Link Building Services

Link Building ServicesI am going to reveal top qualityΒ link building services that will get you a top ranking for any keyword guaranteed.

I have done this over and over, but people don’t believe that web 2.0 backlinks still work.

So I am not only going to show you how to get these one way backlinks, I am going to prove that they work (once again).

The last time I proved that web 2.0 backlinks work was shown on my web 2.0 link wheel tutorial post.

The ranking strategy I am going to show you today will work for absolutely any keyword out there.

If you have a low or very competitive keyword, this will work.

It works on new or old domains.

You can buy this service in our store here, or follow the strategy below and do it yourself for free, I think you will agree that it is affordable for the amount of work that is going into it.

We have used this strategy for many clients on the most competitive keywords out there in the health, beauty and lawyer niches.

These backlinks work and will work for your website too. They are not exactly white hat, but why wait for your site to rank, you need to take action and make it happen yourself.

I am going to rank this post top using this exact seo strategy for my chosen search term:

Focus Keyword

Long Tail Pro Keyword Competition Score

My keyword has a Long Tail Pro seo competition score of 37.

KWFinder Keword SEO Competition Score

My seo competition score is 39.

And for those people that say to you Web 2 backlinks do not work, or Tumblr backlinks do not work, send them to this post and prove them wrong πŸ™‚

This strategy takes one month to complete and will have any keyword ranking top in 60 to 90 days.

Of course the rank time all depends on your current keyword ranking.

If your site is not even indexed, then it will take 60 to 90 days to hit the top.

Of course the time scale also depends on your keyword seo competition score.

Easy keywords will rank fast and hit the top spot in the second 30 day cycle.

I am going to run through everything that you need to do to get your website a top Google ranking.

Link Building Services

Before you go ahead and purchase any services it is very important that your on page seo is absolutely perfect.

On page seo is not difficult at all.

Use my easy two step system to perfect on site seo.

Top Google Ranking

I am going to run through what you need to do to your sites page to ensure it is fully optimised to hit the top spot in the SERPs.

Run through my on page seo checklist below to ensure your page is ready for the top.

First of all, do not worry about keyword density, your goal is to write naturally.

Then ensure you do the following:

#1 Content

Ensure your main focus keyword features at the top, in the middle and at the bottom of your content.

At the Top: have your keyword preferably in the first paragraph and put it in BOLD FONT.

In the Middle: have your keyword half way down the content.

At the Bottom: have your keyword preferably in the last paragraph and in ITALIC FONT.

Ensure your keyword is in the H1 Tag and one H2 to H6 Tag (must be exact search phrase).

Put your exact keyword in one IMAGE ALT TAG, preferably the image nearest the top of the page.

Try to ensure your content is more in depth than the top 10 ranking sites. 2000 Plus words is always good, however this is not majorly important.

#2 Meta Tags

This is the last thing you need to do to ensure your site is fully optimized for a top ranking.

META TITLE TAG: have your exact keyword at the start (once only). Ensure you give the visitors a reason to click. Make your TITLE extremely compelling. You want the searcher to feel like they absolutely have to click on your listing. Appeal the the searchers emotions, I know you can do this πŸ™‚ Make sure it does not exceed 70 characters with spaces.

META DESCRIPTION TAG: have your keyword in the description as close to the start as possible (once only). This is your chance to get the searcher to click on your listing. MAKE THEM CLICK. Give them a reason, an offer or something special that they can’t get anywhere else that only you have. Ensure you do not exceed 320 characters with spaces.

That’s it, your content is spot on.

On Page SEO Software

If you want to use some free software to check your on page seo is perfect then I highly recommend WebSite Auditor.

It will let you know if you have done the above steps correctly.

Told you on page seo is easy.

Anyone can do this, so do not miss this step.

Remember to ensure your TITLE and DESCRIPTION Meta Tags are well written, this will help CTR and help boost your site to the top faster.

If you need help with these, you know where I am. Just drop me an email, I am happy to help.

This has to be done before you do any seo link building.

The links will be pointless without your on page fully optimised.

If you want to, you can go ahead and do some internal backlinks to your new post.

Take a look around your site and link back within the content to your new post, of course it must be relevant.

Right, now it is time to do some serious link building.

Let’s get started πŸ™‚

The Link Building Strategy

Here is the breakdown of this proven backlink ranking strategy.

Tier 1

  • 16,000 Social Signals
  • 20 High PA Tumblr Backlinks
  • 20 High PA Weebly Backlinks
  • 100 Backlinks for Diversity
  • 55 PBN Backlinks with Amazing Metrics

Tier 2

  • 100 High PA Tumblr Backlinks
  • 6000 GSA Backlinks
  • 40 PBN Backlinks

Tier 3

  • 4000 URL Shorteners
  • 4000 Trackbacks
  • 5000 301’s

If you have the right resources you can go ahead and do all this yourself.

If not, you can go ahead and buy it from the Rankers Paradise SEO Store.

Believe me, if you have the right keyword, it is amazing value for money.

You are going to see an impressive return on your little investment in these amazing backlinks we have for you right here.

I am going to fire all these backlinks at this page to prove to you that they work.

We have ranked many clients top with this system, it does work.

I have to make this next point very clear, be very very careful what anchor text you use for this.

My recommended anchor text for any project is this:

Anchor Text

This is very important, do not use any exact match anchors, if your on page seo is perfect then Google bot knows what your main focus keyword is, you do not need any exact match anchors.

The anchor text ratio that I recommend you use is:

Tier 1:

  • Naked URL – 15%
  • Brand – 35%
  • Long Tail Variations – 45%
  • Generic – 5%

Tier 2 and 3:

  • Long Tail Variations – 100%

If you are unsure about anchor text variations and what they mean take a look through my perfect anchor text ratio post.

To get long tail variations of your keyword go to the website.

Pop your exact keyword in the box and hit the “Shit Keywords” button.

Long Tail Keyword Variations

All the keywords under your main keyword are your long tail variations, they will be used as your long tail variation anchor texts.


1. Social Signals

Before we start to build any serious backlinks we need to get some social signals in place.

Doing this first ensures everything looks natural.

I am going to get 16,000 social signals to this post.

Social Signals Services

If you want to do this yourself you will need to get the following:

  1. Facebook shares and likes
  2. Linkedin shares
  3. Pinterest pins
  4. Google Plus shares
  5. Twitter posts and likes

This is easy to do if you have the accounts already set up.

Granted, doing 16,000 social signals takes some time.

However, you do not need to do this many.

We offer 16,000 as part of our service to ensure even difficult keywords rank top.

If you want to do this yourself, you can go ahead and post your page in Facebook and Linkedin groups, share on Google Plus and Twitter and set up a Pinterest board with backlinks.

For help speeding up the process you can join the network.

Or, even easier, go ahead and purchase our package, it is great value for money.

2. High Authority Tumblr Links

I am going to do 20 high PA authority Tumblr backlinks to this post.

The Tumblr backlinks in our network are very powerful indeed.

Take a look at the metrics here:

High Authority Tumblr Backlinks

These need to be hand written posts, which we will do for you in our service too.

Simply write a few lines of text, between 50 and 200 words.

Drop an image in the post together with your backlink and you are done.

Ensure your backlink is close to your main focus keyword, which of course must be in the post TITLE of your Tumblr.

Be sure to mix up your anchor text as mentioned earlier.

3. High Authority Weebly Backlinks

Next I am going to build 20 high authority Weebly backlinks.

The Weebly blogs in our network have extremely good metrics and lots of backlinks pointing to them.

Ensure you use high PA Weebly blogs with lots of rank juice πŸ™‚

Here are some of the blogs that I am going to use from our network:

Powerful Weebly Backlinks

Again, the content must be hand written to ensure the post pages index.

All the high PA Weebly blogs in our network are all indexed.

The content does not need to be very long, 50 to 500 words is good enough.

Make sure your keyword is in the post Title and ensure the anchor link is close to the keyword.

These 20 high PA Weebly backlinks combined with the high PA Tumblr backlinks will have most sites on their way to the top.

However, we only have backlinks from two different IPs.

We are going to address this little problem in the next step πŸ™‚

4. 100 Backlinks for Diversity

This step is very important, do not miss it out.

We need to get backlinks from many different IPs.

A good way is to do a press release, as well as many others as suggested below.

Press Release Services

This has to be done, it takes a little time but is well worth it in the long run.

Here is a run down of the kind of backlinks you are going to get:

  • 10 Article Submission
  • 10 Press Release Distribution
  • 10 PDF/Doc Sharing
  • 10 Web 2.0 Blog Posting
  • 10 Top Social bookmarking
  • 10 Top Video Sharing
  • 10 Classified Ad Posting
  • 10 Image Sharing
  • 10 Social media Posting
  • 10 Instant Approved Directory Submission

Now I will tell you which sites you can get these backlinks from.

10 Article Submission


10 Press Release Distribution

10 PDF/Doc Sharing

10 Web 2.0 Blog Posting

10 Top Social bookmarking

10 Top Video Sharing

10 Classified Ad Posting

10 Image Sharing

10 Social media Posting

Instant Approved Directory Submission

Some of these sites will drop from time to time.

To see more sites that you can use as a replacement go to my free backlinks post.

We do 100, which sounds like a lot, but it’s not, because many of them will not stick.

It’s good to do all 100, over 50% will remain years later if they are done right.

There is a link building product in our store to cover all the backlinks mentioned above, you can buy them here.

These backlinks alone will give your site a boost up the search engine results pages for your selected keyword.

Search engines love backlinks like these from high authority sites, they are great for use on any website new or old and will not harm your site.

They are perfect for diversity on your anchor text profile and getting backlinks from many different IPs.

Think of this part as your digital marketing strategy, you are producing and promoting a new YouTube video and your new blog post around the internet.

Search engine optimization is not complex, get your on page and off page strategy in place and your site is guaranteed to hit the top.

Use our seo link building service mentioned above to get these quality backlinks in place.

Any link building company or marketing agency will be able to do these backlinks for you.

5. PBN Links with Amazing Metrics

You need to go ahead and get some quality PBN backlinks.

Quality PBN Backlinks

You need to have hand written content to ensure the blog posts index.

Our service offers this, which is why it is such good value.

These links need to be done towards the end of the 30 day cycle, this gives your site the final push into the top ranking spot.

The blogs I am going to use for this post have the following metrics:

  • DA/PA 15 to 66
  • TF/CF 15 to 47

They also have some powerful backlinks pointing to them from top sites likeΒ Wikipedia, Huffingtonpost and Forbes.

All that lovely ranking juice passes onto your site and nudges it into the top Google ranking spot.

I will post hand written content only to the blogs ranging between 200 and 500 words in length.

PBN Metrics

If you are going to do the PBN backlinks yourself ensure they have good metrics and are set up correctly leaving zero footprints.

The blogs in our network all have different IPs, are registered under different hosting, registrars and all the rest. We leave no stone un-turned.

If you do not know how to set up a PBN then I strongly urge you not to do it, you should most definitely buy our service to ensure you do not get your site penalised.

That’s everything you need to know in this section, make sure you use the anchor text ratio we suggest above.

That’s tier 1 complete πŸ™‚

Now, while you are building the backlinks above, you need to build backlinks to them (tier 2).

All of this has to be done at the same time, so as soon as you have the Tier 1 backlinks complete from each section, get your Tier 2 started.

Staggering the whole process will pay off big time.

Right, let’s take a look at what needs to be done on Tier 2.


These backlinks will index all Tier 1 backlinks and pass the link juice down onto your website.

6. 100 High PA Tumblr Backlinks

We have high PA Tumblr backlinks on Tier 1, now lets use some on Tier 2.

Tumblr Backlink Service

These backlinks will be from different Tumblr sub domains than we used on Tier 1.

These Tumblr’s will not have as good as metrics than we used on Tier 1, however they will all be indexed and will provide some real ranking power.

I will used Tumblr blogs that have a minimum PA of 10.

I will ensure my main focus keyword is in the posts Title and make sure the anchor link is close to the keyword within the post.

I will send these links to the Tier 1 Tumblr backlinks, and also to the Tier 1 Weebly backlinks.

Do 10 Tumblrs to 5 Tier 1 Tumblr blogs. Do 10 Tumblrs to 5 Tier 1 Weebly blogs.

So you are spreading the 100 Tumblr backlinks across 5 Tier 1 Tumblrs and 5 Tier 1 Weeblys.

I will also fire some of these backlinks at the PBN sites on Tier 1.

7. GSA Backlinks

We can spam the hell out of our Tier 1 sites, this is because they are all high authority sites and can most definitely handle this amount of links.

Do not fire these backlinks at the PBN sites.

If you have GSA Software you can do this yourself.

Take a look at the video below on how to build quality backlinks using GSA.

If you do not have GSA, go ahead and order our complete service, or even just order our GSA backlinks package in our store.

These backlinks will be spread across all Tier 1 backlinks except the PBN links.

  • Aricle Sites
  • Blog Comment
  • Forum Profiles
  • Social Bookmarks
  • Social Networks
  • Web 2.0 Sites
  • Social Bookmarks
  • Article Directory
  • Wiki

To ensure they look natural you must have a good mix of dofollow and nofollow backlinks here.

Use only long tail variations of your main keyword for the anchor text.

8. 40 PBN Links

Now I will do some more PBN backlinks.

As you would expect, these do not have the same metrics as the Tier 1 PBN backlinks.

I will use these PBN backlinks to power up just one of our Tier 1 Tumblr posts.

All 40 links will be directed at one Tier 1 Tumblr post page, not the Tumblr homepage.

This ensures all the ranking juice will pass to my site, and not spread to the other sites that sit on the Tumblr homepage.

The blogs I will use for this stage haveΒ TF and CF of 15+.

These blogs do have backlinks pointing to them from great sites and will pass onto my site.

If you are serious about ranking your website top, you need to power up your Tier 1 backlinks like this.

It will most definitely pay off for you.


Finally we go ahead and blast some backlinks at our Tier 2 backlinks.

This is done to ensure all Tier 2 backlinks get indexed, and most importantly remain indexed.

9. URL Shorteners, Trackbacks and 301’s

You can use software to do these backlinks, GSA can be used again if you have it.

I am going to use:

  • 4000 URL Shorteners
  • 4000 Trackbacks
  • 5000 301’s

These will point to the Tier 2 Tumblr backlinks, the PBN backlinks and some of the 6000 GSA backlinks.

We have ranked many clients using this strategy, it works for absolutely any keyword.

It’s possible you might have to do this a second time if the keyword is extremely competitive.

The big thing for you to do is to get started.

Don’t sit there waiting for things to happen, take action now and make it happen.

The Proof – This Service Works

Okay, so I am going to use the strategy above to rank this post top for my selected search term.

I will log the results below for you all to track and follow.

If you have any questions please drop a comment, I am happy to help any time.


18th June 2018:

Post published and social signals started.

22nd June 2018 (day 4):

16,000+ Social Signals Complete:

The social signals have got this page indexed in

Page Indexed in Google

The post is ranking on and with social signals alone. It is not in the top 50 for yet.

Bing Yahoo and Google First 4 Day Ranking Check

Next we roll out the backlinks and start pushing ranks.

I will start with the Tumblr and Weebly backlinks to show you exactly what they can do.

27th June 2018 (day 9):

20 Tier 1 high PA Tumblr backlinks complete today.

20 Tier 1 high PA Weebly backlinks complete today.

28th June 2018 (day 10):

100 Tier 2 high PA Tumblr backlinks complete.

These 100 backlinks were spread across 5 Tier 1 Weebly sites and 5 Tier 1 Tumblr sites.

All the backlinks point to the post page of each web 2 blog, not the homepage.

1st July 2018 (day 13):

6000 GSA backlinks spread across 20 Tier 1 Tumblrs and 20 Tier 1 Weeblys.

2nd July 2018 (day 14):

40 Tier 2 PBN backlinks complete. All directed at one Tumblr post page, not the homepage. Used a mix of long tail anchor text variations.

3rd July 2018 (day 15):

100 Tier 1 diversity backlinks complete.

All done on these sites:


That’s a whopping 100 free backlinks right there, that is of course if you do them yourself.

You can buy all these 100 diversity backlinks in our store right here.

8th July 2018 (day 20):

5 Tier 1 PBN backlinks complete.

Rank check:

Ranking Check 8 July

Rank number 8 on and rank number 9 on

Not in the top 50 search results on

As the Tier 1 PBN backlinks come in the post will appear on Google and hit the number one spot on Yahoo and Bing.

Next I will start to drop Tier 3 backlinks and drop the rest of the Tier 1 PBN backlinks (50 to come).

17th July 2018 (day 29):

Added 50 Tier 1 PBN backlinks, all 55 Tier 1 PBN backlinks complete.

Tier 3 links are in progress to complete the strategy.

24th July (day 36):

All Tier 3 backlinks complete.

Remember, if you want to buy these services you can get them here.

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        • Yes you will need to be logged into a Google account for Google Plus, for all other social platforms try not to use Chrome and sign out of your Google account.

        • Nick, correct me if I am wrong here – but I was under the impression that every time we log into a google product, such as – google sites / google doc / gmail / google + / google spreadsheets / google presentation – we are logging into google chrome? Or, are you suggestion that we launch each of those google products on Internet Explorer or Firefox, to fly under google chromes’ radar?

        • That is correct, you can log into Google accounts using Chrome, it doesn’t matter which browser you use on this one.

        • do you think gsa seo indexer still useful for index those web2.0links?

        • No, best way is to use social platforms and wait for Google Bot to find the links.

  43. Nick!

    Can you please show me some of sites used by another people who tried to mess up result? I’m trying to find those types posts but not seen any post!

  44. hey nick I’ve sent you an e-mail about my next step on ranking my website did you got it?

  45. Nick

    Will you not publish any other post here till you get this post rank 1st ?

    • I will do another post very soon πŸ™‚ This one needs some work done on it after someone compromised the results sending exact match anchor backlinks to it. I actually disavowed them, but two days later more had been done so I am fighting a battle on this one, someone seriously does not want this one to rank. I am always up for a challenge. It’s possible I might have to publish posts like these privately so that the ranking results are not compromised and then publish for everyone to see when top ranks are achieved. I have to find a way round people trying to mess up the results.

  46. Nick

    Can you please send me report to me also? I will be very thankful to you. I have send you a mail

  47. I sent you an email now. Please reply with the report

    • I sent you the report to follow πŸ™‚ if you need anything else just let me know, or if you have any questions just drop them here.

      • its unfortunate you have decided to mislead me with a fake report.

        what i asked for is completely different from the report you sent me which have 117 referring domains on ahrefs and over 300+ backlinks. and the tumblr posts you did for this job since 6th july is not indexed till now.

        now i will ask everyone to try and figure out what they can use to rank, because this strategy is a waste of time and will not rank this keyword. thats my input.

        again am the reason this strategy started in the first place and now its obvious my argument was right. with this keyword changed, you will never rank.

        • Hi Jerome, I didn’t have the report for this page on the laptop I had when I replied, I was away. The report I sent you gave you an idea of what needs to be done.

  48. know you may not believe this, but I have find out why you may not rank this page fast on google after so many test. Though your post is on 27 each for bing and yahoo ranks. This strategy may be good for a brand new page where the owner will have to be extremely patient and wait for their links to dilute and take effect by showing in google after 3 months but if your site is on 2nd page, just use gsa gig nick mentioned for tier 2. Do not use the 100 tumblr tier 2 unless you are doing brand new posts. If you use the tumblr tier 2, your site will drop hard, tested and proofed to be the problem . after my quest to know where the problem of my sites came from after I completed this same strategy 3 weeks ago, I taught it was my weebly causing this hard drops since 15 of my weebly posts out of 20 was indexed. Then I removed the weebly links and added 17 new tumblrs and 3 overblogs. 10 of the first 20 tumblrs I did indexed and I added just 10 tier 2 tumblrs to 1 of the 10 indexed tumblrs without knowing it since I did the 50 tier 2 tumblrs randomly. So the other 10 tier 1 tumblrs that did not index got got 40 tier 2 tumblrs to 4 tier 1 tumblrs and since the 4 tier 1 didn’t index, the strategy didn’t have effect that much. So once I removed the tumblr tier 2 from weebly I had a good rank improvement and once I added them back to the tumblrs, everything went back again to ugly. So the drop is caused by tier 2 tumblrs

    • The page has been jumping in and out of Bing and Yahoo index, seems to be settling down now, when it does it will hit Google index. Like I said in the post, it will take between 30 to 90 days, like you say “wait for their links to dilute and take effect”. If your site is already indexed, say page 2 or 3 then yes this strategy will blast you to page 1 in 30 to 60 days. The Tier 2 Tumblrs can be a problem if the content is not good, you are right on that one πŸ™‚ it’s great to have your feedback it is much appreciated πŸ™‚ Every single campaign like this will be completely different for everyone, there are so many more variables at play than just backlinks here, if the content on your money site is not great or you have a poor TITLE TAG resulting in poor CTR then ranks will go up and then back down constantly until these issues are sorted.

  49. Nick I remember I asked for report of what you have done on this strategy twice which you accepted to send me since 2 months now and yet nothing received. If you don’t want to send it be open.

    • I am so sorry about this Jerome, I have a long list of things to do each day and never get to the end of it, just not enough hours in the day for me, I have so many websites and other businesses on the go it is hard to keep on top of things. Will you drop me an email now to, as soon as I open it I will send a report to you. I don’t mind sending the reports, I just forget and get side tracked with everything I have going on at the moment.

  50. Hi Nick,

    If I want to rank 15 different pages (multiple pages) of the same website. Can I use same web 2.0 to post articles and link to money sites or use different web 2.0 for different target pages?

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