20 High CF PA DA 10 Plus PBN Backlinks

$50.00 $20.00


Here you will receive 20 very powerful PBN backlinks on high CF, PA, DA 10+ domains.

All of our PBN sites are indexed in Google, you will see a keyword rank improvement.

We accept any website for this service and we do content in any language.

These backlinks will push ranking for new or aged domains and for any keyword out there, local or regular.

The PBNs are safe to use, all are on different IPs and have been set up to leave zero footprints.

We suggest using a more exact match anchor text ratio to get big rank improvements from this service.

These have been tried and tested and are proven to work over and over again.

For a limited time, you can buy these backlinks at such a low and very cheap price.

Now we can look at what ranking results these backlinks have achieved:

20 PBN backlinks ranking results site 1

This client achieved a no. 1 Google ranking from these 20 links alone. The site went from rank 9 to rank 1 is a very short space of time.

20 PBN backlinks ranking results site 2

This site went from zero rankings up to a number 5 ranking in a short space of time.

The secret is not in the metrics, it is using indexed domains that are all on different IPs.

You are going to receive:

  • 20 PBN backlinks on domains with high CF, PA, DA 10+
  • All the links will be dofollow
  • All the links are 100% permanent (we use the blogs on our own sites and need them to stay live)
  • The PBNs are on different IPs (no footprints, tried and tested and are safe)
  • All the domain are indexed in Google (which means they are not penalized – no spam)
  • The links will also show on the high PA homepage
  • We can do content in any language and will be at least 500 words and readable and indexable
  • We accept any website for this service

When Google bot finds the links you will get a keyword ranking improvement.

What We Need From You:

  1. Your Website URL (strictly one URL only – we do not split the links)
  2. Up to 20 Anchors/Keywords

After we have completed the links we will send the full report to your email. The report will include all 20 PBN URLs.

We accept any website for this service, we will do 100% unique indexable content in any language.

Delivery Time – 3 to 5 Days


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