How to find expired tumblr free  


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05/02/2017 10:27 pm  

Hello Nick and other forum members, can you pls share any web based free service or free software to find expired tumblr. Also i want to know if i come across any expired tumblr with good DA, PA and backlink but dont have my target keyword in URL should i register that ? Will it help in ranking ?

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06/02/2017 7:07 am  

You can use this one -

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06/02/2017 8:32 am  

I only use Tumblr Hunter from Supagrowth. It's all I need.

And, yes, you should register any expired Tumblr with decent metrics and backlinks. They do not have to have your keyword in the URL or even be topic-related to your niche for that matter.

You can even register the 'junk' Tumblrs you find (ones with good metrics, but have porn or questionable backlinks) to utilize in tier 3.

I use the highest quality Tumblrs in tier 1 with good original content. Slightly less awesome Tumblrs (PA 27-29 with okay backlinks) with spun (but readable) content on tier 2. Then the junk Tumblrs (any PA but with porn or sketchy backlinks) with spun content on tier 3.

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11/02/2017 2:14 am  

Thanks @Mantas and @Brad, i have already downloaded Supagrowth tublr hunter, but whenever i try to install the software, it gives me error, so i am not able to use it. i am tried installing on nearly 3 machines but everywhere it shows error 🙁 Pls guide.

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28/04/2017 4:23 am  

Thanks for sharing this information about removing the dead tumbler.

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10/01/2019 6:40 am  

If you don't have a scraper (can't afford one maybe) or Expired Tumblr Hunter does not work for you then you can:

Find Expired Tumblr Blogs with high PA Manual

All you need to do is perform a simple Google search using: + “insert your niche”

This will help you find niche related expired Tumblr blogs.

The Google SERPs will list a whole load of Tumblr blogs, if you are in a popular niche you will get hundreds of pages.

You can use SEOquake Plugin to check metrics.

The next part is how you find the dead Tumblrs.

You need to use a FREE Google Chrome Plugin called Check My Links. Pop one of the Tumblr blogs from your Google search into it.

The Blogs that are not working will be highlighted in RED.

Click on them they are showing 404 error, you can go ahead and register them. Takes a little longer than using a software scraper but it works.


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