Improve Google Search Ranking

How to improve Google search ranking for free fast and easyI am going to show you how to improve Google search ranking for free. This is going to be the slap in the face that you need.

I am not going to pull any punches here.

If you are struggling to hit the top spot you are going to love this.

It’s quite a bit of work, but this strategy works.

This is what you are going to need:

  • 15 x 700 – 1000 word articles
  • 15 x 200 word articles
  • 3 x 500 – 600 word articles
  • 4 x images bare minimum
  • 3 x videos

If you are not prepared to work for that top spot then leave now, this is not for you.

I will cover each and every step in detail, do not miss a step.

If you miss a step then that is the exact reason why you are not ranking number one.

There is no reason to email me asking why you are not number one. You know why, you have missed a step and got lazy.

Good news, you are going to improve your ranking with this strategy.

I can’t stress this enough…. ALL OF THE STEPS ARE IMPORTANT…..DO NOT MISS ONE.

This is the strategy I use to improve Google search ranking fast and freeI have ranked many sites over and over using this strategy.

The strategy takes a bit of work, but it is free.

The ranking sticks too.

I used this strategy on one of my dog breed sites back on April 30th 2015, the page still ranks number 1 today.

The strategy works on easy to medium seo competition score keywords with just one shot of backlinks.

More competitive keywords will need another round of backlinks.

So basically just rinse and repeat until you hit the top spot.

Before we get started on the backlinks we need to take care of our on-site seo. Do not miss this step, it is very important.

Improve Google Search Ranking In 2 Steps:

Step 1: On-Site Optimisation

If you are going to miss this step then do not bother with the rest of this strategy.


I have had so many emails asking me “why isn’t my site no. 1 yet?”. The first thing I do is look at your site, then I Google your keyword and see that the top ranking site has far superior quality content to yours.

You need to have the best content to rank number one.

You need to have the best content to rank no. 1 in Google searchSo, Google your keyword in the Google you are trying to rank on ( or or whatever) and take a look at the content on the top ten ranking sites.

I always pick keywords where the top ranking sites have weak and very thin content. This makes ranking a whole lot easier.

Google’s aim is to have the best, most informative content ranking number one. So give this to them.

If you have poor content it does not matter how many quality backlinks you get, you will still fail to hit the top spot.

Here is why;

Visitors will come to your site from the SERPs and realise that the content is not that great. Then they will hit the back button almost immediately. This in turn tell’s Mr Google that your content isn’t really that good or useful at all.

I can’t stress this first step enough: YOUR CONTENT IS IMPORTANT!

It is very simple, yet so many people fail to follow this rule.

You are going to write more informative content than your competitors. Don’t get lazy and leave it. Just do it, if you really want to rank number one you will get onto it right now.

How to make your content the best; (do not miss any point)

Your content has to be the best, so make sure that it is fully optemisedI told you this was going to be the slap in face you need πŸ™‚

  • Have in depth content with 2000 words or more. I know that this is not sometimes possible, so just make sure you have more content than the top ranking sites. If the top ranking site has 3000 words then you are going to pump out 3500 words. Just do it…..or get yourself an easier keyword where the top ranking sites have less content.
  • Have bullet points and numbered lists in your content.
  • Make sure that your keyword appears at the top, in the middle and at the end of your content. Your keyword should be in the first and very last paragraph. Make sure your keyword density is not too high, around 1% is great.
  • At the very minimum have three images in your content. Make sure that you have your keyword in at least one ALT tag. Get the keyword in the image file name if you can.
  • Drop a related informative video into your post. You can create one yourself, or use any from YouTube.
  • Make sure that your chosen keyword is in the main heading (the H1 TAG)
  • Get the keyword into another heading on the page (the H2 TAG)
  • Your chosen keyword needs to be in your URL extension.
  • Put your keyword at the start of your TITLE TAG. Make sure your TITLE is unique.
  • Put your keyword in the DESCRIPTION TAG.
  • Have an outbound link to a related article. Google your keyword, do not link out to one of the top ranking sites. That would be stupid.
  • Drop some links to other related content on your site.
  • Make sure your content is adding something different to what is already ranking in the top 10.

That’s your content fully optimised.

A WordPress Plugin Called “WordPress SEO By Yoast” will help you optimise your content. Take a look at the video below to see it in action:

Feels good to have the best content doesn’t it?

Makes it so much easier to promote, share and get shares.

Now I hope you understand how important this step is.

If you miss it you are not going to rank number one.

You will be throwing your money, time and effort away promoting your site if you miss on-page optimisation.

Building backlinks will be pointless if you miss this step.

Internal links:

Get some internal links from other content on your siteInternal links are very important too.

We are going to give Google bot a big signal as to what our content is about.

Go through all the content on your site and drop an internal link to your new content.

I find using exact match anchor text here very effective.

Do not miss this step thinking that it doesn’t matter, because it does.

If you have a new site you should drop some more content on there. The sole purpose of this is to get an internal link to the post you have just created.

How many internal links you do is up to you.

As a bare minimum I always do 2 internal links.

Go ahead and do those 2 internal links, it does not take long. Make sure you use exact match anchor.


The work has only just started. If you have chosen a profitable keyword it is well worth it.

I might sound harsh so far. I am not doing this to be horrible. I want you to succeed, and this is the way to do it.

Before we build any backlinks at all we are going to get some social signals. You can get them yourself for free using

You can also get this done using an SEO CLERKs gig for just $1. This will give you 1500 powerful social signals from all the major platforms.

You can get a lot of this work done using theseΒ cheap seo packages. You can save a lot of time getting other people to set up the Web 2.0 sites for you.

If this is your first time ranking a website I highly recommend you do all the work yourself.

Step 2: Free Backlinks

This strategy will rank your site no. 1 on Google searchIt feels good to have the best content.

So let’s get it ranking number one on Google search.

First you need to make sure that your content is indexed in Google search.

Go to the respective Google search engine that you want to rank on and pop your content URL in there.

If your site shows in the SERPs then you are indexed and ready to pump out the backlinks.

Do not panic if you are not indexed. Just pop your URL into Google Console and in a few minutes you will be.

Our first 5 backlinks are going to be from Web 2.0 sites.


Let’s get started.

Web 2.0 Backlinks:

First of all we are going to write 5 unique articles.

Do not scrape them.

You will not use scraped content in this strategy.

The Web 2.0 sites that I created in 2015 are still live and get traffic. I have not touched them since.

Why do you think they are still alive and indexed?

Because I have added useful content to them, not spam.

You are going to write unique content yourselfYou are going to write the articles.

Do not compromise here, you have to write the articles yourself. If you are going to scrape content then do not come crying to me wondering why the strategy did not work.

Open up your preferred word processing software and get started.

To start off you are going to write 5 articles that range from 700 to 1000 words in length.

You are going to post these articles on free Web 2.0 sites.

Before you post the content onto the web 2.0 sites you are going to create and upload a video to YouTube. We do this first because we want to embed the video into our Web 2.0 posts.

The video can be a simple recording of your new web content that you published your money site. You can create a free video fast, upload to YouTube in a few minutes using

Make sure that you link to your money page from the YouTube video description area. Use a full URL anchor including http. Add a unique description for the video including your keyword a few times, write about 100 to 200 words here.

Also, make sure that the video file name has your keyword in there. Make sure the video Title has your keyword in there too.

You can set up all the Web 2.0 sites under 1 email address. I did not use any “hide my IP” service or VPN. All of this was done for free.

Make sure that your exact keyword is in the sub domain URL of the Web 2 site.

Always have your exact keyword in the article main heading and sub heading.

Make sure that the keyword appears at the top, in the middle and at the bottom of the content.

The same principles apply here as it did for your money site page.

First Web 2.0 Site:Β 

My first Web 2.0 site is built on It is still live and indexed in Google search today, even though it was first published on 30th April 2015.

Create a WordPress Web 2.0 site and free backlink

The article I published on this site has:

  1. Unique content, which is just over 1000 words in length.
  2. Includes 4 images in the post.
  3. Has 4 related YouTube videos in the post.
  4. Links out to a related Wikipedia page.
  5. Has an exact match anchor text backlink to my money site.

Second Web 2.0 Site:

The second Web 2.0 site I built was done on the platform. This particular site is still alive and kicking today.

Create your second Web 2.0 site on the Webnode platform

The content I published on this site has:

  1. Unique content that I wrote myself. The content is 1000 words in length.
  2. Has 3 images in the post.
  3. Has 1 video in the post.
  4. Has an outbound link to a related site, not a competitors site.
  5. The anchor text used is my money site URL. Full open URL with http:// and everything else in between.

Third Web 2.0 Site:

The third web 2.0 site is built on

Set up your free Weebly Web 2.0 site

  1. Has a unique 717 word article.
  2. Has 1 image in the post.
  3. Has 1 video in the post.
  4. Has an outbound link to a Wikipedia page.
  5. The anchor text used is “click here”.

Fourth Web 2.0 Site:

The fourth Web 2.0 site is built on

Next you need to set up your Jimdo Web 2.0 site including content and backlink

  1. 848 word unique content.
  2. 1 image in the post.
  3. 1 video in the post.
  4. Links out to a related site. Not a competitor.
  5. The anchor text used is URL. It is “” and not the full open URL as before.

Fifth Web 2.0 Site:

The fifth piece of content is published on the very popular Bravesites.comΒ Web 2.0 platform.

Set up your Bravenet Web 2.0 site

  1. 851 word article.
  2. 10 images.
  3. 1 video.
  4. Links out to two related sites.
  5. The anchor text used is a long tail variation on my keyword. For example, if my keyword is “best cheese graters” then my anchor text on this Web 2 site would be “6 of the best cheese graters in the world today”. Make sure your keyword is in there.

That’s the web 2.0 sites taken care of. These links alone will improve Google search ranking.

All of these sites are still live today.

This is because I added valuable content to them.

The sites are live and my ranking has stuck, that is the key here.


You have to be certain that the articles are unique, add a little something of value and make them relevant. The only way to do this is to write them yourself.

Do not get lazy and miss this step. YOU WILL NOT RANK No. 1 IF YOU DO.

You can index the Web 2.0 backlinks using Google Console.

Do not index all 5 on the same day.

Index one each day over the next 5 days.

Slow and steady always wins the race here.

DOC Shares:

Now we are going to get some very quick and easy DOC share backlinks.

Now get some free DOC Share backlinks

This step is not as labour intensive as the Web 2.0 backlinks part.

It’s time to open up your favourite word processing software again.

You need 5 articles around 200 words each.

Make sure:

  • Keyword is in main heading
  • Keyword is in sub heading
  • Keyword is in first paragraph and last paragraph
  • Keyword is in Doc save name.
  • Have 2 or 3 images in the document.

You will use a long tail anchor on all of these backlinks.

Save the documents and upload to these DOC share sites:

All of the backlinks that I created on these sites are still live and indexed.

Go ahead and index each URL using Google Console.

Index 1 backlink per day over the next 5 days.

Niche relevant blog comments:

Now go ahead and get niche relevant blog comment backlinksNow we need to get some niche relevant blog comments.

I use a $1 SEO CLERK gig for this step.

You can do this step yourself for free. Go to step 5 on my free backlinks post for information on how to get it done.

Only use your name as the anchor text.

We want to build an anchor text profile that looks real, not a spam one.

Do not use your keyword or URL as the anchor on blog comments.

These backlinks will be from sites that are already indexed in Google search. You do not need to submit the URL to Google Console this time.

Image Share:

These are the fastest backlinks that you are going to get.

You are going to get 2 image share backlinks from:


You are going to get the backlink from the image description area.

Your anchor text will be your full post URL including http.

Now you are going to get some free backlinks from image share sites

Make sure that your image save file has the keyword in there.

Make sure that the image title has your keyword in there.

Make sure that the short image description (5o words or so) has your keyword in there.

Don’t forget to get these backlinks indexed too.


Now you are going to power up the backlinks you have just created.

If you want to improve Google search ranking without Tier 2 backlinks take a look at my expired Web 2.0 backlinks post.

Web 2.0:

Open up your word processing software again.

You are going to write a 500 to 600 word article. The article I used to rank my dog breed site was 610 words in length.

When you write the article keep in mind that you are going to link out to the 10 URLs that we have created on Tier 1.

The anchor text we are going to use will be long tail variations on the main selected keyword.

You are only going to do one tier 2 site. This one site will link to the 5 web sites we created earlier. The site will also link to the 5 doc shares that we did.

You are going to publish this content on

Create Tier 2 backlinks using a free Blogger Web 2.0 site

Make sure you have the keyword in the main heading and a sub heading.

Drop some images into the post and also a related video.

Do not link to your money site from this post.

Now go ahead and use Google Console to get the site indexed.

Wiki Backlinks:

Now we are going to get a whopping 3000 contextual wiki backlinks to our doc share and tier 1 web 2.0 backlinks.

I used a $1 SEO Clerk service for this. It is very cheap and well worth the money.

Now you need to do 3000 Tier 2 contextual Wiki backlinks

Ask for 10 backlinks per post, use long tail variations as your anchor text.

That is month 1 complete.

In month 2 we are going to do the same thing again.

We are going to go to YouTube and create and upload a new video.

Then we are going to add another article to each of the web 2.0 sites that we set up in month 1.

Go ahead and do 5 more doc shares on the same sites as before.

Then get some more niche relevant blog comments, do the image shares again too.

On the same site used for tier 2 before add another 600 word article and link to all tier 1 links again.

Go and get the tier 2 wiki backlinks again.

Month 3 is going to be more of the same, only we are going to use different web 2.0 sites on tier 1.

You are going to record and upload a new video to YouTube.

You are going to write 5 more unique articles that are 700 to 1000 words in length.

Set up your next set of Web 2.0 sites for month 3 tier 1 backlinks

You are going to publish this content on these web 2 platforms:


Then you can do 5 more doc share backlinks using the same sites as before.

Forget the image share and blog comments in month 3. You can do them if you want to. I did not do them when I ranked my dog breed site no. 1.

You are going to use a new Web 2.0 site for your Tier 2 backlinks in month 3. You can use this time around.

Set up your final Web 2.0 site on AMP Blogs

You will write a 500 to 600 word article for publication on ampblogs. This site will link to all month 3 tier 1 web 2 sites and doc share URLs.

Then go ahead and get the 3000 contextual wiki backlinks to the tier 1 web 2 sites and doc share URLs.

That is how you can improve Google search ranking the right way.

If you are not number 1 just rinse and repeat until you hit the top spot.


  1. Thanks Nick. I have questions in my mind please clear
    This single project you mentioned, for single keyword?
    Can i create multiple projects for different keywords for my single money website? is it save from google plenty or blacklist?

  2. Hi Nick. Is this good to creat tier 2 on blogger? Google may caught our footprints. Is it save?

  3. Dear Nick thanks for sharing. I have 2 question.
    1. Is this worth nowadays?
    2. Is this process is just targeted only one url of my main website or link diffrent urls of my site on web 2.0?

    • Hi Moin, yes this is most definitely worth doing nowadays, this still works in 2019 if done the correct way as described in the post. It’s done for one keyword, however you can link to your site more than once in each post to rank multiple keywords if they are related.

      • Thanks for reply. It means i can use diffrent url of my main website with long tail anchor txt include with main keyword in this strategy? I have only one product on my main site.

  4. nick i write artilce on but all links are nofollow. Is there any way to convert them into dofollow.

    • Not that I know of, use instead or or If you need need more web 2 options just let me know. But remember, every site needs a good collection of dofollow and nofollow backlinks in place, so it’s a good idea to stick with your site.

  5. this thing putting me on a full stop of my work.need guideline from u

  6. Nick i wrote 4 articles and also publish on web 2.0 they are also indexed. what can i do now. delete them? kindly guide me in this situation Nick

  7. Nick is this stupid thing if i use gmail account for this backlink method?

    • It will most likely be okay, but to be safe as possible don’t use Google products. I don’t even use Chrome when building backlinks, if you do use Chrome they don’t be logged into any Google account.

  8. nick i have 2 questions. on tier 2 you said that link all 5 web 2.0 and 5 doc (tier one) in blogger(tier2). My question is, link out all doc and web 2.0(tier 1) from blogspot in a single article?

    If i write 2 articles on bloger(tier2) and link out with 5 doc link(tier1) in the first article and link out 5 web2(tier1) on the second article, is it worth?

    • yes you can do that, however one article is enough…just one blogspot article which links to the 5 web 2.0 sites and 5 doc shares sites is all that is required. You can do two posts if you wish to do so, however it’s not what I did….you are just making more work for yourself that way.

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  13. Hi Nick,

    Great content and a lot better than I have read on some sites that claim to be experts. I do have a question on Tier 2.0 do we just schedule out 1 blog post to each post on Tier 1.0 or do we just use 1 blog post to link out to all of them? (Seems overkill to me doing that).

    Sorry for my confusion on that, but it could also be me being tired as well while reading the first time.

  14. And aslo the niche blog comments,doc share ,image share are all for money site ? Right ?

  15. Hi Nick ,

    I’m trying this method ,and my site rank 10 to 6 now ,it’s good method,thanks man !

    But now I have a question,should i put my link to the money site in the blog post or blogroll in tier 1 ?

  16. Hi nick
    How to download videos from for free ?

    • You need a premium account to download the video from biteable, however there is a work around to do it for free. You can upload video to youtube from a free biteable account, so upload to youtube, and then download off youtube using this free tool.

  17. Hi Nick,

    thanks for sharing,i wonder if i can use this method for replica stuff niche ? like replica handbags or something ? look forward to your respond

    • You can use this strategy on any niche, just make sure that the content you put on tier 1 is hand written. Put the time into it and it will pay off for you.

  18. Is this method still working ?

  19. in the mean time, I scrape myself some clean expired domains andspeed this process up x10,,

  20. Hey Nick, should we index the wiki links? And if yes, how many per day, because there are whooping 4k link in there..

  21. Hey Nick,

    Is it safe to send this many social signals to each post that we make on our website?

    For instance, I have 20+ posts on my website, and want to send social signals to each post similar to what you mentioned as building the base.

    But, for $1, I see that a lot of the SEOClerks vendors offer 100’s of social signals. Is it actually safe to send that many?

    I would imagine a lot have to drop off, but even if they don’t, can they have any repercussions making it unnatural to Google?

    You really can’t beat $20ish to get social signals deep-linked throughout your whole website when most niche websites probably have next to none.

    Awesome post Nick!


    • I haven’t had any problems sending lots of social signals to each post on my affiliate sites. Everything you do outside Google webmaster guidelines is a risk, however it’s unlikely that you will get penalised through having lots of social signals. To stay a little safer make sure you use different social signal sellers on seo clerk, or even get them yourself using addmefast.

      Thanks for dropping by Dan πŸ™‚

  22. Hey Nick,

    I am starting with this strategy and I have a question: you mentioned to put the keyword on the subdomain of the web 2.0 but do we need also to put the exact keyword in the post url or we can change it a little bit to look natural?


    • Hi Leo, it’s better to have the exact keyword in the post URL extension. If you don’t want the keyword in the web 2 sub domain simply use a brand eg if you are trying to rank for the keyword “best baseball boots” you could have the web 2 sub domain as and then get “best baseball boots” in the post URL extension. Looks more natural this way round to me πŸ™‚

  23. majestic, ahref and moz, each provide a score for each backlink. I have read that the trust flow rating from majestic has the best correlation with google serp.

    would like to get your take on this for 2017. To improve your rating across each platform, it requires different approach. For example, URL shortner concept has a positive impact on MOZ page authority and a little bit on AHREF url rating, but does not do any thing on majestic trust flow rating.

    similar concept when you look at social signals. These signals also have different results across different platforms.

    so, the rating from which platform has the closest correlation with improvements in google serp?

    • My main focus is to get backlinks indexed and noticed by Google bot. I don’t waste time looking at majestic metrics at all, if you drop quality unique content on Tier 1 web 2.0 sites as suggested in this rank strategy on this post you are getting a high quality contextual backlink. If you then go ahead and power up those backlinks with high PA web 2s it can be very powerful. In all honesty I only ever look at MOZ metrics, I am way too busy to even look at anything else. I keep busy writing quality content for use on Tier 1 backlinks and on my money site for internal links to my money pages. It’s a simple strategy that works a treat, I honestly can’t answer your question because I hardly ever use majestic. I am making a lot of $$$$ with my “keep it simple” strategy…I keep pumping out unique content and I do very well on this. I don’t even go on Facebook because I end up wasting time on there πŸ™‚ Keep pumping out the content…it will pay off…

  24. greetings – the articles that I posted on doc sharing site about 10 days ago, all show up now in google search result. But they have not been picked up by majestic, ahref or google webmaster tools.

    how long would it take for google to have those links to show up in the webmaster tools?

    thanks again

    • Does’t matter is the links don’t show in webmaster tools or other companies tools like majestic and ahrefs, as long as Google bot knows that the links exist (show in the search index) then you are set to rank up.

      • thanks for the reply. what are your thoughts on posting the same document on few other document sharing sites? wouldn’t this show that this document is going “viral”? or you still prefer one doc = one document sharing site concept?

        • Personally I prefer a different doc content on each site. I don’t spend a lot of time on the content for doc share sites, I simply spin the content I used for the web 2.0 sites. I don’t just spin the entire article and then use, I cut and paste parts of each article, then spin to create a completely unique article that is readable…it’s not great but perfect for a doc share backlink…doesn’t take long to do.

  25. Not really connected to article but.. about improving rankings still.

    I did a little experiment with 5 articles from 2 sites. What I did is I added external link to wikipedia, relevant one. Just one per article. Before that all 5 keywords were not in top 100. 3 days after adding the external link to wikipedia, 4 out of 5 popped into top 100, 2 even in top 30. No links have been built to either of the 5 pages.

    Can this just be a coincidence ? I am tempted to add external links to wikipedia in all articles lol but don’t want to overdo it.

    • Good to hear your rank is on the up πŸ™‚ That’s something that you certainly need to do, always link out to other authority sites in your niche, Wikipredia is a good one and most of time they have something on there related to what you are writing about.

  26. Hey Nick, when we buy the wiki backlinks, we link them to the post page of our web 2.0’s or to the home page of our web 2.0’s?

  27. Hey Nick, Thanks for sharing this strategy.

    Can you please explain more about the content of the web2.0 because if all of it about the keyword we want to rank it will be the same and hard to it over and over?


    • You need to hand write articles on the same keyword, if you have trouble you can use this seo clerks article writing service, you get 700 words for just $3. I always write my own content, however I have been asked over and over recently for a good writing service so I thought I would give a few of them a go for you guys and report back. The service mentioned was very good, the content was clearly hand written and was very good quality, for $3 you can’t go wrong. If you can’t write unique content yourself on the same keyword let someone else do it for you πŸ™‚

  28. The guy from the blog comment gig used exact match anchor on every blog comment. Is that going to be a problem?

    • Depends what your anchor text ratio is. I only ever use a name as the anchor for blog comments to keep them looking natural. Shouldn’t be a problem if your exact match anchors are fairly low….anything over 30% and you are getting into dangerous territory.

      • Should I use my website name as anchor or my admin name? For example you used Nick or rankersparadise as anchor?

        • Use your admin name…so I would only ever get blog comment backlinks to this blog using “Nick” as the anchor text.

      • What do you mean by a name? I will make him change the anchor text ratio. I’m following your strategy of perfect anchor text ratio..

  29. Hey nick…Let’s say I want to rank 5 different KW of the same website
    So can I post content to the same 5 web 2.0 for month one and two and to the same 5 web 2s the third? Or do I have to create batches of 5 web 2.0s for each and every KW?

    • Yes you can use the same web 2.0 sites. I would not try to rank more than 5 pages on the same money site using the same web 2s. Using the same sites over again is a good idea, means the web 2s get more content on them and it is more likely that all the links will index.

  30. When we order blog comments, what do you mean by our name? Because the guy requires URL and keywords?

  31. interested to get your thought on using URL shortners to link back to your word documents and tier 1 links that you created. If I use URL shortners, then I would blast those with wiki links and also scrapebox. thoughts?

    • That’s a good way to power up your Doc share backlinks and Tier 2 web 2.0 sites. Sites with high domain authority can handle lots of poor quality backlinks like these…they will help index those links and also send big G a positive signal as to what your money page is about…depending on what anchors you use in the Wikis of course. Get some high PA blog comments using scrapebox to your docs and web 2s, will boost their PA and most importantly their rank power.

  32. Hey Nick, what about those web 2.0’s that do not index? We delete them and replace or?

    • Just leave them…don’t delete them…if you have added unique hand written content to them they will certainly index at some point….especially when the Tier 2 links index πŸ™‚

  33. Hi Nick,
    Thanks for the fantastic post. Have some quick questions.
    1. Do you perform this ranking process for every post on your moneysite?
    2. Do you use the same set of web2.0 and PDF sites for each post or your rotate the web2.0 sites. I am asking this because I was made to understand it is not best to link the same set of web2.0 over and over across multiple post to one moneysite.
    3. Any recommended maximum number of links from a sinege Web2.0?


    • No problem Max,

      1. Not every time….it all depends on the keyword ranking difficulty. If I have a rather easy long tail keyword I will just drop 10 Tumblr backlinks at the post. You can outsource this here if you don’t have time πŸ™‚

      2. You can use the same set of Web 2.0 sites to rank different pages on your blog, this way your Web 2s build authority too…they become a great ranking asset for you. It’s okay to use the same Web 2.0 to rank other pages on your site…this is why we link out to other authority blogs within the web 2.0 posts…makes it look like a regular blog linking to top sites in the particular niche…not just one site. You can rank 3 pages on the same blog with the same web 2.0 site no problems at all….it’s PBN backlinks that you do not do this with.

      3. Rank 3 pages on the same site…no strict rule as long as you link out to other authority sites in your niche you will be okay πŸ™‚

  34. Hi Nick. Do I need 4 videos in one post in my first backlink? Or can i just use one unique video?

  35. Oh, thank you I didn’t see that!

  36. Hey Nick, what about the video creation website, we have to upgrade to download. Is there any alternative? Maybe I can use my smart phone to create the video?

  37. Which format did you saved the doc file in? Do I save it as Pdf? You mentioned above you saved it as .txt extension but with this format the I cannot seem to make a backlink.

  38. If you were to rank a brand new website would you use this technique from the get go? Or do the free backlink first then go for this strategy?

    • This is the best strategy to go for from the get go, it is perfect for a new site. This strategy is a safe option and will certainly help rank a site up if you don’t miss any of the steps.

  39. Hey Nick, I just love your work and I’m everywhere on your site. I read this guide and I think that it seems very promising. However, let me ask some questions and make some suggestions (I need you opinion).

    For the wiki 3k wiki backlinks, we should spread the on to 5 web2.0s and doc shared, right?

    Also, in the 2nd month, wouldn’t it be easier if we just put the first 5 articles that are 1k word long into a spinner, spin them, re-read them, correct mistakes and make them more readable? Won’t they do the same job? (I’m asking this because read about guy who is doing this exact same thing and ranking like crazy).

    Also, I’d like to hear your opinion on this one.

    After we add the tier 2 links, can we add 5 expired web 2.0’s just to add some diversity? Of course we will use spun content? Let me know what do you think.

    P.S Thank you for the email response, waiting to hear from you again.

    Best regards,


    • That’s correct, do the 3K Wiki backlinks to your 5 Tier 1 Web 2.0 sites and 5 Doc share backlinks.

      You could spin the articles used in Tier 1 if you want to. I just find it easier to write new articles. By the time you pop the article in the spinner, spin it, read it, correct it and add to it you could have done a completely unique article. I am just showing you here what I did to get my site to the top spot, this is exactly what I did….if you do the same you can rank top too on the right keywords.

      You can add expired web 2.0 backlinks if you want to, this will help power up your tier 1….it certainly won’t harm your rank.

      Let me know how it goes πŸ™‚

  40. Nick My One of keywords having 36 SEO Difficulty and on 85 position On Google. My DA/PA Are 14/25. Will this strategy rank the keyword or no first i need to gain more DA/PA???

    • This strategy will certainly improve your ranking, don’t worry too much about Moz metrics, concentrate on getting those backlinks. You might need a few rounds of this to rank top for keyword difficulty 36, one round should get you onto the first page.

  41. Hi Nick,

    After web 2. 0 backlinks, what we have to follow…Blog commenting or wiki links for tier 1 web 2. 0 backlinks?

    • After you have done the tier 1 web 2.0 backlinks you need to do the doc share backlinks and then the image share backlinks. Then purchase the wiki backlinks that will point to the web 2, doc share and image share backlinks that you just created. Then you can also do the extra web 2 site that is on tier 2 that will backlink to all tier 1 web 2, doc share and image share sites. Then purchase the comment backlinks service, or do them yourself πŸ™‚

  42. Hi nick,
    I just want to know the onsite interlinking strategies for small amazon affiliate sites , iread about various type of silos and now little bit confused . I have a 4month old site which is build on WordPress, and has more than 25pages published. Many of Page’s URL indexed and gain traction in 20- 90 positions. I used the category ->post structure.

    Before creating any back links and rankings I want to do this onsite interlining. However I have done some how I can. But iam not sure what is the best and tested strategy for small niche based website.

    I will feel glad you will spare some time to put your invaluable words on this topic to guide new bloggers.

    Thanks and regards


    • First of all take your money keywords and pop them on the main nav bar at the top of your site. Take a look at my epilator site featured here:

      Now go through your content and do some internal links to your money pages. Your money pages should link up too. All your posts will be related if you have a niche Amazon affiliate site.

      If all 25 pages are money pages then link them all up. Have the top earning keywords on your top level nav menu.

  43. Hi Nick,

    I am not clear with doc sharing. Where do we have to place our website link? Do we have to create the link in the document?

    I just created a word document with my backlink in it and uploaded it to After that I submitted that google. When I checked the text version of google cached copy, there is no backlink in it. If google don’t see links then what is the use of submitting to doc sharing websites.


    • Hi Vijay, yes you have to drop the backlink in your word document.

      Easy to do in Open Office and Word:

      Add a backlink in a word doc share document

      First highlight the text you want to use as the anchor for your backlink.

      Then click on the world/link icon at the top of the screen.

      Drop the URL into the Hyperlink text box and hit the “Apply” button.

      Pop some images in the document too.

      Then save the document, get your keyword in the filename.

      Then upload to the doc share site. Another sweet contextual backlink earned πŸ™‚

      • I did the same thing and uploaded the doc. Can you please take a look at the second point in my previous comment

        • Ahhh sorry….I passed over that part….

          Did you save the doc as a .txt file? Then Google bot can read the file πŸ™‚

          These are not powerful backlinks, they are done to diversify your backlink profile.

          I am just revealing how I ranked my sites, I used this exact strategy and it works. You can miss the doc share backlinks out if you. This is just what I did, I am sharing my tests for free. You can do your own tests and share with us here or in the forum. Miss the doc share backlinks out and let us know how it goes πŸ™‚

          Google liked what I did, so I thought I would share it for you all to benefit from. If you miss a part out and you don’t rank no. 1 then you know why…

          Let me know how you get on…

  44. Hi Nick,

    I need a small help in creating web 2.0 on jimdo. I just created a blog on jimdo and published it. When I viewed the source code of the blog, it has meta robots tag with noindex and nofollow. How to get rid of this robots meta. I didn’t find any setting on jimdo to get rid of this.

    • You can’t unless you upgrade your account. Doesn’t matter, you need a mix of dofollow and nofollow backlinks in your profile anyway. Also, you can over ride the noindex by Google Console…..I get my Jimdo blogs indexed this way….and they remain in the index too.

  45. Nick, follow-up question. If a keyword has a brand name in it, and the top ten results are all big shopping sites, amazon/walmart/target/ebay, with no blogs or long form content at all. Is it possible to get into the mix? I’m not clear if these kind of results are opportunity or warning.

    • It’s a big opportunity, they are big brand sites which are mostly ranking on authority without any or very little backlinks at all. You can outrank them with ease, just make sure that they do not have a lot of backlinks.

  46. Nick, I just wandered over here from an old blackhat post linking to an old url of yours. BAM! this is so much more than I was hoping to find. thank you so much. since i’m new i’ll ask why do you make clear first timers should DIY, vs pay for this service? After I’ve got the right content, and thanks for making the importance of that clear, what if even I can do the steps I needed to hire out for time reasons? Are you saying without doing it first your not an educated buyer?

    • That’s correct….you need to have a crack at it yourself and know exactly how the system works…sellers can get things wrong, which you will have to put right. You can go right ahead and use the services, it’s beneficial to you to learn how it works first…..then if there are any mistakes made you can correct them. It’s very simple to do anyway, the main thing is that it is time consuming.

  47. Great post.

    I have doubt regarding blog comments.

    As you mentioned, after web 2.0…we need to follow niche relevant blog comments. So are they for main money site or web 2.0 backlinks just created?

  48. Ahh,sorry I forget to add that Branded anchor text plays a part as well over exact anchor text example the brand awareness .not to the public.but Gangster G.because he loves brands.dont believe?
    Try Google anything about backlinks this Brian Dean Neil Patel will show up.
    They rank long tails like a gangster.without much links nowadays.
    All right,back to work.

  49. Great! I want to ask a question.
    Can we use same email address to register all of these web 2.0 and doc sharing sites or we need to make separate email accounts for each of them?

    • I used the same email address to register all the web 2.0 sites and doc share sites when I ranked my dog breeds site with this method. I did not hide my IP either πŸ™‚

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