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With GSA content generator, When do you insert spintax?

I put the Spintax in at the end, highlight the article or articles you want to insert the spintax into and click “Tools” and then select “Insert Spintax for Highlighted Articles” and job done. You can have GSA generate articles with spintax in them see “Content Media” heading on this page.

If you have 20 articles scrape by GSA content generator, so how do you do Title fast for 20 articles?

You can export the content with “TITLE as First Line”.

Hi Nick,
After finish to scrape the article, Do you use “Insert Spin Syntax For Highlighted Articles” before posting them to Web 2.0 or PBN?
I see from Copyscape if don’t use “Insert Spin Syntax For Highlighted Articles” it will duplicate with very many resources.

Yes the content generated comes from many different sources based around the keyword you enter. You can have the software add spintax to the content when you export, which will make is less readable but more unique to ensure them to be more likely to index, which is the most important thing. I usually don’t add spintax, I like the content to be readable, if the web 2.0 sites do not index I add to the content and that usually gets the job done.

Thank, Nick.
1. Do you use it for tier 1?
2. Do you scrape from many different sources?
I tried scrape from different sources but a few place in them wrong context.

1. yes I use it for tier 1.

2. yes I scrape from many sources and sometimes you do get content in there which is way out of context. I have a skim through the generated content and edit out anything that is not related to the subject.

Thank, Nick. I am worry between buying gsa content generator and seo content machine. I only can choose one. Can you give me advice?

I use GSA now, sometimes I use it in conjunction with Wicked Article Creator, which is very cheap and you can try the free trial to see how good it is. It’s actually really good too so I recommend GSA and Wicked Article Creator together if you can even if it’s just the free version of WAC.

Best content generator there is for the money.

Yes it’s a one off fee and generates good readable content.

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