How to Write Content like a pro

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I discovered your website by chance. Wished I had know about it much earlier, and followed your post. For some reasons, I have moved my content from website A to website B. Prior to the migration, I used GWMT to deindex all the pages, as well as deleted all pages from website A. I then gradually migrated the contents across to website B. My questions are:

1. Is this considered duplicate content, given that website A is no longer indexed?
2. Can I point the backlinks from website A to website B, but say maybe use different anchor text, and then throw in some new backlinks to mix things up?
3. Have you ever had such problems in the past or know of somebody with a similar problem? do you know what eventually happened to their website?

1. No, it’s not duplicate content if the other website has been removed from the index.

2. Yes, you can use the sites that you have set up for backlinks for your new website. It would be a good idea to do extras as you say.

3. Yes, I have handled migrations and had to deal with migrations from people that have come to me for help after losing all rankings after a migration. The juice needs to pass from the old site to the new one, in time the rankings always come back.

I found your site by accident :). Believe me, this is the best site I found so far. I wish if I found this site at least 10 months ago. All your articles are very descriptive. I’m a big fan of your articles now 🙂

Thank you so pleased I can help. If you need anything just let me know, it’s great to hear from visitors like this.

Sure, I will have more questions to ask from you since I’m still a beginner. I think your guides will be more helpful to me. I book marked this site to the top of the list of my SEO related sites.

🙂 if you have any questions just let me know.

Hi there. I have a question. This question is best fit on “Do You Have A Profitable Low Competition Keyword?” article. But since this is the newest article, I will ask my question here. As I know after reading your above mentioned article, we have to do the maths to see the profit that we can make by ranking a keyword. Are the things same when we try to rank keywords for adsense?

Let’s say I have a keyword with monthly search volume 22000 and CPC is $0.1. Is it worth putting efforts to rank that keyword?. SERP has results with DA below 20. Waiting for your reply.

Hi, I answered this on the “do you have a profitable low competition keyword?” post: you can calculate adsense earnings but it’s tricky. You need to try and get a high search volume keyword, it comes from experience with adsense. However if you are new to it and have nothing to fall back on, you can do a trick I used to use when I first started out. Go to and select sites being sold making money from adsense revenue then click on a website that is being sold. You can view how much that website is making and discover their keywords by visiting the site and popping the domain url into then you can see their keyword stats on spyfu eg monthly keyword search volume, then you can get a picture of how much traffic you need to earn the same amount that the adsense site is making that is being sold for on Flippa. It’s also a great way to discover new ideas for starting new sites, it’s a way to find a profitable adsense niche with very little work. Any questions just let me know 🙂

What quality I like yours is, you answer the questions every time. That is great. Thanks for your detailed answer.

No problem, if you need anything else just let me know 🙂

Thank you Nick just what I was looking for, you seem to drop a post every time on something I need. I was just searching for how to do on-page seo without software and I thought I would come here and saw this just brilliant.

No problem at all, yes you can do on-page seo rather easily without any software using just a few keyboard shortcuts as shown in the post.

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