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Cheap SEO packages that will rank you no. 1 in GoogleI am going to rank this page no. 1 in Google search using cheap SEO packages on SEO CLERKS.

The keyword I am going to rank this page no. 1 in Google search is “cheap SEO packages”.

I am going to rank this page no. 1 on using just SEO CLERKS gigs and nothing else.

I will not create any backlinks mayself, I will only use the seo packages featured in this post.

You can go ahead and use the same packages to rank your web sites.

SEO does not have to be expensive.

I am going to show you how to rank no. 1 on a low budget.

Before you do anything you are going to need a keyword that has a low SEO competition score.

I will show you how to do this first. You can skip step 1 if you already have your keywords and content in place.

I am not going to use an SEO CLERKs package to find my keywords, there is no point. However if you want someone else to find the keywords for you then you can use this service.

Step 1: Find Low SEO Competition Keywords

I am going to show you how I found my low SEO competition score keyword.

I have been over this process a few times on this site already, so I will make it brief.

If you want a more in depth method of finding low competition highly profitable keywords look here.

First of all head on over to It is free to use.

Start your keyword research at

Enter a keyword into the “Keyword Research” search box. We are looking for a keyword that has a “Ranking Difficulty” below 40.

So you can see, me selected keyword for this post has a ranking difficulty of just 22.

Now we are going to use one more free seo competition score checker to make sure we can rank no. 1 for this keyword.

Next head on over to This keyword seo score tool is free to use too.

Use for SEO keyword competition analysis

You can see that my keyword has an SEO competition score of 28. It is considered easy to rank.

You also need to make sure that your content is worthy of ranking number 1 in Google search.

If you need to know how to do this go to step 3 of my build rank and bank an Amazon affiliate site post.

It is pointless me going over and over it time and time again.

Now you should have an easy to rank keyword and some killer content.

Now let’s take a look at the cheap SEO packages that will rank you no. 1.

Step 2: Buy Some Cheap SEO Packages

We are going to use these services over a 3 month period.

We do not want to throw lots of backlinks at a site in a short space of time, that would not help at all.

For this reason the ranking method will work for new and aged sites. It will work for any site out there.

In the first month we do not want to do a lot. Slow and steady always wins the race.

We will build the backlinks up over three months, I find this the safest way to do it.

Month 1:

First of all before we build any backlinks we are going to get some social signals.

Social signals are a ranking signal, let’s show Google that our new post has some interest in it.

Take a look at this post to see how social signals affect SEO.

Social Signals:

Cheap SEO Packages: Social Signals$1 For 1500 Social Signals; I have used this service over and over, it works and it is cheap.

This takes care of the first step, quick and easy.

So you have your new content indexed, then order this social signals package.

This is what you are going to get from this package;

  • Linkedin shares
  • Facebook likes
  • Pinterest
  • Google +

Not bad for just $1. You don’t get cheap SEO packages like this anywhere else.

I have used these social signals before and can assure you that they will stick, they are permanent and will have a positive effect on your ranking status.

The gig claims it can also bring in real organic traffic to your site too, which is a little added bonus. Not really sure that it does, but that’s not why we are getting the social signals anyway.

The social signals alone will not rank you no. 1, however it is a good place to start seo of a website.

This is how the social signals will be distributed:

  1. 800 Facebook likes
  2. 700 Linkedin shares
  3. 30 Pinterest re-pins
  4. 20 Google +

This is a good way to show Google that people are interested in our post and that it has some value. It will help your new post gain a little authority with Google Bot.

I start with social signals because we have to build up the backlinks at a steady rate.

It is unlikely that an un-shared post that ranks no-where in Google is going to get a whole load of backlinks in the first few weeks it has been posted, unless it is on a very high authority site that is.

So we need to fool Mr Google into thinking that our post has been shared around the social networks for real and is getting a little buzz about it.

Then, when the web 2.0 backlinks start to flow a week or two later, it looks more natural. It is possible that 10 to 20 backlinks will be gained from a successful social share.

I use the package listed because they post social shares on a different IP every time, it would be pointless otherwise.

For just $3 you get 4500 more social signals, just check out the gig extras if you want those. I will not require them to rank this post.

You can also add social signals to your post yourself for free using You get 50 points for free on sign up, which will get you a handful of real social signals.

For $1 you can get 1111 AdmeFast points. These can be used to add some serious social signals to your money pages.

Tumblr Backlinks:

Cheap expired Tumblr backlink package$10 For 15 High PA Tumblr Backlinks; I have used this package before, it is very good for the price.

You can find expired Tumblr blogs yourself for free, all is explained on my web 2.0 backlinks post.

You scrape expired Tumblr blogs using the free software and re-register them. Then add some content with a backlink to your new content on your money site.

Of course you can do all of this work yourself for free. All is revealed on this site.

I am just revealing these packages if you are pushed for time and want someone else to take care of your SEO work.

There is no other cheap SEO packages like this one for expired Tumblr blog post backlinks.

This is what you are going to get:

  • 15 High page authority Tumblr backlinks
  • Tumblrs with PA 28 +
  • These backlinks are safe and perfect for a new site

Tumblr is a very high domain authority site, a backlink from this site has some serious ranking power.

A backlink from a high page authority/domain authority site will almost certainly push any site up the SERPs.

Google loves to index Tumblr blogs, even if the content on there is not so good.

It is most important that you index each and every backlink that you get. Use Google console to do this.

Google puts a lot of trust in backlinks from sites with high domain authority, so Tumblr is a great place to start building backlinks to a brand new post or site.

I use the expired and new web 2.0 backlink strategy on all my sites now. Why? Because it works, it’s easy, and most importantly of all it is safe.

The backlinks created in this package will be placed in the post itself and will remain on the high page authority homepage. All the lovely ranking juice will pass onto your money site and push it up the SERPs.

Like I say, I have used this service before and the sites have low outbound links on the homepage, which is awesome. The sites had just 1 or 2 other posts on the homepage when I used the service previously.

When you order this package make sure that you mix up your anchor text.

The anchor text that I will use to rank this post will be:

  • Cheap SEO Packages (exact match)
  • (URL)
  • Click Here (Random Words)

The service provides a full report, all you have to do is get those links indexed slowly when they arrive.

I recommend indexing the links very slow and steady over the first month. Do 2 a day until they are all done.

Make sure that you get the Tumblr Homepage and the Post page indexed.

The homepage is most important to index, this is where the ranking juice sits that will flow to your money site when Google becomes aware of the backlink.

It is most important that these expired Tumblr blogs have backlinks. The backlinks that point to the Tumblr are the key to pushing your site up the SERPs.

This package will get you backlinks from Tumblr blogs that have backlinks pointing to them too. This is most important, it’s all about the backlinks and nothing more with this strategy.

The seller does provide samples if you want to see them before you order.

That’s it. Month one cheap SEO packages complete for just $11 in total.

Make sure you have indexed all your backlinks and keep them in a spread sheet for future reference.

At the end of month one you want be ranking somewhere on Google search page 2 for your selected keyword.

If you have selected the right keywords you certainly will be.

Month 2:

Month 2 is super cheap and is going to cost you a grand total of $8.

Now we have the expired web 2.0 backlinks done in month 1, however there is a slight problem with that. The Tumblr sites do not have our keyword in the sub domain URL.

Now we are going to give Google a huge signal what our site is about.

We are going to do a new web 2.0 link wheel, setting up brand new web 2.0 sites with the exact keyword in the sub domain URL.

Of course you can set these up yourself for free, it takes a little time. Why do it yourself when you can get this done on SEO CLERKs for just $2, amazing value for money.

Web 2.0 Link Wheel:

Web 2.0 backlink packages with log in details$2 for 20 new web 2.0 sites; you get 20 high domain authority brand new web 2.0 sites set up with content on them ready to index.

The basic gig is for $1, you need to select the $1 extra to provide log in details for all the web 2.0 sites.

When you order the package it is very important that you tell the service provider to add your keyword into the sub domain URL of the web 2.0 site.

So I will ask for:

Tell the provider if the exact match keyword is taken to add a stop word in front of the keyword. So you would end up with something like;

Just make sure that your keyword is in the sub domain URL, don’t miss this step out.

Also use the same anchor text profile as described earlier.

Then you just sit back and wait for the order to be completed.

When the order comes in you need to log into the web 2.0 sites and link them all up into the link wheel featured on my free backlinks post.

Do 10 sites on tier 1 and 10 sites on tier 2. All sites will link to your money site. All is explained on my free backlinks post.

Theses cheap SEO packages guarantee to add unique content to each post, it will have passed CopyScape.

They will also add an image to the post too.

If you want to know how to post content to web 2.0 sites like these on autopilot check out my Automated Backlinks Post.

So you now have social signals, 15 expired Tumblr backlinks and 20 new web 2.0 backlinks. Now it is time to mix it up a bit.

We want video, image and doc share backlinks.

Video & Image Share Backlinks:

Video and image share backlink packages for cheap$5 For Video Image Doc Share; you are getting a whole lot more than video, image and doc share backlinks from this service.

For just $5 you are going to get:

  • 10 Article Submissions
  • 10 Press Release Distribution
  • 10 PDF/Doc Share
  • 10 Web 2.0 Posting
  • 10 Social Bookmarks
  • 10 Video Shares
  • 10 Classified Ads
  • 10 Image Share
  • 10 Social Signals
  • 10 Directory Submissions

So you are going to get a total of 100 backlinks from 10 different platforms.

The service provider will find and spin a unique article for you. The article will be spun over and over made different each time for posting on each platform.

They will create an Animoto video for you and post it to 10 video sharing websites with a backlink to your money site included.

All you have to do is give them your URL and your anchor text. Use the same anchor text ratio as mentioned earlier.

When the report comes make sure you index all those backlinks using Google console.

Be sure to index them slowly, 5 a day max using different Google accounts.

This is an amazing SEO package for the price, this gig alone will push ranks for easy low SEO competition keywords.

To finish up on month two backlinks we need some niche relevant blog comments for good measure.

Blog Comments:

Cheap blog comment seo packages$1 For 8 Niche Relevant Blog Comments; to mix up our anchor text profile we are going to get 8 niche relevant blog comments.

When you order this gig make sure you tell the provider to use your name as the anchor text.

No one posts a serious blog comment using their keyword as the anchor, it’s not natural, so do not do it.

So I will give the provider this URL and ask him to use my name “Nick” as the anchor text.

These cheap SEO packages will help you rank and bank on auto pilot.

All of the comments are done manually.

I have used this service many times and know that it is very good for the price.

The backlinks come from sites with low outbound links, this does not matter too much to us, we are only doing this step to mix up our backlink profile.

We want to have backlinks from many different sources. All of these cheap SEO packages will see to this.

The comments will be on pages that are already indexed in Google.

There is no reason not to do this step at this price, so get it done and move onto month three in style.

When I have used this blog comments package in the past I got comments on blogs with page authority ranging from 1 to 15.

Some of the pages that the comments were placed on had over 100 backlinks pointing to them. All that lovely ranking juice flows over to our site.

None of the pages had any more than 10 comments on there, this service is a real steal at $1.

I use this gig personally over and over to shake up my backlink profile, to make sure it is as diverse as possible.

At the end of month 2 you should be ranking on Google page 1 or top of Google page 2 to be on track for ranking number 1 at this point in time.

If you are not in this position do not panic, keep pumping out the backlinks and your ranking will improve soon enough.

Month 3:

In month 3 we are going to go for the kill and push our site into the top spot.

We want backlinks from high page authority sites and lots of them.

Tumblr Backlinks:

Cheap Tumblr backlink packages$25 for 40 High PA Tumblr Backlinks; these 40 Tumblr backlinks will be enough to boost our site into the Google top spot.

It sounds a lot at first, but consider the work that is going to go into this package and it’s actually great value for money.

Each link is only going to cost you $0.60. For that you get a contextual link on a high domain and page authority site.

Let’s take a look at what makes this package so appealing:

  • Backlinks from PA 28 +
  • High quality content used on each post
  • Image or video included in each post

The time it would take you to scrape 40 unique pieces of content and post them onto 40 different Tublr blogs will be hours. For just $25 you get the job done without any hassle at your end.

Of course you can do this yourself, but if you are short on time then get this is the gig to get the job done.

Make sure you mix up your anchor text using the usual ratio that I suggested earlier.

When the report comes in make sure you index all those lovely backlinks and watch your site climb to the top baby.

Do not index more than 5 of these backlinks per day, slow and steady over the month will do the job.

These cheap SEO packages work. It’s unlikely you can rank no. 1 any cheaper than this using other people to do the work for you.

That is all you have to do in month 3. Everything else has been taken care of.

Now wait until the end of the month to do your final and most rewarding ranking check.

You will now be ranked no. 1 in Google search.

Do not worry if you are not, there are many variables out of our control in seo. We are going to knock out some more backlinks in month 4 to give the site a final push up the SERPs.

If you are not in the top spot after month 3 you will be placed in position 5 or higher. You will certainly be on the first page anyway.

I am going to add a month 4 action plan for those of you that did not quite make it.

It’s possible that you did not hit the top spot because while your site was gaining backlinks the top ranking sites were too, so we need to boost our site a little further to catch up with them.

Month 4:

It is highly unlikely that you will need to complete month 4.

Let’s address what could be wrong with our site.

First of all it’s possible that the top ranking sites got backlinks as you did. So lets hit the site with more backlinks to over take them.

PBN Backlinks:

Very cheap PBN backlink package for pushing ranks$5 For 40 PBN Backlinks; these cheap SEO packages are going to get your site 40 PBN backlinks. These backlinks are almost certain to push your site into the top spot.

You do not get a report with this gig. However you will get the URL of each backlink in your WordPress dashboard. You will see the URL as a pingback in your WordPress blog comments area.

The URLs show up in your WordPress blog because the backlinks come from other WordPress sites, which makes this perfect for us.

All you need to do is copy the URLs into a spread sheet and index them slowly, 5 a day max throughout month 4.

This is an awesome package for the price.

Make sure you use the same anchor text profile as laid out earlier.

So you are going to get 40 backlinks from sites with an average domain and page authority of 15 +.

They will add unique content to each site for you. You just have to pay them 5 bucks and let them do the rest.

Wait for the backlinks to appear in your WordPress comments area and then get them indexed.

Trust me, these backlinks do index, not all of them will, but enough will to push you up the SERPs.

They even allow you to embed a Youtube video into the posts if you want to.

All of these blogs are self hosted with different hosting providers. We have done the web 2.0 thing, so this is what is needed to be done to hit the top if you are not there already.

To see some samples of the domain metrics just head on over to the sales page on SEO CLERKs.

That’s not everything you need to do in month 4.

Finally, we need to take a look at our bounce rate for our post using Google Analytics.

High bounce rate will also stop you from hitting the top spot, we need to buy some Google organic search traffic to combat this.

If you don’t have Google analytics just do this step anyway, I do not recommend doing this to sites monetised with Adsense.

Here are the final cheap SEO packages to round things up.

Google Organic Search Traffic:

Buy Google organic search traffic$1 For Google Organic Search Traffic; blast this SEO package at your post and it will lower it’s bounce rate below 30%.

The service provider will use a bot to search Google for your selected keyword and click on your site, the bot will stay on your site and even move through the site.

This is a big ranking signal these days, it lets Google know that your site has quality content on there and should be sat higher in the SERPs.

The traffic that you get through this package can be tracked in your Google Analytics account, this is very important.

The traffic has a high visit rate too, more than 45 seconds, can be as long as 2.5 minutes.

The traffic comes from a different IP every time and will certainly help you game your way to the top.

For $1 you get a minimum of 200 hits per day for 5 days.

After 7 days you should re-order. Use this gig for the whole of month 4 for it to have an impact on your ranking.

That’s it, you will most definitely be in the number 1 spot now.

If you are not you can go ahead and try Hatred’s Powerful PBN backlinks. You get 10 for $200, they are not cheap, but they will certainly get you into the top spot.

Make sure that you only use exact match anchor text for these PBN backlinks, you want all the power you can get from them. You will then need to do 20 quick Tumblr backlinks to even out your anchor text profile.

If you have selected easy to rank keywords you will not require them anyway.

Step 3: Log Your Results

I am going to rank this page number 1 in Google search using these cheap SEO packages.

I will log my results here for all to see.

Make sure you remember to log all the backlinks that you have got using these packages in a spread sheet.

Post Published:

Post Published on: 11th October 2016

Post indexed on: 11th October 2016

Entry level rank check (zero backlinks): Rank 21 on 11th October 2016.

Social signals delivered: 16th October 2016

Tumblr Backlinks: 3 expired Tumblr backlinks indexed 16th October 2016

Tumblr Backlinks: 3 expired Tumblr backlinks indexed 17th October 2016

Tumblr Backlinks: 3 expired Tumblr backlinks indexed 18th October 2016

Tumblr Backlinks: 3 expired Tumblr backlinks indexed 19th October 2016

Tumblr Backlinks: 3 expired Tumblr backlinks indexed 21st October 2016

That’s month one backlinks complete.

I will do a rank check on 11th November 2016. This will show you how 15 Tumblr backlinks combined with social signals can improve your ranking.

These backlinks alone are very powerful at pushing any site up the SERPs.

Results After Month 1:

13th November 2016: Rank 28.

So the social signals and Tumblr backlinks have this page sat on Google search page 3.

There has been a slight drop in rank, month 2 backlinks will push this page onto page 2 of Google search.

Then in month 3 the cheap seo packages will push the page into the top spot.

Results After Month 2:

13th December 2016: Rank 2.

Month 2 Ranking report shows a number 2 rank achieved

In month 2 I got the 20 Web 2.0 sites package, then proceeded to index them, 3 a day.

I got the $5 service to mix up the backlink profile, this included video, social bookmarks, Doc shares etc.

To finish the month I got the blog comments for just $1.

So for just $8 I am sitting in position no. 2.

These packages do work, you just need to know how to use them.

Make sure you have the correct anchor text profile and you can’t fail when used on low seo competition score keywords.

In the final month I will drop some more high PA Tumblr backlinks, this should see the page hit the top spot.

Results After Month 3:

12th January 2017: Rank 1. Another Top ranking achieved 🙂

Month 3 Ranking Report using these seo services

There you have it. 3 months, some cheap seo services to get a top rank. Build the backlinks slow and steady and you are sure to hit the top spot.

Another number one ranking in Google search

So what did I do in month 3 to push the site into the top spot?

Basically just followed what was suggested in the post.

I hit the page with 50 top quality Tumblr backlinks using this package. It’s cheaper than the one mentioned in the post and you get more backlinks.

That’s all I did. Those backlinks did the trick, I didn’t even index the Tumblr post page, I left the power of the Tumblr homepage to do its job.

Go ahead and do the same, you can rank number one too.

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    • Yes seo does not have to be expensive. It’s important to keep a steady flow of links once you start and to use the correct anchors. If you have good well optimized content then you are guaranteed to hit the top every time.

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    • No problem at all, good to hear you took action and it has worked out well for you. I love hearing this stuff, really good to know I am helping you out.

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  23. Hello Nick, I hope you would be doing great.. .Nick i ordered Eric SEO Tumblr link a long time ago as you suggested….But infact my 10$ lost. They are of no use and they dont index no matter what. My keyword is not in top 300 and i am confused what to do.
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    my question is since its new site, no URL have any backlinks or domain has any authority. So is it OK to apply all these backlink strategies on all of the posts at the same time?

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    • Hi mazharoddin, I recommend using different strategies on each page, mix things up to ensure everything looks as natural as possible. I have ranked the different pages on the same site using the same strategies over and over. Use different web 2.0 platforms on each page and you will be good to rank up. You can rank and fire backlinks to the pages at the same time. You do not need to use specific backlinks to that country, Tumblrs will work on Australia, UK, USA and any other sites just the same.

      • Thanks Nick for your reply.
        Sure, I will try to use different strategies on each page, but If I understood correct I have to first use social signals then later web 2.0 strategies right, so in my case is it OK to start with web 2.0 platforms and then later social signals? but I guess it doesn’t look natural because, you mentioned in other article that without social shares we wont get backlinks in general.

        So my understanding is, you mean first start with social signals, but use different web 2.0 platforms for each post to look natural, then rotate them for next month etc. pls correct me if my understanding is wrong. Thanks.

        • Yes I go for social signals first, you can build the web 2 sites while you wait for the socials to be delivered….because you do not have to index the web 2 sites…..just have them set up and ready for when you need them 🙂 you can do the web 2 sites only and hit the socials later, it doesn’t really matter, go ahead and mix it up a bit. Yes, use different web 2 platforms if you can, it looks more natural if the socials come first before the backlinks.

  26. So let me know,

    Day 1 – Gmail A – Submit 5 different url web20backlinks (WordPress,Weebly,Jimdo,Bravesites,Webnode)
    Day 2 – Gmail B – Submit 5 different url web20backlinks (Blogspot,DrupalGardens,Angelfire,Yolasite,Blog)
    Day 3 – Gmail C – Submit 5 different url web20backlinks (Strikingly,Wix,Sites.Google,Tumblr,Medium)

    Correct..? How about footprint Nick..?

    Big thanks for your respon 🙂

    • Yeah that’s a good strategy there, you are leaving a small footprint if you do not change your IP, however I have not had any problems with this at all.

  27. Hello,

    I want to ask about Google Submit Url. Do you use different email every submit or one email for all submit url..?

    I know you dripfeed under 5 submit url everyday.


  28. Hello,
    I placed the order yesterday and submit a request via email but did not get any reply. Can you please check my email for keywords change request.

  29. what are your thoughts on

    • It’s okay if you know what you are doing. Many services on there can seriously damage your rank, you have to ask a lot of questions before you order to make sure they can deliver what they are offering. A lot of sellers offer services that they can’t deliver, they make them sound a lot better than what they are too…make sure yo read all the reviews on each service before you order.

  30. Can you rank local with this method? If not, do you have any recommendations?

  31. Which do you look at more.. Page authority or domain authority?

    • Page authority I would say. I am more concerned with the number of backlinks and their quality. All metrics are just a guide, the sites that produce them are not affiliated with Google and should be taken with a pinch of salt…they are only useful to a certain extent…you still have to do some extra research yourself to know if a keyword is easy to rank for or not.

  32. following the softball bat question and with the amazon, pinterest, etc question about out ranking them.. if you look at their content and all it is is pictures of bats with less than 250 words per description ( do you think you would be able to out rank a site like that if you did in depth reviews?

    I feel like I keep finding all these niches but then these sites are always at the tops


    • Yeah, you can most definitely out rank sites like that…easy to out rank sites with thin content like that. Their TITLE TAG and URL extension is messy to say the least, the content is poor too. I would be jumping on that one if the ROI is enough 🙂

    • CONT.. sorry.. i wish i would remember all my questions at once. lol i wanted to add to my “outranking” amazon, dicks, etc question… most of these sites that are ranking number one (like really don’t have a TON of back links.. typically anywhere from 0-100 backlinks showing with MOZ.. is that too high or low?

      • Anything below 100 is low, it all depends on the quality of the backlinks. I can out rank sites like that with 30 high quality backlinks. Well, I have not had a look at their backlink profile, however it is likely that 30 quality backlinks would do the job…I would need to look into it.

  33. Hey Nick. Can you give me an alternative to buy the Web 2.0 Link Wheel on SEOCLERCKS?

    That one in the post don’t made de job for me. He is late.

  34. also with the jaaxy question, i noticed the numbers are off when compared to google keyword planner.. ex.. search “softball bats” in google keyword and estimated searches are around 20k but in jaaxy only around 4500.. thoughts?

    • and show 22,200 searches for softball bats same as Google, jaaxy is lower because they use an algorithm that gathers data from all search engines…from Google, Bing, Yahoo and the rest…they don’t just rely on Google search data. They say it is to produce data that is a lot closer to the real search numbers. If you are just looking to rank on Google go with Google numbers, jaaxy is conservative, which is pretty good actually, your keywords might well be worth more than you first estimate…it’s the best way to be when searching for a new niche….it’s a good tool 🙂

  35. cool.. I didn’t know if you had seen and/or heard of it before.

    When going through keywords and determining if they are good and what google is showing on the first page.. what do you do if the site’s are showing..,, as the best results in google in the top 3 spots.. is this something that should keep you from going after a keyword?

    • Not at all, It’s highly likely I would still go for a keyword like that. The main points I consider are content quality/length, number of backlinks, if the keyword is in the TITLE TAG and URL extension. You can easily out rank Amazon and Pinterest…don’t let those high authority sites put you off. It’s different every time for me, I would need to see the keyword to tell you if I would definitely go for it or not. If I can add something extra to the mix I would go for it.

  36. would you care to take a look at this keyword tool and let me know what you think? it seems pretty promising..

    • That is a really useful tool. Great for finding long tail keywords, the “brainstorm” area on the right is good for picking up new niche ideas and is great for selecting long tail anchors for backlink building….get more traffic through long tails easy to rank keywords. The only drawback with the $19 month plan is that you have to select each keyword individually for keyword competition data…to get this information instantly it’s $49 and you get this cheaper with Long Tail Pro. You could use the free version of jaaxy along side Long Tail Pro to find long tail keywords that Long Tail pro did not produce. I can tell you that Jaaxy delivered a better set of keyword options than Long Tail Pro did for my quick compare analysis…shame they don’t offer a cheaper plan to get instant keyword analysis, that would sway me away from Long Tail Pro.

  37. HI nick, i would like to follow up on the issue of tumblr backlinks:

    My tumblrs are indexed but backlinks arent showing. I’ve also read that tumblr uses a redirect for outgoing links. Does this affect th link juice?

    • As long as your Tumblrs are indexed that’s all that matters, you only want Google bot to know your backlinks exist, that is what is going to affect your rank, nothing else 🙂 Doesn’t matter if your backlinks show on majestics or ahrefs or seo spyglass or whatever, if they are not indexed they do not count…so you are all good. Tumblr does use a re-direct, however the link juice still flows, I use them over and over to rank up. You can drop a link in the Tumblr description area to get a backlink without the re-direct, I don’t do that anymore as a link in the post is all that’s required to get that link juice to your site.

  38. Nick,
    Its wonderful experience seeing you ranking this page from scratch to number #1 on serp for the selected keyword. I believe that low comp keyword with proper link building is the winner in todays affiliate game. How i wish i could be able to rank just like you’re doing. Nick, let me ask you these

    1. Did you index all the 50 tumblr links for the entire 3rd month?

    2. Can i use the 50 tumblr link package in the beginning of link building perhaps at the first month??

    3. I posted an indepth article (2,500+ words) on my website targeting low comp. buying Keyword but never ranks after i force indexed it. its up to 10 days now, my post is nowhere to be found for the targeted keyword. I submitted it to facebook and got google+ backlink yet the page doesn’t show up on serp. What do you think i can do to rectify this issue???. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Kayode, you will be able to rank number one like I am…it’s all about patience…don’t try to rush with too many backlinks all at the same time. Slow and steady wins the race. Try 10 backlinks every 30 days on low competition keywords and you will rank top for sure.

      1. I didn’t need to index any of the backlinks in month 3, this is because the sites are already indexed. The homepage of each Tumblr where the rank power sits was already indexed. I did not bother to index the post page. Just order the service and job done, nothing else to do.

      2. 50 backlinks is way too many to start off with. Too many backlinks in the first month and you won’t even get out of the starting blocks. You need to build up to this and drop it in the third month, the third month was selected for this package for a reason. In month one you need to start slow and steady, you also need backlinks from many domains and not just one, which we build up in month 1 and 2. Then we go for the kill in month 3 when the page has some rank, some traffic and all looks a bit more natural to a bot 🙂

      3. First of all pop the URL into Duplicate content probably isn’t the issue but that is where we will start. Start off slow and steady, don’t concern yourself if the URL is in the index as of yet. First of all get some social signals and then when they are in place start with the backlinks. Make sure you use the right anchor text ratio, only do 10 backlinks in the first 30 days, your site will be in the index then for sure. Don’t keep checking your rank, move on and write more content on the same site dropping internal links to your pages that you want to rank up using exact match and long tail anchors. Your site will show in the index at the start of month 2 and we will take it from there. Slow and steady, don’t try to rush and you will make it 🙂

  39. What would you say the best order to follow your training on here is?… If there is one. Thanks for all the great info

    • Start with my improve Google search ranking strategy, build all the links yourself….write all the content yourself…you will soon see the benefit of it 🙂 Top quality hand written content on Tier 1 is the best way to go and also ensures your rank sticks for the long term. Start off with a simple 5 web 2.0 link wheel with quality content on them…easy way to start building backlinks and it is effective 🙂

  40. What do you mean by tier1?

    • Tier 1 is your first level of backlinks that point to your money site. Tier 2 backlinks point to your Tier 1 sites and so on….

  41. nick-

    in regards to the questions you answered for me above..

    1. so you would purchase separate “gigs” per article right? article 1 would get “social gig, pbn gig, etc etc” article 2 rinse and repeat.. article 3 rinse and repeat.. etc, correct?

    2. Is there one particular method you would choose over any of the others?

    3. Do you have a Click Bank post somewhere? I couldn’t find it if you do.. I’ve always thought click bank would be the easiest route but I’ve never had success ranking sites. Think those type of sites would last or be slapped every google update?

    4. that’s so cool that you did that man.. it really helps out a lot.. I hope I’m able to do that by the end of the year. there’s enough out there for everybody to make good money on because most people won’t follow through anyways. thanks so much man

    • 1. That’s correct.
      2. Yes, I recommend high quality content on Tier 1 for long term ranking…build assets on Tier 1…this service is a good option for this. Use that service in line with my improve Google search ranking strategy.
      3. I don’t have a Click Bank post as of yet, I need to find some extra time from somewhere to do one. Click Bank sites do hold rank, I have quite a few ranking high for for years now…it’s not the affiliate links that will drop your rank….if the content quality is high you are set to rank high.
      4. That’s very true….there is certainly enough for everyone…you are heading in the right direction…taking action is the first step 🙂 let me know how it goes. If you need any help drop me an email…

  42. I’m trying to figure this out.. Please help me with a few questions I have.

    1. So, you’re going to build a site around a keyword and/or a few keywords.. do you have an article (1000+ words) written up and then use this method of buying all these links and point it at each articlearticle?? Ex. keyword is baseball bat.. I write up an article and blast it for 3 months with this method then move to the next keyword and do the same thing? Or could you do 5 keyword articles and use this method on all 5 articles all at once during the 3 months but each article get its on link method used on it?

    2. Do you think this method is long term?

    3. What’s the best “type of site” to make quick money and build out your portfolio, I read on that “review sites” are getting harder and harder to rank and that “authority sites” are the better alternative?

    4. Who are you, do you have another blog I’m missing.. this stuff is awesome and this info is greatly appreciated.

    • 1. You can do 5 articles on the same money site and use this method on the same 5 articles during the same 3 months. Each piece of content requires its own set of unique backlinks from different Tumblr blogs and other Web 2s.

      2. This is most definitely a long term method. It’s fairly similar to my improve Google search ranking strategy that has seen long term ranking results for me.

      3. I most definitely agree with that, it is becoming more and more important as each and every year passes by to build a brand and go for an authoriity site. You can certainly get a away with small niche sites if there is limited information (keywords) available….just make sure your content is superior to everything else that is out there. To make money fast I recommend finding long tail keywords and using Click Bank to monetise. Keyword research is the most important aspect and will make or break a project. Find long tail low competition keywords and you can be ranking on the first page of Google search in a day and start earning Click Bank commissions….select high commission products and even low search volume keywords can bring in the dollars.

      4. I didn’t intent to start this blog, I have been building affiliate sites for years and have been happy chugging away in the background making money with ease on the internet through affiliate commissions. I did a lot of testing over and over and thought it would be a good idea to help other people out that are trying to rank. I want you guys to be successful too…why not….it is a great way to live and hope others can enjoy it too 🙂

  43. Nick,any update on this post ? This post is ranking on #1 in google for targeted keyword.

  44. also, can I follow this post ( to rank and bank? I just like having a blueprint to follow and this seems well layed out

  45. Hey Nick! I’m on Month 3 with this gig you recommended:

    Problem: The guy said he’ll only do 3 keywords MAX for the anchor text. I told him I need 20 keywords to fit with your new formula, he said he can only do 3. Is there anywhere else to get this done for month 3? Thanks!!

    • Hi Judo, use this Tumblr backlink gig….you get 50 Tumblr backlinks, you can split URLs and even provide up the 50 anchors and it’s cheaper at just $20.

      • awesome thank you!!

        • No problem 🙂

        • Wow I never would have thought it’s ok if they don’t index! Thanks Nick!

        • No problem 🙂 You need to make sure the homepage is indexed, that is where all the backlinks point to and all that lovely rank power. Getting the post page to index is just an added bonus, however if the homepage is indexed the post page will index naturally if it is ever going to anyway….let us know how it goes and if those backlinks rank you up…

        • Hey Nick, I ordered that gig:

          But the seller created most of the posts with no words, just a backlink and an image. I gave him your perfect anchor text ratio, and he said…

          “…otherwise the accounts are going to get banned for spamming….those keywords are very spammy and if we are not careful all the backlinks will be removed as the sites will be shut down.”

          I tried to index the posts with no words, and they aren’t indexing.

          What do you make of this? Should I reject the order? Thank you!

        • Hi JudoCruise, what are the metrics like for the Tumblr homepage…do they have high PA and backlinks. Nothing to worry about if the Tumblr homepage is indexed, that’s where the backlinks point to and is what is going to push your site up the SERPs. It’s not a problem if the posts don’t index, as long as the home page is indexed you are good. If they have used the anchor texts that you gave them I would not reject it…as long as the homepage is indexed of course.

  46. Just wanted to let you know that “Hatred’s Powerful PBN backlinks” link is not working.

  47. Sorry about that.. I see now. Haha

    I did want to ask how safe you think this is? Are you not worried about Google smacking your sites with a big update and losing your sites you built with this method?

  48. What’s the site?

  49. Hi nick, ive been reading your blog faithfully and found that your approach makes the most sense. Currently in the first month of efforts. Will update on the progress as we go along! Thank you for sharing this knowledge

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