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Seeking SEO expert for adult sites (I offer 50% earnings)  


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October 1, 2020 4:35 pm  

I have been creating/managing adult sites for a few years now as a hobby/second job/test area.

For a few years the work was little and now covid lockdown has destroyed that little work was left, so these sites too have become a good opportunity to work.


There are about 50 websites all between 10 (new sites) and 1000 visits per day.

All the sites are fully customized, handmade, I'm a php-mysql programmer and I've written every single line of code, no wordpress, plugins, widgets or similar (I hate them).

The sites are of different types: gallery-TGP, tube site, blog, feed site, search sites, etc.


But today this is not enough, need SEO, but SEO sucks to me and I have neither the desire nor the time to do it.

Everyone tells me I need backlinks, I've been trying to do link building for a few months, they've deleted my links, deleted comments, blocked and deleted accounts in forums and tube sites, etc. etc. etc. I hate SEO and it sucks me.


So I'm looking for someone (expert) who wants to take over the SEO of my sites, not for free, but not for millions.


The current economic situation of my websites is almost tragic, pop-unders earn about $30 a month, and I spend $25 for the server on vultr, the few affiliations pay for domain renewals.

So, the sites work and run on their own, but there is no serious profit.


So we start from scratch, and what I can offer is 50% of everything you can earn with your SEO. If you make websites earn $100, you make $50, if you make websites earn $1,000,000, you make $500,000.


I am looking for a "serious, transparent" and profitable collaboration, I want to know what you do, why you do it, how you do it, on which of my websites you are working on, etc, I want to understand/learn and have at least an idea of what you are doing on my sites, but I don't want to do it... SEO sucks me.


I need someone to take care of SEO, and what I can offer are my websites and my skills and create tools and applications to simplify your work.


For example some of my sites are "search sites", doing a search on one of these sites will show the results in all my other sites. The idea when I created them was to index these well and together with them increase the visits of all my other sites, but only with natural indexing it doesn't work.
But it might be interesting to work on the SEO of these sites and working on one, work and increase the visits of all the others...


I have full access to databases, code, and I know every single line of code on my sites, so I can create any tool that is useful to increase results and simplify your work.


Here you cannot publish links, images or other references to adult sites, so if you are seriously interested, let me know, I will send you the complete list of sites organized by type, with statistics, seniority, domain authority, etc. etc. etc.


We can talk about it in PM or skype, etc, but I prefer to write because I'm Italian and my English sucks... and I often use translators to make sure I understand what you are saying and tell you exactly what I mean...

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October 6, 2020 12:17 pm  

hi yes we can help you