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Hi Nick,

thank you for your guide. A little wondering, is this method still working to get ranking well in search engine?

You can provide niche based links to us? Is ranking affect If suppose we using spun content on expired tumblrs?

Yes this is still working, this test was messed up by people firing backlinks at the post using exact match anchors, competitors have obviously done it.

Yes we can provide niche links for you, you can get them in our store here.

Yes you can use spun content on the expired Tumblrs and you will still get rank improvements, it needs to be readable content so use a good content generator. It is much better to write a few lines of text and drop an image on the Tumblrs.

Hi Nick.

How are you ?

I would like to how you are indexing expired web2.0 ? because google removed submit url few days ago.And also you are taking links from tumblr post {redirect link} or only from description {direct link} ?

I’m good thanks, hope you are too. The Tier 2 links index your Tier 1 links, it’s good to drop links to your Tier 1 sites from social media sites (they get crawled often by Google bot) and you can also drop a blog comment backlink to your Tier 1 sites from a site that is already indexed in Google, then the next time Google crawls that site your link will be found and indexed (you can find out how to do this on my free backlinks page) it’s easy to get blog comment backlinks that are instantly approved. We also offer this service in our store if you want us to do it for you.

what of sites that are not brandable? are they going to get 20 URL?

maybe this strategy will be the bomb when you have a mix of high PA tumblr, weebly, blogspot and wordpress. but nick if i ask for the report i don’t know if you will help me with it.
so i ask, how many long tail , generic, naked url anchors you used on 20 weebly and tumblr total.

Thanks for your input.

For the Weebly and Tumblr blogs, 40 in total here is the anchors I used:

Long Tail Anchors: 18
Brand – 14
URL – 6
Generic – 2

But why you are using branded anchors in all your PBNs because every time you said “Use Exact Match Keywords in PBN”

I like to use brand as much as possible these days, if your on page is perfect then Google bot knows what your keyword is so no need for lots of exact match, it can get you penalized if you do not do a lot of links to dilute them.

I have noticed this thing about weebly. I stopped using it completely. And this change in anchor text is a serious issue as well. I have always had improvements with the old web 2.0 backlinks strategy anchor text. Naked URL, GENERIC, KEYWORD.

I think the real power here will be the PBN. I think this is simply tiered link building strategy. And if it could take 3 months to rank, then using new web 2.0 is still the same. Well over all good strategy if it ranks. It has a bit high competition

Yes if you think Weebly is not going to work for you then you can use another web 2.0 in it’s place like WordPress or Jigsy. The web 2s, if you have good ones with a good backlink profile do work well. The power comes from the PBNs but also the web 2s pass on juice too if you have good ones.

I think the reason for adding weebly in the mix is to have different IPS in that case I will use 30 tumblrs, weeblys, blogspot, overblog, WordPress blogs, to ryhm at 40.

I think this will work with every other thing been the same.

Yes the more backlinks from different IPs the better πŸ™‚ this is why the 100 diversity backlinks are put in place.

that is even the most recent and site is not penalized in any way.

do not do this yourself guys unless you are paying Nick to do it for you otherwise the response above is still what you will get from him anyway.

i will suggest you simply build diversity links and buy PBN links if you source it out. use few tumblrs and stay completely away from this weebly shits. web 2.0s nolonger work unless you are using tumblr alone. and for the tier 2 tumblrs, dont do it. take me advice or destroy your website. am out of here

Sorry to hear that Mecus, Weeblys still work for me and our clients. If anyone else has experienced problems like this with weebly web 2.0 I would love to know.

Also, take a look at the backlink profile of your Weebly, might have bad SPAM backlinks. You can replace weebly with Jigsy or WordPress if you want to πŸ™‚

none of those you mentioned applies. you see the exact way you built your own links and the same time frame and gap applies. nothing was poor. am using same diversity with you as i have always used it since 2 years now. GSA run as good. i am not going to give you my details any more. the last time i gave you my details for help as per your request on your other posts, all i was getting from you was “i will take a look” and till now its past 6 months without reply.

Sorry about that but sometimes emails get lost and I end up not replying because I am buys, however I am now responding to all emails as they come in.

maybe when i speak of what am going through Nick will think am trying to spoil his strategy but in real sense, i need help. are weebly blogs toxic? this is what i actually need to know. on july 2nd i implemented this strategy to my already 2nd page ranked website which was ranking alone with tumblrs on the 2nd page. but once i added 20 weebly blogs, they jumped to 7 and 8th page. i implemented this strategy to 2 of my websites, 1 already ranked number 8 1st page. but the main 1 wanted to go with is the one i fully implemented this strategy on. the 2 websites received 20 weeblys each. i left 1 website the one with rank number 8 to index the weebly naturally. while i bought 2nd tier GSA gig, tumblr, and diversity as well as tier 3. but yet the site is not coming near its original ranks. taught since it was on 2nd page, the weeblys should have pushed it up well. no the 2nd site i left to index naturally, i left 1st page today to 5th page because the weeblys are now indexing gradually,
see this

so can someone tell me if there are weebly blogs that are toxic?

nick i need your real help here. this is not a thing of anchor text. i always see this jump always. and once i remove the weeblys before 1 week i will regain my ranks. so what is wrong?

Weebly blogs are not toxic, I can’t name the sites for obvious reasons put we have pushed sites to the top using this strategy using the weebly and tumblr links.

The drop in ranks can be down to many factors, high bounce rate, doing the links too quickly, using the wrong anchors etc. Every single site is different.

Plus your diversity links may not have been quality, you may also have done a poor quality GSA run with many Chinese links, there are many factors to take into consideration, without taking a look at your report I can’t be specific here.

It’s okay if you want to send me more details to my email and I will reply asap

Hi Nick,

Hope your holiday was Good!

It’s really shame on those people who tried to destroy your result. I hope their negative efforts will not harm you at all. Keep them engaged with their dirty job and don’t be frustrated. Go ahead, we learn a lot from your own experience you share with us. Kindly request you don’t stop sharing your experience with us. Thanks

Hi Wasim, I had a great holiday, thanks for asking. People have harmed the web 2.0 backlinks post, which really does show the big flaw in Google algo, the top site for that keyword now really should not be there, it’s pretty clear who did it to my web 2.0 backlinks post, but I can’t reveal who it was because I am not 100% sure. I will not stop sharing the strategies that work for me, it’s just getting a little more challenging to prove they work when people try to mess up the results.

The problem is that people want to rank in a week or 2. Those SEO days are long gone. Wait for 40 to 60 days and you will just notice your pages hitting page one with ease. These strategies really do work. Patience fox, and trying to ruin this case study is mediocrity. Why are you trying to ruin all for the sake of being selfish. Nick thanks for all the work you put in for us to follow these strategies.

Thanks Mic, I am working on removing the backlinks with exact match anchors, unfortunately it’s just one of those things. It will not stop me sharing my strategies now or in the future. You can rank fast if you have a high authority site already, and it also depends on the niche, I will talk more about this later.

You sound like an assh**le right now, Mic

1 month is gone today.. Hope we get 1 update for this strategy here today. And for people complaining about weebly indexing, let’s wait for NICK to put us through. I taught I was the only one with the same issue.

Yes month 1 is complete, sorry for the delay in reply I was on holiday πŸ™‚ I get my weebly blogs indexed by throwing Tier 2 backlinks at them from Tumblrs that are already indexed.

Now all backlinks are complete we just wait for all to index and for the site to rank top.

I have noticed people are trying to destroy the results by firing backlinks at this post using exact match anchors from web 2 blogs, which has messed things up a bit.

When this site was relatively small I could do case studies without people trying to mess up the results, now people are trying to destroy what I am showing you.

I have people sending very very poor quality PBN backlinks at my web 2.0 backlinks post, which has knocked it down.

It’s a real shame because I am just trying to help you guys by showing you what is working for me at the moment.

the only problem that will kill this strategy fast is that you don’t interact with your audience any more. which is very bad and sad. yet you are here with us.

am having this issue of weebly and some tumblrs not indexing. even when i have great hand written content on the weebly.

how do you index your weebly blog posts? i see you built your weeblys and they didnt get upto 48 hours to index, almost all the 20 of them you built are indexed and even with seocontent machine article though slightly uttered.. so how do you index your weeblys so fast in google? i see people complaining and i know thats also their problems. strategy that wont correspond with audience is as good as dead

Mecus, if I had to venture a guess it would be submitting to Google by the webmaster tools or if you are logged out as the Submit to Google. I have used that before and gotten indexed quickly. However, I have noticed over the past month that NONE of my backlinks are getting indexed even when I manually submit and are using a 2.0.

One site that I have found getting indexed quickly is Reddit and YouTube. Those links get indexed quickly and I found that helps with rankings quickly. As far as the 2.0’s go, though, I have not had much luck getting them indexed at all. Even a Blogger blog and blog with unique hand written content is not even ranking even for long tails that have a competition in Longtail Pro of about 4-5.

I know that is probably not the answer you wanted to hear, but I can tell you that is what I have seen. I also just checked in Bing for the search term (manual search and slogging through the results pages) and could not find this page listed on the first 2 pages.

You need to have decent content to ensure your backlinks are going to get indexed. YouTube is a Google property so will always index fast. To get your blog posts indexed with hand written content on web 2s use indexed Tier 2 links.

Hi Mecus, I was on holiday, I am back now and will respond to all comments same day πŸ™‚ Simply fire backlinks at your web 2 blogs from indexed sites, the next time Google bot crawls the sites your backlinks will index.

I didn’t force index any of my weebly posts, the Tier 2 backlinks indexed them.

i suggest you guys should thread with caution on this strategy. after all struggles to get to page 3, this is what this strategy gives me with 20 weeblys added and 100 tumblrs added as tier 2 as suggested from this strategy

see the result here

and the interpretation is this

all my keywords are : NAKED URL, GENERIC, AND LONG TAIL ANCHORS as suggested here. the drop is much

things seem not to be even getting better at all. and by the way 1 month is almost up and no sign of seeing this page on google.

That’s correct, like I said in the post it takes 30 to 90 days to work. People are trying to destroy the results by firing exact match anchors at this post from poor Web 2 sites and PBNs. It’s difficult for me to carry out these case studies and show you that they work when people mess with the results. It’s you guys that lose out in the end, I use this strategy on sites and it works πŸ™‚

Nick is Heck Now!

I’m here, was away on holiday πŸ™‚

Hi Nick,
I have started same strategy as you like. According to you strategy I have grab 100 tumblr by expired web 2.0 hunter and tumblr quality is good. I have posted 3 article in 10 blog and still I can’t indexed a blog post in google. Please please please tell me how can I get indexed by google.

The tier 2 backlinks will index your posts πŸ™‚

i think this is the most deceiving strategy. this time i have followed this exactly thinking things are the same with the previous Nicks web 2.0 ranking strategy and ended up destroying my own site with my own hands. moving from Google rank 11 to 80+ and even Nicks yahoo and bing are all gone. he is not even comment but he said he has ranked so many clients this way, whats wrong?

Hi, the strategy does work, like I said in the post, everything depends on your site (content) and the keyword, many variables at play here.

My problem here is that people are trying to destroy the results by firing backlinks at the post using exact match anchors, it has messed everything up, which is a real shame.

Nick is silent now! No work update! No Comment Respond any more! πŸ™

I am here, I was on holiday, came back to a load of ping backs in my comment box from poor WordPress PBN blogs and WordPress Web 2s all throwing backlinks to this post using exact match anchors, someone trying to mess up the results. It’s a shame, I am going to try and save it and disavow the links but if they keep doing it then it will be a lost cause, real shame people want to do this.

Looking at your strategy, I can conclude its a failed one. Its 6days short on 1 month you started it and yet its not on google top 100 even though this post page is on an old domain, which should have been an advantage. As for your social signals, they didn’t do their job. I think they should have helped your post in pulling out of sandbox fast if that was the case, but there is no impact of the signals. Besides you don’t reply peoples comments or maybe time, well goodluck..

Just trying to save the test, people have tried to ruin it by firing exact match anchors at it.

I really don’t get it nick, why is it that every time I add weebly to my projects it always drops hard, even when am using the right anchor text, I.e naked url, generic and long tail anchor variations. Also my weebly post pages are not indexed but the homepages are indexed. Do you think it should affect me negatively? With tumblrs I tend to come to 2nd page everytime. Nick you need to answer your comments as well

I have not experienced that with Weebly, I will answer all comments same day now, I was busy before my holiday catching up with work load and then I was on holiday and then after holiday I had a lot to do, so I am back and here to respond to all comments πŸ™‚

Nick what type of PBN are you linking from (mediocre links)?

PBNs are of mediocre quality, not highest—-being niche related, they are PBNs from general blogs.

Also tell Us cheap gsa gig on seoclerks that can handle this strategy.

Hi Nick,

Can you suggest any cheap and good PBN service provider on SEOClerk or Fiverr. I want 1st tier PBN post to follow this strategy

This was exactly what I wanted to ask. Cheap PBN that will index and work for tier 1 and tier 2.

@jeroma mas

This strategy will not work because Nick used many low quality sites with spun content here to ranked up… I think one month is not enough to rank 1st page position.

People have messed with the results by firing poor backlinks at the post using poor PBNs and poor WordPress web 2 blogs using exact match anchors, real shame when I am just trying to help you guys here.

And you didn’t send the report again?

Sorry jerome I was on holiday.

This is 18 days you started and this post is not ranking, are you sure its going to rank? Well what’s next on this project?

Because it is not going to rank. Google hasn’t even indexed his weebly content. I told you this thing doesn’t work

lol, how you know google have not indexed his weebly? it will rank definately. checking his ranks yahoo and bing improved alot and is on 1st and 2nd page when i checked last. i think it will rank as seo is a long term thing.

Google de-indexed web 2.0s massively before April 28th, and it is not indexing them.

Take this page, put it into ahrefs if you use one, and you can judge for yourself whether or not I am telling the truth

Lol, if you are judging from ahrefs then think twice. I used to be like you though. Let me tell you one thing you should do, forget about 3rd party tools. I don’t even use them but to see how many reffering IP and amount of no follow/dofollow IP. Ahrefs doesn’t quite see web 2s fast, except blogspot. I said fast. In most cases it doesn’t even see tumblrs. Now if ahrefs shows you 100 links and webmastertools see 5 in few days, why will you go with ahrefs? When checking links I think its better to see your google webmastertool and not ahrefs, especially for web 2s. Maybe you didn’t build quality hand written links on tier 1 that’s why your blogs got deindexed. I have a post am ranking now where I used 25 tumblrs and where stocked on page 4 and 5 until I built 3 more high quality tumblr links making it 28 and I came untop of page 2 under 2 weeks. But now am back to pages 5 after following this nicks new strategy since 2 days ago, its because I built new 20 weebly links. Using 10 naked URL anchor variations, 6 long tail anchor variations, and 4 generic anchors. Built these backlinks on 4th. 4 days ago. Now am building the 100 tier 2 tumblrs. After which I include the 100 diversity and 40 PBN. Hoping I regain my ranks again. Also hoping this is the normal google dance for a page that is receiving back links. Nick should come and address your issue as well. Again my weebly blogs are indexed, but my posts page are not indexed. I know things will change and start indexing naturally in the next week as I have this experience with expired web 2s.

are your hopes still high on this strategy? i think this strategy has proved that web 2.0s are now useless. even with PBN’s this keyword is not ranking anymore and more over MR. nick has gone ghost mode because he has failed on this one and will not bother to say a word about it anymore. Lol!! bye guys.

Not gone ghost I was on holiday, like I said in the post the strategy takes 30 to 90 days. As I write this I have only just completed the strategy , so now I wait for the links to take effect and get indexed and the post will hit the top πŸ™‚ It’s day 37 today, just finished all links, it works because I use it on other sites just wait and see.

and see what this strategy have cost my site

its no where near google top 100 as i write now

My post has only been live just over 30 days, when did you start doing the links? how many are indexed? share some with us πŸ™‚ smells a little fishy to me. Like I said it takes 30 to 90 days to rank top, which of course all depends on your site and keyword. Also depends on the quality of the PBN links etc so it’s harsh saying the strategy does not work when the post has only been live just over 30 days.

Well, thank God you came back from holiday, you didn’t tell us you were going and even I was almost gone. As for this guys sending poor quality exact match links, its a shame and I know you guys are Nick’s competitors. Please respect your old self’s a bit. Nick is going the right thing for us. And it will be good if we all learn and earn together. Nick do not stop your good work, thank good you can see through your webmasters tool. Keep this strategy on. Don’t let this challenge weigh you down. Disavow their shit and rank up. I don’t know why my rank has dropped so much with this strategy. From 11 to 60. Please send me the report I requested niw that you have completed the link building please. Send to

I was going to respond to comments on holiday but I could not get a good enough connection. It is a big shame people have decided to mess up the results, however I am going to disavow those links that I can find. I will send report asap πŸ™‚

Besides I see that the 6 web 2.0s are indexed, so what are you even talking about?

Come on. I have used Nick’ strategy before to rank on Google. And I am well aware that ahrefs doesn’t see tumblr because (in my thinking), they were blocked by tumblr.

But the problem is with the indexing part. You tell me how to index web 2.0s, and I will come with a case study.

Otherwise this is a big waste of my time

I know you are desperately in need of a way to index web 2s. Use tiered linking as already shown here, it works, it has been working, it will always work.

I am not desperate. I am looking for guidance. There’s a difference

Then don’t conclude that an ongoing strategy don’t work. I understand

People have tried to mess up the results by throwing poor quality links at it from WordPress Web 2s and Poor WordPress PBNs using exact match anchors, it’s a real shame. The strategy does work, seems some people don’t want you to know the true power of this strategy. I will have to work at disavowing the links, however they will go ahead and build more. They did it with my web 2 backlinks post too, firing exact match anchors at the post from poor PBNs, negaive seo’d the site, so it’s you guys that lose out because I will have to stop showing and proving what is working for me because this blog has too many visitors now and they don’t like me showing this for you guys to copy. Real shame.

So what’s next on this strategy?

Hi Nick

As you said me, will your send me a report of what you did?

Also send to so I also see the report. What’s next?

I will send today πŸ™‚


Here is my email I’m waiting for your reply!

No problem, I will send report later today πŸ™‚


I have quite confusion about “6000 GSA backlinks spread across 20 Tier 1 Tumblrs and 20 Tier 1 Weeblys.”

Can you please show me one of sample?

Hi Wasim, if you send me an email I will reply to you with a report of what I did πŸ™‚

Hmm, good. Did you point those 40 PBN to one of the 5 tumblrs that received 10 tier 2 tumblrs or just random? And what tool are you using to automate the process for 100 diversity and 100 tumblr?

the 40 PBN went to a tumblr post that also received the tier 2 tumblrs too. The 100 diversity backlinks are done manual by one of my team. The 100 Tumblr backlinks are done using FCS Networker, you can also use TumblingJazz.


Keep moving. I see the 6000 GSA back links goes to tumblr and weebly tier 1. Well let’s see how you do it for diversity

Yes that’s correct, all done to Tumblr and Weebly blogs.

did you spreed those 6000 links to the tier 1 tumblr and weebly post page or the homepage?

All done to the post page.

Did you use already indexed web 2.0 or new one’s?

Web 2s are already indexed.


I have a question! why you use only Weebly and Tumblr for tier 2? Can we use another platform for tier 2 such like blogspot, wordpress, yola etc?

Yes you can use any web 2 platform πŸ™‚

again i just saw you finished your 100 tier 2 backlinks, what anchors you used? am enjoying this and following also. you aint ranking though. lets see how this changes with time. next step?

I used all Long Tail Variations as anchors taken from keywordshitter. It will rank top, the post will come in and out of the SERPs at the start as always and then will settle on page 2, move onto page 1 and then rank top.

The next step is the 40 PBN backlinks on Tier 2 fired at one Tier 1 Tumblr or Weebly web 2 blog.

So you complete the weebly and tumblr first with the 40 PBN before you start the diversity? Well am really watching here to see how this diversity step starts and ends

Yes that is correct. I am working on the 100 diversity backlinks right now. Keep everything on tier 1 flowing in at a steady rate.

what if i decided not to use the 55 PBNs, wont my ranks go up? and is it a must to use GSA on the diversity and web 2.0s?

Yes ranks will still improve if you do not do the 55 PBN backlinks, you can add those later if required if you do not hit the top. The GSA links help to rank the post pages and using long tail variations on your main keyword helps send a clear message to Google bot what your page is about. You can try without GSA links and monitor ranks, add them into the mix later down the line if required.

Tier 1 web 2.0 completed under 5 days. That’s 8 a day and probably 4 each web 2.0

Doesn’t matter when you put the backlinks in place, it matters when Google identifies the link. So when Google next crawls the Tumblrs and Weeblys is when it counts, which could be any time in the next 2 to 3 weeks.

and today this post has gone out of serp completely even though it is not Ranking in google yet, but the yahoo and bing ranks which you were ranking on are out from the serps. 27th jun noted

Yes I know, this is completely normal. The page will jump in and out of ranks while the link building process is being done.

Hi Nick,

another amazing idea from you!

For tier “1 – 100 backlinks for diversity” are you suggesting that this should be done manually? Can it be done with automated software at all knowing that 50% would drop off?

Hi Mohammed, good to hear from you. Yes you can do the 100 backlinks using software, they are for diversity only…to mix up your anchor text and to get you backlinks from many different IPs.

Again I see you are selling blog comments, what are the impacts of blog comments in seo? Because all what I see is negative impacts taking my site from 2nd page to 6th page.

They are used to mix up anchors and get backlinks from different IPs, you need to get niche related blog comment backlinks with very few outbound links, do not get backlinks from spammed sites.

Is blog comments needed if a website has this 100 diversity already?

Not required, you have the 100 diversity backlinks. You can get blog comment backlinks on the tier 2 gsa run πŸ™‚

Hi nick, once again great article. Its a bit long tutorial to follow but hope that it will rank for hard keyword for sure. I have 2 questions regarding PBN and web 2.0.

1. My moneysite has 32 articles and I have a PBN of 12 domain. How to take backlinks from that PBN? Should I write 32 articles on each PBN and take 1 backlink from each?
2. Can i reuse the tier 2 expired web 2.0 for another batch of tier 1?

1. you can use your PBN to rank your main money pages. It is not a good idea to write 32 articles for each PBN and link from all PBN sites to the same site 32 times. This will leave a massive footprint and without doubt get your site penalised. You are going to need a bigger PBN, however this all depends on your keywords. I would use the 12 sites to rank one of my pages, select the keyword that will make you the most money and is most likely to work on.

2. Yes you can re-use the tier 2 web 2 for another batch of tier 1 πŸ™‚

Thank you nick sir

No problem πŸ™‚

I think this posts is not fully cleared. Out of your experience and practice In the tier 1since you have ranked so many clients websites using this exact strategy, my question is

1) on tier 2, how do you share the 100 tumblr tier 2 links for the 40 web 2.0s on tier 1 (tumblrs and weebly) as well as the 55 PBN posts? That is how many tier 2 tumblrs goes to each tier 1 weebly, tumblrs and PBN posts.

2) just like my first question, again on tier 2, how do you share the 6000 GSA links with 9 profile for each tier 1 100 diversity links and 40 web 2.0s? 6000 gsa tier 2 links to 140 tier 1 links.

3) you said on tier 3, that the 13000 backlinks, from trackback, 301, and URL shortners will goto the 40 tier 2 Pbns, 100 tumblrs tier 2 and some of the 6000 Gsa tier 2 backlinks, again can you share how you do this part to exactly the numbers? Thanks once more

1. you spread the 100 Tumblrs across 5 Tier 1 Weebly and 5 Tier 1 Tumblr blogs. So, each blog gets 10 backlinks. Sorry I have not been clear, I am going to show everything in my results log.

2. This is just random, spread the links out across all the tier 1 urls, it does not matter how many links go where, it’s just a case of getting them in place.

3. Again, this is random, of course it is done with software, we simply choose a domain and fire the 301’s at it. All will be revealed in the log with details of where all the backlinks have been done.

Hi Nick,

I am very curious on your link building services, what is also the guarantee that the keyword I want to rank on the 1stpage will be there forever, I mean, will have a stable ranking.

here is my email.
keyword to rank: web design Dubai

let me know if this service fits in.

Hi Angela, yes this service will fit for you. However to maintain ranks when you hit the top you need to keep an eye on your competitors. Of course if they gain links, add fresh content you might drop, so you need to track everything and add more backlinks if needed.

is this what you mean with optimization?

Yes, use my check list and ensure you have everything in place. I also forgot to mention in the post, make sure you have your keyword in your URL extension πŸ™‚

Saw that you said The tier 2 40 PBN links will only point to one tier 1 tumblr post right? Would you care about the anchor that one tumblr post used?

Yes that is correct. Use long tail keyword variation anchors only, get those from keywordshitter πŸ™‚

Hi Nick
If i buy this service from you then wht is the gurantee that my page or keyword get number one is specific time, did you give any money back gurantee?

Hi Atif, I need to take a look at your website and keyword to answer that question. Send me an email to with your URL and keyword and I will let you know how long it will take. We don’t give a money back guarantee because a lot of work will be done, and of course it will always benefit your website what we do. What we do is well worth the money πŸ™‚

I send you email please reply it thanks

Done, if you need anything else just reply to the email I have sent you.

I did not see any reply in my email , i want to buy your this service but before check my site and tell me what is good for me thanks

No problem, send me your website details to and I will take a look for you πŸ™‚

you said add your anchor close to your keyword, can you show example of this?

you said add your keywords in H2 to H6, do you mean we should add the keywords to H2,H3,H4,H5,H6? or we should add the keyword to just 1 heading, like h2 only?

Yes, so if your keyword is “best treadmills in 2018” you would have a paragraph of text like – Take a look at the best treadmills in 2018 by clicking here and reading the guide below. – My anchor text there would be “clicking here” which is as close as possible to my keyword.

You add the keyword to your H1 TAG, and add the keyword to one H2 to H6 TAG, not them all.

Hey Nick

Amazing post! I’m eager to see the result! Will you share your step by step case study like your published articles, social book marking etc.

I will keep you up to date with the ranking results, when I have time I will run through a step by step guide on how to do the article and bookmarking backlinks πŸ™‚

Its good you started this here again as expected, i think this is a bit different from the first strategy where I said it didn’t work anymore, well let’s see how it goes, but you didn’t say the time frame to post tier 1 tumblrs and weeblys for new or old sites since we know the keyword is going to jump back and forth, from tumblr and weebly alone in first month not to talk about PBN.
About anchor text: naked URL, longtail variation, brand, and generic, what of micro niche sites that has no plan for brand? What anchor do you recommend, and please shed more light on the timing of this backlink, because at the beginning, you said its one month for completion of this strategy, and in the end for tier 1 for PBN you said it needs to be done towards the end of the month, so how will we do tier 2 when tier 1 needs to finish towards month end, which means its not a one month thing. Secondly, you didn’t say how many tier 2 tumblrs goes to tier 1 tumblr and weebly. Above all this ia another great case study.

Yes this strategy is a little different to stay in line with Google algorithm changes. The first thing you will notice is the change in anchor text, I will not use any exact match anchors unless it is absolutely necessary.

The Weebly and Tumblr blog posts will all be done in week two.

If you do not have a brand simply use more URL anchors, eg if the page you are ranking is then I would use and and all different variations of the URL in place of brand anchors.

The strategy will be complete in one month, all backlinks will be done in the first 30 day cycle. Then they will slowly index over month 2 and 3 and your site will rank top.

As each set of tier 1 is complete you can get started on tier 2. It will be 100 Tumblrs on Tier 2.

I will be posting with updates and a time log of everything I am doing along the way for you to follow exactly πŸ™‚

that will be great to follow. am here already

Awesome, let me know if you need anything πŸ™‚

Good to see you are progressing faster, though checking your social signals, I saw 32k signals Facebook like and Facebook shares 16k each on shreyt. Am I right?. I will keep following this exactly. And what do you think about 1 week new websites to use this strategy especially the PBN side of it in the first month

Yes that is correct with the Facebook signals and shares. It’s safe for a new site especially with the web 2.0 backlinks, like you say, be careful at how many tier 1 backlinks you use. Most definitely do not use the PBN backlinks in month 1, you can power up your Tier 1 Web 2 sites with more Tier 2 backlinks, use your buffers wisely for a new site πŸ™‚

You can use the PBN on Tier 2 for a new site, hit your Tier 1 web 2 buffer blogs with them πŸ™‚ you could do one decent hand written post on a web 2 blog and power it up with the PBN backlinks.

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