How To Index Backlinks In Minutes Fast In Google Guide

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wow this is great

Yes, it’s an easy way to get your backlinks indexed fast and it works.

Hi Bro , I’m a fan eversince you started your blog. I remember those days reading your expired web 2.0 case study. Is it still working? I didn’t try it for sometime. Thanks for the tips in indexing 🙂

Yes the web 2.0 backlinks strategy is still working today, if you have a tough keyword then I recommend using PBN’s too:

Hello Nick,

I am following this strategy:

I am using:

1. Blogger – as the main backlink for the dofollow link juice (anchor text = Exact match);
2. you tube – as tier 1 as per your suggestion (anchor text = Bitly as opposed to a full naked url); &
3. – as tier 1 as for additional backlink (anchor text = long tail exact match)

I have checked on google and all 3 backlinks have been indexed.

However, when I check on GWMT I notice that it is only picking up on the blogger backlink, but not on the youtube or Have you experienced this problem before? I would have thought that GWMT would be the best backlink checker as it a google product. Any advice or comments would be most appreciated.

Hi Jess, it doesn’t matter if the links do not show in GWMT or any other checker like SEM Rush or AHREFS. The main thing is that the URL’s show in the SERP’s when you search for the full URL. If they are indexed, then Google Bot knows they exist, your vote is counted and your rankings will improve, keep the links flowing at a steady rate and you will hit the top.

Worked for me, only needed the Blogger link. Thanks for sharing this issue of indexing backlinks has been doing my head in for a while now. This came just at the right time for me, genius.

That’s great, glad you found it useful and got your backlinks indexed on Google. Most of the time the Blogger link is all you need, the Blogger post will index instantly using Google Webmaster Tools, the bot will crawl that page and find and index your links, works a treat.

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