Cheap SEO packages that will rank you no. 1 in Google

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Should I also give the seller the% of each text anchor?
Example: title tag = 15%
Can you enlighten me?
If my keyword is in the brand, what to do?
thank you in advance

Definitely give the seller the % anchor text to use.

If you have an exact match domain you have to miss brand anchors otherwise you will over optimise. Distrubute the 30% from the brand anchors to the other anchor options respectively.

If you want me to set up your anchor text profile for you as it should be send me an email with your URL and keyword.

Thank you, but what if my keyword is in the brand?

Ok thanks nick
I give what as instructions to the seller of seoclerks?
thank you in advance

Your URL and anchor text as suggested πŸ™‚

Why do I see a PBN link in there?
And the anchor text ratio is way different that your previous guide

I most definitely did not buy any PBN backlinks…possibly someone is trying to knock the site off rank. The anchors don’t look too bad…Brand and full URL is high. I am only going to buy PBN package in month 4 if the post is not ranked no. 1 by then.

Hey nick
What to give this seller

Out of control?
Can you show me an example

I am the second month of my site, my keyword is position 48
advices ?

thank you in advance

Hi Morgan,

Give him your money site URL and the anchors for your site…my perfect anchor text ratio post will help you out.

If you want me to give you the details send me an email with your URL.

Here is an example:

Anchor text ratio for using cheap seo services

Hi Nick,

Few queries…

1. Can you rank multiple keywords at the same time with these cheap seo packages?
e.g. buy mobile online, buy mobile, mobile online

2. My keyword ranking on 7th position for website1 already. What package will help to push keyword on top?

3. For website2, keyword was on first page, I tried tumblr and weebly blogs+social signals+wikilinks for tier1, but my keyword went to second page and sticking now for long. So now what seo service will help to get keyword on top?

Hi Kavita,

1. Yeah sure, this will be done my mixing up your anchor text using the different keywords you want to rank for. Just tell the service provider what anchor text you want them to use and you are set to rank for those keywords. Make sure you read my anchor text ratio post first.

2. I highly recommend you take a look at my improve Google ranking post and follow that strategy. If you want a safe cheap seo package I would go for 10 high page authority Tumblr backlinks for $2, I have used this service in the past and it has pushed ranks for me….however the content is scraped…these links are better for Tier 2. If you really want your rank to stick use my improve Google rank strategy…you can power up those new web 2.0 sites with the Tumblr package mentioned. The Tumblr package is not featured in the post, I have only recently used it, definitely worth the money.

3. It’s likely that your rank dropped due to too many exact match anchors? Have you checked to discover your anchor text ratio? An Algo update in September means you need to keep exact match anchors around 10%. You could try a Web 2.0 link wheel, this cheap package will help you with that, you will need to link up the sites when the order is complete as shown on my free backlinks post.

Hai Nick,

Ahrefs showing 160 referring domain to this particular page.How did you build them ? In the above mentioned strategy it hardly cross 50rd with upto month 2 linkbuilding. You are hiding anything from us??.

LOL, no I am not hiding anything from you, I have only used the packages featured in the post to rank this page. As the content hit the first page it is possible that those backlinks came naturally, it does happen πŸ™‚ MOZ BAR does not show any backlinks and PA is still at 1. I have not purchased the package for month 3 yet, if you look on ahrefs it is now showing 318 LIVE backlinks to this page, I have not created any of them, it shows around 20 have come in December, these are naural backlinks…the best you can get….which comes from hitting the first page and from having quality content too.

Hi nick,
When is the next update coming up???

All done, page is now ranked no. 2 on for selected keyword after 2 months backlink packages.

After 62 days you are sitting at the second position. That is impressive!

Yeah not bad considering it has not cost a lot to achieve, seo can be affordable and does not have to be expensive.

It’s well-known that PBN links are better than Web 2.0 links and article directories, blog comments etc. Why would you still bother with those web 2.0 links/ link wheels/ directories etc when you already have such cheap PBN links?

I use web 2.0 backlinks because they work and they are cheap. I like to have a good mix of backlinks, web 2s have very high domain authority and in most cases if used right can be just as effective as PBN links. A good mix of backlinks from different IPs and platforms works wonders for your ranking…

Congrats on your success. your post is already on Page 1

I have one suggestion and would like your feedback. Instead of buying expired Tumblr blogs or buying links from Tumbrl blogs, I have one idea that I’m testing now. If you already have a personal Tumblr blog, you can post one article with a contextual link to your money site and then purchase “Tumblr Reblogs” (you can get 50 reblogs for $2). This means that your article post will appear on 50 other Tumbrl accounts with a backlink to your money site. What do you think about this?


It’s a good idea to save time, however each and every backlink has the same anchor text. If the Tumblr homepage is indexed then it is a decent little strategy, however it is possible that the Tumblr will quickly fall from the index due to duplicate content….if the Tumble owners are doing lots of re-blogs then this will not happen, however there will be many outbound links on the Tumblr homepage and the rank juice will be so diluted it will have little effect at pushing ranks. You are going to have to re-blog many post with different anchor text backlinks to make it work….anyway, let me know how it goes, I like people that test methods out for themselves πŸ™‚

Hi Nick, congratulation for your blog; i have a question for you.
I am Italian and I have an Italian site, but i start now with SEO. Do you think that those SEO Packages could help me?
I don’t know if English social signals or backlinks from english sites could ruin my rank! And is hard to find italian SEO service or backlinks

Thanks, these seo packages can help you for sure. Many of the seo providers will post an article in Italian for you…just ask before you order. It doesn’t really matter “Google Translate” will see to that…as long as the content is indexed it will push your site up the SERPs. If you want you can use Italian based backlinks like these.

Congrats Nick!
You are ranking #7

Thanks, the page is on it’s way to the top πŸ™‚

Hi nick,
I want to use anchor distribution for the pbn link building for my website, thus

Generic 40%
Naked Url 20%
Brand 20%
My Name 10%
Partial keyword 5%
Exact keyword 5%

Whats your opinnion on this, do i need any adjustment??? Instant reply will bring hope.

Generic have at 5%
Naked URL have at around 10%
Brand at around 30%
Name 2%
part match 10%
exact can be between 5 and 10%

you also need

long tail with exact
“no text” if you want (images without an ALT TAG)

If you want me to let you know exactly what anchor text to use send me an email, I will require your main keyword and the Google locale that you wish to rank on πŸ™‚

hi nick

Today by going to see my ranking for my main keyword, I see it dropped in the ranking πŸ™

do you know why ?

thank you

Probably just the Google dance, or you may have over done your exact match anchors. Drop me an email if you want me to take a closer look….

Hi Nick,

I just checked to see where this page ranks on Google so far since it has been a month already and it looks like it’s sitting at the bottom of Page 4 for “cheap seo packages”.

Just wondering what your take is on that?


Just done the update. It is sat on page 3 today, the backlinks in month 2 will push the page on Google search page 2. I am going to mix up my anchor text ratio as follows to make it work:

55% long tail with exact keyword in there (use page TITLE TAG as an anchor 3 or 4 times too)
20% long tail anchor text using synonyms of exact match keyword in there
10% exact match
5% Brand
5% URL
5% Random words like “click here”

It’s not the seo packages that have seen the site drop a little in the SERPs, it is my use of anchor text. I have overdone exact match anchors, the above ratio will see the page shoot up the SERPs. πŸ™‚

Good job on making the adjustment Nick! The ranking is now on Page 1. What SEO packages did you use to make this adjustment?


I just got the anchor text changed….didn’t drop any more backlinks πŸ™‚

How to distribute them for each tier? Tier 1 25 web2.0s and tier 2 24 web2.0s? I only know how to make a link wheel with an even number of web2.0s… Trying to figure it out myself but fail to do so.

Do 24 on Tier 1 and 24 on Tier 2….forget the last one πŸ™‚ just use 48 of the blogs and not all 49.

Hi Nick, the link wheel new web2.0 sites provider over delivered 49 sites for me. Should I link them all up? Or should I just link up 20 of them and remove other links? What would you do if you were me? Thanks

I would most definitely link them all up if you have time πŸ™‚ You could even use some on Tier 3 if you want to…

hi nick

do you think this concert is right for a new site: aa54-49f95a2600f8

knowing that I purchase in 1500 of social signals and seoclerks 15 trumbl of seoclerks!

fiverr the concert can can be good?

thank you in advance

Personally I would not use that Fiverr gig on a new site, that is way too many backlinks to start off with.

I Like Your Style πŸ˜‰
Because You are Not Just Writing You are Showing Your Results Also

That’s the best way to go….show that these strategies actually work. They work really well on the affiliate sites I use them on. Thanks for stopping by.

update rank today by me… πŸ™‚

Thanks Anderson, I will be doing my progress update soon πŸ™‚

Hi Nick,
I just followed your strategy but with little difference. I first pushed social signals and instead of using tumblr i created 15 web 2.0 with the anchor text variation you mentioned like generic anchor, keyword and naked url and blasted them with my tools !
Now how and when should i monitor by progress and move ahead can you help please πŸ™‚

Use Rank Tracker by seo powersuite (free) to track your keyword process. Only check your rank after 30 days. You can do the same thing again on month 2 if you wish or do the new web 2.0 link wheel as shown on my free backlinks post. In month 3 do some more expired Tumblr backlinks.

Hmm.. I month to i tend to do same.. creating again fresh web 2.0 and blasting them again until my keywords ranks in first page of google. ! on what i am a bit confused is that, how much time it generally takes to juice up web 2.0 by blasting a tons of links to them, and see the effect on my site on rise in rankings ?

The time it takes to have an effect on your ranking will be different every time. This all depends on your keyword and what the other sites are doing that rank above you. If those sites are gaining backlinks at tha same time you are then your ranking might not change at all. There are many variables in play which are out of your control, all you can do is build the backlinks at a steady rate making sure you mix up your anchor text. I always get great results within 3 months….like I say….it all depends on what the other sites are doing too.

hello nick

is it normal that the seller seoclerks for the gig “trumblr” post to put my keyword or url in my post some?

this may be a penalty for me?

normally do not put the word right key and url post! Yet in some post he put out my anchor text that was “click here
I am wrong ?

can you enlighten me on that

thank you in advance

Yes it is normal. The seller will need to use your exact keyword as anchor text in some of the blog posts. I aim for around 30% exact anchor text ratio. The other anchor texts will be your URL and “click here”.

hi nick
my website for my keyword is placed at the # 2 page today !!
and this is thanks to you, thank you infinitely nick
my site 2 weeks, it is normal that I already put myself on page # 2?

No problem Morgan, these strategies work. I use them all the time to rank my sites top of Google search. Glad they are working for you too.

Hey Nick, love the site. Quick question. I’m trying to rank a business in the organic search for fairly low comp local keywords. Do you think this strategy would work, or is it different for local? I know ranking in the Google local 3-pack is all about citations, which I’m building too. But for getting into organic it’s still the same process as you’ve outlined here, right? Or is there a better strategy you recommend?

Most of the keywords are in the 30’s on KWFinder and under 30 on KeywordRevealer. SpyFu doesn’t have any of the keywords in their index (but they’re being added next month it says) – the only one they had indexed has a comp of 50. Which is weird, because KWFinder gave the same keyword 30.

Anyway, I really appreciate your site and all your help – you are the man Nick!

Hi Pappy, we have touched on local seo in forum here. You can use this strategy yes, combined with what is mentioned in the forum. You just pretty much use what I go through here combined with local citations. Drop a question in the forum if you have any problems, let us know how you get on….

Thanks Nick!

No problem. Let me know how it goes πŸ™‚

Hey Nick, that $1 for 1500 Social Signals is gone! Do you have another social signals gig you recommend besides the one you recommend on the Web 2.0 Backlinks page? Thanks!


Thanks for pointing that out πŸ™‚

I have used these ones, which are pretty good:
275 social signals for $1
500 social signals for $1

ok thank you nick

here is what I sent to the seller

this is good?

That’s perfect πŸ™‚

hi nick

and thank you so much for all that is advice
thank you for taking the temp meet us

what is better now for indexing: the seller even index it or it’s better if it’s me that index?

because in the service vendor offers indextion, can you tell me more

thank you in advance

You will need to index the backlinks using Google Console.

Pop the homepage and the post page URL into Google search….if they are indexed you are set to improve your rank…if they are not just add them to the index using Google Console. I should point out that not all of them will index, as long as the majority do you are set to rank.

Hi Nick ,

What do you mean by Only use one money site URL per keyword.?

You mean only 1 format like

Correct….I use the keyword “cheap seo packages” for that URL only. I would not target that keyword on any other page.

ok thank you nick
I give him my exact keyword and so my exact keyword will be replaced by “clicking here”?
That’s right ?
so if I understand on each content that the vendor will create behind “click here” there have my exact keyword (hide)?
thank you in advance for all

I can give several url of my site (page) for the same keyword?
because my website as the content on my main key word!

That’s correct…give him your exact keyword.

Also tell him to use your URL as an anchor and “click here” as an anchor.

So your first Tumblr blog will have a backlink to your money site page using your exact keyword as the anchor text.
The second Tumblr blog will have a backlink to your money site page using your URL as the anchor text.
The third Tumblr blog will have the words “click here” as the anchor text.

Then it goes back to the start. The fourth Tumblr blog will have your exact keyword as the anchor text etc etc etc….

Only use one money site URL per keyword.

hi nick
thank you for advice youtube ????
jai another question
What should I do to seoclerks Service (trumbl)?
I have to have articles or seller creates content?
What should I give as informatins the seller? My site is in English but I’m French!
Can you help me ?
sorry English is not my language
thank you in advance

Hi Morgan…I don’t have a Rankers Paradise YouTube channel yet….it’s not something I plan to do in the near future….I don’t have a lot of spare time at the moment.

The seller will put unique content on the Tumblr blogs for you. If your site is in English then you want your content to be in English also.

Give the seller:

The URL of the page that you want to rank.
Tell him you want to use this anchor text profile:
click here

That’s all he will need to complete the order. Your URL and anchor text profile.

Thanks for the instant response, you are more than a genius to me. Gotta give that gig a trial as soon as possible. My wish is to share positive testimony on my money site with you in the nearest future. With the help of your previous posts, i was able to find 3 low comp. keywords of 32 on kwfinder and 20 on keyword revealer using you guide. I can’t thank you enough. Cheers

No problem, glad I can help. Make sure you write some awesome content around those low competition keywords πŸ™‚

Hi nick thanks for sharing this wonderful post with us. The pbn you mentioned in your post, is it good for money site with exact match keywords or trier 1 buffer sites??? Thanks in advance.

I use the $5 PBN service on my money sites….I used that very gig on my Amazon epilator site. It will work great on tier 1 buffer sites too…the choice is yours. Most of the backlinks index, which is great. If you want to stay completely safe use them on your buffer sites. The content on the PBN sites is okay….good enough to index anyway.

Great post nick !!
can tell me how to promote my website ora product on youtube?
or find the videos and insert the logo of my site on the video?
how to boost my video, you know a service for this?
thank you

You can use Youtube Slicer to insert thumbnails to videos that get clicks….will also help you pop your logo into your videos.

First you need to check your keyword….pop it into YouTube….if videos are not that old you can out rank the, especially if they have few views.

Then when you upload your video make sure the file names has your keyword in there and also:

Video Title

and also pop the keyword in a TAG at the bottom.

In the video description area add 300 to 500 words, make sure your keyword is mentioned at the top, in the middle and at the end of the content.

That’s how you can rank fast on YouTube search.

If you want to rank your video high in Google search in most cases you will need some backlinks to your video. Get some cheap web 2.0 backlinks and also make sure your video is featured in the post.

This SEO CLERK Money Robot gig is specifically designed to build backlinks to your YouTube video to rank high in Google.

Hi Nick! I’m Brazilian and have been reading your site over and over!

I have already used some gigs you recommend and have reached google page 2 for 2 projects (still working towards page 1).

I’d like to say I’m your fan! Please keep the good job! Your articles are pure gold!

Thank you, Sir!

Thank you very much Joao….I will keep pumping out the content when I get time to do so. I have loads more ranking tips and tricks to share….just need to find the time to get them out there in between pumping out my affiliate sites. Good to have you here….hope to see you in forum πŸ™‚

another great post nick! i noticed in this particular post that you are linking out to a lot of external sites. are those nofollow? would it not affect your link juice?

Thanks Ian, I do link out a lot, it makes it easier for the user. These are do-follow links and they will pass on link juice, it will not affect my ranking. The top ranking sites for this selected keyword have poor content.

How about affiliate sites? Do you think having too much link outs would affect ranking? I also noticed the comment section. Do you think it is a strategy to keep on adding fresh content?

Yeah it will affect ranking a bit, I do not link out a lot on my affiliate sites. I will drop a backlink to a related post here and there, but not too often. Comments will keep your site fresh, when you get ranking high the comments will flow naturally. I don’t add new content to some sites and the ranking sticks…it all depends on the niche you are working in really.

Hi Nick,

Great case study, will follow. Thanks for sharing.

Can I rank pharmacy eCommerce website with these cheap seo packages?
Currently my main keyword is sitting at page 2.

Thanks Lara πŸ™‚ You can rank any web site using these cheap seo packages….give it a go and let me know how it goes. The month 1 social signals and Tumblr backlinks are likely to push your site onto page one.

Hi Nick, thank you for another excellent article, please keep them coming.

I was wondering what you think of comment spamming unrelated blogs with Scrapebox, do you think there is any value in a few hundred of these?

I have been finding some awesome .edu links as well with very highpa\da, some niche related, these I know have value and quite excited about the value of these links.

Thanks to your advice I have hit rank 1 for an aggressively hard keyword for the first time (but only on Bing!) and had 4 small sales this week, again thank you so much for your excellent advice.

Good luck

I would only do comments from unrelated blogs on tier 3….where pretty much everything goes…..never do this directly to your money site.

Definitely get those edu sites into action….let me know how it goes.

Awesome work hitting the top spot on Bing πŸ™‚ I will certainly keep pumping out the content for you guys.

Make sure you keep dropping by….

Can we apply this strategy for a fresh site ? I just bought a domain 1 week ago !!

Yeah sure, it’s perfect for new sites.

Just remember to index the backlinks slow and steady πŸ™‚


sir here i want to inform you please do not recommend this guy “$1 For 8 Niche Relevant Blog Comments ” i have personally experience. When you recommend i hire him buy work he delivered was fake many of url was not working.

Okay…I have used him many times…always been great work. You should contact him, him will replace the comments with others I should think.

“Be sure to index them slowly, 5 a day max using different Google accounts.”

You said to do that for the 100 backlinks from 10 different platforms gig. Following your Web 2.0 guide, when I make 8 Tumblr posts on expired Tumblrs for instance, I have always submitted all my expired Tumblr links at once, using the same account. Is that a problem??

I had no idea! Do the links not count if you do too many from the same account? Thank you!

It is not a major problem Bobert, don’t panic…it’s just a precaution to index 5 a day using different accounts…I do it….however they are all from the same IP anyway. You will not have any problems with what you have done so far. The links still count if you index from the same account, as long as they are indexed in Google search they most definitely count πŸ™‚


You write that ” Make sure that you get the Tumblr Homepage and the Post page indexed” If I have post url: ” I can index only this? Or I need to index also “” ?

And… If i have 6x 1500 words articles in my site… Do you linkIing all links only on one article or you link on all 6 articles?

Have a nice day!

It’s most important that the Tumblr homepage gets indexed eg also try and index your post page eg if both index it’s a bonus….it’s okay if just the homepage gets indexed…that’s where the ranking juice sites.

I would put 6 articles on 6 different tumblr url sub domains. Each of your blog posts will target a different keyword, so you will need another tumblr post to target each keyword.

Nick, honestly you’re a God sent. I am happy that you start a new case study, i will follow it till the end and apply some of the lessons learnt. This cheap seo package fit my campaign as i’m on tight budget because of the exchange rate of dollar to my country’s currency is much high due to recession over here. Nick, thanks for the remarkable jobs you are doing here, more power to your elbow. Let, me ask you these two questions:
1. How can i put social icons at the top of the post, and,
2. How can i put amazon affiliate disclaimer at the footer of my blog??? Instant response will brings hope. Thanks

1. I use a plugin called AccessPress Social Share on my epilator site.
2. Depends which theme you are using. I use the “Optimizer” theme on the epilator site and go to Appearance – Customize – footer – copyright area – edit content

Then drop the links in there just like a wordpress post. You will need to set up a Amazon disclaimer page first.

Nick …

Do you know any good service that can gave me 5 affilate keywords with all standart that you write in this article?

You could try this service to find low competition keywords. I have not tried it myself though. This keyword research package is cheaper and has received good feedback.

This package will get you 1000 words unique web content for posting on your money site. I have not tried it, so let me know how it goes if you use it.

Sir for low keyword you can contact with me. I have lot of low competition keywords.

@Muhammad Shahzad PM me on Facebook.

gave me some mail…

can contact me @ skype “shahzadkb”

Hey nick!
Looking forward to this awesome case study!

Keep it up.
You are doing great!

Thanks Punit. I am sure I will rank no. 1 using these packages. My content is highly targeted and is so much better than the content on the top 3 ranking sites for the selected keyword.

Hello Nick. Only 2 questions. How many time per week o need to put new 1500 words article on my moneysite?

And… can I use this guide for 3 keywords at the same time in one moneysite?

Thanks a loot!

Hi Zan, the amount of articles you add to your money site each week all depends on your niche. For my epilator site I added a few articles each week for the first month…I am not going to add any more articles to that site. Do the blog posts for internal backlinks, the more the better really….it all depends on how many keywords you can find on your chosen subject.

Yes you can use these cheap seo packages for 3 keywords at the same time on the same money site.

will this strategy work for local seo?

Local seo requires local NAP citations (Name, Address, Phone Number), local reviews, a Google Business Page helps too. Combine this with these seo packages and you will have a good formula, however you also need to remember to get links from local websites that are related to your business. You can use this service to get local citations done for you, $5 gets you 30 live country local citations. The backlinks in the post and the local citations is the way to go about local seo.

Dude, You are awesome. You always come with great case studies to help us out.

No problem, thanks for stopping by. Let me know how you get on with these packages if you use any of them πŸ™‚

Wow Nick, awesome post. Now we can rank and bank easy keywords with just 16.67$ per month [50$ for three months]. This is just amazing. I salute you for showing new comers the easy way to build links and ranking kws.

SEO does not have to be expensive, these cheap packages will get the job done if you have the right keywords. Keep pumping out the content, be sure to let me know how you get on….

Awesome stuff, Nick. Nothing better than a real case study.

I’m actually surprised at how many searches that keyword gets. It’s a good bit above what I would’ve expected. The CPC is pretty high for a phrase targeting a ‘cheap’ phrase, too.

Should be interesting to see if you can reach the #1 spot doing this since there are obviously a lot of SEO-based companies targeting it as well that are likely putting money into heavier hitting links (quality PBNs, homepage links, etc).

If you can – well that just proves you don’t need a huge budget to make an impact.

I’ll keep an eye on this to check for your ranking updates. It’ll be pretty nifty if you can knock down the SEO companies in the top slots with these cheap links.

Thanks Brad. It’s good for people to see that these packages actually work. I wasn’t really interested how many searches the keyword gets, I just wanted a low seo competition keyword related to my article that I know these packages would work on.

I will rank no.1 for this keyword, the content on the top ranking sites is thin. Their services are expensive for what they offer, I am certain my bounce rate will be super low compared to theirs.

As you know, anyone can rank no. 1 with the right keywords. Of course you can get all these backlinks for free too, which makes it even better if you have zero seo budget.

I am waiting for you to sign up for the Rankers Forum πŸ™‚ to give us your feedback on using the web 2.0 ranking strategy…Have you hit the top spot with that strategy yet on any keywords?

I didn’t even realize there was a forum up. Registering now.

I’ve come pretty close – I have one keyword that shot to #4 using the web 2.0 method. My others are all hovering around #8 to #15. I think I chose keywords that were more competitive than they let on. I’ll get there, though.

I do have a newer site that has now hit #3 to #7 for about six different phrases, though. That was from a combination of expired web 2.0s and Fiverr PBNs.

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