How To Get On The First Page Of Google

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Hi Nick again, I am looking forward to buy starter plan. Just wanna know if you provide any coupon code or something. Also every June Google updates their algorithms and this time around Google has updated their core algorithms so I have heard that some of them have lose their ranking and some of them have got boost in their ranking. Is it true. Has it made affected in your rankings. Let me know it.

No coupon code for monthly seo at the moment. Yes Google has updated it’s core algorithm, some very big news sites have lost their ranking. We have seen some ranking drops and ranking gains, nothing major for us. Sites now have to load fast and be mobile friendly or ranking are going to drop going forward.

Hi Nick, Loved reading that article. Keep it up. I am a huge fan of yours for many months now. You provide extremely valuable piece of information and I have applied few of them myself to get the result so big thank you for that. Anyway, I had a question regarding something. I bought a Florin’s gig on Fiverr for SEO. I hope you know it because it is very popular. However he has stopped that service for some reason and the gig is no longer available now. I bought his gig for my one URL and provided few keywords that I wanted to rank and I came on 3rd and 4th page for 4 to 5 keywords from nowhere in search results within a month and he works with 1 gig per month until his customers get to the top but now when his gig is no longer available so can I go with your “Monthly SEO Starter Plan”. My all the keywords have 20 to 30 difficulty according to KWFinder and have huge search volume of like 50 or 70 thousand searches per month. So I just need your advice on that. Can I go with the Starter plan. Let me know it. I eagerly look forward to your reply soon.

Thanks Tushar. I don’t know Florin, I don’t use Fiverr. Yes you can go with our monthly starter plan here: we accept 1 URL and up to 5 keywords on that package…..or you can give us 5 URLs and 1 keyword per URL, we take 5 keywords spread across how ever many URLs you wish to choose.

Hi Nick, Thanks for this wonderful post. I have some queries. I want to rank on the keyword with a difficulty 34, the average content length shown in SEMScoop is around 4000 words. I have written content around 5500 words my Domain authority is around 7. Any suggestion?

Use SEO SpyGlass and (both free) to discover the backlinks your competitors are using, take note of the links (PBN’s, web 2s, blog comment etc) note the anchors used and plan out your backlink strategy to get the same quality links in place.

i following your blog from 2016 and you are great plz I need your help, I scrap some good Tumblr with DA between 30-50 to build backlink as you said in the previous post but after a couple of months there DA is gone, all my Tumblr DA have now 2 or 6

plz can you tell me how to fix it or how to do when i buy or scrap ather
plz help me

Yes MOZ changed their algo so DA/PA is much lower. You can blast the blogs with gsa to boost their backlinks and DA/PA back up. You can use this service to get it done 🙂

so,do you means :
1-my new scraped is safe nathing will happen to them because i just register it this week after the update
2-after google update how can i submit my backlinks to google to get indexed
3-tumblr now use redirect url so is still worth to get contextuel backlinks from them
thx nick to helping us
my site speed is 88 and my one-page optimisation is 98% but the only problem that i never get the chance to get the 1 page even my keyword is long tail with diffuct is 20
any advise (2 years with you , i try many strategies but nathink (bad chance)
need some guide that all from great seo like you

1. Yes they are safe to use.
2. You can index links with more backlinks from sites that are already indexed. When Google bot next crawls the sites it will find and index your links. You can also drop the links on sites that are crawled often which includes social media like Google Plus and Facebook.
3. Yes the rank juice still passes even with the redirect in place, however you can switch the Tumblr theme so that the redirect is not used. This these does not have the redirect:

The link wheel will get your boost your position:

Will putting selected exact match keyword into url, title and H1 trigger over optimisation?

No it will not trigger over optimisation, write your content natural and try to keep keyword density below 1%.

thanks for this
greatfully information
thanks for sharing

No problem, let us know how you get on.

Thanks for this Nick, I followed and have now got onto the first page of Google. You are amazing.

Just making a few on-page changes can make all the difference, glad I could help.

So grateful to you Nick for this post. My site was stuck on page two for my keyword for a very long time. I put the URL into the Auditor software you mention in the post, I made the on-page changes that it told me to make and bang my URL went to Google first page over night in less than 24 hours. I am so impressed just what impact on-page changes can make and it didn’t take me long to do. Everyone out there should do this.

No problem Tipal, some basic on-page changes can improve your Google ranking over night in less than 24 hours. Website Auditor is free and as you can see in the post is very easy to use, no excuses for checking your on-page seo now and getting it fully optimized as it should be for a first page Google ranking. Like I say, for some keywords if you have good on-page seo you can get a first page ranking on all search engines. Good to hear you have taken action, if you need anything just let us know.

Again great post nick sir. I followed your web 2 link wheel tutorial and my serp improve a lot, now my kw is in 7th position. I did 8 web 2.0 link wheel.
Now I want to rank my others 6 posts. Do I have to do the same process again and again for all posts to rank all posts?

Here I have 8 web 2.0 as link wheel and 20-30 other type links… Can I use same web 2.0 (different sub domain) for all posts? In previous tutorial you told that you made 1200 backlinks and most of them from tumblr and weebly. Is it not a problem to make huge backlink from same ip?

What content generator do you recommend? Gsa content or kontent machine or others?

Thanks Diana, like I say, web 2.0 backlinks still work on the right keywords. Yes you will need to repeat the process, use as many different web 2 platforms as you can so your sites receives backlinks from many different referring IPs. You can use some of the web 2.0 sites again, however it is better to use new ones with the keyword in the sub domain. It’s okay to use build many backlinks from your IP, just make sure you are not logged into your Google account on Chrome just to be safe. You can use a free VPN is you are worried, here is a free one I have used and know is safe I recommend GSA Content Generator because it has many tools, pulls images and even inserts authority links into posts and best of all it’s unique and readable.

I dont have many web 2.0 list. I have 14 web 2.0 that are still live. So in every time I have to use this 14 web 2.0 but different subdomain? like for 1 keyword and for another keyword and xyz for another…
Atlast all backlink come from but different subdomain… So if I take 500 tumblr backlink from 500 different subdomain of tumblr, google does not suspect me?

It’s much better to use different platforms, you won’t get a penalty using Tumblr only, however you need backlinks from many different referring domains.

Much appreciated Nick, I will follow your guide and get back to you how I go. I did well with your web 2.0 backlinks guide and got page 1 so I will try this now.

Good to have you here Rina, let me know how you get on and if you need any help drop us an email.

Hi, thank you for this it has come just at the right time for me. I have left you a review too, so big thanks.

Hi Jim, no problem at all let us know how you get on and if you need any help getting your site on the first page of Google.

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