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Great content thanks for sharing. I was looking for an article related to this topic. You provide so much information in your posts. It was a worthwhile reading this article, I got some of these free backlinks and my ranking improved in a few days.

I tried some of these free links and to my surprise, they are easy to implement and my website ranking improved just days after completing them. Thanks for sharing.

These links do work, they are easy to get in place and when they index your website ranking will improve quickly.

Hi Nick,

with the following entities:

1. youtube
2. DeviantArt
2. Dayviews

we can’t use html coding for the backlinks, which means that the anchor text is infact the naked url.

Have you noticed that the backlink appears in the SERP, just right under the money site. This effectively exposes our backlinks to our competitors. Very annoying and hard to get rid off, once they appear in the SERP. Have you ever noticed this, how to we fix this issue, or hide our backlinks?

You can’t hide these free backlinks unless you do them on Tier 2 and use a PBN on Tier 1, then you can block bots crawling your site using the robots.txt file.

So just to confirm, any anchor text that uses the naked url (or parts thereof) will appear in the serp right under the money site? In other words, if we can’t choose/control the anchor text then chances are it will appear in the serp and can be found by our competitors?

Yes that’s correct. Your competitors can find and get these backlinks too, unless you use them on Tier 2 and have PBNs on Tier 1 that block spiders.

Hey Nick great article but just have a simple question would we make all these links for our money site or the web 2.0 tier 1 New web 2.0 we created in the start of the article

One more quick question
Do we need to power up our new web 2.0 with some more links besides link wheel links if yes then what are some quick ways to boost thier power da pa?
Is there a fast way to create backlinks without using scrapebox or gsa as many people are just starting out like me & don’t have access to these tool if you have a free tool that can help please share that

Power them up with high PA Tumblr blogs. No free tool to create backlinks that work, best way to do web 2 backlinks is to do them manual, if you use software they almost certainly drop. If you don’t have the time you can buy the services 🙂

you do all the links over 2 Tiers 🙂

Finally I got everything in one article that I was looking for. Really appreciate your efforts Nick.

Glad it was useful, if you need anything just let me know.

This is really amazing. I have bookmarked your blog.

Glad you found it useful, thanks for dropping by.

Hi Nick,

I am following your guide regarding the youtube backlink. Everytime I try to add a link from the description section of the youtube video, it is giving me an error message – “angled brackets are not allowed”
. I used the following html code – Ligertail

Can you confirm if the above coding is correct? has anything changed on youtube videos that may prevent us from linking out?


can you confirm the code that you used?

Drop full url in there, don’t use any code. Let me know how it goes.

You don’t need to use any code in the youtube description area. Just drop the full URL in there and after you publish it will link out. As far as I know nothing has changed. Let me know if this works ok 🙂

Thanks for sharing!

Good article on backlinks for a newbies

These free backlinks are still very useful for seo in 2019, if you use Brand and URL anchors you can rank top using just these backlinks right here. Google bot knows exactly what your main focus keyword is if you optimize the page correctly, so there is no need to risk using exact match anchors.

Just started my new online project and needed some free backlinks I can get myself right now to get my website moving up the SERPs. I have used your suggested sites here and my website has gone up in rankings, so I’m here to say thank you for this, without your website I would be lost. Thanks Nick you are great.

Yes these backlinks are all free and from really high authority domains so if done right (using the correct anchors) your website will go up in the SERPs every time. Thanks for dropping by Emma. If you need anything else just let me know.

I tested this links. All of them. No backlink from any of this pages.
Wix? WordPress? Yola? I set up 4 pages of each, no backlink even after 4 month.

None of the other listed sites (and I set up profiles and slides and lists and whatever on each of them – took me weeks) gave a valid backlink. What went wrong? Or all of them changed since 2016?

Wix, WordPress and Yola are still available for web 2.0 backlinks. If your sites are removed then it is because you are spamming them, you need to put decent content on your web 2 blogs for them to stick in the long term.

Pretty much all of the platforms are still available since 2016, like I say, you need decent content on them for the backlinks to stick.

hey you !
your site is besty

Thanks for stopping by, if you need any help just let us know.

Thanks loves this article.

Thank you glad to help.

Great service includes Arabic sites?

Most of the services in our seo store are available for all languages yes.

Hi Nick,

This is what i was looking for. Fantastic strategy..i started making Web 2.0 link.i have just two questions.
1. My 2 websites are already ranking on 9 and 10 position which were more over from comments backlinks. earlier it was on 3 position and gone down to 9 and 10 position.
How many Web 2.0 backlinks i should be making to achieve again position 1.?

2. Please suggest from where i can get PBN?


Hi Tom,

1. I can’t tell you this unless I take a look at your keyword. You can check this yourself by looking at your competitors backlinks. First of all Google your keyword. Then fire up seo spyglass (free). Drop the top ranked site into the software and take a look at the number of backlinks that they have. Also, take note of the quality of the backlinks, web 2.0 backlinks alone might not be enough, it all depends on your competitors. You should also make sure your TITLE TAG is perfect and make sure all on page seo is perfect.

2. We have very good PBN backlinks available to buy in our store here:

I tried since a long time to get a backlink to my website, but when i read your post feeling very comfort thank you so much for sharing the valuable post.

No problem at all, go ahead and get these free backlinks in place and let us know how you get on. If you need any help along the way just let us know.

Hi Nick,

Thanks a lot for another valuable post.

I am getting confused between strategy to follow for anchor text link. Should I make every third back link as exact keyword anchor text link or should I use log phrase keyword anchors consisting of main keywords.?

Please suggest

No problem, glad you enjoyed the post. Take a look at the anchors that the top ranking site is using and copy their anchor text ratio. You can use SEO Spyglass (free version) to see the anchors your competitors are using.

Hi nick,
All these strategies still works or they will work for apk site?
Thank you.

Yes all the strategies still work and will rank up apk site.

Hi buddy,
I have been working hard from past couple of years to bring my website on specific keywords on top. I have studied your article and hope it works for me fine. I have tried link wheel before but was unable to plan it properly. hope I do it this time.

Hi, if you need any help with things send us an email. Target low comp keywords, I highly recommend getting this service from our store: to find all those easy to rank keywords in your niche that are guaranteed to rank using the web 2.0 link wheel strategy. Target the right keywords and you are guaranteed success 🙂

A guest post is a great way to get a niche relevant backlink. There are sites out there that link you up with people looking for guests posts. You submit your content and people let you know if they want it on their site or not. I do not do this because it takes way too long for me, I just buy niche relevant guest posts on Fiverr and seoclerks to get things done fast.

Are these strategies still operational given the recent google updates

Yes, all still working today in 2017.




The service you order depends on your keyword seo competition score, all is explained in our seo store…..take a look and let me know if you need any help 🙂

At what rate are you indexing all of these free links? How many every day/month?

Depends on your site, keep the links flowing at a steady rate and you will be good. Think about keeping everything looking natural, don’t index 20 in one day and then not index any for weeks….index them steady every 30 day cycle. 3 to 5 links a day is safe, if you have few backlinks then index 1 a day, keep a steady flow going 🙂

Hello Nick,

I not understand about your backlink strategy.
In this post you say link wheel (Put link to money site from web 2.0 tier 1) also (Put link to money site and link to tier 1 from web 2.0 tier 2)

Also I found your other post here and you say in Step 2: Free Backlinks -> Section TIER TWO you say (Do not link to your money site from this post.)

Plese explain Nick 🙂

Thanks before.

Both are different strategies, you don’t have to link to your money site from tier 2, I just did that on that particular strategy. It doesn’t matter if you do or you don’t link to your money site on tier 2. I change up my strategies all the time, I am always trying new things. My web 2.0 link wheel strategy does not link to the money site from tier 2 either.

Hi Master Nick,

I am following all of your post and applying 3 post simultaneously on my single page.

I have done with Free Backlinkgs and your suggested gigs, also i done with social signal gig, and start making tumblr high pa backlinks after 10 days.

But the main problem is that i am still no where on my targeted keyword.

My targetted keyword is : Graphic Design Company In India
My Web Page is Here :

Please do suggest, what should i do now.

This is really a great tutorial but I am totally new, I even don’t know about keyword research and SEO. I can’t catch everything rightly. I want to make a website and monetize it with only adsense. May you give me a simple figure that i can do easily as a beginner without any problem. I’ll be very grateful. Hope you will help me.

Hi Avijit, first you need to discover an area that you would like to work in. Then start your keyword research. Use the tool, it is free. When you are there drop a search phrase that you are interested in into the SERPs keyword search box, say I am interested in sports cars…and I want to start a blog on sports cars and monetise it with Google Adsense I will drop “Sports Cars” into the SERPS keyword research box. I get these results:

Keyword Volume CPC Value

best sports cars 6,600 $9.13 $60,258.00

Now you know that if you rank top for the keyword “best sports cars” you are going to get roughly $9.13 everytime someone clicks on an Adsense Ad on your blog.

Now you need to find out if you can rank for this keyword. So next you need to go to….this is free to use too. Then drop the keyword into their seo difficulty checker.

“best sports cars” has a keyword difficulty score of 44 on, it’s possible to rank for this keyword however it is not an easy keyword to go for. Down the left hand side of KWFINDER they will suggest other keywords that will be easier to go for.

So you can move on from there. To calculate the real value of any keyword take a look at my post here.

Wow!! you shared good resources for link building which is very helpful for new bloggers.

These free backlinks get be attained right away, they are good to start pushing ranks. Thanks for stopping by, let me know how you get on.

Nick, just found out using Jimdo is a waste of time.

If you have any blogs there check the robots.txt it is set to disallow all search engines.

Only way to make it to allow is to buy premium account from them.

I will check the others robots.txt and see if any of them also have robots txt that disallow search engines

I know about this Rinti, Jimdo will still index if you use Google Console, try it, I can get them indexed 🙂

Hi Nick, Amit here, thanks for replying to my above query, well i am following your steps and would like to share that after doing few 1st tier blog and linking 2nd tire blog with them, I can see two of my keyword at spot no 36 in google, thanks a lot for your guidance. Now can you let me know what more should i do to push them further up to first page of google, by the way i am yet to do video and PDF sharing (It is under process), do you think doing this will push it up in the ranking or should i do some more web 2.0 ? Also would like to know if i update the contents and link in previously index web 2.0 do i have to resend them for indexing ?

Pls guide, thanks again.

Hi Amit, great to see you are ranking up…keep going and you will hit the top spot. Follow my improve Google search ranking post, that will show you what to do next. You don’t have to submit web 2s to be indexed again if you change anything on them.

Excellent article nick, I have been reading and following your advice for link building, You are better then those so called IM “Gurus” who always keep pushing you to “buy” there courses rather then sharing this valuable information for free. Hats off to your knowledge. I am following your steps and have some query, if you can help me answer them pls..

1) For web 2.0, is it okey to use top 3-5 sites to make around 30-40 web 2.0 under same account ? OR it is high risk of getting banned 🙁

2) Is it necessary to use our “keyword” in web 2.0 url ? As i am getting some expired web 2.0 urls with PA 20+, but without my keyword in the web 2.0 url ?

3) Once done with around 30-40or say 50 web 2.0, should i start submitting them all at once or should i submit them slowly like 3-5 per day, by the way i am submitting them via Google submit only, and I can see some of my tumblr web 2.0 gets index in 30 mins.

4) When should i start expecting see my rank increase for those keyword after doing all above exercise ?

5) Most important, I do keyword research using keywordrevealer and kwfinder both, but both shows different data, for e.g, if keywordrevealer shows difficulty of 17 then kwfinder shows 30, I am really get confused on what is to be done and which one to consider, can you pls guide as i see in most of your post you use keywordrevealer.

I am extremely sorry for asking so many questions, but I don’t think anyone else can answer this questions apart from you.

Thanks in advance and looking forward for your reply.

Thanks Amit, good to have you here.

1. I wouldn’t create 30 to 40 blogs under one account, that is very high risk…you put yourself in danger of losing all your links in one go.

2. With high PA Web 2.0 you do not require your keyword in the sub domain URL, just make sure you get your keyword in there when you set up fresh web 2 sites.

3. Definitely submit them nice and slowly. Don’t submit more than 10 over a 30 day period for each post on your money site.

4. I usually see some rank movement within the first 3 weeks, sometimes rank will drop, don’t panic….keep building the backlinks at a steady rate and you will rank up…it’s normal to see the Google dance when you start building backlinks.

5. Keyword seo competition score tools are just a guide. Make sure the top ranking sites have thin content, do not have the exact keyword in the TITLE TAG or URL anywhere and you are set to rank. Make sure they do not have lots of backlinks, anything under 100 on MOZ BAR and you can go for it…be sure to check the backlinks using SEO Spyglass (free)….make sure they don’t have any high authority backlinks in their profile. If keywordrevealer shows a score under 20 and KWFinder is 30 or under then you can be fairly certain is is an easy keyword to rank up for.

Thanks for dropping by, I am very happy to answer all your questions…keep them coming 🙂

Hi Nick.

So Tier 1 link to Money Site. And Tier 2 link to Tier 1. Tier 2 is important because it boost the linked Tier 1 which indirectly give boost to money site as well.

My question is, is it necessary to have Tier 3 as well? Or is it a wasted effort since its effect to the Money Site is just too small and we’d better off working on new Tier 1 and Tier 2 links?


That’s correct, Tier 2 boost Tier 1…when Tier 1 ranks up your money site does too. You can drop lots of blog comment backlinks on Tier 3 or web 2 profile backlinks just to give a big sign as to what the content in the chain is actually about…do this by using many exact match anchors on Tier 3….2 tiers is always enough on low competition keywords. Tier 3 is not a wasted effort…all link juice flows back to your money site 🙂

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