Find Expired Web 2.0

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How do I create account on WordPress when the username is already used??? I think this isn’t going to work…

WordPress blogs go into a 30 to 90 day rest period after they drop, so keep the subdomain on file as it will be available for registration soon.

Thanks for a great article.I have just landed on your website and I am thinking that I am lucky that I have find your website. what a great contents and guides.Thanks again Nick!I will defiantly apply these strategies to my site.

Good to have you here and glad that you have found us. If you have any questions just let us know, let us know how you get on ๐Ÿ™‚

Tumblr is nice, I found some high PA Tumblr blog with PA 75, all for free thank sir.

No problem, good to hear you found some decent Tumblr blogs, get those backlinks in place now.

I found some really powerful web 2s, even got an expired Tumbler with PA 74, this is amazing thank you I don’t need to buy them anymore.

No problem, it’s worth the time finding powerful blogs with lots of backlinks pointing to them. Just one link from these can boost rankings significantly.

Worked for me, found some really good expired web 2’s. Time to get some content on them now and rank up.

Good work ๐Ÿ™‚ get those backlinks in place and push those rankings.

Good for web 2.0 backlinks, thanks for the information given I got some great domains with very good metrics. I put some content on them and my website ranking went up.

Yes you can find some really powerful web 2.0 blogs using this method and it’s completely free.

This is indeed great info nick, I have started using it to find any expired domain with good matrix, but unfortunately not all 404 (Broken links) tumblr are available. Today I found nearly 75 broken links tumblr web 2.0 but all of them were registered. Is there any other sure shot method to find manually.

There is no other way other than this, however make sure you keep those ones that show 404 that you could not register because they will come available soon. The Tumblr blog sub domain name goes into a grace period before it can be registered, sometimes they can get released to re register after 24 hours or 30 days and at most can be 2 years, there isn’t a way to know how long the Tumblr sub domain has been suspended/dropped. However keep the URL’s as they will be ready to re register at some point, just keep them on file and keep checking them.

Thanks for the info and guidance, I never knew that they have grace period before they can be re-registered. I’ll surely note them and keep an eye on them. By the way any other such powerful web 2.0 which can be find in similar way.

By the way Happy New Year to you and your family..have a great holidays…

The best web 2.0 blogs that don’t drop if you set them up manually can be found in this list here: also are good for finding expired ones with high page authority.

Happy New Year to you and your family too, I wish all Rankers readers a great year ahead and top rankings ๐Ÿ™‚

I was looking for tumblr expire domain related article and i got you blog on google 1st page.
I have read whole article and i got the point how can we get expire tumblr, i will make my own tumblr network with your help thanks for such an great guide

No problem glad I could help, if you need anything just let us know. It takes little time to find expired web 2.0 sites without software but it’s well worth it when you find some good ones that have a whole load of backlinks pointing to them.

Nick, Thanks alot for sharing your amazing SEO knowledge with us..ever since I have found your blog, I have remained to you like a super glue haha..
God bless you with opened and great mind to teach us more about seo. I have learnt great deal of seo knowledge from you than all the courses I have bought about SEO combined..God bless you bro..
pls i have one question which does not relate to the topic or subject of your this article but I hope you cool with me to give me an answer.. What plugin do you use to categorise content to your various pages ? say example I want to post an article about a topic which I want to go under my blog page and or may be an article I want to go under my reviews page..
you get the idea right..I will expect your reply.
you make SEO very interesting to learn. God bless you Nick.

Thanks Abdulrahim, it’s good to hear I am helping people out there. I don’t use a plugin to categorise content. If I want something to show outside of my blog page I will create a page and not a post. Hope this helps, if you have any further questions just let me know.

The tutorial is very good. I found some interesting expired tumblr. Unfortunately, the first time I chose a domain that was already registered. It takes patience to find an expired tumbjr that has not yet been registered. Att MK Tempo

Thanks for the feedback. Glad you found some good expired Tumblr blogs. It’s a lot more time consuming doing this manually, however if you don’t have the money for any software it’s a good way to get started. Try finding other expired web 2.0 blogs from other platforms like Weebly and Blogger, you might have more luck with those ๐Ÿ™‚

Hi Nick,
Appreciate the effort and thank you.
I really learned a lot from you.
Two things came up to my mind now and I want to ask you about please.
First one is what are the best metrics that we can rely on to go and register that expired tumblr blog ? and do TF matters when checking blog PA ?
Secondly, Is one tumblr backlink to my money site enough ? or shall I build multiple backlinks within the same tumblr blog to each post added on my money site to rank each post added ?

My regards.

Hi Mohamed, best metric is the number of live backlinks pointing to the blogs, that’s all you need to know. I don’t check TF, if the site has a lot of live backlinks the PA will be high. One Tumblr backlink can be enough to rank your website, it depends on your competition and how good the Tumblr blog is…number of backlinks pointing to it….if it’s indexed etc. Use different Tumblr sub domains, some have different IPs, which is needed.

How do you check backlink live?

You can see how to make web 2.0 backlinks and check they are live and indexed here

Nice Dear, what command we shall use (instead of + โ€œinsert your keywordโ€)to find expired expired web 2.O on word press, weebly, wix and other 2.O resources?
Thanks and best of luck ๐Ÿ™‚

You can find any expired web 2.0 platforms manual by doing the following:

Go to Google:

If you want Weebly blogs do as above, if you want WordPress replace Weebly with WordPress in the search string, if you want YolaSite replace Weebly with that and so and so forth….you can find any expired web 2.0 platforms with this method.

Now you have done the search string you need to run the “Check My Links” add on as shown below:

As you can see I found an expired Weebly. Go to the site, check the MOZ stats and re-register if it’s a good one.

Run through the Google SERPs until you find as many as you need ๐Ÿ™‚

You can also bang your keyword into the search string if you want niche related blogs.

If you need help let me know.

You can also to generate temporary email. They are also doing great job.

Thanks for the share, it’s always good to have an alternative in case one site is down ๐Ÿ™‚

thanks for your information, i will do it to get any web 2.0

That’s good to hear. Find those web 2 blogs with lots of backlinks pointing to them and they will help rank your web sites.

Hey Nick, I’ve spent the past 6-7 HOURS now searching doing the “expired Tumblr” method (including using a software called “Expired Tumblr Hunter”) to DIMINISHING results…

Out of the many expired tumblrs that I’ve found (manually and semi-automatic), I’ve only been able to actually get a measly “Nine/9” registered, LOL!!! MOST of them would receive a “this is already registered” type of message (despite it showing up as a “404” previously)….

Can we rank WITHOUT these expired “high PA” tumblrs (and just create new tumblrs for our backlinking efforts)?


Yes it takes time to find decent Tumblrs and yes you can rank up without them, I really use them on Tier 2 these days for indexing purposes.

Thank you so much Nick, I really appreciate it let me try to index my non indexed blogs

No problem, if you need any help let me know.

Thank you so much Nick for reply me, I’m going to check all the sites you recommended me. Yes I have another question You explained that if one Tumblr is not indexed you do backlinks from other Tumblrs how do you do backlinks to index a no indexed Tumblr Blog?

No problem Karla. The indexed Tumblrs will help index the non indexed Tumblr because the indexed Tumblrs will backlink to the non indexed Tumblr. Google bot re-crawls indexed sites every 2 or 3 weeks or so to find new content added, so when Google bot next crawls the indexed Tumblr blogs it will find the non indexed Tumblr blogs through following the backlinks and will in most cases index them if the content is good enough.

Thank you Nick for your answer, very clear what anchor do I have to use? What kind of content do I have to use to index my non indexed blogs? An apologize for so many questions ๐Ÿ™‚ I really appreciate your help

Ask as many questions as you need to, I am happy to help any time. Take a look at what anchors your competitors are using, pop the top ranking site for your selected keyword into seo spyglass (free) to see their anchor text profile. Keep close to this: use mostly brand and full open url anchors. You can use generated content but it must be unique and readable to index. Most of the time I use gsa content generator, it is really good.

RE: Karla Review – Thank you for the kind words ๐Ÿ™‚ I have tested a lot of free tools to bulk check if URLs are indexed in Google, this is the only one I have found that actually works: You can check up to 25 url’s in one go. To check keyword ranking I use Rank Tracker by SEO Powersuite: however you have to download it, it’s free though. You have a couple of online options: 1. 2. all of which are free. Any questions just let me know.

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