Web 2.0 Link Wheel Tutorial

Web 2 0 Link Wheel TutorialI am going to show you how to build a web 2.0 link wheel manually and with the use of software too.

This ranking strategy got me a Google page 1 ranking on day 1.

In around 30 days the strategy got me a Google.com and Google.co.uk rank 1 for my selected keyword.

I am going to show you how I did it for free.

You can do it yourself for free or……..

You can get the strategy done for you right here in the Rankers Paradise SEO store.

I have logged the results below, this is a proven strategy you can use yourself.

You can even check my results for yourself to know for certain that it will work for you too.

Most importantly I am going to show you the rank effects of a powerful link wheel like this.

You can follow the tutorial to build your very own link wheel.

So what is a link wheel?

It’s simply linking up your sites one by one into a wheel formation so that they are not orphaned pages.

The seo link wheel can be a very powerful rank strategy when done the right way.

I am going to point the backlinks to this post to see the rank effects.

I will do a small 5 site web 2.0 link wheel on tier 1.

On tier 2 I will point 10 high PA Tumblrs to each of the 5 web 2.0 posts.

I am not going to write any of the content myself for any of the sites.

I am going to use SEO Content Machine to generate some unique content.

Let’s get right into it;

Web 2.0 Link Wheel Tutorial

First of all we need to set up 5 web 2.0 sites.

To do that we are going to require a fresh email.

You can set up a free email account at the following sites:

  1. Mail.com
  2. gmx.co.uk
  3. Yandex.com

Go ahead and get yourself a free email, you only require one. We can use the one email address to set up all five web 2.0 sites.

Now you have your email set up you need to register five Web 2.0 sites for use in the link wheel.

The five Web 2.0 sites I am going to use on tier 1 are;

  1. Tumblr.com
  2. Weebly.com
  3. WordPress.com
  4. Kinja.com
  5. Blogger.com

Go to each Web 2.0 site and set up an account. If you want a list of other web 2.0 sites that you can use go to my free backlinks post.

Make sure you get your keyword into the Web 2.0 sub domain.

I am looking to rank this page for the keyword “Web 2.0 Link Wheel” so I will make sure it sits in the blog sub domain URL.

For example, if you have the keyword “best epilator” you would want your Web 2.0 URL to look like this:


If the exact match keyword blog URL is taken add another word to the end, so you will have something like this:

bestepilatorsite.tumblr.com or even bestepilatorblog.tumblr.com

I think you know what I mean.

Now that you have your Web 2.0 blogs set up you need to get some content to post onto them.

I am going to use SEO Content Machine to generate the content for me.

If you do not have SEO Content Machine you have a few other options available.

You can either write the content yourself by hand, which is by far the best method, but the most time consuming.

You can go ahead and use the free blog content generators outlined in one of my previous posts.

Or you can buy some content for use on your blogs. You can use this service here to get the job done.

Web 2 Link Wheel Strategy Done For You

Generate Unique Content

I am going to show you how to generate unique content using SEO Content Machine.

I want these sites up and live as fast as possible, so I am going to generate the content.

Go ahead and fire up your copy of the SEO Content Machine software.

Generate Articles for your web 2.0 sites

Click on the “Generate Articles” icon.

Go ahead and set up your content settings

Add your keyword into the “Keywords” box.

Make sure you select the article quality to be “Unique”, this is very important.

We want the content to be as long as possible. So I set the Paragraph count from 25 to 50 and have paragraph Min Words set to 50.

Use the in built spinner “Soft Spin”, which is very good. Then set your article count to 5.

Make sure you select “No Spintax” and choose a folder on your pc to save your content to.

Now you can hit the “Run Task” button. Make sure the “Run Immediately” radio box is checked.

When the content is complete we will optimise it for posting onto our web 2.0 sites. I will show you exactly how to do this right now.

How To Optimise Your Web 2.0 Content

We will optimise the content as we drop it onto our web 2.0 sites.

Before you drop the content onto the web 2.0 sites you need some images. You need around 10 images, make sure you get your keyword into the file name of the image.

The anchor text I will use for the Tier 1 backlinks will be;

  • Brand
  • Full Open URL
  • Brand
  • Long Tail Exact

You can check out my perfect anchor text ratio post to understand why I chose these anchors.

Optimise the content on your Web 2.0 sites like this

Right, let’s drop the content onto the web 2.0 sites, to get the most benefit from it you need to do the following things.

  • Add your keyword at the beginning of the title
  • Put your keyword at the top, in the middle and at the end of the content. (if it’s a long piece of content drop the keyword in there a few more times). Make sure one of the keywords is in bold type.
  • Put the keyword in a heading on the page.
  • Add the images to your post. Make sure the images have the keyword in the file name, also add the keyword to the image ALT TAG if it is possible.
  • Add the backlink to your money site above the fold. I always put the backlinks in the first paragraph. If you are not using exact match anchors make sure your chosen keyword is close to your anchor, this is very important.
  • Add another backlink to an authority site. Google your keyword, go to page 4 or 5 and find a site that has high domain authority and drop a backlink to it, do not use exact match anchors, use generic anchors for these.
  • Go to youtube and pop your keyword in the search box. Use a different video on each web 2.0. Use the top 5, whichever ones you choose.

That’s it, go ahead and drop the content on all 5 web 2.0 sites. Make sure you optimise each site as suggested above.

Now your web 2.0 sites will have fully otpomised content on them with a backlink to your money site.

Now it is time to link the 5 web 2.0 sites together into what is know as a link wheel.

Create The Web 2.0 Link Wheel

Now we need to go ahead and develop the web 2.0 link wheel. It is really very easy to do, this is how you do it;

How to set up your web 2.0 link wheel

This is how you set up your link wheel;

  • Tumblr links to Weebly
  • Weebly links to WordPress
  • WordPress links to Kinja
  • Kinja links to Blogger
  • Blogger links to Tumblr

Go ahead and link up your web 2.0 blogs. Use all long tail exact anchors, this means you must have your exact keyword in the anchor.

Here is an example of a long tail exact anchor:

If my keyword is “best fishing knife” then a long tail exact anchor for this would be “see this best fishing knife guide here”.

Get thise 5 web 2s linked up now. This ensures your money site gets backlinks and your web 2.0 sites gets backlinks. This ensures your web 2s are not orphaned pages, which is very important.

Also, make sure you link to the web 2.0 post page, not the web 2.0 home page.

Make sure you index those tier 1 backlinks too, you can use Google Console for this. Do not worry if the links do not remain in the index, the tier 2 backlinks will help sort that little problem out.

Now I have my tier 1 web 2.0 backlinks set up, it is time to pump out some tier 2 backlinks.

Tier 2 Backlinks

On tier 2 I am going to build 10 high PA Tumblr backlinks to each tier 1 web 2.0 site.

I am going to use FCS Networker to get my tier 2 backlinks, of course you can do this manually.

Or you can use an seo clerks service for it. The service here offers 50 high PA Tumblr backlinks, and you can split the URLs, which means you can give the seller your 5 tier 1 URLs and get 10 backlinks to each of them.

This is how you can get Tumblr backlinks fast using FCS Networker;

Go ahead and log into your FCS Networker account.

If you are completely new to FCS Networker you will need to add your Tumblr blogs into the system. I have covered this in my FCS Networker guide, so I won’t go over that again here.

I assume that you have your Tumblr blogs loaded into FCS Networker and you are ready to roll out the backlinks.

I am going to use FCS Networker to generate the content for the web 2.0 tier 2 backlinks, it actually produces really good content.

Set up your web 2.0 link sets in FCS Networker

Select “Link Sets” and click on the “Add Link Set” tab.

This is how we are going to set up the anchors used on the backlinks to our tier 1 web 2.0 sites.

We are going to set up 5 link sets.

All tier 2 backlinks will point to the tier 1 post page, not the home page.

All 10 anchors are going to be long tail exact match anchors. You will need to enter 10 different long tail anchors into the system.

web 2.0 tier 2 anchor text to use

You are going to create 5 link sets, one for each web 2.0 site on tier 1.

Enter your link set name.

Enter the URL of the web 2.0 site on tier 1.

Then drop 10 long tail exact match anchors in the “Main Anchors” text box.

Next you need to scroll down and hit the “Add Links” button.

Create your web 2.0 blog project

Click on “Create Projects” (circled red) and give your project a name.

Make sure that “Submission Style” is set to “Post Amount Per Project” and that you have the “Evenly” radio tab selected for “Submit Posts Across Accounts”.

Select Your Web 2 Link Sets

Scroll down the page and select the “Linking” tab.

Click on the “Choose Links Sets” button and select one of your link sets that you set up earlier. Leave everything else set on default.

You can add authority link into the mix if you want to, I am not going to do this. I want all the rank juice to flow to the web 2.0 sites.

Then click on the “Images/Videos” tab.

Add Image and Videos to your web 2.0 sites

Simply drop your keyword into the images section. The software will add web 2.0 related images into the tier 2 blog posts for me.

Ignore the rest of the tabs, we do not need to use them. Now scroll back to the top of the project page.

select web 2 blogs for tier 2

To select the Tumblr accounts that you want to use on tier 2, first select the “Accounts” tab and then click the “Add Accounts” button.

You will then be presented with a list of all the web 2.0 accounts you have in the software, check the radio button of the the 10 Tumblrs that you wish to use.

auto generate content for your web 2.0 blogs

Now click on the “Articles/Content” tab and click the “Auto-Gen Content” radio tab.

Pop your main keyword into the “keyword” text box and select a category for your content.

Make sure that you select the content quality to “Readable” and set how many paragraphs you wish to have.

Then check the “Submit To All Accounts Once” tab.

Scroll down and hit the “Save Project” button.

FCS Networker will now drop 10 Tumblr backlinks to your tier 1 site.

Repeat this process for the other tier 1 web 2.0 sites within the link wheel.

Make sure all the sites get 10 high PA Tumblr backlinks, that will be more than enough to get things moving, especially for easy to rank keyword.

That’s it, you now have a super powerful link wheel on tier 1 powered up with some dirty tier 2 rank juice. You can drop this link wheel into month 2 of my powerful web 2.0 backlinks strategy.

This is a great way to rank any website, or get a page moving up the SERPs again.

You can create the web 2.0 link wheel with FCS Networker software, I am going to show you how to do that right now.

SEO Link Wheel Software

If you have FCS Networker you can use it to build the tier 1 web 2.0 link wheel for you on complete auto pilot.

I will go through this step by step for you right now, you can also take a look at this video to get the job done also.

First of all you will need to load your web 2.0 accounts into the software.

FCS Networker even has a built in account creator option, so you don’t even have to do that manually these days.

You can have the software set up the web 2.0 accounts for you.

For this tutorial I am going to assume you have the web 2.0 accounts set and ready to roll, so lets get them loaded into the software and ready to post to onto.

Import Accounts For Link Wheel

First lets import your web 2.0 accounts into the software. Click on “Accounts” and then “Blog Accounts” and then select “Import Bulk Accounts”.

Add Web 2 Accounts

Now add your 5 web 2.0 accounts into the software that you are going to use in the link wheel.

You need to enter them in this format:


Pop them into a category and hit the “Add Accounts” button.

Add Link Wheel Link Sets

Before you start your link wheel project you are going to need to set up a link set for your money site. Select the “Link Sets” option and then hit the “Add Link Set” button.

Add Your Money Site Anchors

Go ahead and add your money site URL and main anchors. Drop the 5 anchors in there that you want to be used on each of the 5 web 2s in the link wheel.

Then scroll down and hit the “Add Links” button. Now you are ready to create the link wheel with the software.

Create Link Wheel Project

Click on “Create Projects” then “Create Blog Projects” and then give it a name.

Now scroll down to the link wheel section.

Select Link Wheel Option

Select the “Link Wheel” radio tab.

When you click the “Target Links” tab you can select the link set that you set up earlier, this will be the link to your money site.

Then you need to select the “Link Wheel Anchors” button, this is the 5 anchors you are going to use that link one web 2.0 blog to the other.

You can also select the “Authority Links” tab to get some links into your articles from authority sites within your niche.

Make sure you set the “Target Links Per Article” from 1 to 1.

Add Your Web 2 Accounts For Link Wheel

Select the “Accounts” tab and then click the “Add Accounts” button. Now select the 2 web 2.0 accounts that you are using in the link wheel.

Add Content For The Link Wheel

Now select the “Articles” tab and go ahead and get your content loaded into the software. You can Auto-Gen the content or upload your own articles, the choice is yours.

Now scroll down to add images and videos to your post.

Add Images and Videos Into The Link Wheel

Select the Images/Videos tab and select the options to add images and videos into your posts. You can use your own images and videos, or have the software get them for you.

Then hit the “Save Project” put and let the software build the web 2.0 link wheel for you on complete auto pilot.

I will log the rank results here for you all to see the effects of the link wheel. If I need to power it up I will add more tier 2 backlinks further down the line.

As it stands this will be enough to get me ranking high for such a easy keyword.

Link Wheel Service

I should also mention that we have a seo link wheel service right here in the Rankers Paradise store, or you can go ahead and get it done on seo clerks too here.

Web 2 Link Wheel Strategy Done For You

Ranking Results

Post published: 09/04/2017

I indexed the post right away using Google console.

Then I indexed all 5 tier 1 backlinks on the same day, the day the post was published on the 09/04/2017.

I will index the tier 2 backlinks over the next few weeks.

Rank Check on 09/04/2017 the day the post was published.

Google rank check on day 1

So the day the post is published I have a Google.com and Google.co.uk rank 5.

That’s how powerful these seo link wheels can be.

Yes it’s an easy keyword, but this is what can be achieved on day 1.

That is how to get a first page Google ranking real fast in just 1 day.

When I index the tier 2 backlinks over the next few weeks the site will hit Google rank 1.

Rank Check: 18/05/2017

This page is now ranked top for it’s selected keyword.

In less than 39 days I have achieved a top Google ranking on Google.com and Google.co.uk.

That’s the power of 5 web 2 sites in a link wheel formation.

Link Wheel Rank Check 18 May 2017

Remember you can get this exact ranking strategy done for you right here in the Rankers Paradise SEO Store.

Of course you can do it all yourself for free 🙂

  1. Hello Nick,

    How are you?

    I had a quick question, with your 301 redirect strategy can you setup multiple WordPress which target different keywords but point to the same homepage?


  2. Hi nick,

    I use your strategies and I got second spot in page one, thanks for sharing. I want to know that it is necessary to index all tier 2 tumblrs posts individuality because post also get juice from homepage and if yes then how many posts should be index each day and is there any other fast way to index except google console.

    • No problem Atif, glad I could be of help to you. Just let Google bot find your tier 2 backlinks naturally, if your Tumblr homepage is indexed your post pages will index on their own. You can index as many Tier 2 backlinks per day as you need to, backlinks from social sites like Facebook and Twitter will get your links indexed too.

  3. Hey Nick, one quick question.. Created a new website, added handwritten unique content to it, added products and created the ranking post. Added social signals to it and 5 tumblrs and weebly. That was like months ago. My rankings are still not shown even on the last page on google, do you know what is the problem? All of the weebly and tumblrs were already indexed.

    • Hi Kire, you need to keep the backlinks flowing at a steady rate. Without taking a look at your site and keywords I can’t be exact. If you went hard on exact match anchors then that could be the problem. It could be one of many things.

  4. You post so many different strategies. Would love to know which one you tend to use the most.

  5. Reply
    Mohammad Naeem- Uz Zaman
    April 28, 2017 at 3:31 pm

    Hello Nick
    Thank you so much for helping all of us . Why dont you open a facebook group so that we share our experience how this ranking strategy is working. If you dont have time then let me know I will open the group for u and invite others from here ha ha …… 🙂

    • That’s a really good idea Mohammad and is something I will look into when I get time. I set up the forum here on Rankers for everyone to share their ranking stored using these strategies.

  6. Thanks Nick for your prompt reply.

    I have built many backlinks to my website before. Now keywords appearing on 2-3 page due to google dance.

    Once I place order here or at SEOCLERK for web 2.0 link wheel, should I stop link building for my website? Should I wait for ordered backlinks getting indexed?

    What is strategy after placing web 2.0 link wheel order?

    • Yes most definitely stop building any more backlinks if you order the link wheel service from us, the link wheel will be enough alone to push ranks for you. When the order is complete make sure you index the links slowly, if you really want to add more links add more tiers, stay away from doing any more tier 1 backlinks.

      After the link wheel is complete, index the links slowly over 30 days, then do a rank check. If you are at the top you will find backlinks will come naturally from then on and you will not need to build anymore. If you do not hit the top you can either boost the link wheel with tier 2 and tier 3 backlinks with high PA Tumblrs, or hit your page with 15 high PA Tumblrs and index them slowly….that does the trick for most keywords for me 🙂

  7. Hi Nick,

    I am making many pages simultaneously on my money site, and i am following your ranking strategy for all the pages at the same time.

    Here my question is how many links should i index for each page, as all the pages are on single domain.

    For example i have a domain abc.com
    and my pages are
    At the same time i am making the links for all three pages, but i am worried about indexing safe indexing quantity.

    • Hi John,

      You can index 1 to 3 backlink URLs per post per site each day, it’s better if you index less backlinks daily spread out over a longer period….a steady flow of backlinks is good these days. So you can index 9 or even more backlinks per site per day as long as they point to different pages on the site. Just remember to keep a steady flow and you will be set to rank up over a day period.

      • Thanks, i ll follow it and index slow and steady.

        • That’s the way to do it, don’t be tempted to do any more tier 1 backlinks if you see a rank drop or no movement at all…this is normal….just wait it out….index them slow and you will see a rank rise eventually….if you can’t wait to drop more backlinks get them on tier 2 and 3 for an extra boost.

  8. Please can you kindly tell or make a post on how to start and rank a multi niche website? Its important. Thanks

    • I can do that for you, if you are going down that avenue you are going to have to focus on building your brand….lots of brand anchors….you will need a good brand domain name that is unique. That will get you started, then pick out easy keywords across a wide range of niches and set out ranking each post page using the techniques on this site, for internal links you will need to set up categories on your site and link them up when they are related.

      • This is where I get confused everytime. (The internal linking part) should I build links to homepage or post pages? You said lots of brand anchors, should these brand anchors be on the homepage or on the post pages?

        For categories aspect can you give me an example, like if I interlink Rice or beans? Thanks for reply and help needed. If I have PC game category, and mobile game category, should I interlink between the 2 or I should interlink on posts in mobile game online and also interlink between posts in PC games separately.

        • On this site all internal links go between my post pages, no links go to my homepage. Brand anchors from external backlinks will go to your homepage and your post pages….need to be spread right across your site.

          Example of categories, for this site…on the top level I would have “Backlinks”….then within that category I would have “Web 2.0 backlinks”, “PBN Backlinks”, “Edu Backlinks” etc.

          Only interlink pages if it will help the reader, if it is context with what you are writing and you feel the reader will find it useful or interesting then drop it in there.

        • Nick, as you said such kind of website needs a lot of brand anchors, but what’s the ratio for it? The same as your perfect anchor text ratio post shown?

        • Yes most definitely, try to aim for around 30% brand anchors for every post/page on your site.

  9. We should have known this website was setted up for business purpose other than the said seo purpose. No. Updates anymore, no response.

    • hi the services are there to help people who dont understand how to do it themselves 🙂 so what is your problem harsh?? im sure you wouldnt build a website and give away everything on it free would you?? nick gives alot of free advice on here to help people and is the most caring man on earth and helps every single person on here so please enough of the smart comments or you will not be allowed to post no more on the site

      have a good day

    • Every single seo strategy featured in the store is explained on the site, you can do all of this by yourself for free. The services were added to help you out, you don’t have to buy the services, you can follow my tutorials and guides for free.

  10. Man I can’t seem to rank anything these days…

    • Start off slow and steady with backlinks, don’t be tempted to build too many backlinks too quickly. Do thorough keyword research and you will find ranking so much easier.

  11. So basically we link from the five web 2.0’s to the money site, while at the same time placing a second link in the post that points to another web 2.0 forming a link wheel, am i right?
    And that is it? No waiting period between adding them, no doc shares, image share backlinks?

    Nice post btw, I love what you explained here!

    • That’s correct, nothing else to add either….nice simple ranking strategy.

      • What kind of anchor text we use when we link to another web 2.0 and also, after the 10 tumbrls are added to each post, can we add 10 more after some time, plus some PBNs??

        • Use long tail exact anchors when linking up your web 2s. Yes you can drop as many tier 2 backlinks as you want to…go for more Tumblrs and PBN backlinks. Wait a little before you add extra Tier 2 backlinks, if you can’t wait do a third tier.

        • Thank you Nick!

        • No problem Kire, let me know how it goes 🙂

    • I don’t do any of the work, my VA does the work…the seo clerks service is my VA’s. She sets up services for me that I ask her to do. Same person does the work on clerks and on here.

  12. Hey nick,

    What do you think about 5x tumblr for tier 1 instead of 5 different web 2.0 ?
    All with a variation of thethe KW of course.


    • It is most definitely better to get backlinks from different platforms, however if you have an easy keyword 5 tumblrs on Tier 1 will work. Give it a go and let me know how you get on 🙂

  13. Hello, Nick thank you for another great post. What would be the length of the article for tier 1 post, please?

  14. Hi Nick,

    Thanks for completing my order ( Order Number : 1727 ) I sent you an email, and the order needs many corrections to be made, please check my email for the details and do the required changes.

    Thanks in advance.

  15. Hi Nick, the link wheel on Fcs network isnt a proper link. for instance if i have to link to 5blogs, let say webs,weebly,wordpress,tumblr,jimdo. Linkwheeling this 5 is supposed to be like this, webs have a link of weebly, weebly with a link of wordpress and wordpress with a link of tumblr, tumblr with a link of Jimdo and jimdo with a link of webs……
    But on fcs it doesnt happen this way, webs will link to webs,weebly will link to weebly, wordpress will link to wordpress.

    WHy is their automated linkwheel link that?

  16. Hey nick. As always awesome tutorial. I have been following this and I am currently in the second month. All the Kws are in the second page. In the second month I am yet to add those tier 2 backlinks. I had a query the expired web 2s in the 2nd tier you use, do you re use them to point at other pages of yours. Or do you limit yourself 1 backlink per expired web 2?

    • Good to hear you are taking action Fahid, I do re-use my Tier 2 blogs over and over, even on the same money site…they are only there really to make sure my Tier 1 backlinks get indexed and remain indexed.

  17. Hey Nick,

    Dropped you an email with a question regarding something I’m having a big issue with recently. Would love your input if/when you get a chance to read the email and reply.


  18. Hi Nick,

    I searched keyword “web 2.0 link wheel” in google and didn’t found your post. When I checked again, I saw that your post doesn’t indexed on google.

    Thanks !

    • Hi Frank, yes it is in and out of the index at the moment. It is a new post and this is only normal. The rank will settle in month 2.

    • Hi

      Thanks post is on 5th place now at google.com, on “web 2.0 link wheel”.

      Please search it again, and previously this post was on 3rd position, i checked it 4 days back.

      • The page will jump around a lot in the first 30 days, it’s to be expected. It will come in and out of the index too. The main thing is that you can hit the first page of Google fast with this method on easy keywords.

  19. Hi Nick,

    How to sign up for your SET store/shop?

    I can’t find any link for that.

    • Hi you dont need to sign up friend 🙂
      at the top of the page is says seo store click it or on the banner you see top of the page
      you can order from nick and he will help you hes the best at ranking sites

  20. Sexy guru nick you have many questions to answer chop chop wake up 🙂

  21. Looks like you went too hard too fast. This new one is ranking 108 today for your chosen keyword, though I saw it at 4 a few days ago. Wonder how long before it bounces back…

  22. Hai Nick,

    I already had a success with web 2.0 link wheel without tier 2 for one keyword.I started an authority amazon site a few weeks back.I will use this strategy on it and will share the results over here.And I would like to use cheap private blog network links to power up those web2.0 properties instead of tumblrs.

    Mahesh Goud

  23. Hi Nick,
    I sent you a message, would you please check it. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

  24. Hi Guru Nick,

    Again a nice post on your blog, i am very much impressed with your posts and its content, but i am little bit amazed that how you get rank 5 on very first day.

    I want to buy your gig of 50 tumblr backlinks, i have posted another page on my website which is having ranking difficulty only 22, i already posted the content but again my site is no where on my targetted keyword, even i hire a professional to write the content for my site, i just want you to please have a look at my webpage and provide your valuable comments and let me know is it something on which you can help me to get on page 1 of google.

    I am hoping very much from you, i hope you will help me to catch some good ranking.

    If the page will be on 1st page of google than i have many more pages and website for you, i am running 3 money site and want someone to assist with seo service like you.

    Here is my page : http://graphicdesigno.com/services/animation-service/product-animation
    and this is my keyword : Product Animation
    Ranking Difficulty as per KW Finder is 21

    • I am about to post another page on my other website and waiting for your revert only, as if there will be any correction and on pages seo needed than i will make it before publishing the page.

      • Hey Nick,

        I have an update of my page, the page is one 33 place for main keyword “Product Animation” and it is on 7th place on “Product Animation Service”.

        Further i also did an order through your shop, and hoping to see some positive effect on SERP.

        • Hi John,

          Keep going with the backlinks at a steady rate and you will get there. Your order is in the making and will be done very soon.

        • Hi Guru Nick,

          I am glad, finally got your revert, quick update before any link making, only social signals delivers nothing else.

          Date : 15/4/2017
          My Targetted Keyword : Product Animation
          Rank : 52

          Similar Keywords : Product Animation Service
          Rank : 7

          I am waiting for your order deliver and excited to see its result on SERP.

  25. Hi Nicki, thanks for these wonderful post, it comes at the right time. So i want to ask that whats is major benefits of building 2nd tier backlinks??? Can i used 2nd tier backlinks for the pbn backlinks purchased on seoclerk.com???. Hope to hear from you soon.

    • Hi Kayode, The tier 2 backlinks will get your tier 1 links to remain in the Google index and will also help rank them. When your tier 1 sites push ranks your money site will do the same. All the rank juice passes to your money site, and if you use long tail exact anchors on tier 2 to the high authority sites on tier 1 it tells big G what your money site is about and will help rank you up for your main keyword, in some cases it is very important to have the tier 2 backlinks. You can use PBN backlinks on tier 2 yes, that’s not a problem…make sure you use long tail exact match anchors and you will have much success.

  26. great post again master Nick. Im entering month 2 following your web 2.0 backlinks and all i can say is “wow”. i never know the power of web 2.0 backlinks, thanks man!

    i have a youtube video to be placed on the web 2.0, basically same video on all the 5 web 2.0, this this be ok or should i need to have a different video for each? At the same time, i did not know that the keyword should be on the file name of the image that i will use.

    also, tumblr has a redirect link, is this still effective? i see your trick on placing the anchor on the description so that it will not be redirect anymore but i was planning to re-use my tumblr for future posts thats why. 🙂

    i think i should edit my web 2.0 sites now. you rock master Nick!

    • Yeah and that’s using generated content on tier 1, they do work on the right keywords. You can use your own video on each of the tier 1 web 2s, the same video is fine, not a problem at all. It does help to get your keyword in the file name on the web 2s because you can’t give then an ALT TAG on some web 2 platforms.

      The tumblr backlinks are still effective even with the redirect link in there, it is not a problem, rank juice still passes. You don’t need to do the description trick, the backlinks in the post pages with redirect are just as effective.

      Thanks for stopping by, let me know how you get on.

      • Master Nick,

        I would also like to ask if it is safe to spin the content of your money site/target page? Thanks!

        • It is safe yes, make sure it is readable….if the content does not read well on your money site then your bounce rate will be incredibly high and you will have no chance of hitting the top at all.

        • thanks Master Nick,

          i haven’t got any good result even if im done with the first month. 🙂 i am on the second month following the web 2.0 link wheel. maybe i mess up with the keywords variation and i already have some backlinks before. i will not giveup.

  27. Which one do we use? Your weebly with 50 high PA tumblrs or this one? What is the difference? Which one is guaranteed to rank us no 1? Confusion is setting in.

    • Sorry to confuse you Jerome.

      It all very much depends on your project.

      Do you only require 1 top quality backlink, or do you need 5 backlinks…..new projects will go for the 5 web 2.0 link wheel…..older projects that want to maintain rank or have just lost a top rank will want to go with the one weebly backlink for a jump back up.

  28. Hello Nick,

    Another great post again.
    I have just recently bought this gig on SEO Clerks and very excited about it.

    Do rankings improve instantly or do I need to wait for a certain amount of time?

    Thank you

    • Hello Nick,

      How are you?

      Quick question, ranking sites locally is very easy now with your Web 2.0 tactics, thank you for that. The real issue I’m having now is ranking websites by city ( For example: Melbourne in Australia . It seems I need to do more than your SEO gigs and what you have presented on this website, maybe ramp up the weekly link building.

      Is there any ideas you might have that can help me with this issue?

      Thank you Nick

      • If you get local references in the anchors it works wonders. To rank for “Melbourne in Australia” you need backlinks from keyword location directories, websites, forums etc….going to take a bit more work than web 2 backlinks.

    • Thanks Shannon,

      Rank improvement will all depend on the keyword.

      This page ranks high on day one.

      You will see rank improvements in a few weeks if you index the backlinks and you have a fairly easy keyword.

      • Hello Nick,

        Ok thanks, my keyword im targeting on Keyword Finder is 29/100 ( Easy )

        Does your service provide slow index?


        • You will see fast rank improvement with an easy keyword like that.

          Just drop a message and the links can be indexed for you over a set period of time 🙂

        • Thank you for the very quick response Nick!

          I’m going to keep you busy with a lot of your SEO store services 🙂

          Can’t wait to try them all.

          I noticed some responses on here have been negative but they don’t realise your giving your time and expertise for FREE! I would like to give you my feedback. This website has been the best thing I have ever been apart of in the SEO scene. Your tutorials are very easy to follow and your ongoing support is second to none.

          I’m than happy to support Rankers Paradise. I use your website more than Facebook 🙂

          Speak soon

        • No problem Shannon. You will keep my VA busy if you keep ordering from us, I am very busy on other projects….I will keep an eye over orders to make sure they are getting done as they should be.

          I will always get a few negative comments, that’s only natural and it’s good too. I have given a lot of my time up for free doing this site to reveal what is working for me, every strategy can be done by everyone for free…I have even given people the use of my VA by opening the store….which will and wont be to everyones liking.

          Thank you very much for your kind words Shannon, people like you keep me interested in the site and motivate me to do more posts for you guys. My biggest problem is that I don’t get enough to to read through all my emails everyday, there isn’t enough time in the day for me….I am going to plan a little better and try to respond to everyone if I can.

          It’s good to have you here Shannon, most definitely keep me informed as to how your sites are coming along in the SERPs…I am interested in everyones case…I just don’t have a lot of time to respond as much as I would like to.

        • Thank you Nick,
          The question was in regards to another order ( it’s ok now your VA has completed the order. I mentioned that before the gig proceeds please get back to me with some questions ) still waiting on answers for those questions and the gig is now complete 🙂 I wanted to get your thoughts on anchor texts in this gig. Can we still review this?

          What is the best way to increase domain and URL authority? Would it be tier 1 and tier 2 link building?


        • Hi Shannon, yes we can review any of your orders with regards to anchor text etc. Best way to increase DA and PA is to get backlinks…tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 from sites with high page authority, all juice passes to your site. If you get backlinks from pages with very high PA it will pass onto your site quickly.

        • Hello Nick,

          How are you?
          When you get a chance can you please get back to me with my latest gig I bought from you.

          I have sent a reply email.


        • Hi Shannon, I have sent you an email with regards to your latest order.

        • Hello Nick,

          Great! I will send you an email now with my gig url.

          Do you use Link Centaur?

          Let me know when you receive my email.

          Thank you very much Nick. Will order more of your shop seo gigs very soon.


        • Hi Shannon, I don’t use Link Centaur anymore…not a massive fan. I use Google Console only, it’s the only was to ensure the links get indexed. I will take a look at your email asap.

          Good to have you here 🙂

  29. Hi Mohammad,

    As of today the page is ranked 2 on Google.com and rank 4 on Google.co.uk without any extra backlinks created.

    Please see image:

  30. Hey friend,

    No offense, I checked your keywords and it is already in the 2nd page.

    I think it won’t hurt your website at least, probably will make it better.

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