Web 2.0 Blog ListBelow you will find a web 2.0 blog list. If the sites are set up manually they will not drop.

It’s important to use sites where the backlinks are going to stick.

If the web 2 sites are going to drop so will your rank and your time has been wasted.

These are the web 2 sites we use in our 20 site premium link wheel package.

The sites are tried and tested over many years and will not drop if done correctly.

These links still work today, now it is best to use Brand and URL anchors.

To prove that these links work take a look at our web 2 link wheel tutorial.

I see many affiliate sites and regular ecommerce sites ranking with these backlinks only.

They are free to get and really do work if you done them right.

If you have not already done so you should take a look at our web 2.0 backlinks ranking strategy.

Web 2.0 Blog List

  1. wordpress.com
  2. sitey.me
  3. kiwibox.com
  4. tumblr.com
  5. strikingly.com
  6. yolasite.com
  7. wix.com
  8. my-free.website
  9. simplesite.com
  10. kinja.com
  11. webself.net
  12. skyrock.com
  13. page.tl
  14. im-creator.com
  15. sites.google.com
  16. blogspot.com
  17. website2.me
  18. minds.com
  19. site123.me
  20. myfreesites.net

Of course there is a whole lot more, I have used them all.

These are the ones I stick with, it is highly unlikely that your links will drop.

I use readable generated content on these sites and they stick.

Yes these are nofollow and dofollow.

The nofollow links help too, you need to have a mixed backlink profile.

We have tried and tested all of these blogs over many years.

No matter what your content is the sites will stick, as long as you set them up manually.

Our web 2.0 link building strategy involves linking each web 2 site to the next in a link wheel formation.

We then power up these links with tier 1 high PA Tumblr and Weebly web 2.0 blogs.

We re-register expired high PA Tumblr and Weebly blogs that have lots of backlinks pointing to them.

You can find any expired web 2.0 sites doing a manual search completely free, all is explained here.

We also make sure the expired blogs are still indexed in Google.

This means the Tier 2 links that we do will index our tier 1 links, they will also pass link juice down the line.

We use FCS Networker to do the Tier 2 links, you can discover how to use it here.

List Of Web 2.0 Sites That Always Index [TRIED AND TESTED OVER MANY YEARS]

Okay, so there is no point in building these web 2.0 backlinks unless they index.

We have used pretty much every web 2 platform there is.

Over the years we have discovered that the listed platforms always index.

You can use Blogger to index your web 2.0 backlinks.

Follow my tutorial on how to index your backlinks fast in minutes.

Here is a list of all the web 2.0 sites that always index every time we use them, even when generated content is used on them:

  • weebly
  • wordpress
  • aircus.com
  • yolasite.com
  • sitey.me
  • strikingly.com
  • webself.net
  • my-free.website
  • constantcontactsites.com
  • wix.com
  • simplesite.com
  • issuu.com
  • all4webs.com
  • blogger.com
  • jigsy.com
  • website2.me
  • site123.me
  • over-blog.com
  • bloglovin.com
  • fortunetelleroracle.com

If you have any web 2.0 sites to add to the list please drop them in a comment below.

Only suggest platforms that have been tried and tested over a long period of time and are know to last.


Great list of web 2 blogs, thank you. Just what I needed.
- Nina

Best list because all the blogs work. I have been on so many sites looking for web 2 platforms and most of them don't work. Thank you for sharing.
- Raj

Great Work

Web 2.0 is a very important topic for SEO Optimization. Your article is very helpful and important. Thanks for Shearing this article. As SEO Service Provider, I believe your information will help me a lot.
- SEO Expert

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