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Thanks for writing this article on free blog content generators. I personally use free article spinner for my web 2.0 blogs. I copy content from ranked blogs of my target Keyword and put it on article spinner to generate the unique article.


That’s another great free way to get content for your web 2 blogs. If you have a good spinner the content will index and will be fairly unique.

This is a wonderful post, I will use these wonderful blog generator ideas in my new health blog, Thanks a lot.

You could use this on Tier 1 if you edit, but it’s more appropriate for content on your web 2 sites.

I was looking for a free way to generate content for my blog and this has helped me a lot.

No problem at all, pleased you found the information useful.

Hi Nick, thank you so much for sharing this very informative post, been looking for an article where I can learn about content generator and I am so thankful that I was able to visit your blog. Thanks again.

Glad you found the information useful, if you have any questions just let me know 🙂

True, This is a best way to go for free contents.

Yes most definitely, it’s a good stop gap until you can afford a decent content generator.

Thanks Nick this is just what I needed, I was looking for a quick way to get content for my web 2.0 sites/backlinks and these platforms have done the trick.

Yes it’s a good way to get free content for your web 2.0 blogs, you could even use it on your PBNs.

These generate some pretty good content for me considering it is free. I tried the content on some web 2 sites and they have indexed and most important my site ranking has improved.

Yes they are good tools for anyone just starting out that needs free content for their web 2 blogs.

Nice, it is a great post thanks for sharing this.

No problem glad the information could help you 🙂

great help, thanks

No problem, there are some great way to get some free blog content online if you know where to look 🙂

Thanks Nick, for Amazing Article, I now have a good source of free content for my tiered backlinks. Thank you.

The content is pretty good for free, glad you found it useful.

great and useful detail information about unique article generator, this is helped me a lot.

Good to hear you found it useful, there are some great free tools out there if you can find them 🙂

These free content generators are great, this is helped me speed up my web 2 creation.

They are fairly good for free, you can pop the content into free spinners and spintax creators to get even more free content squeezed out of the articles generated 🙂

Just what I needed to get free content for my sites.

This is great for anyone just starting out.

Thanks Mr. Nick
I found your blog great and very informative . hope we will get benefit from it

If you have any questions about the free content generator just let me know. Right now there are some great options available to generate content for your web 2 blogs and pbns.

Useful information for newbies like me.

Glad you found it useful, it’s good to be able to get free content when you are just starting out in seo.

Thank You so much, It is really helpful, thanx again.

Glad you found it useful.

good stuff I’m going to use this info to make some quick blog posts

Let us know if the content goes in the SERPs index.

So far the most genuine way I found to make a content. Thanks for your posting.
I have been running a blog since 2-months now, I really find it hard to create an unique content everyday to keep up with the artificial content creators.
If any body want to write for me, please do reply to my contact section.

Thanks for the feedback, I am sure some readers will be interested in writing content for you. Are you offering them any cash in return for the content they write for you?

Hey, now that google has removed submit url option how do we go about submitting web 2.0 links for indexing fast?

You can index them fast by dropping the links onto Google Plus or any social network platform.

very nice content keep it up helpful for us

No problem, good to have you here.

sometimes you are just creating backlinks to your site and not even thought to index them.
you give us a good idea that how to submit your backlinks to google.
Thanks and keep it up.

No problem, thanks for stopping by 🙂

Nice one

Nice Post, very helpful and informative

Glad you found it useful 🙂

Thanks for the sharing wonderful post information, helped me a lot.

I am please it helped, thanks for stopping by.

Amazing Article, I know many important things by reading the article. Thanks a lot for sharing an informational post.

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. If you have any other free blog content generators to share please let us know.

This post very nice.always help same post.thanks

No problem at all. Go and get your free content 🙂

Great content, will help me a lot. Thank you very much.

Glad I can help. We have cheap articles for sale in our seo store, hand written and generated articles for use on web 2 tier 1 and tier 2 sites here you can get 10 articles for $5…good value.

Can you please tell me the best free platform for submitting guest post of my website . Actually it is a UK based Website which provides World football news, Exclusive football videos and interviews, Trending football videos, UK Sports Consultancy, Latest football interviews and reviews, top rated techniques from professional players and Best sports E-gaming videos and events.

As we all know the best backlinks that you can get are from sites that are in your niche and with the backlink surrounded by niche related quality content. You can find blogs in your niche using this Google search – “your niche + blogs” – Then contact the site owner and ask if they accept guest posts. These kind of backlinks are the best you can get, so as your would imagine they take a little work to get, but are well worth it. If you don’t want the hassle of looking for guest posts then you can set up a private blog network, which in my opinion is much better because you control the links. However, a PBN is costly (money) and looking for guest posts is costly in time. You could also buy quality guest posts from our seo store which will push authority to your site, like this buzz feed guest post service (content is included).

Thanks to you I can now get really good content without having to pay writers to get it, thank you.

Always glad to help, these content generators are pretty good for beginners without wanting to spend anything at the start of their SEO campaign.

Very Nice tips and tools
Thank you.

No problem at all, glad I could help 🙂

Excellent content, will help me structure my project with more rapid. Thank you very much.

No problem.


This is a great post I must confess. I was curious at ranking one of my blog posts to number 1 in Google but couldn’t find a way [Rank 8 in both .com/uk though] but with this article I believe I should be able to achieve that goal with few high PA Tumblr backlink [say 3], the competitor is low though.

Let us know how you get on 🙂

The content generated by free tools can’t be used for tier1 web 2.0 backlinks?
The tier1 web 2.0 blogs only require hand written content?

This depends on your ranking strategy, sometime the content generated from free tools like this will index. Really it depends whether the content will index or not. You can use the generated content on tier 1, if the blog does not index then you will have to replace it. If you use hand written unique content then it’s guaranteed to index and remain indexed. Generated content using free tools might index, but will most probably drop from the index fast. You can give it a try, however it’s a waste of time if it does not index.

I would like to do in the future for my blog, tank’s for the post.

Let us know how you get on 🙂

This post is GOLD!
Rarely do I read a blog post about blogging that isn’t 90% stuff I’ve heard of before. I cannot wait to click and try a bunch of these as I draft my new post today.

No problem at all, thanks for dropping by. It’s a cheap way to get free content for your backlinks, the best paid option is seo content machine at this moment in time.

Thank you for good content.

This post very helpful Thank You Very Much


No problem at all, thanks for stopping by.

I myself am not a great advocate of this tools because I prefer writing my own articles. However, your post on the topic content generators deserves mention for the way it has been crafted and it is informative also.

I completely agree with you Barnali, you should only add quality hand written content on Tier 1. You can use a blog content generator on Tier 2 sites if you are only using them to get your Tier 1 backlinks indexed. If you drop generated content on expired and re-registered Web 2s that are already indexed in Google SERPs you can use it to power up your quality content on Tier 1. Thanks for dropping by.

Wow, this awesome, this is something i would like to do in the future for my blog, tank’s for the post, but instead using tumblr can I use it on other sosmed like Google+ or Facebook ?

You can drop the content on other platforms like Google Plus and Facebook with the same effect 🙂

I am looking for buy Kontent Machine but I think premium third party spinner is also necessary for quality content.

Kontent Machine is a pretty good investment, certainly saves lots of time creating content for tier 2 and tier 3 backlinks. If you add a premium spinner into the mix the content is more likely to stay indexed. It will have to be a premium spinner if you want the content to be readable like

Nice one bro, its my pleasure to check back on your blog today.

These content creators are dope. Thanks

Not bad for free, great for generating content on a budget…saves plenty of time….perfect for those just starting out and don’t have a lot of cash for software yet…

Hey Nick, it’s me here again..
What about the step with the HTML code on tumblr blog. We have to do that for every tumblr or no?

I don’t pop the HTML code in the description area on my Tumblr blogs anymore…the ranking juice flows to your money site without it. Just do a link in the blog post only, it’s all I do these days….anything to save time 🙂

Great.. It’ll save me some time. Thank you

Hey Nick, I started with this process and I’ve stumbled into a problem of some sort. My articles don’t match the spun content, so what to do. Can I post them anyway even though the title and text does no match or should I write a completely new text to match the title?
Thank you.

The Title and Content does not have to match. Just make sure that the keyword is in the title and mentioned at the top, middle and bottom of your content.

Wow that’s awesome. Thank you!!!!


How long Tumblr or Weebly blog will remain before the expire. How to keep those blogs in every day?

They will only expired if you stop posting content to them….however they can be there for years un-used before they will cancel your account. After they have done their thing it’s no bug deal anyway, we just want them to push us to the top of the SERPs…after that the backlinks flow naturally and you do not have to worry about it any more.

first all nice article but 2 article both article generator have problem first one

Full Content RSS Article Generator give every time error ..and second have provide same article everything you generate just it change the keyword in article ..

is there any way to find anotehr

Not for free, you will have to scrape and spin content if you want to go down the free route. The only other option is to go for a paid account with either Kontent Machine, Article Builder or Smart Article Generator.

Nice post Nick. Your posts have been instructive and inspiring. I am taking action. I have read your other post where you mention that only select web 2.0 stick long enough. You gave a list of about 12-15 web 2.0 ‘s, is this list exhaustive according to your experience or are there other web 2.0 ‘s out there that can stick. You obviously want the web 2.0’ s to stay so that they can keep tank link juice flowing. Otherwise I cant wait to read your next post. I am sure it will just as valuable as the ones already in this blog. Keep it up.

There are other good web 2 sites out there, I have been through many believe me, those listed on my free backlinks post are the best. Those web 2 sites stick. Thanks for dropping by. Let me know how you get using these backlink strategies.

very nice its lots of time save thank you very much

No problem, it saves me loads of time too. Keep pumping out the backlinks. Let us know when you hit the top spot.

When reblogging we should use a new expired tumblr, right? For example, when build 10 links and one of them cant get indexed, we create 11th expired tumblr account to reblog it, right?

Yeah use a different expired Tumblr when doing a re-blog. That’s correct, if one does not index you will have to create another Tumblr. So you will have 11 instead of 10 or possibly more if your links do not index.

Great post, Nick.

I’ll have to try this out on the next set of backlinks I make. The content you created with the free method actually wasn’t that bad, surprisingly. I know it’s not 100% unique, but it’s probably more than enough to get away with it – at least for backlinks anyway.

To everyone else – this is probably pretty obvious – but DO NOT use this to create content for your money sites.

Not only will your rankings probably suffer due to lower quality content, but even if you manage to rank well with it, your conversions will be terrible.

This is a great, quick way to get your backlinks up, though. I know a lot of people struggle with the content creation aspect, so this is definitely a golden post to read if you’re finding it hard to generate 10, 20, 50+ pieces of content for your web 2.0 backlinks.

Thanks Brad. I agree, the content isn’t too bad, it indexed anyway, which is all that matters. This will certainly help people just starting out to generate content quickly to pop onto their web 2 sites.

Great blog! Following your blog and can’t wait for new posts when they come out. All of them have been extremely valuable and I’m taking action on the content. Keep up the good work!

Thanks, get that generated content whacked on your web 2 sites and those backlinks flowing.

Yo, im looking for a SEO consultant for my project, how could i contact YOU ?

You can contact us at

Thanks for writing article on free blog content generators.I personally use free article spinner for web 2.0.I will copy content from ranked blogs of my target Keyword & put it on article spinner to generate unique article.

Mahesh Goud

I like the free article spinner too, it’s the best free spinner that I have come across. Even if you don’t use the content generators you can still use the title generators to get quick compelling titles for your web 2 PBN content.

Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Anyway I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon

Thanks for the feedback, good to have you here.

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