Rank no.1 with Web 2.0 Backlinks

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my site are getting thin content and spam messages from google , how to fix it? and where i can get good article writter?

Not sure about the spam thing. I only write my own content so I can’t advise on a good article writer.

Hi Nick,

From where do you get content of your money site?

I always write the content myself for my money site. You could try a writer on seo clerks, this one has a few positive reviews.

I really enjoy reading and will back soon.:-)


Great post ever.

Do i need to put backlink url (expired tumbler blog) in my website or posts?

You do not need to do a backlink from your niche website to your expired Tumblr or Weebly blog.

Thank you. Also looking forward another great post.

Also can i do back link for special post or page in my website?

I would never backlink from my money site to any of my web 2 sites.

I came from WF,and i must admit,This is one of the most complete article on how to rank an article,without shelling out huge amount of money.
Thanks a lot for this

Yeah this is a super cheap way to rank a web site without having to pay for and build a huge PBN.

Well how long to index my 100 link wheels, 10 docs, 10 web 2, 10 different video on different platforms, 10 PDF, 10 articles ,10 blog comments etc.., am planning on doing this in 10 days, that’s indexing 10 everyday. What you think?

The new web 2 link wheel I do in month 2. I index 2 of those backlinks a day. The doc shares I do after the link wheel is complete, make sure all the pages are indexed, if not do another post. Then move onto indexing the doc shares in month 2, index 2 or 3 a day, slow and steady wins the race with seo.

Then move onto the image share and blog comments, index one image share and do a blog comment per day. I personally would not do all that in 10 days. Follow my web 2 ranking schedule on this page, it takes 3 months, but it works.

HI NIck,

Thanks a lot for immediate response you are awesome bro!!!

I will start the work…:):):)

Coolio, let me know how you get on…

Hi Nick,

This is SAM ur loving FAN!!!

I hope you enjoy your holiday very well… i miss u lot…

My site launched 10 days before now only i am going to start the backlinks building process i have doubts listed below pls give clear the doubt briefly..

1.month 1st:-
5 weebly and 5tumblr (different sub domain means).we only purchase expired tumblr and weebly right..this wants to niche related or any niches is ok…

2. month 3:-
15 Tumblr posts all are new tumblr or buy expired one?..

Please solve this doubts incase any doubts popup my brain while doing this definitely i will disturb u…

P.S:- Your one and only fan:)

Hi Sam,

1. Yes, your 5 Weebly and 5 Tumblr need to be from different sub domains. They do not have to be niche related, they just need to have at least 30 backlinks pointing to them, the more the better. The niche related part starts in month 2 when you create the new web 2 link wheel, make sure that your keyword is in the sub domain.

2. The 15 Tumblr posts are all done on expired Tumblr blogs with existing backlinks. These are all done on different Tumblr sub domains.

Hi Nick,

Is there any risk in indexing url using google?

No, I do it all the time. Works for me 🙂

hi nick i use your strategy for my site i wait one month to see the result:
My result
Kw1 1,competition score 22:
I build 10 tumblr backlinks and for that kwd my site ranking increases from #7 spot to 3 spot
Kw2 competition score 35:
I build 23 tumblr backlinks and free backlinks and for that kwd my site ranking increase from #19 spot to 14 spot but again it decrees to # 25.
Now what step i need to perform to increase my ranking ?

For your first keyword in spot no. 3 build the new web 2 link wheel I show on my free backlinks tutorial. Make sure that the web 2 sub domain has your keyword in there.

In regards to your second keyword, I sometimes see a loss in rank, just keep building the backlinks as shown in my tutorial. It takes three months to rank no. 1. For your second keyword, have your built the new web 2 link wheel as suggested? If not, do that next. If you have already done this in the right way you can do 5 Doc Share backlinks. Then in your third month crank out 20 to 30 expired Tumblr backlinks.

Another jump fro 25 to 80, who knows when this shit will stop?

You can see a drop in ranking, in most cases it is just before a big jump in rank. You need to be patient to get results. Build the backlinks at a steady rate and you will be successful.

One of my sites have been stocked on 30th position , adding and removing 1 always and everyday, meaning 29/30. Then another hit 11 and went to 13th and its playing between 18 and 13th always , today marks one month, I have added some diversity few days back but no answer to break even into 1st page.
The most important is that every time I create a post or page, it doesn’t seem to rank, even when the keyword difficulty is 0 and 1st page competitors are not even optimised at all.
But you said whenever you create a post or site , you are seen in top 50 or so, mine is not the case, I don’t know why. I need your help.
Meanwhile how do you know when a keyword levels up on serplab? Thanks

To hit the first page and eventually no. 1 you need good on and off page seo. Your posts need to be superior to the sites sitting in the top spots, just for starters you need to write more words, 2000 plus words always works for me. Get your on page right before you start to build backlinks, everything has to be done right for this to work. If you have thin content, visitors to your site will not hang around and your bounce rate will be high. Without taking a look at your site I can’t be exact, you can email me your URL and keyword for further advice. The backlinks have to be spread out over 90 days, start a spread sheet, make a link building plan and get started. My next post will cover this, it will detail a plan and show you how I ranked 5 different sites np. 1 in Google search over 3 months.

You should take part in a contest for one of the best blogs on the web. I will recommend this site!

Thank you 🙂

Thanks for the great list.
It helps me for increase my site rank in google.

Great 🙂

How much weight does No-follow link carries compared to do-follow link?

A no-follow link does not pass on any link (ranking) juice, however it does get crawled. This means that a no-follow link can have a positive impact on your ranking. If the no follow link is contextual from a high authority site like Wikipedia it will most definitely help your push for the top ranking spot. You do need a good mix of do follow and no follow backlinks for sure.

Hey Nick,

I have a blog that I am focused on building a brand with for comedy, self help niche and building a youtube channel.

Can I build web 2.0’s in certain niches and update them month after month and continually use them for all the blog articles that I create on my brand website?

I plan on creating a new blog article on my website once a week for a new keyword each time.

My plan would be to create like 5 to 10 new web 2.0’s for each of the different niches that I talk about with my brand money website. For instance, 5 web 2.0’s for fitness, 6 web 2.0’s for nutriton, 5 web 2.0’s for wealth building, 7 web 2.0’s for pick up arts, 6 web 2.0’s for daily fantasy sports and so on….

Can I continually update these web 2.0s that i created weekly with new content and then use them to link to my blog articles every time I create one in that niche? Say I make a fitness article in March and use these the correlated web 2.0’s niches to link to that article. Can I then create a fitness article in august and use these same web 2.0’s to link to the august article too so as I continually update the web 2.0’s during this time with weekly content that doesn’t point to my website but to other non competitive websites?

I was also going to create a bicycle wheel between all of these web 2.0’s linking them together for each niche to help build their page authorities (These are new web 2.0’s I have created). Do you recommend this tactic?

I will also supplement every blog I create with your strategy of using expired tumbler and weebly domains and social signals in the beginning…

Thanks for any insight you may have.

This is my main website I am trying to do this with that will help me build a career and a following so my stand up comedy career. So the last thing I want to do is get a google penalty. But I also need to rank in google for my blogs to start getting traffic so I can build a following.

Hi Brian,

Sorry for the late reply, I have been on holiday.

Yes you can build web 2 sites around a particular niche and then backlink them to all your posts on your niche site. It’s great if you update them as often as possible, make them look as real as possible, build up some traffic to them, use them as an asset for your niche site and they will help you rank high.

I do recommend the link wheel tactic, I am using it at the moment to rank 5 different web sites, it works a treat on the right keywords.

Using expired web 2 sites along side the new web 2 sites is a great strategy when done the right way.

I have not had a site penalized by Google using this tactic. Use your web 2 as assets, never spam, and you won’t have any problems. Look at the web 2 tactic as a way of promoting your niche site.
It’s a great idea to add weekly relevant content to your web 2 sites, when I build my new web 2 link wheel I add the content and let it site on the site for 2 or 3 weeks, then I drop a backlink to one of my niche sites in there.

hi nick,

This is sam your loving fan i launched a new site on 14th of this month and i checked in google site:website.com i see all of my posts are indexed and see the posts in page 9, 10,11,15. but now on 19th i search with this command site:website.com 5 posts is gone from indexing and also i didn’t find nowhere.. what happen did u have any idea and also still i didn’t build any backlinks…?

P.S I am eagerly waiting for your reply…

Hi Sam, sorry for the late reply, been on holiday 🙂

Sometimes a new site will disappear from the index for a few weeks, don’t panic, it will most likely return in a better position than where it started. Remember it takes 90 days of steady link building to rank no. 1. If you need a detailed analysis of your site just send me an email.

Hi Nick. I followed your tips to rank my site and it really improves my ranking.
But I had an issue with indexing.

– I use Google Submit URL to index backlinks. They indexed for several days after that they disappeared and couldn’t index again.

– I checked Google indexing by typing this syntax on Google.com:
site: urloftumblr.com

Have you seen the same issue as me?

I have not had any issues will my web 2 backlinks being de-indexed. I would fire some social signals at them, go to Google Plus and Facebook and do a few posts about your web 2 sites with a backlink. Check out addmefast if you want to add more social signals for free to your web 2 sites to get them indexed.

Thanks for writing such an in-depth article on this particular topic. I had heard that Tumblr links were basically useless in today’s SEO climate, but I guess that just ain’t true; it probably means that many people just aren’t doing it right!

Thanks again!

Tumblr backlinks work wonders if used the right way. You have to mix up your anchor text, build them at a steady rate and you are sure to improve your ranking.

Hello Boss,
I have been following your blog post for a long time now and i have decided to take action. I did a few keyword research and got 8 keywords with average of 27% competition and CPC of $3.50

Boss please i want you to advise me if i would need A pbn for the ranking. if possible, can you give me approach to follow to enable me be at page One. Thanks and hope to hear from you.

Do not go for PBN backlinks at first. Start with expired web 2s in your first month. Second month do the new web 2 link wheel. Third month do 20 to 30 expired Tumblr backlinks. Only use the PBN backlinks to boost you to the top spot if you are not no. 1 after 90 days using web 2 backlinks.

Hi Nick,

First of all, you article is superb!
I just bought to one of the guys you recommended and I would just like to know whether you still bother to build followers on your tumblr accounts or you just leave it as it is when you acquire it?

Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge man.
May good karma return the favor to you well.

Thanks Steve. I do not build followers to the Tumblr, I just add the content and the backlink and then move on 🙂

Have fun…

And some of my pages are indexed using Google submit URL , though I also submit to webmaster tool. But they have no rank since 7days now and keyword is very low just competiton of 10 ,checked with mozbar as well. Well, I keep finding 42k monthly search keywords, with competition of 11 and 10 and the sites are not properly optimized, no H1 ,URL, etc keywords on them. But my pages don’t show ranks

It takes around 90 days to rank no. 1. You have to build the backlinks at a steady rate, even more so to a new site or it can hurt your ranking. Make sure all the URLs get indexed.

I mean on serplab, my posts rank is still N/A after 8 days, I don’t know why. I see no rank on serplab.

8 days is way too early to see any significant effect. There are many variables in play here, your competitors might be picking up backlinks too. To fully understand your situation you need to email me your URL and keyword.

Thanks for helping us bro, but something keeps baffling me, my site ranks keeps going from 20 to 70 , after applying your strategy, this has happened in almost 5 of my websites, I don’t know the reason.

In what time frame? It takes 3 months for this to work building the backlinks at a steady rate. I am using this strategy right now on five affiliate sites and they are all ranked on page 1 after one month. I have used this on many other sites, it works every time. Are you mixing up the anchor text as suggested?

Yes, they anchor text is properly mixed. Today marks the 7th day of this site that am talking about. Am not sure why its so , but it happens to my other sites too. At first it went from 40 to 25th to 75th position now. Taught the drop was supposed to be low like +1-5 drops maximum, but mine keeps jumping. I used keyword ,URL and generic anchor texts.

7 days is such a short time. Do a rank check after 30 days. In your first 30 days build 5 expired weebly and 5 expired tumblr together with the social signals and then wait. This page dropped from the index all together at first, ranking does improve. You need to make sure that all the URLs get indexed, if one does not do another post with the same anchor text until it is indexed. All have to be indexed for the anchor text mix to take affect, too many exact match anchors will hurt your ranking.

Hi Nike Good post.
I have a question that, after putting


this code and i hit the save button after clicking on continue reading it shows The URL you requested could not be found.

Your code is wrong. Please email me your Tumblr URL and I will email you what it needs to be 🙂

Hi nick great article. I’m very lucky that I got your article very easy explained. After making Web 2.0 backlinks, will it appears in ahrefs when we search for that url?
Sorry for the bad English 🙂

probably not, just pop the expired web 2 URL into Google search to make sure that it is indexed. If you get your web 2 backlinks indexed they will have a positive effect on your ranking.

Yes Nick my tumbler web 2.0 is indexed when i use (allintitle:my keyword) its showing.Im doing event blogging, can u pls suggest me how can i rank my website high in searches?

You can send me an email with your URL and keywords 🙂

Sorry nick I don’t know how can I send u bye email I didn’t have your email I’d so I’m sharing it here sry once again.

Keywords :- Independent day wishes
Independent day quotes.
Independent day sms
Friendship day sms

I will send you an email shortly 🙂 I have been on holiday

Nick, my web 2.0 backlinks deindexed by Google, how come? And my ranking drops dramatically. Is this normal?

You are going to have to email me your Web 2 URLs for me to answer this. Ranking does drop at first, then it will improve if you build the backlinks at a steady rate mixing up your anchor text as suggested in the post.

Nick, I’ve emailed the web 2.0 URLs. Please check out, thank you 🙂

I did not receive your email

I resent it. Please check 🙂 Have a nice day.

I have sent you a reply. You need to add a few more bits to your blog posts.

Hello Nick, good day. Well something strange is happening, I deleted all my tumblr posts for the website I gave you via email, so as to properly optimise my anchor texts for all pages and make them look better than spammy , it was done last week and my site will be 2months by 16th, now I rebuilt the backlinks and my site dropped off , no keyword is even on top hundred , I have also indexed the tumblrs. I don’t know what and when this keywords will be back if they will, on the other hand I started two separate sites the same day I built those tumble backlinks and added them to the tumblr , now they are ranked at 18th and 24th respectively under 1week, I don’t know, any advice will do. Thanks

Hi Juli, just keep building the backlinks slow and steady and they will have a positive effect on your ranking. Just make sure that you follow the tutorial correctly. Sites that drop out of Google index usually return in a better position. Just don’t expect results right away, it takes 3 months to rank no. 1 using this method and there are many variables to consider like other people (your competitors) building backlinks too. No-one can ever say that a particular method will definitely rank you no. 1 or improve your ranking. This method does work, just stick with it….make sure all your on site optimization is done right…internal links, quality content etc.

Hi Nick, Thanks for your reply for my last question. I can’t thank you from the last comment because the reply feature for it doesn’t work. Not sure why. Anyway, I have one more question, which keyword density analyzer do you use for checking the keyword density? Thanks again.

For WordPress sites I use the Yoast SEO Plugin. For the content that I write for the web 2 sites I don’t check it, I just drop the keyword at the beginning, middle and end of the post.

Is it alright if I use this web 2.0 method for different pages from the same domain at the same time (a few days apart)?

So for example in month 1, instead of 10 links to 1 page, i have 30 links to 3 pages. Will it be too many links all of a sudden?

Yes, I do this all the time. As long as you don’t build too many backlinks to the same page you will be okay. Slow and steady 🙂

i tried to delete 3 of my tumblr blogs post and did a new post to each tumblr, but the tumblrs failed to reindex and they are still showing my old headings/titles and redirects when searched on google, dont know why

That’s no problem, the posts have been deleted and so have the backlinks that you created. Just Google “Submit URL to Google” and submit each URL and they will index. Also you can change the Tumblr blog Title and Description in the “edit appearance” area, just click on the little person icon at the top right of your screen to get to it when you are logged into Tumblr.

That’s what am saying, I changed everything and then i submitted the site to Google submit url, and yet its still showing old headings and title on google search but when once I click on it , then I see the new post. Wonder if this new posts will index and if this tumblrs will pass link juice?

Old Title’s will not change in the Google search results for some time. When I change a Title tag on my sites it takes some time to take effect. Just wait a while and it will change. Your new posts will most likely index and certainly pass on that lovely ranking juice 🙂

great than thanks.

No problem.

Hi Nick, I found this article around one month ago and I’m surprised with how practical this tutorial is. I bought the recommended 2350 social signals and just placed two backlinks from one Tumblr and one Weebly. My page was on page 8 before. Not sure if it’s caused by the backlinks or else, now the ranking dropped to nowhere. I browsed until page 20 still can’t find my website. I googled site:mywebsite.com and saw the page still indexes in the Google database. It seems like not the case mentioned in your tutorial that the page disappears from indexing. Any thought of my case? At last, I would like to thank you for your work. You are an inspiration to me. Thank you!

This page dropped from the index too, it’s called the Google dance. Do not panic your site will return to the index in a better position. If you have only created 2 backlinks you will need to add more in order to mix up your anchor text (just using your keyword as the anchor text all the time will hurt your ranking). Patience is key, it is going to take around 90 days to see a no. 1 ranking achieved. Also, use Rank Tracker to check your ranking it’s free.

Hey Nick,
Let’s say for example I have a real estate website I am trying to set up for SEO on low competition keywords.
There’s a keyword optimized for each page. However, the page that has the most content is the “About” page. The home page just shows a slide show of a house or something.
My question here is, does content have to be a certain size for the Google bot to consider it as ranking material or would a good rule of thumb with the content be as long as it is on the Google index and has low competition keywords optimized, it’s rankable?

Websites with unique long content posts of around 2000 words do perform better in Google SERPs. I suppose it all depends on the keyword, but if we are talking about affiliate review sites and even real estate sites you are going to need long content posts to rank well in the SERPs.

Hey Nick,

Have you had the problem of tumblrs no showing up on the webmaster tools?

I built some tumblrs a few weeks ago, but I don’t see them being registered in my webmaster tools section. Is there another way to check them? Thanks

It does not matter if the Tumblr does not show in your Webmaster tools. Just pop your Tumblr blog post URL into Google search, if it is indexed then Google is aware of your backlink and your ranking will eventually improve. Make sure that you mix up your anchor text.

Hai Nick,
Can you please check your email.I had sent you a email 4days back using your site contact page.

Sarybil elder

I didn’t get your email. You can email me at: info@rankersparadise.com

I had sent you email now to info@rankersparadise.com .Please once check it & give me suggestions in reply.

I have sent you an email 🙂

Hi Nick,
I had sent you an email two days back. Please check it once.

I will take a look soon, I have just got back from holiday in Spain 🙂

I have been on holiday. I will check my emails later today and get back to you asap

If I understand properly, for example am ranking for web 2.0 as keyword, to use the anchor text properly, I will start like this

1 web 2.0
2 web20.com
3 click here
4 jassons web 2.0
5 web 2.0
6 web20.com
7 click here
8 jassons web 2.0

Is that what you meant?

This is what I mean:

1. web 2.0
2. http://www.rankersparadise.com
3. click here
4. Rankers Paradise

Then repeat.

To see the anchor text that I used to rank this page no. 1 go to “Web 2.0 Backlinks Ranking Schedule” heading on this page. I did the above but without “Rankers Paradise” branded anchor text. I missed out point 4 because I didn’t need it for this small project.

Hi Nick,

I thought you were using http://www.rankersparadise.com/web-2-0-backlinks/ and not http://www.rankersparadise.com. Please advise.

Mix your anchor URL up. I use main domain URL on most and full post URL a few times. To rank this page I just used http://www.rankersparadise.com as the URL anchor text every time.

How about the other achor texts like exact match and click here? Do they link to http://www.rankersparadise.com/web-2-0-backlinks/ or http://www.rankersparadise.com ? I’m confused now.

Sorry for confusing people. All backlinks go back to the page that you want to rank no. 1. So I wanted to rank this page no. 1, the backlinks point to this page using the anchor text http://www.rankersparadise.com. The odd time I will throw in a http://www.rankersparadise.com/web-2-0-backlinks/ as the anchor text. All other anchor text eg click here, go here, exact match go to the page that you want to rank, in my case this page.

Hey Nick,

Awesome article. I have been using the tumblr backlinking strategy for a while now, but never knew that you could add backlinks in the description to avoid he redirect. So thanks for that!

P.S. You might want to edit the code you provided for the description. I tried to use it but wasn’t getting the links to redirect. Looks like the problem was the ” “.

Thanks Nathan. Yeah the problem is with the quotation marks, they look perfect in my WordPress code, when I publish it is incorrect. I have tried to change it, no luck. I have put a foot note to let people know underneath the code. The code in the picture in the tutorial is correct, people can take a look at that for the working code 🙂

Thanks for stopping by…

You are a nice guy, Nick. You answered all of comments.
May I also ask you some questions?

+ I checked Google Keyword Tool and saw that web 2.0 backlinks is not a high competition keyword. Only 20 search per month for Google.com

+ For your affiliate and adsense site, how can you avoid thin content? Do you add different pages with different keywords?


Do not use Google Adwords Keyword tool to check competition, it is not SEO competition (how easy it is to rank) it is actually advertiser competition. I chose this keyword as a ranking example for the tutorial, I was not concerned with how many searches it has per month.

To avoid thin content make sure your posts are 2000 words long, it doesn’t matter too much about how many pages you have….a micro niche site can have just 5 pages, just make sure that your content is the best for each selected keyword.

Yes, you’re right. I shouldn’t use Google Adwords Keyword to check competition. May I have some other questions?

+ If I build a micro niche site for affiliate marketing with 5 pages, can all 5 pages optimize for buyer keywords? May I put affiliate links in all 5 pages. I heard that Google dislikes affiliate sites. In 5 pages, shoud I have have 1-2 pages for tip/trick articles (not buyer keywords) ?

+ When you build web 2.0, sharing docs or guest post, which kind of articles do you use?

or Do you use some related articles as link building, seo?

Thanks so much

Yes you can optimize all 5 pages for buyer keywords. It’s not a problem to have affiliate links on all pages. Google does not have a problem with well written problem solving useful affiliate sites. If you add diversity to the SERPs then you will rank high for your selected keywords, content quality and good backlinks always wins the day.

You could just go for 5 buyer keywords if you can find them, if you only have 3 then fill the site out with tips and tricks pages.

I will always get my keywords in the web 2 URL yes, if that is what you mean? I will write an article around the selected keyword and publish that on my web 2 site.

Thanks Nick

– Assume that you can find 5 keywords. Will you use 1 keyword for each page?

– I wonder that if you get your KWs in web 2.0 url, you make Google to have an attention to you. Because you will have a lot of web 2.0 with same kws in urls that points to your money pages.

– For beginning, do we need to have all 5 pages? Or Can we schedule per week/month per pages?

– I saw that you have some new articles that mention about the diversity backlinks (not only web 2.0). Do you mean that now we should follow new strategies with diversity backlinks? Because in this article, you only use web 2.0 + social signal to rank your sites.

I always write content around 1 keyword to keep focused. So yes, 1 keyword per page.

The keywords in the web 2 URL has not been a problem for me. The keyword will not be in the sub domain for your expired Weebly and Tumblr blogs, just in the sub domain for your new web 2 sites, so everything looks natural, you have a good mix.

You can publish one page per week, some even pump out five pages to get the site started and then add a new article once a month. It really all depends on the project and how many keywords that you have.

A good array of different backlink sources looks more natural. I used web 2s, social signals, 5x doc share, a video, an image share and a blog comment to rank this page. Go to the “Web 2.0 Backlinks Ranking Schedule” heading on this page to see exactly what I did including the anchor texts that I used.

Thanks Nick so much. I got almost of your points after reading the whole comment contents. I will try to apply your strategies in this blog.

Coolio, let me know how you get on 🙂

Hi Nick, I had a question,specifically over private blog networks.I want to know if it’s something I should strictly work onow or if I would be okay without using them. I am mainly concerned because I don’t want my back links deindexed by Google. So,with this being said, do you think all previous efforts with private blog networks will be worthless in the future because Google will catch on? Also, is a 500 word article notrankable by Google?

A web 2.0 network is a good safe option for backlinks. I would stay away from PBN backlinks to start off with, I only use them to power up the SERPs if expired web 2 backlinks aren’t cutting it. Most of the time you will rank no. 1 with web 2s alone.

If PBN sites are set up in the right way and no footprints are left behind then there is no way for Google to catch on. This is why you have to be super careful when setting up a PBN, you even need to register hosting and domains under fake names and never inter link them.

PBN backlinks will always be useful if they are set up right. They are a great little investment if you make sure that you do not leave any footprints.

Thanks nick

No problem 🙂

i sent you my keywords and urls via contact page.

please try to check before i conclude

I have sent you an email 🙂 you have some easy to rank keywords there. I have listed a few things that you need to do to improve your ranking.

ok, i have seen it thank, but why is one of my websites main page not ranked and the ABOUT US page is ranked at 27?

Possibly a duplicate content issue???

yes my about us page is a duplicated page on one of my websites. so must i change about us page regularly?

You do not need to change it regular. You just need to write new content for each page that is not published anywhere else on the net. Google will not index content that is already out there, you need to add something different that will be useful to people.

Hey Nick,
I have another question that I’ve been wondering.

So these expired Web 2.0 properties especially tumblr all seem to already be indexed in google. If the web 2.0 is already in the google index then we don’t need to spent time submitting it to pingbomb, link centaur, or submit the site to google right? Or is there another reason for doing so.


In some cases the index page will be indexed (abc.tumblr.com) yes, so you do not need to submit that to Linkcentaur, Pingbomg and Google Submit. However every time you do a new post it will need to be indexed (abc.tumblr.com/web-2-0-backlinks), submit your new post url to Google Submit. I usually only use Google Submit, if the url does not index then I will use pingbomb and Linkcentaur. Just about every time Google Submit works, cuts down on a little work 🙂

Okay great thanks for the reply. I completely forgot about the individual post being indexed as well. I’ll try using google submit first then check back in a week to see the status of it before I use the other services

You need to remember to index all individual posts to make sure all backlinks have maximum ranking affect.

Hey i’m bulding one web 2.0 everyday (have some awesome tumblr blogs with pa35+ and with over 1k external backlinks hehe) and i have some questions.

1) what about the set up of the web 2.0 blogs? only 1 short post with picture/video + 200 words + one backlinks to money site + one backlink to wikipedia or so?

because i heard about super web 2.0 blog with many filler posts and one longer post (about 500 words) with only one backlink to the moneysite. and only 2 backlinks to the money site per 1 tumblr blog…i am confused now…

2) social signals. just bought 2350 signals for 3$ like you. and they need a description and keywords. how are you doing this? exact keyword and long discription…? please help me 🙂

3) is it ok to build one web 2.0 every day? my site is not so old (about 3 months) and already on page 1 and 2 for most of my keywords (used theHOTH for some web 2.0 blogs and some blog commenting).

thanks for your held 🙂

1. Tumblrs I put two lines of text (backlink included). Then I put an image in the posts. Then I put a heading with the keyword in there. Then I drop a few more lines of text. Then I add a video.

Don’t be fooled by the super web 2.0 blogs, they are going to take your more time to complete with the same outcome. If you don’t need to do all that extra work then why bother.

Tumblr is an image sharing site, so you do not need a lot of content and the backlinks index real easy.

Weebly I add 300 to 500 words with a video and image, keyword in the heading.

2. I used exact keyword for social signals and just do a few lines of text for your description with the keyword in there somewhere.

3. One web 2 a day is fine. I always build 10 in the first month. Take it steady and you will hit the number 1 spot after 3 months.

i noticed something recently, when i add tumblrs , my rank depreciates badly from 12 to 75 now, and few other keywords loss 1 or 2 positions

I am currently working on 5 sites, all of which are on the first page of Google with 5 Tumblr and 5 Weebly backlinks alone. Well one is at the top of page two, but it’s about in the right spot. My ranking has never fallen using Tumblr backlinks, do you have your on page seo aspects optimised? Keyword in the TITLE TAG, DESCRIPTION TAG and URL. Do you have the keyword in the H1 tag and within the content two or three times. Backlinks alone will not get you a no. 1 ranking, you need great content too that is completely unique. If you want me to take a look at your site just send me an email with your URLs and keywords. I will be happy to help spot the problem for you.

Everything is set up properly setup on page is good, what I mean Is that I had a bounce when i added tumblrs since few days now, dont know what the problem might be, from 12 to 47 and I added another tumblr and it jumped to 70+ position. Well any software to get niche and keyword ideas for CPA?

Not sure about CPA, take a look at this. If you want to email me your URLs and keywords I can tell you exactly what is wrong. Without them I am just hunting in the dark. Have you run the keywords that you are targeting through my low competition keywords check list yet? This might well help you find the problem.

i will try these suggested and give you my keywords and urls

Okay, I will take a look for you when I get time to do so. We will get to the bottom of it 🙂 and get you ranked no. 1.

This happened to me too but I realized my keywords were just dancing between ranks every now and then. One of my keywords originally sat at 30 but jumped to 49, then disappeared completely, then 40, 32, and now it’s currently sitting in the sandbox again gone from the index.

I think it’s due to the backlinks being created in a relatively quick pace. I made 10 backlinks in three days from high PR tumblrs and weeblys from this guide and I remember Nick mentioning that the kw disappears if you create links too fast.

That’s right Alan, you need to build the backlinks at a slow pace to a new site or new piece of content, make everything look as natural as possible. Create 10 expired web 2s in your first month, slow and steady, spread them out over the month mixing up your anchor text.

This page disappeared from the index 2 weeks after it was first published, two days later it was back with a slight drop in ranking. I had to wait another week after that before the ranking improved.

Don’t check your ranking on a daily basis, just check your ranking every 30 days to check if you are on track. This method works really well if done the right way.

Hi Nick,
I return to your blog off and on not only to read your detailed helpful posts, which are awesome by the way, but also to read the replies at the end where you explain to everyone in detail about the problems they are facing and discuss relevant points so that everyone can benefit from them. I have got so much from your blog that I feel it would have been much better had I stumbled onto your blog much earlier!

I just would like to know if I can use the same email account to register all 10 or 20 tumblr sites, because I can neither afford a private internet access or VPN to avoid footprints. Besides, I have heard that if you open accounts with same email ids , all the tumblr web2.0 s will be banned after a few days and your links will evaporate as well. Your thoughts on this.

Thank you for your kind words Kajol. The most Tumblrs I have registered in one account is 8, this is without the use of VPN and I have not had any accounts banned. If one account gets banned you will lose all those Tumblrs registered in that account yes. Of course you could just re-register them in another account, but you would lose all the backlinks and content that you have created.

So to answer your question, register no more than 8 per email address. I use mail.com, quick and easy to set up.

To be careful you could use CCleaner (free) before you login every time to clear your cache and cookies. I do not do this, I have not had any problems at all so far, fingers crossed 🙂

Personally, I wouldn’t do anymore than 3 blogs to an email. Like Nick said, if the email gets banned you’ll lose all of that progress which can be a pain in the rear to re-create.

You can buy a crapload of mail.ru emails off Fiverr pretty cheap that work great for registering web 2.0s. I bought 700 for $5 a while ago and only used about 10 of them so far. Works a treat.

I suppose it all comes down to how much you are willing to lose if your account gets banned. You minimise the damage with less Tumblrs registered per account. Purchasing a ton of email addresses off Fiverr can save loads of time.

Hi Nick,
I left you an email regarding a question but I don’t know if you received it or not but I’ll throw it here too so everyone can also see it if they have the same question.

If we were to further power up the links with a tier 2 & 3, should we be powering up the main url page of the tumblr account or should it be the individual post url?

For example,
should we be adding tiers to abcde.tumblr.com or abcde.tumblr.com/post/1234(the post where the backlink is)

I would power up the main url page of your Tumble abcde.tumblr.com. All the links included in your blog posts sit on the main page too.

I actually do both, but it’s rather methodical.

I dedicate web 2.0s to broad niches (i.e. 50 Tumblrs for weight loss, 50 for home goods, 50 for electronics, etc) rather than posting a bunch of links to varying niches on each one.

So when I go to juice up my web 2.0s I send PBN posts, bookmarks, other web 2.0s, etc as backlinks to them with the blog URL as anchors, as well as mix in some generic niche terms. So if I were doing weight loss, for example, I’d have a small portion of the anchors for my web 2.0s main url be like “great blog about weight loss”, “inspiring weight loss journey”, “awesome healthy living blog”, etc.

And then I also send PBN posts, bookmarks, etc to my actual post URLs as well. This is mostly URLs, generics (click here, this, source, etc), and also a few long-tails related to the keyword I’m trying to rank for that specific submission.

I’ve done this quite successfully in the past. And I’ve actually got web 2.0s that I created from scratch (brand new registered ones) that are now PA 40-50 from doing that. And I’m ranking on page 1 for some moderately difficult keywords – even out ranking some big authority sites.

It’s not always necessary to boost your web 2.0s, but I find that as long as you do it intelligently – it never hurts.

If I was going to build tier 2 backlinks to expired web 2s I would do both too. Simply because your Tumblr homepage with have a lot of outbound links on there and therefore the ranking juice will be watered down so to speak. If you fire backlinks at the actual post page it will pass on more ranking juice as there will be less outbound links on there.

However, I take my time to scrape expired web 2s with really good backlinks pointing to them so that I do not need to add a tier 2. If you are building web 2 sites from scratch then you do need a second tier, the link wheel shown on my free backlinks page works really well.

Fantastic blog you have here but I was curious if you
knew of any message boards that cover the same topics discussed here?
I’d really love to be a part of online community where I can get responses from other
knowledgeable individuals that share the same interest.

If you have any recommendations, please let me know. Bless

Anyone? I don’t use any seo message boards, I do my own testing.

There was one years ago, but it’s not around anymore. Most of the major ones (DigitalPoint, Warrior Forum, etc) aren’t worth your time. There’s a lot of junk info and complete garbage there. There are FB groups that are helpful. But not much else.

Just got some tumblr blogs with backlinks…so one of them has over 2k external backlinks and 98% of the anchor text is the name of the blog (the domain without .tumblr.com). sooooooo thats pretty spammy and back i think?

What do you think?

Hi Bobby, that’s not a problem. The anchor text used to the Tumblr is not important, it’s good that most of the anchor text is the name of the blog rather than an un related keyword to your money site. I would definitely register that Tumblr.

Awesome to see all the new comments on here.

Just wanted to drop by and note a few things.

1. The Moz bar (as of today) is working again for checking Tumblr PAs.
2. A few days back I hit page 1 for one of my keywords using this strategy. Only at #10 so far and it does bounce to #11 or #12 here and there, but keeps coming back to #10. This has been about 3 weeks after my Tumblr links were indexed.
3. If you’re looking to mask your IP for registering Tumblrs I highly recommend using Private Internet Access (PIN). I’ve used it for months and it’s only like $7/mo and works a treat.

I’m currently scraping more Tumblrs and building backlinks to other pages. I’ll report back if I see anything significant worth giving an update on.

Just wanted to let people know that this does work, but it doesn’t happen overnight. The content creation is the biggest thing, honestly. But if you just sit down and focus you can get it done.

That’s good to know that MozBar is working again, thanks for letting us know Brad, I had not noticed.

It’s great news that you are creeping onto page one. Have you had a go at the new web 2 link wheel that I used in month 2 to rank this page?

Thanks for the PIN tip, I will take a look 🙂

I am happy that it is working out for you, I know for a fact in a few months time you will be reporting back to me that you are now in the top spot.

I agree that it is time consuming, with good planning you can work on 5 or 6 keywords at the same time. This is why I stress how important keyword research is, getting a good profitable keyword that is easy to rank for makes it all worthwhile. When you get one keyword at the top spot you can’t stop, you get the bug and this system works every time.

Good to hear from you again Brad. Keep on pumping out the content…..

Moz bar for Firefox? Cause mine is not working. Am using it on crome only which is not convinent for me

I’m referring to Chrome. I use Chrome as my primary browser. I use Firefox (with CCleaner and such) for backlink building, but I use Mozbar on Chrome to check out the Tumblrs I scrape.

All working for me on Chrome and FireFox 🙂

Do I need to vary my anchor text with brand, naked url, click here etc if I am NOT targeting the main keywords of that page but rather other long tail keywords with much lower search volume?

For example if my main keyword is web 2.0 backlinks, but I’d like to target other keywords that were ranking, like free backlinks, web 2.0 link wheel, expired web 2.0 sites etc, can I just use those keywords as anchor text?

Hi Owen, the content on your money site should be focused around one particular keyword….this will be in your page Title, Description and mentioned on page two or three times. This makes it easy to rank for that particular keyword, if you then try to rank that same page for different keywords it becomes harder to hit the top spot because those keywords are not in the Title, Description etc….you could go for other keywords but they would have to have very low competition to rank no. 1. I always focus around 1 keyword that I have researched and know for certain will be worth my backlinking efforts. You will always pick up extra traffic naturally for long tail keywords without any backlink building at all. If your google analytics account states that your page is ranking high for a keyword that you did not target that page to rank for, then yes you could boost it up the SERPs by adding some backlinks to it.

I understand what you mean.

I do target the main keywords with other link building methods like PBNs and paid link-building.

I’m asking because I have some keywords that are ranking in the low page 1 and high page 2 without me targeting them. These are very long tail keywords with low search volume and rather easy competition. Using free web 2.0s can save me some money and this is more like a “side project”.

With these different non-main keywords pointing to the SAME URL, do I still need to drip feed the links over few months?

What about long tail keywords pointing to DIFFERENT URLs, can I point many web 2.0s at the same time or do I still have to drip feed them over months? (regarding a sudden inflow of backlinks)

It’s not natural to get a huge surge of backlinks from a PBN in one month to a new site or a site with low authority. It’s okay to get a huge surge of Tumblr backlinks or even social signals because that could happen. Anything that will set alarm bells ringing avoid doing.

I would definitely build the non-main keywords at a steady rate over two or three months. You have to be patient in the SEO game, if you target the right keywords monetary/traffic success will follow.

Always drip feed your web 2.0 backlinks for long tail keywords. Like I say, slow and steady wins the race.

If you need me to take closer look at what you are doing just shoot me an email.

And now one of my keyword went from 12 to 47 since 2days ago. Seo can be frustrating a times

It gets less frustrating with experience, ranking takes time. If you have mixed up your anchor text and made sure that your content has been indexed in Google search you will certainly improve your ranking.

Everything is mixed and indexed on Google , well probably because when I build tumblr backlinks , it takes less than 48 hrs to see some movement, that makes me think things are slow on my end a bit. Seems like it take days longer to see real result. Well some other pages are popping up to 13th 15th 16th 17th 18th 19th 21st and 23rd positions . wish I will get to 1 soon . I have a 22000 Monthly search keyword at 31st position. My keywords are purely researched from keyword planner to keyword revealer , and moz bar together with ahrefs. So am sure for them to even come to 2nd page , in 1 month and 9 days, I think am on track. Thanks, will keep you posted, traffic returned back today and may supersede the old 18 visits a day cause am already at 16 now

You probably won’t see movement in a few days every time. I check my ranking every 30 days for each keyword I am trying to rank. After the first 30 days I aim to be ranked around position 10, after 60 days around position 3 and after 90 days in position 1.

Keep us all posted on how you are doing.

lol, what could be wrong with my site ? i used to get 18 to 25 visits a day recently, but yesterday and today it dropped weirdly to 2 visits only and some pages are at 2nd page now. am very very annoyed.
so far i have 42 tumblrs and 5 weeblys pointing to my site and 37 more tumblrs to go , probably will add more than that if need be. i dont know what could be the problem of my traffic

Hi Juli,
You can email me your keywords that you are targeting and your money site URL if you need my help. Maybe you have picked keywords with low search volume? The traffic you were getting before might have been from social sites and not from Google organic search results.

Like I say, ranking takes time, you need to be patient for the backlinks to take effect.

You need to build the backlinks at a steady rate over 3 months. Just 5 Weebly and 5 Tumblr backlinks in the first month will do the trick.

Do 15 more the next month and then 15 more the next month. Do not build loads in your first month, spread them out over 3 months, slow and steady wins the race.

Your traffic will improve as your ranking does.

Hi Nick,
The keywords that I was targetting have now disappeared from google search results after some good progress. One of them moved from no. 61 to 30 last week. Is this normal or have i just been penalised by Google.
I have used 10 tumblrs and I bought one of the fiver gigs that you mentioned in one of your blogs and everything went on well until this week. Please advise.

Hi Samuel, in some cases this is normal yes. It happened to this page, just wait a few days and it will return to the Google index in a much better position than it was when it left. If you have done 10 Tumblrs and mixed up your anchor text everything will be okay. This is more likely to happen with new sites, but it can happen to any site, it is called the Google dance. Do not worry, your site will re-appear, just keep building the backlinks at a steady rate and you will hit the top spot after around 3 months.

I had this happen to one of my pages today. I have seen it happen in the past, though. Most of the time it does come back. Sometimes within 24 hours. Sometimes a week later. And, yeah, it usually comes back stronger than before. Just gotta wait it out and keep trucking along.

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