SEO Checker Tool For Best Site Analysis

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Definitely one of the best tools to test a website on-page seo. I gave this a try and it’s easy to use, unlike other tools out there. Thanks for sharing Nick.

It’s a decent tool, and yes it is very easy to use.

Hello Nick,

this is not directly connected to this article, I am sorry for that.

I want to ask you if you have experienced lower conversion and unusually low revenues during October?

People in Amazon forum are complaining about such things implying tracking problems.

I have not noticed a dip in my Amazon affiliate conversions in October.

Hi nick sir, thanks for the sheerseo 🙂 . May me write a post about expire domain, how to choose an expire domain for using as moneysite.

I do accept guest posts, send me the content and I will take a look: If you are asking me to write a post on choosing expired domains I will get to it asap.

Sorry for my bad! That ‘me’ will be ‘you’. I am requesting you to write a post on expired domain as money site or 301 redirection. May you give me a suggestion please.
1. I did 2 link wheel for my 2 keywords. Keyword difficulty was easy under 16. 4 months over but both keywords stuck on 2nd page (11th-13th). I also did free backlink & blog comment. All are indexed but my keywords not moving.
2. Can I do link wheel for my all keywords or it will be bad.

1. Take a look at your bounce rate and page load times.
2. Yes you can do a link wheel for all keyword, use different web 2 platforms to shake it up a bit and get backlinks from different IPs.

Good stuff and great info. Thanks for sharing.

No problem 🙂

this one is helpful

No problem, glad you found it useful.

Thanks for the review, I have been looking for a rank tracking tool for some time. I will give the free trial a go and will continue with the service if it is any good.

Yeah it’s a no frills rank tracking tool, easy to use, gets the job done 🙂

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