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I follow your strategies and have got some top rankings, thank you. I have had to use your services in your store, like you say it does take up a lot of time trying to do everything yourself. I got your web 2 links one month and they pushed my site to first page from page four.

Good to hear you are taking action, yes outsourcing is required at times, especially when you are ranking a lot of pages/posts at once.

Love your SEO coaching blog it’s helped me a lot, like you say in the post SEO is very time consuming. I outsourced the work and got more done fast, I worked out my outlay against my returns on rankings and got it done.

It’s a good idea to plan everything before you outsource, go ahead and know your keyword worth and you can’t go wrong. Make sure you asses the competition and get optimized and you are good to rank top.

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