How To Rank Higher On Google Case Study Step by Step Results

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I read an article on how they were able to rank a high volume difficult keyword by creating a unique content that is like an encyclopedia around the topic and providing all answers to all questions asked by various groups of people. You can us spyfu to find the common questions and cover them all in the blog. It will be like a 6000 word blog as it answers all the questions. Then when you dripfeed web 2.0 backlinks and the PBN links mentioned above you can rank any tough high volume short tail keyword to the top. Remember in short tale keywords you are writing not just to sell but to provide as enough information as possible to people. By so doing you hope that at least 1 or 2 percent of those people will turn to customers. It also raises brand awareness. The article that I read is Now assuming I want to go for a keyword like dildo with 259000 searches a month , I will go to google and type the word dildo. Then I will click and open the landing pages of first 20 ranking sites, then I will check those who wrote articles, will copy all their articles and paste them to word document. From here I can all the topics they wrote around the keyword dildo and replicate it into one unique blog covering all the topics they mentioned in their own.Then I will go spyfu and type the word dildo. Then I will create a frequently asked questions and answer all they usual questions that people type for and ask for about dildo like , how to make a dildo, how to lubricate a dildo, how to use anal dildo , how to choose a perfect dildo, types of dildo, how to use a dildo on your partner,etc. Ask you can see you have turned the blog to an encyclopedia. Then you can now do a competitor research to check the typr and number of backlinks you need to push your blog forward. Google will regard the blog as complete and encyclopedic and will rank it on page 1 number 1. I can see when I type the word dildo that it is wikipedia that is ranking number 1. and others are ranking for the word dildo based on domain authority as the link appearing points to product pages and not even a blog. Cosmopolitan wrote a blog and is in number 9, healthline wrote a blog and is in position 10. However by combining and covering all the topics they addressed into one, you produce a better content than them. What do you think Nick?

how did you set up the tier 1 PBNs? i mean TLDs you used. were your tier 1 TLDs .com, .org, .net? or .info, .asia, .pro?

The domain extensions are mixed, some .info, some .com anything that I could find that was already indexed in Google to re-register.

Hi NIck. Can I index all the tier 2 backlink from the same Google search console account or it it going to b e a footprint? Or what do you suggest to index tier 1 PBN and tier 2? thanks

You let all PBN links index naturally, make sure you find and register domains that are already indexed in Google. The next time they are crawled the links will be found. If you really want to use Google console then most definitely use a different Google Console account for each domain, do not add them to the same account it is a massive footprint. You can drop the URLs onto social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to speed up the process. I like to make sure all my domains are already indexed, this way you do not need Google Console, just add your content and the links will be found.

Thanks boss. I noticed that when i set up the PBN, I use rank math plugin and PBN homepage will index naturally in a day. My PBN post page is also in homepage. Do I need to index separately my post page? OR shall I wait as my home page is already index.

Also to push the post page index, Can I use GSA comment, article, indexer.
Sorry Lot of question. Thanks in advance

Just wait for the post page to index, the site will be crawled within a few weeks. Yes, you can do Tier 2 links to push them to index, the best option is GSA blog comments coming from sites that are already indexed. Ask as many questions as you need 🙂

Hi Nick I got a few questions

1. Can I try this for more than one keyword from my Blog? Like “Best knife”, “Best laptop”, “Best Radio”. Or is it going to be too many PBN ?
2. Do you suggest to hide the backlink from the competitor? If yes then what’s the easiest way to do it? Hiding bot from Majestic and aHrefs editing robots.txt or .htaccess? is there any easy way to do it using WordPress plugins?

Many Thanks

Also, can I use this for my another new website which is only a month old?? thanks

Yes, this strategy is good for any website now or old. If you are working on a new site go steady at the start, one or two links per week and build it up from there.

1. Sure, you can target more keywords using PBN’s. You simply need to find more domains and set up more sites in your PBN.

2. We do not block bots from crawling our sites, this looks unnatural, real sites do not block bots. It doesn’t matter if the competitors can find your links, they can’t get them as they are yours, all they can do is set up their own PBN and hope they get the same results as yours.

Nick Thank you so much for giving me confidence and the proper guide. I will definitely let you know my update

No problem, be sure to let me know how it goes for you.

Hi Nick. You are my brother, you are my boss and you are the best. I have been following you last 4 years. Thanks for all the tips and advice

Hi Mohammad, glad you have found the site useful, really good to have you here and if you need anything just drop me a comment or email and we will help you 🙂

Great tips and good to see the guide with the strategies to rank higher on Google.

Thanks, Fernando. Glad you found the tips useful 🙂

Great content as always, Nick!! 🙂 I love reading your case studies.

Thanks for the feedback much appreciated 🙂

stop telling people your strategies

there was no foot prints what so ever. i have said my observation. am still on seekahost. wonder why its so. i use firefox also not chrome.

I would need to take a look at your site, like I say, there is a lot of variables at play and without taking a look I can’t be specific. When a site starts to receive backlinks it’s completely normal to see the Google dance, or like in your case, the site drops from the SERP’s altogether. It’s guaranteed it will come back in a higher position than you started.

don’t try this if you have sites less than 2 years. i am at second month of testing this and guess what happened, just yesterday, all links pointing at the test page of my website, disappeared from google search console links section. the page url itself is nolonger visible on GSC links section. be warned.

The site age does not matter, what matters is that you cover all aspects and do everything the right way. If you leave a footprint then you will come into trouble. Just 10 PBN backlinks on Tier 1 to any site, new or old will not hurt it’s rankings, what will hurt it is that you do not cover all the steps and leave a footprint. Maybe you linked up the PBN’s? Or maybe you were logged into your Google Account on Chrome while posting to the PBN’s? Maybe you did not index all the links, there is a whole load of variables at play and anything could have caused you a problem, this is not because of the strategy itself, it’s because you may have cut corners in some way, I can’t be exact unless I have your website URL and take a look at the PBN’s that you used.

can we use web 2.0 and pbn for tier 2 , is it effective or not

Yes you can use web 2.0 on tier 2 too, they pass juice and also help index the tier 1 links. Of course, it’s more effective to use more PBN links on Tier 2, but, if you have a low to medium competition keyword web 2’s alone on Tier 2 will be enough.

How much for ten domains on seekahost?

It’s around $12 per month for ten domains on different IPs with seekahost.

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