How To Create Backlinks To Your Site For Free Step-By-Step

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Brother, I really learned a lot from you. That's why I always come here. But your last post on 14 October 'How To Create Backlinks" I could find the comment section there so I couldn't comment there. Anyway, do you really suggest to use those edu. backlinks? I have checked those and looks very spammy site links going everywhere. Do you really suggest to use in it tier 1 linked to money site? thanks

Hi Mohammad, the links aren't exactly amazing quality but it is a link from an Edu site and if you can find a niche related post on the forums then the link is fairly decent. At the end of the day they are safe to use to your money site, they are a good way to mix up your anchor profile and will actually rank low SEO competition keywords.

Thanks brother. Please write a post if you have any backlink strategy with 301 redirect if that is working in 2020. I tried your 301 elevator which works good in aged site . I applied it in new site, it ranked but now the whole website ranking dropped. May be its new website without any domain authority.

Anyway need some advice on increasing domain authority quickly for new website.
Many thanks

This is an excellent post to create backlinks on your own for any of your sites for free. Lots of newbie bloggers always look for such guidance and they must found this useful.

Yes, it’s an easy and free way to build backlinks for people starting out on a low budget.

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