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I know Google rules say don’t build backlinks but nothing happens if you don’t do it, I tried to follow the rules and got nothing. Now I build backlinks following your tutorials and I have traffic and rankings.

Without taking action it’s unlikely your website will get anywhere, instead of waiting for it to happen it makes sense to make it happen and get things moving. As your site moves up the SERPs the backlinks do come naturally and less work is required and you can stick closer to Google guidelines.

I had the best content, way more in depth than the competition and the top 10 sites and I followed Google guidelines. I didn’t build any links, and guess what? I got nowhere, my site had no traffic. I thought I have to do something about it, I started the backlinks and within a month my site was ranking on page 1. It’s all about the links people go get them and stuff what Google says.

If you want things to happen you make them happen, good on you for taking action 🙂

Hi Nick,
Thank you for the article.
Just a question to ask about internal linking.
Let’s say I have two posts with Focus Keyword
1. SEO Strategy
2. Linking Building
Can I can do internal link from 1 No. post (SEO Strategy) to 2 using the Exact Anchor Text ==> Link Building (Which is the focus keyword of post no 2)?

Yes that’s how I do it, the content is best being related and always use exact match anchor. So article 1 would link to article 2 using “Linking Building” as the anchor text. Go through all your content and get the internal links in place, they do make a difference and send out a big signal to the search bots as to what your main keyword is.

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