Step by Step SEO Tutorial for Beginners

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Can you give me a list of free web 2.0 sites.

Sure no problem, free list of web 2.0 sites:

hey, nick I bought link wheel service from your store and its been one month but none of your web 2.0 links are indexed. I even bought High PR Tumblr links same case none of them indexed but your store claims that links re already index? Now I am very doubtful to buy your services

We index links on request, because we do not know the rate you want us to index them at, or if you want us to index them at all. Same with the post pages on the Tumblrs, we will index upon request. Just checked some of the Tumblrs in our network and the first 5 I checked are all indexed, the home pages are indexed, which is where your backlink and content sits too 🙂 Any questions please let us know here or send us an email. Give us your order number, let us know how often you want us to index the links and we will do that for you.

Hlw nick sir, from past few days i am facing a big issue. Many tumblrs has gone deindex but all of them was index before. Al tumblr article was handmade manual spun. How to solve this problem? Also now a days indexing is pretty tough. Can you recommend any good service or any solutions.

They have been deindexed because the content is poor or the backlinks are not good. The fastest way to get sites indexed is to add the site and site map to a Google Webmaster account. Of course if you want to index backlinks this way you are going to require a lot of Google webmaster accounts. The other way is simple, first drop the URLs into Google search box and hit search. Then drop the URLs on Google Plus. You must make sure the content is readable.

Hi, Nick.
From few months I am using tiered link building strategy for one of my website, it was working fine for low competition keywords..but from past few months tumblr blog posts are not getting indexed at all..I am using fcsnetworker to post the articles and used seo content machine for generating content.
I tried to index using social signals, blogspot posts and onehour indexer etc ..but none of them working.
Can you please let me know how to index these tumblr blog post. thanks.

Go to Google and drop the full url into the search box, do it a few times each day and it will index. You can also use FCS to do some Tier 2 socials to the Tumblr blogs to help index them.

Ok thanks nick, let me try it. yeah I created tier 2 links using fcs pointing to those tumblers.

Let me know how it goes.

Amazing content as usual, but I have one simple question about keyword research …
according to my knowledge, google search results depends on the user search intent and query solving. so, the lack of exact match keyword in the first 10 results doesn’t always mean that it’s an easy keyword to rank for .. is it right?

yes that is correct, it really does all come down to your keyword selection….does it require a simple short answer? does it require extensive information eg review keywords? It helps not to have the exact search term in the META DATA but you should always do a manual review of the SERPs, take a look at the content and ensure you can solve the problem better somehow…add more value and you will rank top 100% guaranteed with the right backlinks in place too.

Hi Nick,
I have been following your blog since 2017. All your articles are really great.
I have some questions regarding Web 2.0 Link building. I will be glad to hear something from you.
01. While building web 2.0 blogs, is it necessary to use a VPN software to hide identity?
02. I have more than 50 Gmail Accounts. All are created and running from my PC (No VPN used). Can I use these Gmails to create blogspot blogs (without using any VPN software)? Is there any footprint risk?
03. Last few days, I am having huge problem on indexing Web 2.0 blogs. I tried several ways, like – posting urls on blogspot, social sharing, tire 2 link building. But none of these working. Would you suggest me any other way?

Thanks in Advance.

1. I never use VPN and do not have any problems.
2. Yes you can use the sites, think of it as promoting your content, you will only get a problem if you use the wrong anchors.
3. yes, drop one blog comment backlink from a blog that is indexed, Weebly blogs usually do not need comments to be approved. However, they will not index if your content is not good enough…..change your content generator or hand write short content but at least it will be unique and try to give some small value…answer a questions….solve a small problem that requires a short answer and they will index guaranteed.

Thank you so much Nick.

No problem at all 🙂

Hi Nick
Amazing post once again! Thanks for sharing
Can you please tell me how much efforts need to get this keyword rank in 1st page in Google Singapore
“Restaurant Management Software” Keyword difficulty shows – Still Easy

20 to 30 Good PBN backlinks will get this keyword top if the on-page is good and content is bang on, URL and TITLE TAG anchors will do the job.

Hi Nick
I want this keywords in 1st page in India & Singapore (Both addresses are available). So how much 20 tp 30 PBN backlinks will cost for it?

Start with:

We will give you backlinks from Indian and Singapore domains, they are blog comment backlinks but they will work for you, order weekly until you hit the top. Of course you can get the niche backlinks yourself by following what I did in the post 🙂

If you do need the PBNs we will sort that later, definitely start with the nich blog comment backlinks.

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