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I want to start afresh. Give me a link to your service store where I can order for a keyword with low competition, high cpc, and I prefer a product keyword so I can make money from amazon through their affiliate program.
NB: I don’t have any niche in mind. I just need a profitable long tail keyword that worth my investment

And is it advisable to rank an informational keyword? i.e keywords without product to sell.

Lastly, can you recommend a reliable free hosting site for a year whose price plan is affordable after a year

You can use our keyword research service in our seo store to find keywords for a new niche.

It’s best to rank for buyer keywords when working with Amazon affiliate site.

Best hosting is Bluehost, never used a free hosting service so I can’t recommend one.

I have learn 100% seo from rankersparadise Thank you so much I always will be waiting for your new articles . Every articles is really awesome and knowledgeable.

Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

why delete my quesions, what happend??

Hi,Nick,thank you for your help.but now i have one big problem, before you let us submit 1-2 URL To Google Seatch Console every day, i did by your request, all the link be indexed after 1-3 minutes when i check from ,
but today morning, i checked before 1 week i submit all post, including 1. expired tumblr post money web post 3. dos share post web2.0 post,

all post disappear from google index. all not found at
what happened for it. i am so worry about it.

you know, i only submit 2-3 post link to google every day with different google account.
and all post are unique article( 500-1000words)

some of my link:

please help me,nick, thank you!!!

Michael don’t worry about that, drop them in google console, if the links don’t remain indexed simply do a Tweet or a Facebook post to it. Eventually the posts will index. Move on and keep the backlinks flowing πŸ™‚

Thanks for the great work…But i see most of the tumblr backlinks wont index in Google…and you already mentioned that if a link does not index in Google. It has no benefit.

That’s true, you need them to index to make them count. I just fire more Tumblrs if they do not index, I find most will index if you use unique content.

Hi,Nick ,thank you for answer us so many i have two questions .
1.Now Most web 2.0 new register. all have some problem. nofollow noindex
jimdo no title no description
need 100us dollar for one year.

angelfire nofollow.

and too much web2.0 now need update.
how to do for us?

2.for tumblr expired blog,
before you speak 200 words for article is enough, should i need with two link for each article, one is link money web ,one is link to other web(search google ).
and other weebly expired blog.

hope to hear from you soon.


Hi Michael,

1. It’s good to use a mix of dofollow and nofollow backlinks. Here are some web 2.0 sites that are dofollow and do not require email confirmation:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

That should keep you going πŸ™‚

2. I always add around 500 words per article, you can invest in seo content machine or buy articles from our store, we offer 10 articles for $5. Mix up the number of links you have per article, always have the link to your money site and every now and again throw in a link to an authority site in your niche (not a competitor).

Great list of web 2.0s , but the truth is that those are premium web 2.0 blog and you only have 7 days for those to be deleted. The blogs delete your posts and account after 7 days. So better is to dig deep for other web 2.0 properties that won’t delete your accounts

Hi nicks, thanks for your nice article. But I am little bit confused. Is it really work web 2 link wheel backlink? Many SEO expert don’t comply with your strategy. Plz Explain.

Hi Masud rana, web 2.0 link wheels work πŸ™‚ look at the results, I prove that they work. Many people do a lot of talk but don’t show any proof. I show you that they work….give it a go and let me know how you get on.

Hello Nick,
I request you to write a article on local business SEO including following parameter
Keyword Research
Keyword Grouping
Keyword Mapping
Google My Business Creation
Yelp Listing Creation
Bing Local Creation
Yellow Pages Creation
Additional Business Listing
On-Page Optimization
SEO Road Map
Title Tag Optimization
Meta Description Optimization
Meta Keyword Optimization
Domain Redirect Optimization
URL Rewrites
Broken Link
Rich Snippet Recommendations
Local Schema Implementation
Local Business Information Schema
Map Schema
Product Information Schemas
Images and Logo schemas
Initial Off-Page SEO

I will do some content on local seo when I get some spare time πŸ™‚

is there any way you could help me register these blogs

i really do not know the reason why i cant register on them, after registration i get access denied message when i try to login

Hi Fay, You can try hiding your IP address with this free software. If that does not work you can have my VA do it for you using this service from our store. Leave your requirements on the checkout form and it will be done for you πŸ™‚

Can seo content machine generated articles cause duplicate content and google penalty on my money site when used as tier 1 articles?

No, seo content machine has a built in spinner which is very good.

Nick, you mentioned 120 links pointing to the money site, do you mean all tier 2 not only link to tier 1 but also the money site?

Hi Rio, that’s 120 links including tier 1 and tier 2. All that lovely rank juice flows down to your money site πŸ™‚

Thanks for the reply Nick. What I meant is do all tier 2 links directly link to the money site as well?

No, Tier 2 do not link to the money site. All Tier 2 links only link to Tier 1 sites.

Nick, I sent you an email. I know you are busy. Please take a look when you have time. Thanks.

Hi Rio, I didnt receive your email. Can you re-send and I will take a look πŸ™‚

Thanks Nick. I sent it πŸ™‚

plz Add Bitcoin option in SEO store for payment

I will look into doing that for you right now πŸ™‚

You can now pay with Bitcoin in the Rankers Paradise SEO Store. If you have any problems please let us know.

Hi Nick
Will this strategy work for ecommerce sites also.

Yes it will work to rank an ecommerce site, it depends on the keyword and content of course. If you want me to be more specific send me an email with your keyword and URL and I will take a look for you πŸ™‚

Hello Nick and Caroline!

Another great post! I have bought many gigs and they WORK!

Ordering more soon.

Keep up the great work!


Thanks Shannon, all feedback is much appreciated πŸ™‚ If you need any help just let us know.

It seems lately that all of your posts are promoting your own services.

The case study has not been updated in 6 months.

Long gone are the times you were trying to provide valuable info. There were a lot of affiliate links in the beginning as well, but now it’s just too much.

Rip RankersParadise

Hi Charles, thanks for the feedback. All of my strategies can be done by yourself for free. You don’t need to use the software or the services available for sale on rankers, they are there to help you out if you don’t have the time. My info is still valuable and will help you rank up if you choose to use the information I am giving you. It’s good to have you here, I hope you stick around, all feedback is much appreciated πŸ™‚

Hey charles how are you tonight
you dont expect people to just sit and give advice for free do you? do you give people advice for free? I have to fight back here and say nick takes alot of time and answers peoples questions when he can. He has worked his arse off here and takes time out every day to answer peoples questions and make posts on the site to try and help people. You obviously run a website or are looking to run one if your on here are your services or whatever you sell free????No i didnt think so ….enough of the cheeky comments

if you are gonna continue posting comments like that YOUR BLOCKED.

Hi Nick,

thanks for your effort in sharing your knowledge. Much appreciated

A question: once it comes to power up your Tier 1 with Web2.0, are you going to use brand new Web 2.0s or expired Web2.0. Is it not a problem if you use expired Web2.0 and they’re not in the same niche ?

Thanks again

Thanks for the positive feedback. On tier 2 I will be using expired web 2 blogs with high PA, they do not need to be in the same niche, these are only there to help index the tier 1 links.

so am I correct in saying that if the expired Web20 are not in the same niche, then their value is to index the backlinks naturally rather than passing on the link juice ?

They pass on link juice too, I use them to index tier 1.

I noticed that Worpress closed my Web2 accounts aggressively these days.
Last time, I posted 4 days apart, using FCSnetworker and it still happened
Any suggestion for an alternative platform, or stop using FCSnetworker?

Yeah it’s most probably to do with FCS Networker. Here are some other good Web 2.0 sites you can use that are dofollow and actually do not require email conformation:

Really watching this particular one with interest. Why? Because you didn’t start off with any halfway decent ranking as soon as this post was published. I feel like this has happened to me a lot lately, and the posts never end up ranking anywhere. Curious to see how this one goes for you.

Thanks for the comment Sam. My post will hit he SERPs when I drop some internal links and get the link wheel indexed. It’s very early days, we are working on the social signals right now, the next step is to get the backlinks flowing πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by.

Me too, watching closely though this website has good metrics now

Thanks for the replys and answers..

1) It seems you are most certain that tumblrs as tier 2 will push ranks to tier1 web 2.0s than high PR blog comments and profile links, apart from making tier1 a link wheel, what do you do to ensure the we don’t loose the ranks to our money site?

2.) I lost my no1 ranks for 2 of my websites, do you think this strategy will push me back to the top or should I dump the websites and start other projects?

3.) On tier 2 tumblrs, how many posts do you make per tumblr. Example , can I use 5 tier 1 web 2.0s on 1 tier 2 web 2.0s

No problem.

1. I don’t use blog comments or profile backlinks at all on tier 2, Tumblrs work wonders for me. To keep your rank you need to update content on your money site, keep it fresh….even if people are just leaving comments on your posts it’s keeping the content flowing and fresh. You can update a post a little or add to it. Also, keep the backlinks flowing, when you hit the top spot the backlinks come naturally. If they don’t, you can drop a few backlinks each month to keep ahead of the pack.

2. To be honest I would need to take a look at your sites to answer this one and compare them to the top ranking sites in your niche. Only you can answer that question, unless you let me take a look at your sites, you can send me an email and I will let you know what needs to be done πŸ™‚

3. I use my Tumblrs on Tier 2 over and over, they are there to get my tier 1 sites indexed. You really need to use different Tumblrs to each web 2.0 site on tier 1.

Again I have question with this method.

1.) What is the probability that all 20 web 2.0 will index in google?

2.) Why not go for 40-60 different web 2.0s and then blast them with high PA tumblrs or even 70000 scrapebox blast?

3.) Its obvious almost 90% of expired tumblrs with high PA 28+ nolonger holds links and instead showing links deleted when checked with ranksignal. What do you update about that?

4.) Can’t 3000 wiki backlinks take care of these tier 1 backlinks.

5.) Do you add authority sites to these web 2.0s?


1. Depends on the quality of the content and the quality of the tier 2 backlinks. Building 20 increases the chance of a good ranking, I will get most of them to indexed.

2. You can do as many web 2s as you see fit, in my case I know 20 will do the job. No point in doing more work than you need to.

3. As long as the Tumblr gives you a contextual niche related backlink then I’m not that interested in metrics. The only metric I am bothered about is when my site is ranking top of Google. If you are worried about your Tier 2 Tumblr backlinks holding their PA or having backlinks that point to them the answer is simple, do a third tier….in most cases this is not necessary. Don’t wast too much time checking metrics that are not related to Google, use your time getting the backlinks in place.

4. 3000 wiki backlinks is not a good idea on tier 1, you could use them on tier 3….it is highly unlikely that any will index.

5. I will link out to some authority sites from the web 2s, not all of them.

What is the keyword competition for Search Engine Optimization Services for which this post has been posted..

Added to the post.

Hey the site is still pretty much here well it is when i last checked πŸ˜‰
Sorry for the lack of posts. We have been rushed off our feet on the new rankers store πŸ™‚ please be sure to check it out

Before you log your results first, do us a favor in telling us the keyword competition Of search engine optimization services, taking into consideration of rankersparadise metrics beforehand. Meanwhile thanks for this new article and comment section re enabled. I taught this site was gone for good.

I have added the keyword competition score of my selected keyword to the post πŸ™‚

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