I say, most Tumblrs are good. Just make sure that they have high PA, don’t worry about any other metrics. Be concerned about putting quality content on your Tier 1 Tumblrs. If you want to be 100% safe use fresh Web 2s on Tier 1 as a buffer, then fire all your high PA Tumblrs to the Tier 1 sites…then all Tumblrs are good no matter what their backlink profile is like πŸ™‚

Thank you Nick, I will try to build buffer and hit’em hard with expired ones. Is it okay to just build 5 fresh web 2.0/money site with 300-500 word Hand written content and can I hit those buffer sites like 100-150 hand written expired Tumblrs?

No problem at all πŸ™‚ It’s the safest option to use a buffer, if you find some expired Tumblrs with strong backlinks from authority sites like huffingtonpost, wikipedia or wikihow and such then use them at your money site. You can blast away at your buffers, any will do. It is a good idea to build 5 quality fresh web 2 on tier 2, add unique hand written content and you are good to rank up. You can use unique spun articles on Tier 2, I’m having some good results with seo content machine, it drops readable content and uses their in-built spinner called soft spin, which is exactly what it does, and it produces unique yet readable content, perfect for Tier 1. You can also use seo content machine for Tier 1, takes a bit longer to do, but it works…you can build up a decent 500 word article in 10 to 20 minutes.

Okay, thank you for your answer. Is it okay to use Finnish language fresh web 2.00 buffers and hit them with English spun content in Tier 2?

I would translate spun content on Tier 2 from English into Finnish if you can, if not you will be okay. Will be better if it is in Finnish.

Add to last comment. So it would is basically bad for my site to build any of those tumblr links because even the fresh Tumblr-blogs seems to have high penalty risk. I mean do I really have to disallow them all and basically I have done hours of work for nothing.

Fresh Tumblrs should not have high penalty risk, if the content is good then you will be okay. You don’t have to disavow any of them.

0 to 30% Links on seo spyglass are classed as little risk detected, they are safe.
30 to 70% Links have only potential harm. This means they don’t have to be removed. It means they could be harmful to your site and they need to be looked into. Then you should look at the links yourself, do they come from spam Chinese sites or something bad like that. You need to decide if action is to be taken, most Tumblrs will be okay.
70 to 100% Links do need immediate action, these links really do need to be removed ASAP.

Hi, and thanks for the article. It was surprising that many of the expired tumblrs bought from Seoclerks have penalty risk above 30% or equal. So, how I am able to spot good ones for actual use if I buy those from seoclerks? I think that is one serious question, because you are kind of advertising those gigs here and I am looking for your answer ASAP.

If the Tumblrs are indexed then you can pretty much be certain that they are okay to use. You just need to check their backlink profile, any porn or Chinese backlinks pointing to them then do not use.

All high PA Tumblrs are good, it all depends how you use them. If you use them to power up another Tier 1 web 2 site then any can be used. I don’t advertise anything here that I would not use myself.

Quality unique content on Tier 1 on good spam free domains and you will be okay. Tier 2 you can let the quality slip a little, drop any Tumblr to your Tier 1 web 2s.

All Tumblrs will be of use, just be clever in the way you use them.

Hello Nick,

Great post always writing what I’m thinking about.

I have recently been having this bad back link issue so I’m currently trialling this company here

Let you know how I go πŸ™‚


Thanks Shannon, definitely let me know how it goes with them.

Hi thanks for this information and but i have a problem whit spyglass because dont detect all backlink, i see i ahrefs my profile backlinks and this tool show me 600+ backlinks and spyglass only show 3 πŸ™ backlinksSwhat happens here ? thank for your sopport.

You need to pop your backlinks into a text file from ahrefs and then load them into Bad Link Buster from SupaGrowth. Use the software to weed out the bad and drop them into a disavow file.

Hi Nick,

Greta post about how these bad backlinks can hurt our website in the long run specially if we don’t take any action. Also I had a question regarding backlinks. After submitting backlinks to index. I found out that some of the backlinks I can’t see in google but they are showing in “Site Linking” section of “Google search console” so what does it mean.They are indexed or not.

Hi Tushar, If the backlinks are not in the SERPs they are not indexed. If they are showing in the site linking section of your Webmaster Tools then big G knows about the links. If they do not hit the index it means that you have duplicate content or you have a spam domain. It’s bad news, because big G now knows about your spam backlinks, although you can remove them with ease πŸ™‚

Hi Nick, loved your article…used the tool on my money site and found that most of my expired tumblr links are showing as Penalty Link, some upto the extent of 70….BTW I connected my google account and found more backlinks…..Any recommendation what should I do for these links?

Thanks David, those Tumblrs will probably have low quality porn backlinks pointing to them. SEO SpyGlass will not find all backlinks, which is a shame. You will need to do a manual audit of all other backlinks, make sure that they are;

relevant to your site (if they are un related ask for them to be removed)
not poor Chinese and Russian links
not article directories
not from a penalised site (pop the domain into Google search, if the site is not indexed then it has been Penalised by big G)

You can add poor backlinks to the Disavow file that you created with SEO Spyglass.

If you don’t have time you can try

Good stuff to know. Cheers, Nick.

I’ve always read conflicting opinions about whether or not you should disavow links. A lot of the SEO guys I’ve spoken to say that if it’s not a massive amount of spam that you should just focus on building new, high quality links to offset the bad ones.

That only applies when you’re talking about small volumes, though. Obviously if you’ve created or been hit with 100s or 1000s of bad links you’re not really going to be able to outmatch those.

No problem Brad. It’s a good idea to do a link audit, if you have some really low quality links in there above 60% you really should ask the webmaster to remove them…if all else fails you do need to disavow them.

Finally, a new article to read!

Thanks, Nick!

That made me smile πŸ™‚ It’s been a while, just had no time to write a new one….got loads planned…just no time. I will get them all out eventually. Hope this post helps you rank up.

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