Build, Rank & Bank an Amazon Affiliate Site

Build, Rank & Bank an Amazon Affiliate SiteI am going to show you how to build, rank & bank an Amazon affiliate site from start to finish.

I am going to build an Amazon affiliate site that will make $100 a month.

How good would it be to add an extra $100 a month to your salary any time you want to?

With small things comes big things, build enough small sites that rake in small amounts you will end up with a decent passive revenue stream.

I am not going to go for a $2000 a month niche site, simply because I would not want to reveal any niche of this quality here.

I am going to show you how to find a niche that will make you money, simply because they are easy to rank in Google search.

I am going to use and rank my Amazon affiliate site no. 1 on

What you are going to learn;

  • How to find a profitable niche with easy to rank keywords
  • How to set up your Amazon affiliate site
  • How to write content for your new Amazon affiliate site
  • How to rank your affiliate site no. 1 in Google search

The first part of the process is the most important, it can take days, weeks and sometimes months.

To find this niche it took me 1 week. Of course I was not looking for 8 hours a day, I did some keyword research when I had some spare time.

I would say that I did 1 hour keyword research every day for a week in order to find this niche.

I know this is a great niche because the sites that rank no. 1 for the selected keyword are weak, I can certainly out rank them and make a little money from doing so.

To start off you need to find a profitable niche that has keywords that we can be certain to rank no. 1 for. Then we can start making some money from those lovely Amazon commission cheques.

Do not rush the first step, this will make or break your site. This part will determine if you make some money, or very little money.

If you can’t find a niche in the first few days, do not panic and rush into any niche, this will be your downfall.

The key to making money online through Amazon affiliate sites is preparation and planning.

Follow this guide step by step and you will be making loads of money too.

I also need to make it clear that “relevancy” is very important. Your content has to be relevant to the keyword that you are trying to rank for. This will make sure that you have a low bounce rate, it will help you rank no. 1.

Before we get started you are going to need:

Step 1: Find a Profitable Niche

Do not rush this step, if you do you are doomed to fail.

Take your time here, plan everything down to the last detail and you can be certain that you will develop a money making Amazon affiliate store/review site.

Open in another browser window.

We are looking for high value products, preferably around $50 to $100.

However the amount you make is all relative to how many monthly searches your keyword gets. So a low cost product can still bring in a decent affiliate cheque every month if it gets a lot of monthly Google searches.

When we find one, we are going to quickly analyse the competition of the niche using MozBar within Google search.

If on first glance the niche appears too competitive we will not even go into keyword research, we will move onto another product/niche.

Before we start you want to build a site around buying keywords. We want people to get to our site that are at the end of the sales funnel and are ready to buy.

These are the buying words that I like to look at:

  • Best
  • Reviews
  • Top
  • Rating
  • Guide

Now I will reveal how I find a product to develop a niche site around. I use for this. This is a free to use tool, each and every tool that I use in this process is free.

Use to find Amazon buying keywords

Enter one of the “buying words” into the search bar. Make sure that you have “Amazon” selected and your location. I am building a “USA” Amazon affiliate site, so I have selected USA. Now hit the “search” button.

Take a look at your Amazon keyword list

Scroll down to take a look at all those lovely buying keywords that people have been searching for on Amazon. Now we need to find out which ones have a decent product price, are popular and are easy to rank.

Select a keyword from the list and head on over to I had to do this over and over and over until I found the keyword that I am going to use for my Amazon Affiliate site here today.

This process is the most important part, do not skim over it, or your new niche site will be a waste of time and effort.

Now add you keyword in the search bar at

Enter one of the keywords in the search bar and take note of the best selling product price. The keyword I have chosen “best epilator” has a product value of $28. There are more expensive models which are popular too at around $100. This is a great little niche to look into. Make sure that the products have good reviews.

We also want a product that will sell all year round. Do not go for a season specific product like Christmas jumpers.

We want steady affiliate commission cheques each and every month.

This is going to take some time, I can’t stress this enough. Do not rush this step.

Next I need to know if this buying keyword gets a lot of monthly searches. I always use for this, it is quick and easy.

Go to to find out your keyword search volume

Click on “ultimate research” then enter your keyword, choose a name for your project, select the country you are targeting and hit the search for keywords button.

Take a look at your selected keyword search volume

Okay, so my selected keyword has a pretty high product price and a fairly high search volume. This keyword looks promising, now I need to asses the top ranking sites for this selected keyword. Can I out rank them?

Keep this window open, we are going to use again a little later on.

To do this quickly we are going to use MozBar and perform a quick Google search.

Take a look at the competition for your selected keyword

How do I know that this is an easy to rank keyword. Well first of all I am looking at the number of backlinks that each site has. If the majority of the sites have less than 50 backlinks then I know that I can out rank them.

Then I take a look at the “PA”, if most of the sites have PA under 40 then I know I can out rank them. For my selected keyword “best epilator” there are sites ranking in the top 10 with zero backlinks and a PA score of 1. In fact there are 3 sites in the top 10 like this, I know that I can rank no. 1 for this particular keyword.

Just to make sure we are going ย to run the keyword through some free keyword competition checker tools. If the score is low, we are going to move onto the next step. I use three keyword competition score tools for this.

The first free seo keyword competition score analyser is over at

Analyse the keyword competition over at gives my selected keyword a ranking difficulty score of 29. Anything under 40 has low competition and is worth looking at. So my selected keyword walks through this test.

The next keyword competition tool that I use is at

Selected keyword competition score from

We are looking for a seo competition score below 30. My selected keyword scores 26, and passes my next test.

The final free keyword competition tool that I use is at competition score

Again I look for a competition score below 30. My selected keyword scores just 18. I am super confident now that I can rank no. 1 for my selected keyword.

My next step is to work out how much this keyword is worth. I am looking to build an Amazon affiliate site that will bring me in at least $100, will this keyword do this for me?

We know that my keyword gets 3600 searches a month, the top ranking site will get about 33% of this traffic. So I need to calculate how much traffic this will be.

3600 x 0.33 = 1188

I now know that my site will get at least 1188 visitors for my selected keyword.

Now I need to know what percentage of these people will buy an epilator. My conversion rate is never below 5%, so I will go with that for this calculation.

1188 x 0.05 = 59.4

I now know that around 60 people will buy something on Amazon every month being referred from my niche affiliate site.

Now I need to know how much money I will make from each Amazon sale. We know that the best selling product in my selected niche sells for $28 and that I will get 4% commission on every sale.

28 x 0.04 = 1.12

So I know that I will make $1.12 from every sale and that I will get around 60 sales every month. Now I can calculate how much this keyword is worth to me each and every month.

1.12 x 59.4 = 66.53

I am certain that this keyword will net me at least $66.53 each and every month.

To bump up my monthly earning for this little affiliate site I am going to create 4 more pages based around 4 more keywords. My site will have 5 pages that I am going to rank no. 1 in Google search.

Now I need to find 4 more keywords. We need to drop back over to for this.

Earlier we entered our selected keyword into and we got a whole load of keywords for our niche. We now need to pick 4 more keywords from the list. We will quickly analyse the competition using just SpyFu MozBar in Google search.

Remember we want more buying keyword. Do not forget this. We want keywords where our web site visitors are ready to buy.

I have selected:

So I found more keywords that I actually require, that’s even better. I will build an 8 page site around the selected keywords. I will build backlinks to the five keywords above.

I will use the keywords below to build out the site, I will not build backlinks to these pages. They have such low search volume and are not worth the effort.

I will use the extra keyword for posts on my blog page. I will also add extra posts to the blog based around “how to” keywords. I will use Yahoo Answers to find these.

I am not fussed at how many monthly searches these keywords get for my blog section, they are purely to fill the site out and to drop internal backlinks to my five selected money pages.

Other keywords to build out the site;

I am going to establish how much all the keywords are worth using the same calculation that I did above for my selected keyword “best epilator”.

My 5 keywords have a combined monthly worth of:


Of course this is only if I rank each and every keyword no. 1 in Google search. Which is exactly what I am going to show you how to do.

I know I can rank each keyword no. 1 and it is going to take me 3 months to do this. The work will be minimal because I am going to outsource all the link building, for cheap of course.

All I have to do is write 8 blog posts and I will have an extra $100 each and every month in three months time.

The content has to be good and highly relevant to the selected keyword.

Remember, little things add up to big things. Don’t be put off my a low monthly income niche, the more of these that you have, the more you will make.

It’s not really the amount that we are going to make, it is really how easy the keywords are to rank that we are mostly concerned about.

However you do want a decent return on your time investment.

Step 2: Find a Domain Name

Before you buy a brand new domain you can look for an expired domain over at

If you can find an expired domain with existing backlinks it will give you a little head start.

Enter your root keyword into the search bar at

Enter you main keyword into the search bar. Now we need to filter the results.

Filter the number of available domains by backlinks

First of all add a minimum of 10 backlinks and select “only available domains”.

Now apply a domain page authority filter

Now click on the “Adwords & SEO” tab and enter a minimum domain authority and page authority of 10.

Then click the “Apply Filter” button.

You will then have a list of expired domains with fairly decent metrics.

If you like the look of any domain then you can take a look at its backlink profile using SEO SpyGlass. If it has a lot of exact match anchor text backlinks or spam Chinese backlinks then leave the domain alone.

For my selected keyword there are very few domains available with decent metrics, also I do not like the name of them, they are spam domains.

I am going to have to use a brand new domain name for this project. I am now going to head on over to to get my new domain name. I use NameCheap because they offer free WhoisGuard.

I want a brand domain name, Google loves a brand, so let’s give it what it wants.

I want my main seed keyword at the beginning of the domain. To help you find a branded domain you can use

Pop your keyword in and find your branded domain name

Enter your seed keyword, select your extension, I am going for a .com because I am ranking on Google .com. Now hit the “Go” button and select a branded domain name that you like.

I like “epilatorly” so I am going to head on over to and purchase that domain name.

I will use for hosting this site. So I will change the NameServers at and point them to BlueHost. Then I will drop WordPress onto the domain and get cracking with the next most important step, writing the content.

If you need help in setting up a WordPress site on your Blue Host hosting take a look at this video;

This is how you do the one click install, it is very easy to do. I always do the manual install, takes a bit longer and you have to set up the database yourself, which you can do, but if you are new I would not.

Most of the time I set up my affiliate sites with my own custom made templates using Dreamweaver using flat html pages. They load up super fast, in this case I will use WordPress so that you can all do the same and follow along with me.

The domain I selected for my epilator Amazon affiliate site is:

My epilator Amazon affiliate site

Take a look at my affiliate site.

Note how I have set things up and linked the pages together.

If you want to know what WordPress Plugins to use go for these ones:

  1. Ad Inserter (perfect for adding Amazon affiliate code to your site)
  2. Cookie consent (you need to have this)
  3. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (we need this to check our bounce rate and organic traffic)
  4. Social Share Bar (Digg Digg Alternative)
  5. Spam Protection by CleanTalk
  6. UpdraftPlus (to backup your site to DropBox)
  7. Yoast SEO

These are the main ones that you will need. If you only get one then make sure that it is Yoast SEO.

I have other security plugins, which you will not require. The more you have the slower your site will run.

Step 3: Write Your Content

Okay, so we have our easy to rank keywords ready to roll, we have our domain name ready to roll with a fresh install of WordPress on there. Now we need to write the content.

I will write one piece of highly optimised content around each of my selected keywords.

Your content needs to have:

  • 2000 words or more
  • bullet points and numbered lists
  • keyword density of 1% or below (keyword to appear at top, middle and bottom of content)
  • at least 3 images with keyword in at least 1 ALT tag and file name
  • at least 1 related video (does not have to be yours)
  • keyword in main (H1) heading
  • keyword in other headings (H2)
  • exact keyword in URL extension
  • keyword in TITLE TAG at the beginning (use text on Ads on Google search for best CTR)
  • keyword in DESCRIPTION TAG
  • an outbound link to an authority site (not a competitor)
  • internal links to other related content on your site
  • something different to what is already ranking in the top 10
  • highly relevant text related to your keyword

Stick to this strategy for writing the content for your niche Amazon site and it will be highly optimised to rank no. 1 in the SERPs. This is what I go by every time, and sure enough it works every time too.

Do not miss anything out from the check list. We need to make sure that our site is bullet proof. When you add backlinks to content like this there is only one way it can go, that is straight to a number 1 Google ranking.

Step 4: Build Some Backlinks

I am going to show you my 3 month backlink building schedule that I use to rank 5 keywords all at the same time.

Over a 3 month period I am going to rank the selected keyword number 1 in Google search.

It’s actually not a lot of work, it’s just annoying that it takes 3 months to achieve.

Building backlinks slow and steady is the only way to go. Build them too fast and you will not get anywhere, be prepared to wait 3 months before you hit the top spot.

My Backlinks strategy for this project:

  • Social Signals
  • PBN Backlinks
  • Expired Tumblr Backlinks

First of all each of the five pages that I want to rank no. 1 for need social signals. Getting social signals is the first thing that you need to do for every page before you get any backlinks.

For the social signals for each page I am going to use this gig on SEOCLERKs. For just $1 you get 1500 mixed social signals, it is the best package that I have come across.

You get social signals right across the board from:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Google Plus

I am going to get 60 PBN backlinks from seo clerk to each page each and every month over 3 months. For this I use this gig. $30 for 60 PBN backlinks is very good indeed and definitely worth the money for sure. These are sure to rank these low competition keywords. There is another service you can use too, this one you get 40 PBN backlinks for $5. I will be using this service too.

I am also going to send 10 Tumblr backlinks to each page each month. The Tumblr backlinks will come from expired blogs that I have re-registered, they will have high domain authority and at least 10 backlinks pointing to them.

It is super important to mix up your anchor text. Do not use your exact keyword match anchor for every PBN backlink.

This is the anchor text that I will use for every 30 PBN backlinks that I buy:

  • exact keyword x10
  • URL x10
  • click here x5
  • visit this site x5

I let the Fiverr seller do the content for the backlinks, it isn’t great, but the most important thing is that the backlinks index in Google search. I know that most of them will.

I will index these backlinks slow and steady after delivery, 3 a day at the most. I will simply do a Google search “submit to Google” and simple add each PBN url to Google index. If they are indexed I will see the URL in the Google search results when I pop it into Google search.

This is a super simple backlink strategy with limited work on my side as I am rather busy.

Step 5: Track Your Ranking

You can track your ranking using the free software Rank Tracker.

Social signals delivered for all five posts: September 1st 2016

My Amazon affiliate site keywords and URLs

I will build 30 PBN backlinks to each post throughout September.

I will do a ranking update on the 1st of every month.

Rankings without any backlinks done at the start of September 2016:

Best epilator: 21

Epilator reviews: not in top 50

Best epilator for face: not in top 50

Emjoi epilator reviews: not in top 50

Remington epilator reviews: 39

Watch these rankings rise as the backlinks start to flow. I will also add some blog posts for internal backlinks to really get things pumping good.

October 3rd 2016:

Best epilator: 15

Epilator reviews: 19

Best epilator for face: 24

Emjoi epilator reviews: 15

Remington epilator reviews: 22

After one month of backlink building we have achieved page 2 and page 3 rankings on all keywords. This is exactly where I expected to be, I am on target for number one ranking after three months.

This is exactly what I did for this first month (same for every page):

Each page got 10 Tumblr backlinks from different Tumblr blogs. I used this guy on seo clerks to scrape me some, I just had to register them. He gave me over 70 expired blogs for just $5, bargain.

I got 30 PBN backlinks from the Fiverr gig, however I have found a better gig on seo clerks that I will use in month 2. I would have used it in month 1 too had I seen it earlier. I suggest you use this seo clerks gig for all your PBN backlinks. You get 300 PBN backlinks for $30, which works out cheaper than the Fiverr gig because you can give as many URLs as you wish, so one gig will take care of all 5 pages on my site.

I wanted some interactivity on the posts so I purchased some blog comments from seo clerks.

That’s it, not a lot of work to get page 2 rankings. I will continue to build the backlinks in month 2 and will make sure that the posts hit page one by the end of this month.

November 3rd 2016:

Let’s find out how those backlinks have pushed epilatorly up the SERPs.

Best epilator: 16

Epilator reviews: 19

Best epilator for face: 16

Emjoi epilator reviews: 12

Remington epilator reviews: 16

As you can see we have seen some rank improvement. Not as much as I would have liked, but I have barely done any work to achieve these ranks.

I am going to do some Web 2.0 tiered link building in month 3 to really push the site on, this is what needs to be done to hit the top spot.

I am going to up my game a little in month 3, I will hit the top spot for the main keyword at the very least.

The good news is that all keywords sit on Google page 2 after two months of backlinks. If I spend a little more time with this site I can push it to no. 1.

This is what I did in month 2:

The start of month 2 I did 10 high PA Tumblr backlinks to each of the five pages I am trying to rank.

Each page got another dose of PBN backlinks from these Seo Clerk & Fiverr gigs:

On average I managed to get 15 to 20 of the PBN backlinks indexed for each page.

40 PBN backlinks

30 PBN backlinks

30 PBN links with great metrics

I also got a bunch of Web 2.0 backlinks using this service on seo clerks.

I also got this multi backlinks package from seo clerks for each page, however they have only just been delivered…so none of the backlinks are indexed yet.

That’s all for month 2. I didn’t do any work myself, just spent a few bucks on Fiverr and SEO Clerk services.

December 4th 2016:

Rankings after 3 months backlink building are as follows:

Best epilator: 19

Epilator reviews: 8

Best epilator for face: 9

Emjoi epilator reviews: 15

Remington epilator reviews: 12

As you can see, all keywords are on page 1 or 2 of Google search USA.

I would normally be ranked no. 1 at this stage with any Amazon affiliate site I decide to build.

With this project I took the lazy route, and the rankings have suffered.

I completely took my eye off the ball, way too many exact match anchors indexed naturally, which has really hurt the rank of this site.

Now I have some extra work to do in month 4. My exact match anchor text ratio was well over 30%, which is not good at all.

My calculations suggest that I need a whopping 600 backlinks just to straighten things out. I have already got started on this, I will be using long tail anchors and branded anchors to get the site back on track.

Hopefully at the end of month 4 the site will be ranked no. 1.

I should have built all the backlinks myself using my web 2.0 backlinks strategy, the site would be no. 1 by now if I had taken that route.

Instead I went down the lazy route because I did not have time to go with the web 2.0 backlinks strategy.

In month 3 I got lots of high PAย Tumblr backlinks using this service.

You need to be very careful when ordering PBN backlinks, make sure that you do not get too many exact match anchors indexed.

I got lots of exact match anchors indexed without realising that my “click here” “brand” and “URL” anchors were not indexing to counter balance them.

Moving ahead, I will continue to build high PA web 2.0 backlinks indexing 20 a day, which I do not recommend. I am only doing this to correct my exact match anchor text ratio problem.

The site will jump around a lot due to this, however my rankings will settle when I have solved the problem.

January 3rd 2017:

Rankings after 4 months backlink building are as follows:

Best epilator: 23 small rank drop

Epilator reviews: 23 big rank drop

Best epilator for face: 14 small rank drop

Emjoi epilator reviews: 10 small rank improvement

Remington epilator reviews: 20 big rank drop

In month 4 I had to index a hell of a lot of backlinks to bring down my exact match anchors. This in turn has pretty much destroyed the rank of this site.

In month 5 I am not going to build any backlinks to the site. If I have time I am going to add content to the site focused around long tail low competition keywords.

This in turn will start to bring in some traffic and most importantly some sales.

Step 6: Track Earnings

You can track your affiliate earning in your Amazon affiliate account.

There will be no sales throughout September 2016. The site is new and I do not expect anything.

I will do a earnings report on the 3rd October 2016.

3rd October 2016:

As expected, no sales to report at the end on month 1. I will not expect any sales until my posts hit page one. I don’t expect any sales until the start of month 3 of this project.

3rd November 2016:

I did not expect any sales throughout October, but I actually got one, even though the site is not ranking on Google page 1 for any keywords yet. For the month of October I made a whopping $5.78.

October Amazon affiliate site earning report

I will probably see a similar return throughout November until the site hits the first page of Google search at the start of December.

4th December 2016:

I added UK Amazon affiliate links to each post. In November I got 2 sales, one from and one from

Amazon affiliate site November earnings report

In January I will have a bit more to report to you regarding earnings. In month 4 I will make sure all keywords are on page one of Google search.

3rd January 2017:

Earnings report December 2016

Throughout December the site made me a whopping $12.54. The site did not generate any UK sales.

230 Responses to “Build, Rank & Bank an Amazon Affiliate Site

  • Great post, look forward to the earnings report.

    • Thank’s Paul. The site will start to rank by the end of the month (September). My selected keywords will sit somewhere on Google search page 2. I will push for page one in October and by the end of November I will be in the top 3 spots. By Xmas I will be in the top spot for my selected keywords. That’s when the real income will kick in. Should see at least $100 a month all year round with this little project.

  • Thanks for this detailed info, I assume you are the one selling this Pbn links, I have bought pbn links in the past and they are all not worth talking about why because my links gets taking down by seller from the homepage after 7 days. And we all no that pbn links that aren’t seating on the homepage of the Pbn blog with PA of 27 as you said, is as good as fresh blogspot, more even worse than blogspot which has a higher DA. So what do you assure about this? Cause many will start rushing to buy this PBN links with ignorance, and I wish to ask if Amazon affiliate account is only open to US citizens or worldwide? Do we need a website at first to apply and get accepted by Amazon? I read a lot of things about amazon banning accounts easily, due to some terms of service and also violations of rules, can you tell us what Amazon hates and what makes them ban fast? Thanks once again I will appreciate if you take some time to go through and answer me serially. Thanks again.

    • I don’t sell any PBN backlinks at all. I do not sell anything on Fiverr, I don’t need to. Many PBN links on Fiverr are not worth it, you are right there. The gig I suggest is great, the backlinks are not from the blog homepage, however most of them index in Google. These backlinks will work at ranking easy keywords, it’s all about how you use them. Make sure you mix up your anchor text and get them indexed slowly and you are onto a winner. The PBN links I suggest will work on the right keywords ๐Ÿ™‚ You do not need to be a US citizen to have an affiliate account, you can live anywhere. I have a UK and USA amazon affiliate account. Just make sure that you have an Amazon affiliate disclosure on your site to avoid getting banned, also do not put a product price on your site, just have a button on there that says “best price” or “see price”.

  • Nice case study, nick. It’s excited to see an expert shows how to rank and bank. I will keep following the tutorial to the end. But I have one question, why in this project you don’t use Web 2.0 backlinks, free backlinks, or 301 elevator that you covered before? Why simply buying pbn gigs from fiverr? Are their effectiveness the same? Anyway, love to see your new tutorial ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks Rio. I don’t have enough time to use the expired web 2 backlinks, free backlinks and the 301 elivator on this project. It’s a small income for me at just $100 a month, I have bigger things on the go that needs my time. I could use them to rank this site, they would work.

      I am using the fiverr PBN gigs because they are quick and easy, just pay the guy and he puts the content on the PBN for me. All I have to do is index those backlinks slowly when the order is complete.

      The sites ranking high for these selected keywords do not have any authority, even these low fiverr PBN links will rank my site. It’s all about how you use them, having the right anchor text and indexing them slowly.

      Pick the right keywords and these cheap backlinks can rank you number one in Google search. If you don’t have the money for these links, if you are just starting out, then the free web 2 backlinks will rank a site like this.

      • I see. So is this a churn and burn method or a long term method?

        • I set up a site using this backlink strategy in December 2015 and it is still ranking no. 1 for my selected keywords dropping me $170 every month in Amazon commissions. I don’t consider it to be a churn and burn method, I am not blasting thousands of PBN backlinks at the site, which will most definitely hurt your rankings in the long term. This is why you need easy to rank keywords, so that you do not need a huge amount of PBN backlinks to rank no. 1. When you hit the top spot you gain backlinks naturally and the PBN get filtered down, mixed up with real backlinks, you end up with a decent backlink profile. I am not going to tell you that this is 100% safe, because it is not, you only ever use PBN backlinks at your own risk. It all comes down to how you use them, build them wisely and you will be okay in the long term. If you just build enough to hit the top spot you are going to be good to rank for as long as you want to. When you hit the top stop do not use them again, you can switch to expired web 2s if you need to.

          In fact I have a site that I purchased in 2012 that is still ranking today that I have used PBN backlinks on like these. Not the ones featured in the gig in the post, but still, it certainly comes down to how you use them in my opinion.

  • Mantas
    1 year ago

    Finally! A new article to read! I was visiting your website every day just to see if there is something new.

    You always give some good ideas. Thank you!

    • Thanks for coming back Mantas on a daily basis. I try to drop some new content at least once a month if I can. I have some great stuff to come, just need to find the time to write it. Keep coming back, slip me an email or a comment if you need any help. Have fun ranking and raking in the dough ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hai Nick,

    Finally new post live on your blog with high quality info.Two days ago I too started a micro niche site.Site will be monetized by adsense & good thing is my keyword had 8100 search volume with a Kc score -16 as per Keyword Revealer.In total Iam targeting 20 keywords,all of these keywords had kc score under 30 as per Keyword Revealer.I will follow the above strategy to rank this site.And do you use that social signals gig to every post of your site (or) for homepage ?

    Mahesh Goud

    • And also how do you create images which is used here & affiliate site.Those images are really looking awesome.Can you guide me how to do that ?

      • I use Fireworks 4 for image editing. I simply use the Lasso tool to crop images and move them around the canvas, build up layers. Fireworks 4 is very old, you would be able to get it very cheap now I would think. You can use for images, some are free to share, adapt and distribute, others you can use but will require attribution. You can Google search “free stock photos” and take a look at some sites for other images to use, check out, they have free images for personal and commercial use, you can modify, copy and distribute the photos free. There are loads of other sites, take a look.

    • Awesome, what is the “cost per click” for your selected keywords, have you calculated their value? Sounds like you have some good keywords there if you can get a good return per visitor click.

      I do use the social signals gig on every post. Let me know how it goes. If you need any help drop me an email anytime. Have fun ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Hai Nick,

        My keywords CPC as per keyword planner is >3$ for most of the keywords.At the moment I was publishing 10 articles at a time & I will schedule remaining posts like one post in every two days.I will update the result of this site to you through email at end of this month.

        Mahesh Goud

        • Keyword Revealer KC Score

          Search volume of all of these keywords had 8100 – 1200 search per month in US.

        • Keep me updated. At $3 cost per click on your highest search volume I would say each post will net you at least $100 per month. I don’t find Adsense the most profitable way to monetise a site. However it is an easy way to add an extra revenue stream to a site if you don’t mind losing traffic for sometimes ridiculously low amounts. I suppose it all comes down to how much work it is going to take to rank each keyword number one in Google search.

          • Which is the most profitable way to monetise a site Nick?

            • I like to use click bank, you can make a great income with the right products and keywords. Conversions will be very high if you pick a product with a highly optimised landing page, commissions are high too, many around 70 and 80%. You don’t even need a high search volume keyword to make decent money with Click Bank. Get on over to Keyword Revealer, find some super easy to rank long tail keywords, find a product on Click Bank that relates and rank and bank away. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hey Nick,

    Glad to see you making new posts. Awesome guide on creating an Amazon affiliate site.

    Here are a couple questions for you..

    You mention using the 30 PBN posts Fiverr gig and stated that you use these for the keywords:

    Exact Match (10x)
    URL (10x)
    click here (5x)
    visit this site (5x)

    Does the Fiverr seller allow you to specify this? Most just want you to give them keywords and fly with it. His gig asks for 5 keywords.

    Also, are you not concerned with getting hit with an over-optimization penalty with your exact match anchor text percentage sitting at over 30%?

    From my experience… anything over 10% is heading into the red zone where you could likely get your site smacked with the penalty.

    • Hi Brad,
      The Fiverr seller of the PBN links does allow you to specify your anchor text. I have ordered the gig for all five keywords (pages) that I am targeting for the epilator site. I actually went a little more aggressive on the other pages. This is what I gave him when I ordered;


      gave epilator site URL (page I am trying to rank)


      keyword (exact match)
      click here

      The first order that I did he put the “URL (10x)” all in the anchor text, including the “(10x)…slight mistake, but he rectified. Now I keep it nice and easy for him, just give him the details as laid out above. Then you get 10 exact, 10 url and 10 click here PBN backlinks. It’s working really well, I am also going to do a few more things to help the site rank, I will update the post soon with these extra details.

      I have not been hit so far with the 1 in 3 exact match anchor strategy. There isn’t any formula to work by here, 30% seems high, but it works. I have many sites on this strategy and have not been hit. It’s not just one site, so it’s not down to luck ๐Ÿ™‚

      Good to hear from you again.

      • Awesome stuff. I tend to be pretty nervous about my anchor ratios. Even on the pages I’ve been building Tumblr links to and such I’ve kept the % a bit lower than you recommend. I’m overly cautious with it at times. But that’s because a lot of my sites are authority sites (50-100+ pages) that I’d rather not lose to a penalty.

        I’m going to give this little method a shot, though. It’s quick, easy, and cheap and if it works it seems like something you could scale up very easily.

        • I have been using these kind on PBN links on quite a few affiliate sites, I have not had any problems at all so far. Just remember to mix up the anchor text and you will be okay. I know what you mean about being nervous trying it on aged affiliate sites, when you see other affiliate sites ranking number 1 with PBN links it makes it all the easier to take the jump. It’s always a risk with PBN backlinks, especially if you did not set up the network yourself, you can’t be 100% certain that they did not leave any footprints. If you keep them down to a minimum, 100 max per page you are going to be okay. Like I say, I haven’t had any problems so far,If I do I will just move my content to another domain and start again. Your content is never lost, all that hard work writing is still there. Let me know how you get on ๐Ÿ™‚

          • How many sets of the 30 PBN links do you think it’ll take for you to rank your main epilator keyword in the top 3? Just curious. I know the sets are cheap, just wondering if it’ll take multiple to crack the top slots.

            • It will take 3 sets to rank no. 1 (when you order each time make sure he uses different domains, give him a list of the last lot of backlinks he created). I am also going to drop 10 expired Tumblr backlinks to each of the 5 posts each month. In three months time it will hit the top spot. I am going to update the post to say what else needs to be done. Internal backlinks are important, I will create 2 or 3 new posts (1000 words) per week for the first month with internal backlinks to my five selected keywords. Internal backlinks are underestimated by many, you can use exact anchor text every time and will be a very important part of ranking this site. I will also bring in 30 days of traffic, mostly from social signals and then purchase some blog comments on the posts for engagement. I will also throw in some cheap gov and edu backlinks, all will be done on the cheap to show how easy it is to rank these small affiliate sites ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Sounds like a good plan.

            And, yeah, internal links work really well when you use quality relevant content. I’ve ranked pages on some of my sites solely from internal linking. It drives relevancy and authority. With some of the low competition keywords that can be all you need to hit page 1. Getting to #1 usually takes some links still, but not nearly as many.

            One of my sites ranks in the top 5-7 within 2-3 days every time I publish a new article because it has 200+ quality posts and a good amount of interlinking. It has a ton of built up authority now. I actually outrank some very big domains with it because of relevancy/authority.

            Anyway, I’m getting started with this method on one of my sites and may implement it on a couple others as it looks like quick & easy rankings. Will probably work pretty well on some my pages that are already page 2-3.

            • Yeah it’s an easy way to rank, not too much work. It will certainly pump those pages sitting on page 2 and 3 onto page 1. Let me know how it goes…

          • I’ll keep you posted on it. I just put in an order for 13 sets of the PBN links on Fiverr for 13 different URLs. I’ll index them slow over the next month, assess where the rankings end up, and rinse/repeat as needed.

          • Whelp, already having to request a major revision on all 13 sets of the PBN links I ordered. The guy didn’t follow my anchor text instructions at all and used my main keyword for pretty much every post despite me stating I want 10x URL and 5x the other keywords which were a couple variations and generics.

            Hopefully he fixes it or I’m going to have to go order a bunch of links to the URL and generics to offset the anchor profile. And he used nearly the exact same domains for every order. If he doesn’t have more than 30 sites that’s going to be next to useless if you order more than 2 URLs per each website you have.

            • That’s not good, at least they won’t be indexed yet. He will fix it I’m sure. He has been spot on for me so far. He did repeat a few domains for me too, which is not too much of a problem. He states that he has a pretty big network, you have to give him a list of what he has already used so that he does not repeat. Let me know if he doesn’t fix it….

          • Yeah, he said he’s working on it so we’ll see.

            And, yeah, I requested different domains for each order. This was all part of one big order so it should have been clear what I wanted. I don’t think he bothered to read my instructions honestly.

            • Sounds like he just went ahead and blasted the backlinks to your site without reading your instructions. I suppose for $5 they don’t want to do too much work. The links are okay for the price, will work for easy keywords.

          • Yeah, I think that’s the case too. He is reworking them right now, though.

            I’ve actually had some of my keywords pop up to page 2 just from the social signals I blasted at them. And a couple are actually #1 to #3 for secondary keywords already.

            Like I said, even if the issue isn’t resolved I’ll just get another set of links to offset the anchor distribution so that it’s not dangerously high.

  • Robert
    1 year ago

    Thanks Nick!! Question: When doing the keyword research, does the keyword have to pass ALL the competition tests?

    Moz Bar, SpyFu, Keyword Finder, and Keyword Revealer

    Example: one keyword I found passes the Moz Bar and SpyFu tests, but scores a 41 on KW Finder and 38 on KW Revealer.

    Should I try to rank this keyword, or wait until I find a keyword that passes ALL the tests?

    It seems like a good keyword but I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew. Thanks!!

    • I would go for keywords that pass all tests. 41 for KW Finder and 38 for KW Revealer is a little high. You are going to need plenty of niche relevant backlinks to rank for keywords like these. I would pass on that keyword. Have you checked the backlinks using SEO Splyglass that point to the top ranking site? Are they any good? Does it look like they are using PBN backlinks? Is the content any good on the site sitting in the top spot?

    • I’ve found that it’s best to target keywords that hit in the range of 10-30 on Keyword Revealer. I don’t typically use all of the other tools myself. I’m more of a ‘just go for it’ guy if the top 5 look like sites I can challenge.

      But, so far, most of my wins have come from keywords in that 10-30 range. Beyond that you’re usually dealing with stiffer competition and that means it’ll be significantly harder to get to page 1 and especially crack the top 3 spots.

      I do have a few posts in the 6-8th positions for a few keywords in the 35-40 range, but they took a much bigger investment to get there. We’re talking $100s on high quality PBN links, 301 redirects from relevant domains, expired Tumblrs, etc. And this was done on some of my aged websites that have DA/PA scores of 20+, not brand new domains.

      So… to answer your question – yes, it is possible, but be prepared to really work for it and wait it out big time. In most cases you won’t hit the top 3 for these tougher keywords for 6 months or longer. They can definitely be worth the investment in the end, but you definitely want to stack your portfolio with a lot of the easier keywords first for quick wins and to generate some revenue in the meantime.

      • I do not to go over 25 on KW Revealer. I like “just go for it kind of guy”, that’s how it needs to be. You need to get a sense for ranking, the tools will only take you so far, gut instinct is what I go by, which comes from trial and error. The more sites you build and test and play with, the more you learn and the more you find a knack for knowing what you can rank no. 1 for. It’s key to keep in mind that you will not find a totally perfect keyword, sometimes you do just have to go for it ๐Ÿ™‚ Definitely start off small, build up a small income on easy keywords and work from there.

        • Couldn’t agree with you more.

          This is honestly just like any other skill… practice makes perfect. Even when you’ve been at it for years you’ll still flop on some, but then you’ll find a few golden keywords that make up for it. It’s just a matter of keeping your foot on the gas, pumping out the content, and continuing to build links.

          It all comes together in the end.

  • Nick fans
    1 year ago

    Who are you nick?
    i’m hooked on your articles.

    • HA HA HA….just a guy hooked on making online passive revenue streams….

  • Hey Nick,

    Great stuff here. Awesome guide Thanks.

    Here are a couple questions for you..
    How Can i Create My Own Custom Dreamweaver Template To make my blog design relevant to my niche?

    • I taught myself HTML5 and Javascript. Dreamweaver is WYSIWYG software. Save as template, make sure it is a responsive design for all devices, easy to do using CSS. I always go for simple designs, white background, black text. I can knock a Dreamweaver site up in ten minutes.

  • ross pala
    1 year ago

    Hello, Thanks for share great case study, i like your style , you explain all thing and no anything hidden,,that’s amazing.
    i have 1 important question : can we use span content (rewrite article with online tool) to rank a site, or we use PLR article to rank amazon site ?

    • Do not use spun content on your money site. You can use spun content on your PBN sites that backlink to your money site.

  • Hi nick, I’m following this case study and building my own website. I’m creating more posts for the internal links purpose as you mentioned. But I’m curious that using exact anchor text is strict to the success of your epilatorly site? I don’t link my posts with exact anchor text would it be an issue to the startegy?

    • In my experience with this, it doesn’t HAVE to be exact match to work well. You definitely want to try to toss in exact match on a post or two, but others can be partial matches and still give you a decent little boost.

      The biggest thing IMO is making sure your content is great and relevant. Filling your site up with a ton of good content can sometimes give you rankings without building a single link (it’s rare and takes a while, but it CAN happen).

      So, yeah, try to work in your exact keyword, but, let’s say you’re chasing “best blender” – it’s perfectly fine to use phrases like “our favorite blenders”, “top-rated blenders of 2016”, “best blenders for the money” etc. Heck, even using generic “click here” or “this article” can help a bit.

      • Thanks Brad. I love to see your chats with Nick. You always give me some good ideas. Btw, thanks for clearing my mind. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Perfecto….Brad… are going to do a guest post soon ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Internal backlinks are very important to ranking the site. Every time I write a new post I drop an internal backlink to my 5 money posts with exact match anchor. This tells MR Google Bot what my posts are about, lots of internal backlinks will have a huge influence pushing the posts up the SERPs. It’s not a huge ranking signal, not doing this step will not make it impossible to rank a site no. 1 in Google search. However, if you are starting a new site I do recommend that you do it.

      • Internal linking is awesome. I have sites that literally pop up in the top 5 after just a couple of days due to this strategy alone. Again, though, that’s with my “authority sites”, if you will, where I have 50, 100, or even 200 posts on them.

        It works wonderfully on sites with 10-30 posts as well, too, though. And they’re the easiest links you can get. Easy wins if you can just get your fingers on the keyboard.

  • Shahnawaz Sadique
    1 year ago

    Hey ,

    I am very impressed after reading your article ๐Ÿ™‚ , The best part I like about you is you are not hiding any thing and giving your secret sauce to rank and bank.

    I would like to share something with you and your readers also , I am working on ongoing amazon niche site case study on my blog – .

    Here I shared how I made commission on my first month only and that too with out backlinks. I ll be updating more case study part in future also . As of now I am also working on backlinks so hope fully September end or October first week Ill publish case study.

    I am subscribing your blog also so that we can connect over email and ill get update when even your publish some awesome content .

    Thanks And Keep Shining Mate

    • Thanks Shahnawaz, great article by way, it is definitely something Rankers Readers will be interested in, thanks for sharing. I have subscribed to your blog also, I am interested to see how your site turns out. Thanks for stopping by, keep pumping out the content ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Hey Nick ,

        Thanks a lot for appreciation ๐Ÿ™‚ , Yup ll let you know when I publish next case study. by the way you have awesome content really ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Thanks Shahnawaz….keep coming back…make sure you join the forum if you haven’t already ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Nick, when you do inner posts for internal links, do they have to meet the criteria clarified in the Step 3? For example, do they must link out to an authority site?

    • No, thanks for asking this question. I should have put this in the post. The posts for internal links follow all of the criteria in step 3 other than I only write 1000 words and not 2000 and I do not link out to an authority site, I only link to my 5 money pages with exact match anchor text.

  • The fiverr seller provides 30, 40, and 50 PBN blog posts all for $5. What made you choose only 30? Does the seller drip-feed the links?

    • Hi Owen, even if you choose the 50 PBN gig from that seller he only provides 30 PBN backlinks anyway. I have used them all, so I selected the 30 PBN gig so people do not feel let down by the gig. I will not recommend anything here that I have not used myself and know works.

  • Muhammad Shahzad
    1 year ago

    Hi I really very impressed because it was step by step guide and also do not hide any thing even domain name. As above you mention going to drop 10 expired Tumblr backlinks to each of the 5 posts each. I do not understand you mean you will give back link from tumbler to each keyword i.e Best Epilator=5 tumblr back links right?
    Also update it regular i want to see result how it work thanks.


    • I will do 10 Tumblr backlinks to each of my selected money keywords. “Best Epilator” will get 10 tumblr posts…”best epilator for face” will get 10 Tumblr posts etc. I will use different Tumblr sub domains for each and every post. I will keep this updated for sure. My selected keywords will be ranking high in Google search after 3 months.

      • 10 Tumblr backlinks for each keyword. So 5 keywords = 50 different Tumblr domains, or 5 keywords = 10 domains, each domain link to 5 keywords?

        • That’s correct, you will need 50 different Tumblr sub domain sites for 5 keywords.

  • In the Best Epilator article why you choose to review just one product as the best most epilators can have different options for each individual?

    • Like I say in the post “Your content has to be relevant to the keyword”, relevancy is so important. People want the decision made for them, they are looking for the best epilator, not the best epilators. They have other options around the site, have a sales funnel in mind, I want to push them towards the more expensive model, it helps that it is the best too.

  • Raoul Duke
    1 year ago

    It looks like you take some content directly from the product’s Amazon page on your epilator site, is that right?

    If so, do you rewrite it or is it straight copy+paste from the Amazon site?

    For example, on this page:

    • Yeah I just re-write the Amazon reviews. Don’t ever copy and paste to your money site, duplicate content is a big no no.

  • Hey Nick,

    SpyFu is not free right? I tried signing up but it seems there’s a fee.

    • Yeah it’s free, you do not need to sign up. Just go to the home page and enter a keyword or a URL in the search box ๐Ÿ™‚ You get more detailed results on a paid plan, you do not need an account to get seo competition scores for selected keywords.

  • Not sure if you know, but one part of the social signals package from SEOClerks is 1 facebook share with 800 likes, not 800 shares. Not sure if it is effective at all.

    • No I did not know that Ownen, thanks for letting me know. It’s not a great signal as if it was 800 shares, but it won’t do any harm.

  • Hi Nick,

    Thanks for your time and effort in putting up such a great blog with really superb quality content and advice, very much appreciated!

    Sorry to bother but m having problem with Wordze’ registration. After reg there’s no email acknowledgement, login credential dun work as well. There’s no support link nor contact either, any ideas on how to get hold of them?

    Thanks much!

    • Here is the Wordze Contact page. For some reason you can only get to it after you have logged in.

      • It’s a catch-22 situation :(P ..can’t even login as credentials aren’t recognised without the first acknowledgement email reply from wordze. It would seems they have closed off new subscribers? Too bad then. Thanks anyways!

        • That’s a shame, it’s a really useful tool…perfect alternative to Google Keyword Planner, which I do not use anymore. I just tried to sign up for a new account, no luck. I have sent them an email, you can contact them at: ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Do you just copy and paste reviews from customers on Amazon onto your money site? How do you go about doing the reviews?

    Thanks Nick!

    • I don’t copy and paste the reviews, I re-write them in my own words. Try to make sure your content in unique.

  • Hey nick, I had a few questions.
    BTW I have been tracking your ranking and all the kws are in page 2!
    Anyways, I just launched a new Amazon affiliate website today and was wondering would it be safe to use this method on my new site?The KC,s are below 19 for 6 keywords(using kwrevealer).
    I have seen serps movements on my old website but not sure if these are safe for new sites…

    • Hi Fahid, yeah I thought they were all around page 2…that’s after just one month, well nearly…I am on track for a number one ranking ๐Ÿ™‚ in 3 months for those keywords. was a new site, it is definitely safe to use this method on a new site. Make sure you do the social signals first…wait a few days…maybe done some Tumblr backlinks and then hit the site with some PBN backlinks…not too many and make sure you mix up your anchors. Slow and steady…index the links when you get the report…just do 3 a day and you will be good to rank.

      • I have a game plan in mind…
        Month 1- social signal and tumblr for diversity.
        Month 2-PBN link + Free Backlink for diversity.
        Month 3- 5PBN from SeoClerks.
        Month 4-Tumblr,Blogger and some weebly keeping kW as anchor text below 10%.

        Hope to rank and bank using these!

        • Got some pretty nice buying KW’s…Some YouTube and Forums are ranking for those!

          • Mega, if YouTube vids are ranking high you are likely to join them ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Sounds good, let me know how it goes.

  • Mahesh Goud
    1 year ago


    How exactly you are promoting ? I had asked this because site got lot of comments organically & you are using any other backlink technique other than pbn links ? Did the site started making money ? Iam waiting for update on this.

    P.s: Did you remembered that 40 pbn blog{High pa web2.0} posts in one day for 2$ gig on seoclerks ? You featured it earlier in “5 More keywords post” Later you removed from that post.Iam thinking to use it.Is there any problem with it ?

    • Hi Mahesh, thanks for asking and coming back to Rankers Paradise. I am not promoting epilatorly at all, the comments were paid for using an seo clerk gig to influence Google, looks like there is interactivity on the blog when there isn’t. This will help the site push up the SERP’s, I will reveal all in the update, which I plan to do on October 3rd with ranking and earnings report.

      Yeah I tried the gig and it was not good at all, all the posts were from the same platform and they were not very good at all. She used the same content on every blog, they were not worth indexing, waste of money even though it was only $2. I do not want to recommend anything that is not any good on here, so I test them out and report back ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Nick, can you also explain the site structure in the next update? Is there any pattern you structure the categories for the Epilatorly site? Most posts are categorized in several categories. Is this for inter-linking purpose or on-page factor? Also, I see you allow the tags to be indexable, right?

        • Hi Rio. The site structure is simple, have your money posts (keywords) on the main nav menu and also a link to your blog section. Then add blog posts to your blog section, each new blog post will link to your 5 money posts (keywords) with exact match anchor. There is no structure I work to in setting up the categories, just add what fits as you go. You can bang posts in several categories, pop them into any category that fits, there is no special structure to it. We are just doing the additional blog posts to add content to the site and get those internal links done to our money posts (keywords). Everything is set up with our 5 money posts in mind, all for inter-linking. The tags are indexable, let big G index what it deems fit.

  • Hi Nick, I was eagerly waiting for the updates. Good to see your keyword 2,3,4 coming into page 2-3 from not in Top 50 in just one month. I am following your journey and visiting RankersParadise daily in order to learn new things from your posts and your comments in conversation with other visitors. All the best mate.

    • Thanks Tejas, good to have you dropping by. I will have those pages ranking no. 1 after three months ๐Ÿ™‚ Let me know how you are getting on with your affiliate projects, always happy to learn how other people are getting on.

      • Nick, me and many others who are going to start thier ranking journey are very lucky because we are getting a tested and spoon fed strategy which we can outsource cheaply or do it ourself. I am littile busy so will hopefully start my journey from next week onwards. I will be mailing you with some questions.


        • Great to have you here Tejas, let me know how you get on. Looking forward to your emails ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Muhammad Shahzad
    1 year ago

    Hi Nick, you motivate me, you are sharing good stuff. here i have one question,are you going to 60 PBN backlinks to each keyword or will disturbed to 5 keywords.

    • I will do 60 PBN backlinks to each post. The key is to index them slowly.

  • Mahesh Goud
    1 year ago

    Hai Nick,

    Do you think those 300 blog posts will really help us to get into first page ? And what about the google real time penguin in this case ? I had seen many blogs deindexed & hit by penguin due to lots of spam links .

    How many outbound links on each domain?

    • Mahesh Goud
      1 year ago

      And how many backlinks on average are pointing to those tumlrs which you bought from seoclerks 70 for 5$ ?

      • I got some great Tumblrs with that gig. The number of backlinks will be different for everyone, the service provider is only concerned about page authority. I had Tumblrs with 1 and 2 backlinks, which I did not bother to register…most had more than 10 backlinks, I registered over 40 of them. It’s worth it if you do not have time to scrape them.

        • I bought the gig, also bargain to get 70 Tumblrs for 5$. But only 4 out of 70 Tumblrs have backlinks and only 4-5 backlinks. Which tool do you use to check backlinks?

          • At the moment I just use MozBar….I only register a Tumblr if it shows more than 100 backlinks on MozBar. I have had success with Tumblrs with only 5 backlinks…I like to keep the Tumblr registration process quick and easy….MozBar ensures this….sometimes it is better to scrape them yourself if you have the time. I have used the SEO CLERK services before and got some Tumblrs with thousands of backlinks, other times they have been poor. If the Tumblr only has a few backlinks but the PA is still high it is certain that those 5 backlinks are of a fairly decent quality, after all they are passing on PA to the Tumblr….so it is pass onto your money site. It’s about quality backlinks too….not just quantity.

    • They will definitely help you get to the first page if you use them right. Don’t blast one page on your site with all those backlinks, you will have a big problem then. Penguin is not a problem if you build the backlinks wisely, building backlinks is always a risk no matter what you do. You are not blasting hundreds of backlinks at one page here, you need to spread the backlinks to at least 5 pages on your site, the service provide lets you provide as many URLs as you like. Mixing up your anchor text wisely will also help avoid a slap from G. Outbound links are different, he has lots of sites, you will have to email the seller to make sure he uses those domains that he supplies you the stats with.

  • kayode
    1 year ago

    Nick, i would like to say a big thanks to you for the great work done here. I am about to quit making money with amazon affiliate before i came accross your site. Honestly, the case study gives me hope, please keep it up. And, i would like to ask you few question, thus:
    1. Which plugin did you use to displace social icon on
    2. Its seems i couldn’t find link to the fiverr PBN gig in the post, can you pls reply with the link to the gig, i would like to try it out??
    Instant reply will brings hope. Thanks in advance.

    • Never quit, keep on testing and success will come ๐Ÿ™‚ Remember that keyword research will make or break your site.

      1. The social signals display plugin on epilatorly is called: AccessPress Social Share
      2. Click here to see the fiverr gig I used.

      Keep on going…you will get there. If you need any help at all drop me an email.

  • jerome mas
    1 year ago

    Great post and interactions!! I want to ask is
    1) it a must to use PBN’s for this project?
    2) Does it mean the tumblr methods you gave us won’t work for this type of projects?
    3) Why did you choose PBN’s as against tumblrs this time
    4) You have been ranking this type of projects before now, using PBN or Tumblr , which is more effective for this type of easy projects?
    5) If you are to create tumblr backlinks for this 5 keywords, do you post all 5 different keyword backlinks in 1 single post on 1 tumblr subdomain?
    6) How do you overcome thin content from google? Must we publish new article(s) every month on our site to avoid this?



    best epilator
    Epilator reviews
    Remington epilator review
    Best epilator for face
    Emoji epilator reviews


    Now , will you put all 5 keywords above in a single post on ?


    you will create 5 different post on , and let each post target each keyword on 1 tumblr subdomain?

    This way I think the 50 tumblr domains has been reduced to 10!! Thanks and your answer will be highly appreciated.

    • 1. You don’t have to use PBN backlinks to rank your Amazon affiliate sites. You can use the web 2.0 backlinks strategy.

      2. Tumblr backlinks will work ranking Amazon affiliate sites with low seo competition keywords.

      3. I chose PBN backlinks because I do not have the time to do the Tumblr backlinks.

      4. Both are effective. The web 2.0 backlink strategy is the safe option.

      5. I would post a different piece of content on a different Tumblr sub domain blog each time. I would not do one post and link to all 5 posts on my money site from that one piece of content. You will need 50 Tumblr blogs for this.

      6. Publish as much content on your money site as you can. As long as you produce enough posts to grab some internal backlinks to your money pages you will be good to rank. When your money pages rank number one you might then want to go after 5 more pages. It really all comes down to how many low seo competition score keywords that you can find….it is different for every site.

      • jerome mas
        1 year ago

        Oh ,thanks. But why do you choose wordz against Keywordrevealer ? Can’t this projects be used on Keyword revealer alone?

        • Wordze gives you as manu keyword searches as you need even on a free account, Keyword Revealer only gives you 3 keyword searches per day on a free account. I want this tutorial to be open to everyone and not just people that have a paid keyword revealer account. You can use keyword revealer only if you want to, I prefer these days for seo competition checks.

  • Hi Nick Very Great share… Just a question if I have 10 low difficult keyword can I buy the PBN 600 post for 50$ for that 10?Do you think it is safe?thanks

    • Yeah sure, just make sure the seller uses different sites. You could also try this PBN backlinks serice to mix things up. Make sure you mix up your anchor text ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hey nick.
    So will one set of 300 PBNs be enough to rank 5 KWs?Or will you be purchasing another set the month after?

    • For my project I will be purchasing another set the month after. It’s possible that one run will rank you, it’s unlikely, but possible. It all depends on your keywords and the other sites that rank on the first page. Some things are out of our control, like the sites already sitting on the first page gaining backlinks too….you need to order them….then asses the situation after 3 weeks to make your next move. Some sites they will push to the top, others will not.

  • Steve bale
    1 year ago

    Hi Nick
    I have taken a lot of advice from his post and it has helped me push up my rankings, I thank you for that. This must be the bes guide I have ever read, fir a change it appears nothing is a big secret, not even the site\niche, again thank you for being so open, few will do this.

    I noticed you say you have UK and U.S Amazon accounts. I’m in UK and about 70% of my visitors are from the U.S so I am losing sales big time.

    How do you know where to send the visitor when they click an Amazon link? Is there a plugin or something?

    Steve Bale

    • No problem Steve, glad I could help. Good to have you here ๐Ÿ™‚

      You should most definitely get yourself a U.S Amazon account….you are leaving money on the table there.

      There is a plugin to localise Amazon affiliate clicks, you could try Amazon Link Engine (free). I know that EasyAzon is well regarded, but it is not free.

      I don’t use a Plugin….I drop two buttons in the post; one will read “UK – SEE PRICE” the other “USA – SEE PRICE”. This works a treat for me.

  • Hi Nick,its been sometime I didn’t visit here.omg so many comments seems like your every posts is a smashing hit.

    I just like to check ,is buying a irrelevant aged or expired domain with clean deCent backlinks profile then redirect to my new domain OK? (Totally different niche)of course I will wait for the expired domains to get index again after buying).

    Or how about buying 2 domain names(don’t give a damn bout the backlinks) with redirect to another domain name (bought in name cheap) and redirect to my new domain?
    I will blast the hell out of tHe 2 newly bought domain names with massive bought garbage links (contextual mainly) with redirects to my third bought domain and a final redirect to my new site.
    Just like to hear from you regarding the 2 strategies above.
    Because the pain of buying expired domains (relevant niche ) is tough to find.i mean one with solid backlinks profile.and relevant niche.

    OK sorry,last one.when we buy link packages( contextual or not)how to verify the links are indexed?
    No point to buy links and a lot are not indexed right?which leads to Zero link juice.

    Thank You

    • Thanks Jeff…buying an expired domain that is not niche specific to your money site and doing a redirect will be okay yes.

      how about buying 2 domain names

      That’s not a bad idea Jeff, the rank juice will flow to the new domain and onto your money site….worth a try. Personally, I wouldn’t redirect to a new domain, I would do them to a web 2.0 site….good idea ๐Ÿ™‚

      To verify links are indexed I just pop the URL into Google search.

      That’s true, if they are not indexed they are worthless.

  • Oh I am sure u had heard of GSA ser links having very poorly index rate by the gangster big G.s serving no purpose to blast or buy in the market.

    • True…I use it very rarely…if hundreds out of the thousand dropped index there is something gained. GSA SER blog comments on pages that are indexed are a good way to go.

  • siddhesh
    1 year ago

    why you remove this “30 PBN posts Fiverr gig” ?
    Previous you mention this fiverr gig and now you update post with new seoclerk pbn gig.
    Is there any wrong fiverr gig?
    Which one is better “30 PBN posts Fiverr gig”or “40 PBN seoclerk”gig?
    I ordered 40 pbn seoclerk gig for one keyword.
    Can i orderd another 40 pbn links for other keyword(new page) or wait few days?

    • I removed the Fiverr gig because I though the seo clerk one was better value for you guys. Both gigs are great, use any of them. The Fiverr gig is here if you want to use it.

      I prefer the seo clerks gig myself. You can definitely order the gig again for another keyword (different page)….I have done it on the epilator site recently without any problems. The links don’t count until they are indexed anyway.

  • Steve bale
    1 year ago

    Hi again Nick
    Thanks for your previous reply. I just wanted to let you know my site, which is 10 weeks old, has just started to really get some decent rankings. Up until now it has been the google dance for most of my keywords, but today nearly every major keyword has jumped up, some by as many as 40 places on google.

    I already have 2 keywords on the first pages of bing and yahoo.

    All I did over the last week was add one small article of 600 words, added two tumblr links directly at posts, and indexed of the cheap pbn links from your guy on fiverr. I’m not sure if its any one thing, or all of them that helped. Or maybe google has decided my 3 months is nearly up? Registered the domain on 4th aug this year (

    Anyway, I am really happy. Although I don’t see much in a traffic boost, and no sales on Amazon yet.

    If I could of attached screenshots on here I would have of my rankings s you could see for yourself.

    A few weeks ago I did some commenting on niche related sites, it looks like my domain got spammed banned as soon as I put that domain name in a comment its not accepted, it even happened on here, but I suppose you must of seen it in the spam bin and un-spammed it? Thanks.

    I am using another of my sites for this comment so it will hopefully get through.
    My comments were all relevant, but a bit short, maybe 1 or two lines, do you think that could get me comment banned on some sites?

    Also, I have a tip for people like me who are not making money and can’t afford tumblingjazz at ยฃ63 (the pound is very weak against the $ at moment) for just $5 a month there is a site that you can mass upload photos to your tumblr queues. there is also a free option to upload just 50 photos a day. I like it as I’m trying to build up my tumblrs, but I have 33 of them and it’s getting too time consuming, if only there was a free liker\reblogger I would be made ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sorry for long post I am a bit pumped and wanted to give something back here.

    the site is called picloadr (I won’t put the url, just google it)
    I ‘m not affiliated or anything, its just a good service.


    • That’s great new Steve ๐Ÿ™‚

      If comments add some value to the post then they will be accepted just about all of the time.

      You can also use Rankwyz for free to upload content to Tumblr, check out me automate your backlinks post for this.

      I will take a look at Picloadr now, thanks for the share ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Steve bale
    1 year ago

    Damn, I forgot to mention that I sometimes used my brand name as the user name on my comments, I realise now that could cause a ban, I was trying to diversify my anchor texts.

    I was impressed with the 30 pbn links from the fiverr gig. All the links are on high trust flow domains, but of course on an orphaned page, I wonder how much value these links really have?

    I also forgot to mention in my post above that I am in a very difficult and competitive market (computer related) with most of my keywords ranked as 80%+ difficulty in seoquake toolbar that’s why im so happy so far with rankings.

    Also another fantastic bit of free software is Keywords Everywhere a firefox addon (not sure about chrome) it somehow manages to get proper search volumes from google and not the shite google adwords gives us now.

    Also KE pops up in other places like search pages and keyword toolsand all sorts, it’s superb for a freebie and the guy is really nice and asks what features you want done etc.

    • Don’t worry about using a brand anchor on comments, just don’t do it again. The Fiverr PBN backlinks don’t have any great value, you get what you pay for, for $5 they are awesome for pushing easy keywords up the SERPs and that’s all.

      You should most definitely try and find some low competition keywords in your niche, unless of course these high competition keywords have high search volume and a first page ranking will see you some decent traffic.

      I have used “Keyworde Everywhere” too, it is very good….presents keyword search volume in the search pages…I used it with Chrome but it stopped working so I don’t use it anymore….I like to use for search volume data.

      I think I will take another look at the Keywords Everywhere plugin, thanks for the share ๐Ÿ™‚

  • jerome mas
    1 year ago

    The 2 greatest problem is getting low comp keywords which are no where to be found and getting good content, in the past 5 of my sites have been penalized for thin content and spamming, which is hard to believe all work is gone , now I see just one page website ranking 2nd position on google with less than 1k words article, what is wrong? Now am thinking of going with one page site than labouring in vain. Besides instead of this amazon method, I think CPA is better , because you can unfold high MS keywords with low competition than buying keywords which at the end people are not able to pull their cards to purchase, even if they do , you end up getting 100-200$ a month from one site where as one site can net you 200$ a day and above on CPA once ranked. Well thanks for putting up this resource. Tell me more about one page sites and multi page sites.

    • It takes time to find low competition keywords, start with just one and write some extensive 2000 words content around it….then get to work promoting the content on web 2 platforms for those all important backlinks. It takes time to build up a quality site around a particular niche, if you rush it you will not get anywhere at all. One page sites can be hard to rank in the top spot because you have no internal links, you need to build up a decent resource around a particular subject. I agree that Amazon can be hard to make big affiliate bucks, clickbank will get you a better return for your traffic. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Steve bale
    1 year ago

    Nick, since I had already been working on my site for a few months before I saw your way of doing it, I have not been able to copy your way exactly.

    I have just one pillar article of 3,500 words, with a ton of kws covering all ranges and difficulties. I link to a dozen smaller, highly relevant articles from the pillar article (which I made (static) my front page) but I wasn#t sure weather or not to link back to the pillar article from each of my smaller articles (I know I need more articles, working on it)

    What do you think? Is it good to link back to the pillar from smaller posts?

    • Definitely link to one main money article from other pieces of content you have, use exact match anchor each time for internal backlinks.

  • Morgan
    1 year ago

    hi, what a great article you this will help me
    that advise you to do for a site that is new?
    thank you in advance

  • I bought an expired domain and it only has 11 backlinks. No spammy backlinks that I can see. But I started putting content on it and Google still won’t index my site. I added it to the Search Console and everything. Any ideas? Thank you!

    • Yeah, sounds like you have a spam domain that is not going to index. Did you use SEO Spyglass to check the backlinks?

      • No, I have a Chromebook and can’t use it. Guess I should have, eh?

        • Yeah definitely, it finds the most backlinks than any other free tool.

      • is there a way to unblock the domain? Or should I just get a brand new domain?

        • I throw away the domain and move onto the next one. It might be a lot of work to get the domain to index again. It has happened to me a few times, I just move onto the next site and re-use the content.

  • Steven
    1 year ago

    Couple questions….

    1. Question about the amount of links each month. Is this correct?
    each post gets…

    Month 1
    10 tumblr backlinks
    30 pbn backlinks

    Month 2
    10 tumblr backlinks
    30 pbn backlinks

    Month 3
    10 tumblr backlinks
    30 pbn backlinks

    2. I have 5 pages on my Amazon site. When I order the 300 PBN links, what do I tell the guy to do? Just give him all 5 URLS and tell him to use the anchor text ratio of

    exact keyword x10
    URL x10
    click here x5
    visit this site x5


    I’m just worried that there’ll be too many links right?

    Thank you!!

  • Hi Nick, for the SEO Clerks gig you recommended, that seller does not provide any report. For $30 that is a relatively big sum. How do you know if it’s legit or not?

    • I have used the gig. However I did not use it on WordPress sites. I used on my PBN sites, they all got a boost up the SERPs. If you use it on a WordPress site you should get the URLs as a pingback in your comments area.

      This gig is only $5 and you get the URLs as pingbacks in the comments area of your WordPress dash.

  • shahzadkb
    1 year ago

    Hi Nick!

    Any update, archive first page or any sale made in two month.

    • Update is coming soon…at the beginning of November…I have made sales yes ๐Ÿ™‚

  • shahzadkb
    1 year ago

    wow congrats sir! waiting.

  • Katherine
    1 year ago

    It’ั• harโ…พ to find experienced people ั–n thiั• ฯarticular topic, าปowever, yฮฟu seem โ…ผike
    สou know what you’re talking ะฐbout! Tาบanks

    • Thanks Katherine, I have had a lot of success with Amazon Affiliate sites….an easy way to make money online when done the right way.

  • steve chance
    1 year ago

    Just a heads up guys. I’ve had 33 tumblrs on the go for a few months with no problems so far.
    Suddenly, since 1st nov all those using disposable emails are being terminated.

    Here’s the tip, unless you have obviously abused the blog with spam or whatever, send a message to support, just ask why it s been terminated, I did that and s far 5 out of 5 have been re-instated.

    • Thanks for letting us know Steve. Just checked all my Tumblr blogs and they are okay ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Mahesh Goud
    1 year ago

    Waiting for the update ?????????

    • Update published. I am going to step up my efforts in month 3 to hit the top spot. All keywords are on page 2….the final push to the top now and start banking ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Mahesh Goud
        1 year ago

        Nick,where is month 2 linkbuilding part ? I mean we want clearly what you have done in second month ?

        • ooooops….I will pop that into the post now ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Update complete….enjoy

          • Mahesh Goud
            1 year ago

            Nick,why didn’t you used 300 links package in second month ? Any problem with that seller ? Iam thinking to use it for two of my sites.They are ranking in second page of Google 14,15,13,16,33 respectively. Total 5 posts of two sites.Do you think they will push my posts into first page of google ?

            • There isn’t a problem with the seller of that gig, I have used it before, it is okay. I opted to use the Fiverr gigs….if I remember right I already had a few in progress and did not want to push too many backlinks to certain posts. High PA web 2.0 backlinks should push your posts onto the first page…..the PBN backlinks will help too ๐Ÿ™‚

  • kayode
    1 year ago

    With this update and the post in general, i now understand that finding easy keywords is one of most important factors in SEO and generating organic traffic to amazon affiliate websites. What are your plans to implement in backlink building for the next month; expired tumblr, seoclerk pbn or combination of both???. I’m just curious!!!

    • In month three I am going to go for a Tiered link building strategy using new Web 2.0 sites only. Tier 1 will be social signals and web 2.0 sites. Tier 2 will be Web 2.0 sites. Tier 3 will be social bookmarking. I will also add some more PBN backlinks if needed.

  • Wow, so you finally made sale. You’re a pro SEO blogger. I enjoyed how you showed out every step one by one.

    Have a nice day!

    • Thanks, no problem. My main keyword has seen a big drop because I took my eye off the ball and allowed lots of PBN backlinks to index with exact match keyword anchors…I am making adjustments now to set it right. I will be on the first page very soon.

  • shahzadkb
    1 year ago

    Hi Nick! December updates:)

  • kayode Smith
    1 year ago

    Hi nick,
    I sent you a mail. Hope to see your response soon.

  • the seo gig for 300 pbn backlinks is unavailable. maybe Google have catch up with atlas

    • Thanks for the feedback, yes he has disabled his service, maybe he doesn’t want anymore backlinks on his sites.

  • so try to find a good pbn like that one that is better and cheaper for such easy projects

    • yep, make sure you do not index too many exact match anchors and you will be good to rank.

  • Mahesh Goud
    1 year ago

    Nick,eagerly waiting for the update๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡

    • All done….enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Mahesh Goud
        1 year ago

        Nick,you build only tumblrs in november ? Previously you had said that you are opting for Tiered Linkbuilding in november to push them into top spots ?

        • Yes I did say that, I didn’t have the time to do it…I have been working on many projects….epilatorLY not being my top priority…I have been a little lazy where that site is concerned and as a result the rank has suffered. Anyway I am back on it to turn it around ๐Ÿ™‚

  • jerome mas
    1 year ago

    How many percent exact match you use and feel is good, since the recent google update? I used to do 30% exact, 35% URL, and 35% generic, yet before I get to page 1 with a new site in 2-3months, google will penalize me for spam problems, which I don’t know where it is coming from.

    • I am going to cover this in my next post in detail. Aim for around 10% exact match. If you have been using the web 2.0 backlinks strategy on 30% exact match do not worry it still works, you just can’t stay on that line all the time. After that you need to mix up your anchor text profile with long tail anchors. URL anchors will be around 10% too and generic will be around 5%. Don’t worry about what you have so far. My next post will give you a clear idea of where to go with anchor text.

  • shahzadkb
    1 year ago

    Hi Nick one question how can add two links mean and i do not understand how can combine please explain thanks

    • Take a look at epilatorLY site, I have two call to action button “See UK Price” and “See USA Price”. Set up affiliate accounts with Amazon UK and Amazon USA and log into Amazon UK site to get your UK Amazon affiliate links, log into Amazon USA to get your USA Amazon Affiliate links. Hope this makes sense to you ๐Ÿ™‚

  • kayode
    1 year ago

    Hi nick,
    Thanks for this wonderful update. I think i have also found myself in this kinda situation with my website, unknowingly, i built links to a certain page with exact match of 33%, and as a result, i suffered loss of ranks for most of my keywords. With this update, i have some questions to ask:

    1. You mentioned in the update that you’re going to build 600 links to correct this error, how are you planing to achieve this???

    2. Are you going to utilize expired tumblr backlinks ONLY or the pbn links or BOTH???

    3. how do you tend to fashion out other keywords anchor text distribution (i mean the % of url, generic, brand name etc) with the massive links you want build???

    4 according to semrush, has over 400 links pointing to it in total, hope the addition of 600 links won’t be too much???

    5. with this update, what do you think is the ideal % of exact match keyword should be for link building???

    Instant reply will brings hope.


    • 1. I am going to use web 2.0 backlinks mostly do by myself. I will also use the following seoclerk gigs to speed up the process. These backlinks are not great, they are done only to fix my anchor text ratio problem:

      100 contextual backlinks from high PA sites $2
      32 high quality blog comments $1
      20 Web 2.0 backlinks for $1
      50 high PA Tumblr backlinks

      This little lot will get the job done.

      2. I will utilise both. I will build high PA Tumblr and other web 2.0 sites and also get some cheap Fiverr PBN backlinks as mentioned in the post.

      3. I am going to try and get exact match anchor text down to around 10% to start off with. I am just writing my next post now which will show you perfect anchor text ratio that I use right now, which is working really well for me at the moment.

      4. I don’t think 600 links will be too much. Obviously I won’t get them all at once and index them all on the same day, I plan to index 20 links a day. The site will be jumping all over the SERPs, I expect that….then when my ratio looks like it should do (as it is in my next post) I will slow things down and push the site into the top spot.

      5. My next post is going to cover this. I still have sites sitting in the top spots with exact match ratio as high as 22%, some even at 30%. I see sies ranking top with exact match at 1%, 7% and even 10%, it all depends on how you distribute your anchors these days….you need more long tail anchors…all is going to be revealed in my next post….I am 1/3 through it so it won’t be long ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Duraiz
    1 year ago

    I am waiting for your next post. When will we expect next post because it seems after penguin 4 i am facing a huge issue of indexing my links (low quality content). I manage to get indexed but the next day Google de-index it.

    I am desperately looking for your post to stay update with latest Google changes.

    • Next post will hopefully be published on Friday….

  • Kayode
    1 year ago

    Good to hear from you nick. At first, i can’t wait to see your next post. Checking some of the Authority sites, i deducted that most of the them had anchor text of exact match keyword and keyword variation of 13% at most for majority of their keywords. I understand you have a lots of task ahead of you, hope you will create time to check the mail i sent you, I’m anxiously waiting for your reply. Thanks.

  • kayode
    1 year ago

    Hi nick,
    I combed few hours ago to find .edu and .gov backlink gig but i couldn’t find any of better packages. Can you please recommend the good gig for me be it on fiverr or seoclerk, i want those links (.edu & .gov) on my website backlink profile for diversification. Thanks in advance.

    • I have used this one before: 21 Edu and Gov Moz DA 50+ for $1 which was pretty good. These are just profile backlinks, but they are good for diversification. I ordered a while ago, just checked them now and the majority are still live. All have DA over 50, you can give one URL and up to 10 keywords, which is good. You can also provide a small description which will be used on a few.

    • Wonderful tutors from Nick here. Kayode you seem to be from my country (i knew that from your name) Nick connect Kayode and myself lets work together harnessing the wisdom nick is giving us..

      • Ha ha ๐Ÿ™‚ send me an email Uzo…..I will send Kayode your details…he will get in touch with you if he wants to work with you. You can contact with him in the Rankers forum also…

  • jerome mas
    1 year ago

    I noticed some of this PBN post are not manually created. And the keywords are not manually placed.

    • Most of the PBN providers are using some form of software to bulk upload spun content to then, hardly any will be manual. The anchor text placement is random, which is good and bad. These backlinks can still give your site a nice little jump up the SERPs, not the greatest most powerful backlinks you will ever get, but you can’t complain for the price. If you want quality you are going to have to pay a lot more for it or create the PBN yourself.

  • Shannon
    1 year ago

    Hi Nick. You said “I should have built all the backlinks myself using my web 2.0 backlinks strategy, the site would be no. 1 by now if I had taken that route.” so the web 2.0 backlinks where you did the tier one and tier two backlinking wheel is actually better than what you did here?

    • Hi Shannon, my improve Google search ranking is the best strategy for long term rank. I was very lazy with the Amazon site, I don’t have the time to dedicate to building quality Tier 1 backlinks. Had I done quality Tier 1 backlinks from web 2.0 sites with content done myself I am certain the site would be ranked no. 1 right now. What I have done here is the lazy way, too many exact anchors indexed from the PBN links which destroyed my chances of hitting the top spot in three months with the Amazon site. I now have to create around 600 backlinks to correct the mistake. Had I created the backlinks myself using Web 2.0 sites it would have been very easy to change anchor texts, you have full control that way. I have no control over the PBN links that I purchased for the Amazon affiliate site, so I need more backlinks to balance out the exact match anchors, which is going to take some time and effort to do.

      Create 1000 word plus quality content on Tier 1, link out to other authority sites (not your competitors). You can use new web 2.0 sites for Tier 1 to make sure you have your keyword in the sub domain URL. Then you can power them up with high page authority Tumblr backlinks, make sure you use Tumblrs with lots of backlinks pointing to them, then you don’t require any Tier 3 or Tier 4 backlinks.

      • Shannon
        1 year ago

        Thanks for your feedback. i will follow that guide.

        Also i did two web 2.0 backlinks for 2 pages on my website and those 2 pages are at number 18 and 16 in the SERP right now. so i know your methods really work.
        : )

        • Great news…they do work if you put the effort in and don’t miss out any of the steps ๐Ÿ™‚ Make sure you use the correct anchor text ratio and you are sure to hit the top spot.

  • Tushar
    1 year ago

    Hi Nick,

    I have noticed that you have so many referring domains linking to your site compared to your competitor but still you are not ranking on the 1 page. For example the keyword “best epilator for face” you have around 100 domains are linking to this particular URL and this website ( with the same keyword are ranking on the 1 page in 2nd spot with only 2 referring domains. I should imagine that you have send too…….many exact match backlinks. Also buying exact match domains with the same keyword are not good for ranking. It was good till 2013 or 2014 where we buy exact match domain and hits the 1st page but after that google have punished exact match domain names in that keyword. BTW I have checked backlinks with Majestic SEO.

    • Hi Tushar, it’s more about quality than quantity. I used a lot of poor quality PBN backlinks, I got lazy with that site. I should have put the time into that project and used my web 2.0 backlinks strategy….which would have worked. I didn’t want to build any of the backlinks because I did not have the time to do so….I was concentrating on more profitable sites and got side tracked. Now I am left in a position where I need to forget about those pages on that site and focus on long tail easy to rank keywords to start bringing in the traffic…however I don’t have a lot of time to work on it….even though I have found some really easy to rank keywords for it with Long Tail Pro. I will get round to it at some point….I will certainly make it into a nice little profitable site ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Tushar
    1 year ago

    Hi Nick,

    So are you not gonna focus on this site because you have spend so much money and your time to build this site. Also why keyword is not ranking now despite the fact that all 5 keywords are easy to rank as you have mentioned in this tutorial with different keyword research tool OR this happened because of lots of poor backlinks OR the keywords are not long tail OR something else.

    I am feeling very sorry for you at the moment. I hope that when I would build backlinks then I would not feel that situation otherwise I will be in trouble and I won’t be able to build backlinks then specially if I will get negative results.

    • I haven’t really spend a lot of money on the site, it’s just not a good ROI compared to the many other sites that I have. I have to spend my time wisely and focus more on my big money sites. I will keep adding content to the epilator site, it won’t be as much as I would have liked, I should have put the time in to begin with really and I wouldn’t be in this position now.

      The keywords are not ranking because I used way too many poor quality PBN backlinks. I should have done my web 2.0 backlinks strategy adding quality content to the sites….or I should have got this premium web 2.0 gig…which is really what I should have done not having the time to do it myself..then I should have dropped the PBN backlinks to the new web 2.0 buffer sites….the web 2.0 then would have sat on the second page of Google search for my selected keywords and my money site would be ranked no. 1. I have paid the price of being lazy with this project….I should have picked a more profitable niche really then it would have been worth spending a little more time on it.

      I love testing things out…sometimes they don’t go to plan….I learn from my mistakes…I can turn this site around in time….I have many other sites rocking the SERPs so it’s not a problem ๐Ÿ™‚

      Go for quality backlinks….put the quantity on Tier 2….only index 10 backlinks per month indexed slowly over that month and you will be good to rank. I indexed way too many backlinks each month….many had exact match anchors too…which let the rank slip….it’s good that everyone can learn from this…it’s also good to know that less is more these days….

      • This post really validates your trust worthiness. I read to many SEO experts articles that talk about ranking sites like they never make mistakes. The only give the good results.

  • Muhammad
    1 year ago

    Sir December update?

  • Bozhan Grozev
    1 year ago

    Which of your strategies would you recommend for completely new site on a domain that was never registered so brand new.
    I see you donโ€™t recommend PBN links but for some of your journeys you did use them so I am little confused.
    So in short, which strategy outlay from your posts will be best for brand new site, also you can mention 2nd best.
    Kind regards

  • kayode
    1 year ago

    Hi nick,
    Thanks for this lucid update. Things i’ve learnt from this update so far are

    1. Never include exact match keyword at the beginning of link building.

    2. Even if the keyword is easy to rank, if you build too much links within short period of time, you will suffer ranking on SERP.

    3. The LESS of quality links build with good anchor ratio the MORE the high ranks on serp.

    4. slow and steady wins the race.

    Nick, i found a keyword with kc of 12 (on keyword revealer), i wrote 2,500 words arround the keyword then post it on my website. I indexed the post with google console and my website ranked #21. I added 2 expired tumblr links the following day. After like 3 days later, i couldn’t find website on serp whenever i google search the url of the post. Is it normal or what do you think i have done wrong???

    • 1. Yeah it’s good to play it safe at the start of a link building campaign…you are better off going with long tail anchors at the start.
      2. That’s true, slow and steady always wins the race eventually. You need to do link building over 3 months, look at the bigger picture. 10 to 20 backlinks per month is enough.
      3. Correct. Less more quality backlinks with unique content on them will index and remain indexed. If you put the effort into it you will hit the top spot for sure.
      4. Most definitely….it is going to take 3 months. If you have super low competition keywords you can hit the first page without any backlinks at all, however it is still going to take 3 months to hit the top spot.

      That’s normal Kayode….the key is to not stop building the backlinks and to make sure you get some backlinks from a different platform like WordPress or Weebly. Do 10 in the first month and you will be okay, then do the same in the next month…slow and steady from different platforms and you will hit the top spot. You are on the right track, what has happened is only normal, this is why I suggest you only check your ranking at the end of each month to stop you from getting disheartened…you haven’t done anything wrong…that’s what happens just about all the time ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hey Nick, thanks for the guide.

    I have a question about indexing backlinks with google url submit. Is that safe as you know we are telling google that these are our backlinks we want to index?

    If that ok can we also submit tier 2 backlinks or it’s not recommended?


    • Using Google console is a small footprint, I have been doing it for a long time and it has worked well for me so far. If you are unsure then you can get your backlinks indexed by getting some Google Plus social signals….get shares on other social sites too just to make sure. You can always drop a backlink to your new content from some other content that you already have indexed…Google is sure to find your links this way. This is why I recommend using a link wheel…you only need to index one backlink in the wheel and the others will follow soon enough…make sure that the one link that you index using Google Console has links out to 4 or 5 other authority sites in your niche and all is covered…that’s highly unlikely to cause you any problems in the future ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, it’s good to find expired web 2.0 sites that are already indexed…saves you the problem. I have indexed Tier 2 using Google Console without any problems…

  • Hey Nick,

    Love the thoroughness of your posts – this one in particular is one that I have bookmarked that I am using for my keyword research and competitive analysis!!

    1) Are you a part of any Amazon Affiliate Mastermind groups or Skype / Facebook Amazon groups? Wonder if you can recommend any that are pretty good for collaboration.

    2) Also, I’m really curious to hear your thoughts a little deeper on the content strategy that you prefer (and how it correlates with the long tail keywords that you discover). From your analysis, it sounds that you prefer hyper-targeted posts that pretty much revolve around one long tail keyword (at least 2,000 words).

    In the niche that I am operating in, I’ve seen for quite a few keywords that the top results are generally posts that have about 7,500 – 10,000 words of content (buyer’s guide), and they’re so comprehensive that they pretty much cover everything. From your experience, do you prefer going with the long tail approach of writing a 2,000ish word review that essentially chips away at a part of their buyer’s guide, or basically replicating what Google is proving that they like and find to be the most valuable? I normally don’t see a ton of people that will take the time to write something that is *that* comprehensive/thorough, but the ones that do are at the top.

    Example I’m making up:

    Let’s say it’s an authority site, and they have a page on “Best Epilators” ๐Ÿ˜‰ . On the page, one sub category that they have is “Best Epilator under $100” and “Best Cheap Epilator”, and lets say that each of those long tail keywords have search volume of 300 searches a month. For each sub category they’ve basically written 200 words with a product review. They hit 10,000 words by including features of what to look for in an epilator, as well as a bunch of product reviews, and sub categories (i.e. best epilator under $100, best epilator under $200, best epilator under $300, best cheap epilator, best premium epilator, best epilator for women, best epilator for men, best epilator with foam grip, best curved epilator, best electric epilator, best battery powered epilator, best epilator made in the US, best epilator set, best epilator brands, and so forth) until you have this massive guide.

    In your approach, would you prefer to make individual posts that are solely optimized for those keywords, and inner-link to one another: “Best Cheap Epilator” and then a separate post about “Best Epilator under $100”, and so on for other related keywords that may have search volume?

    I can certainly see the value in doing that because it precisely matches the searcher’s query, but it can also get redundant in the copy and content, and be way more time consuming. However, on the other hand, I can also see the value in building the authority up of a particular page and in turn ranking it for 100’s of keywords and longtails. In turn SEO’ing one major page, diluting total anchor text, and even potentially making organic outreach easier

    So far I’ve been implementing the comprehensive approach, and simply including long tails into the content (using a table of guide plugin to make it easily navigable at the top).

    I’d really love your take on this, and perspective. Maybe you haven’t mentioned it because of conversion reasons, or something else!!

    2) By the way, do you have a coder / Fiverr gig that you could recommend for TablePress Optimization?

    Love your posts, and can’t wait to read your feedback. I’m sure it will help many other readers as well!

    It’s awesome that you take the time to read all of your comments and actually share genuine insight!

    • Hi Dan,

      1. I am not in any affiliate or seo facebook group, I don’t use Facebook….too distracting…I like to use my time wisely ๐Ÿ™‚
      2. You are spot on there, I like to target buyer keywords (the longer the better) and focus on one keyword per content, always aim for at least 2000 words. Most of the time I don’t add any LSI in there…If you are clever with your anchor texts you can rank for other related LSI low comp keywords with ease for the same content.

      If I saw a guide ranking no. 1 with anything over 3000 words that is established and looks good I will pass on that keyword, I search for keywords that don’t have anything of awesome quality in the top 10 results.

      You can build up 5000 to 10000 word guide over a few months, first publish a 2000 word article and then add to it as you discover more facts on the subject. It’s unlikely that anyone will write such a comprehensive guide in one go. The best way to go is to build a brand/authority site, this way you will add content to the site on a daily basis and rack up the content…when you have covered all the main keywords you can start to build up the content that you already have….with that you are guaranteed to get natural backlinks and in turn rank up.

      The best epilator site is not a typical site of mine, it was done as a mini site…I don’t have the time to spare on it and have some big authority sites working well for me which take up just about all of my time. I try to squeeze in a few blog posts on Rankers when I get the time to do so, which isn’t as often as I would like.

      I don’t know any coder on Fiverr that you could use, I do it all myself. If you need any help just drop me an email. Hope I have covered all your questions here ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hmm, I know I shouldnt check now after the Update but i am ecstatic (LoL), I just checked EXPILATORY for the keyword and its on position 15, so its coming back up…Cant wait to see it top number one in 4months…………

    Also I will send you a mail so you can link me up with Kayode10 as a country man..

    • I noticed it was on its way back up the SERPs ๐Ÿ™‚ I did some anchor text modifications and it has done the trick for now. Changed some exact match anchors and also dropped some more backlinks….I will leave the site now for a few weeks and watch it rise up the ranks.

      Send me an email…I will email Kayode with your details.

  • Which is a reliable keyword difficulty tool.
    I do an analysis od KD with semrush I get 80%
    the same keyword with keyword revealer I get 12%.
    Are this tools acurate?

    • Nope, they are just a guide. You have to do your own competition analysis. First of all use the tools to find keyword ideas and get rough idea of the competition score. Then you need to search the keyword in the search engine that you want to rank on. You are looking for sites in the top 10 ranks with few backlinks (few linking domains) eg lots of links from one platform alone is not good, thin content, exact keyword not in TITLE TAG or URL extension. Use MOZ BAR to help you do the checks fast.

  • hi Uzo,
    Good to see you here as a fellow country man, honestly is one stop place to learn about making money as amazon affiliate with cut-edge-yet-simple-to-apply seo techniques. Nick has done nice jobs here on different posts, just take your time to read them all and don’t forget to take action so as to learn fast. Perhaps you’re my angel just like Nick too, let me save nick the stress of sending mails to me, you can reach me at “”. Looking forward to see you mail soon. Cheers

  • if you want to sell it,how much it will worth?

    • This site is only worth the time and effort it has taken me to set up and write the content. The site does not make a lot of money at the moment, so it’s just my time. When a site is earning money you would pay what you are willing to wait for a return on your investment, this will be different for everyone out there. By that I mean for example, if a site is making $1k per month am I willing to pay $12k for it? I would have to wait a year before I start to see some return on my investment, that’s all of course the variables remain the same. The site could well take a drop in the SERPs and the revenue could fall, also the site could make more cash if I added new content to it. Value a site based on time you want to see a ROI and the quality of the backlinks, will the rank hold? It’s always a risk buying a site, keeping a short term for ROI keeps the risk low.

  • Any earning updates?

    • I will do this later today for you guys, sorry I haven’t done it for a while, I have been really busy.

  • Johnguru
    10 months ago

    You are such a great guy have been reading your post for more than 4 months, every article here is a banger, not like others so called gurus, ur articles are easy to comprehend, will be launching my niche site soon

    • Thanks John, your feedback is much appreciated. Thanks for stopping by. Let me know how your site goes ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Waiting the update

    • All done in a previous comment, no real rank improvements as I have not spent any time on the site. The site has made some money, not a lot, however it is ticking along quite nicely. I will drop some more backlinks to it soon and do a full break down about what I have done.

  • Any earning updates?

    • Hi Caitlyn, epilatorly has made me $37.50 this month so far on Amazon USA. On Amazon UK it has made me nothing so far this month. The best epilator post is currently ranked in position 24 on….I have not put any time into the site. It has the potential to hit the top spot and when I have time to do so I will get it pushing ranks.

  • hi nick,

    why did you switch the domain hosting to bluehost? i believe namecheap is offering also a hosting for a cheaper price (annually)?

    by the way great post! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • hey nick

    greate post as always, my question is, which wordpress theme would you recommand for wordpress?

    kind regards

    • I highly recommend the Optimizer theme, it’s so easy to customize and it’s free too.

  • hi nick, you might find this sily but i just can’t get it, will i have to create a blog first before registering for Amazon associate and how am i sure i will be approved, Co’s i don’t want to put all the work and money for nothing

    • You don’t need to create your website before you register to be an Amazon affiliate. Make sure you register a domain and drop WordPress on there and your application will be accepted.

  • hi nick am kinda new to WordPress can you recommend a video tutorial to customizing the theme you recommended, secondly must i create my site before submitting my application to amazon, Co’s i don’t want to put in the work and never get approved

    • The only video I can find for customising the Optimizer there is this one, it’s not the best. Pretty much everything can be done with ease through the Appearance—-Customize section in your WordPress dash. I recommend registering your domain name, dropping WordPress on the site before you add it to your Amazon affiliate application…you do not need to add any content to the site.

  • Emjoi epilator reviews is #1 now

    Can you do an update on traffic, earnings, overall, it has been almost one year since the site has been live.

    • The site makes $40 to $60 every month. I have not had time to work on the site to be honest, which is why there has not been an update. I didn’t put a lot of work into the site, the earnings will continue to rise as the site ranks up on its own. I don’t intent to do any more work on the site in the near future.

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