Image Sharing Sites For SEO

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can you send me article submission sites, all good links?

Sure, here are some article submission site:

Good enough to use on Tier 2 🙂 or you can use on Tier 1 to mix up anchor text profile.

I got backlinks from images as you suggest and my website ranking has gone up, thanks.

Yes these image links work well.

WOW!! Fantastic post, Keep up sharing this type of blogging tips You share a great list of free Image sharing sites. It’s really helpful to make link building Effectively,and also this is a massive list!.I checked about a dozen or so Image sharing sites and most had less. I’ll be honest I was a little surprised but after verifying them, I will definitely be using some of these going forward. Thanks for sharing. have a nice day.

It’s good to get as many backlinks as you can from different IPs and resources, image backlinks alone can rank keywords. Let us know how you get on if you decide to put some of these in place.

its a great article,
pls give me a dofollow attribute..

No problem, have you used the image sites yet?

Thanks for the suggestion

Get the links in place and let us know how it goes 🙂

Great! Cant wait to test this.

Let us know how you get on Liam and if you need any help at any stage in the process just let us know.

Hi Nick,
I found some websites are linking to your site using “.” as anchor text. one of my competitors using the same strategy to get those “.” links. please, would you like to show me how? and where to get those backlinks from?
I appreciate your help
Thank you

A “.” anchor comes from a website embedding your image on their website from your WordPress content uploads folder. Here is an example:
Here is a site that links to Rankers Paradise that has given us a “.” anchor by embedding an image on their website from Rankers Paradise WordPress content folder, the site page is: and you will see this image on the page: which has given us a “.” anchor. You can get this done using web 2 sites like Tumblr, simply embed images from your WordPress upload folder to the Tumblr blogs.

Your article ? is very helpful ? for us for finding ? images related websites , Hope ☺️ we will able to achieve same result ? as of you.

Every site will benefit from image backlinks.

I just want to thank for sharing this amazing post. It is very informative and has picked up some new ideas. You are doing a great job. Keep it up!

No problem, your image sharing sites list is useful too 🙂

Hi sir,
This is really great informative blog. Thanks for sharing this list, Actually I found on different-different sites and then came on Image Sharing Site List. so I found this is much better and related.

Glad you found it useful, it’s good to get some no text backlinks in place like these to have a natural looking backlink profile.

Thanks for sharing the top image sharing sites with us. There are a lot of new sites here which will help my site to get ranking. Please keep update with new post.

Glad you found the image sharing sites list useful, when I come across more I will add them to the list and keep it updated.

Wow, thanks for sharing! I’m gonna check each site for the list below!
Thank you again!

No problem, go and get those backlinks in place and get your site ranking up 🙂

One Of THe genuine ANd Trusted Site For High PR ImaGE sHARING Site i PERSONALLY uSE yOUR siTE fOR fINDINg BAcklink …
VERY Helpful Please Update New Site Waiting For Updates…Thanks

Thanks for dropping by, if you need anything regarding image backlinks just let us know.

Nice post. Thanks for sharing this informative list. Visit our website for Top 20 Free Do Follow Image Sharing Sites List For SEO 2018.

No problem, thanks for the share I am sure your list will be useful to people reading this.

thank you much for sharing

No problem, let me know how you get on, which image sharing sites you find useful and which ones you don’t.

I love for easy photo uploads without registration.

Thanks for the share 🙂

A Hats Off To You That’s It

Thanks, let us know how it goes 🙂

This site is very helpful and more beneficial for increase the website visibility in Google.thanks for sharing this site.

You can most definitely improve your Google ranking using the image sharing sites featured here, thanks for dropping by.

the list is very useful for SEO Backlinks
I used some of those sites

Glad you found them useful 🙂

This blog is very useful. Such a nice list. Thanks for sharing this.

No problem, glad you found the image backlink list useful.

Great post. Very useful for us!
thank you so much.

Glad I could help, good to have you here 🙂

Thanks for sharing detailed information.It is very helpful for beginners like me

Glad you found it useful, if you need to know anything else just send us an email or drop a comment here.

hi nick i have used various SEO tricks from your site and managed to rank on page one but i am unable to get that site to no 1 please suggest a service from your store which will boost to no 2 position
thanks in advance

Hi Abu, I would need to take a look at your site. Send me an email to I need your URL and Keyword. If you have the budget our monthly seo starter package is your best option: we will sort your on page seo and also get the backlinks you need. If you don’t have the budget I will make suggestions of what you can get from the store here at Rankers Paradise.

Thank you for this informative blog post. It is very useful for me and I will be sharing this on our social media feeds.

No problem, glad you found it useful.

and yet no reply for a long time

Sorry Jerome I have been very busy.

Hey nick a wonderful article as always..I just want to know a detail method of building SAPE links and their impacts so can u write about it or give tutorial for this.

Thanks for the feedback Biraj, I will do a write up on SAPE links as soon as I can 🙂

hi,nick, now google console not work again, and if like these 3000 wiki link, 2000 social bookmark link,
1000 articles backlinks, which soft or link we can use to index these backlinks? if antural index, maybe 3 month 5 months pass, this result not happen.

No software will index those links, you need to leave them to index naturally. You do so many for this reason. Concentrate on building more links rather than indexing the ones you have.

and again,dear nick, if my money website(selling dental tools) have 15 keywords that at different 15 pages,
can i use 4-5 different Strategies, each strategie for different website page at the same time.
for example:
1.IMAGE SHARING SITES FOR SEO for page 1 wheel for page 2 DA100 for page 3

my mean is these work do the same time. not one by one. for 1 month, all these 5 jobs same time finish,

it is okay or i must step by step. finish one and go on another one?

also i find many service from your website.


There are all done by your team. these are 100% Trustworthy right?
could i buy from here for some link service from now on?
in fact, you are a 100% trustworthy man.


yes you can buy from our store, I highly recommend going on the monthly seo plan for your site. It’s good to use a combination of our services on each page of your website, which ones you choose to use will depend on your competition. Take a look at your competitors backlink profile and work from there 🙂

Again the web 2.0 backlink strategy you posted is no longer working as I have been testing the waters since 6 months now. It worked for me the very time it was posted and I brought 8 of my websites to first page with the strategy keyword competition of 10+. Since then I think it has stopped pushing sites to even 2nd page with lower competition of 10 and below.

The strategy still works, I am still using web 2 backlinks with great results. You have to choose the right keywords and ensure your on page seo is up to scratch.

wow,thank you ,dear. it is perfect, but in your another Strategies, you said for tier 3, have

Over 3000 Wiki and Profile backlinks and Over 1000 contextual article backlinks.
but i must say, these 3000+1000 links can be indexed by google?
because now many forum profiles (including edu/gov forum profiles) not indexed by google again.

You don’t need to index mass backlinks on lower tiers, you do so many so that 50 to 100 will index naturally or less, but many will. If you do the edu/gov profile links correctly they will index.

It baffles me that everything you said I have done since 2 years now, yet I can’t rank a single website using your web2.0 anymore. All keyword completion are below 10 in keywordrevealer. Articles are manually written by me with 1000+ words. My contents are optimized and yet they bounce from 4-5th page always for the past 3 months. I just fell tumblrs are now dead stuff for ranking because I have played a lot with anchor text and yet no positive response.

Many factors in play, competitors gaining backlinks etc. Your site speed, your on page seo and many more. These strategies still work on the right keywords 🙂

i find a Strange question, some page TF Is 20 above, but not indexed by google. and in, some keywords rank number 1,2,3 not high PA website. even some website keywords Rank 1. PA Ony 1

That is because those sites ranking top will have good well optimized content, their TITLE TAG will have a high CTR and having good content their bounce rate will be low. It’s not good to look at metrics that are nothing to do with Google. Your best way to hit the top is to write good content and look at your competitors, make sure you have better content and better backlinks. It’s simple, write good content, check your content has the correct words in there that the top sites have that are related to your search term, write a good TITLE TAG and go and get niche related contextual backlinks and you will hit the top guaranteed.

i did these work, and after 2-3 month, all backlink page TF And PA, Most from TF 0 To TF 10 Above,
PA from PA=1 To PA 20-40.
But big problem, i find my money website keywords still not up. some down.
how to do for me?

I would need to take a look at your site to answer this one and also see the backlinks. You can send me an email and I will take a look for you 🙂

Hi,dear Nick, really thank you for your help. i maybe make a big mistake, so i must need your help again.
Frist, when i do some different backlink for my money web,
for example: this month i did
1.10 fourm profile backlinks
2. 5 web2.0 website backlink
3. 5 doc share
4. 5 pictures share
5. 5 bookmarking share

then i submit all of these 30 backlinks page link to 100 blog comment page, (frist i use majestic to find high TF blogger/guestbook page, like TF 30 35 38 Or above, but not any relation,i selling mens clothes, but these blooger or guestbook page are art,company,photo,but TF All High,above 30).

now i think maybe i make a big mistake. please help me,thank you.

michael zhu

That’s not a mistake if they are on Tier 2, of course it help’s if they are niche related. Really you are only doing the tier 2 links to help get your tier 1 indexed and to pass on some juice. If you can get niche related links then of course it is much better, but what you have done will not be a problem for you.

Thanks man, really helpful

No problem, if you need any help just let us know.

Hi nick, am back again still waiting for your response on my the project we discussed.

Another issue I discovered on the optimization. You said we should put our keywords on the top, middle and end of our article, but here on rankersparadise, most of you posts you have ranked have 5 – 8 keywords. What do you make of this?

I have been rather busy over the last few weeks, I have your email and I have added you to my list of things to do 🙂 I will get back to you as soon as I can.

You need to have your main focus keyword at the top, middle and bottom of the content. Don’t worry about keyword density, you will notice my main keyword is at the top, middle and bottom….then you can sprinkle more related keywords in the post if you wish to do so.

Hi Nick

Great Tips! But what about thin content penalty?

It’s an image share link on image share sites looks natural and is expected.

Thanks Nick I really needed these links, came at the right time for me. I did the links right after you published the post and my site has pushed to rank position 5 on Google (I am now on page 1, can’t stop smiling), I was on page 3. You are amazing, keep up the good work.

Glad you found it useful. These links work well and can be done for any keyword. They rank low seo competition score keywords first page.

Hi nick, any tips to improve from what I sent you? Besides with the recent google update, indexing web 2.0s is now a big issue. Mind throwing any findings on indexing as google submit URL doesn’t work any more.

Good Tier 2 backlinks from indexed sites will get your tier 1 sites indexed. Use our 50 Tumblr backlinks service to index your tier 1 links, we accept multiple urls and all our blogs are indexed. Take a look here: you can send us up to 50 URLs in the same niche of course. Or you can do it yourself 🙂

you said we should use long tail exact anchor text, and thats what am using. the content is high quality no doubt as i wrote them my self manually. if you dont mind you can give me an email and i forwar those web 2.0 properties to you for a glance, along side the tier 2 tumblrs so you see and tell me whats wrong. am eager to drop my testimony here about this strategy.

No problem Jerome, fire me an email with your URLs and I will take a look.

hi nick, i just send the project via your contact page. just help me take a look and tell me where and what i have done wrong. is creating this 5 web 2 same day good?

Got it, I will take a look later for you 🙂

am readily waiting for it so i can continue pushing backlinks. thanks

Yes I need you to email me your money site URL.


Thanks Jerome. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Hi nick, its been a long time I have been testing this strategy. I don’t know why this strategy does not work for me, even on a low competition keyword of 4 and 2. Managed to rank up the keywords with tumblrs and then introduced the link wheels and my keywords dropped from 11 and 14 to 45 and 55 respectively after 3 days i put those link wheels and after day 9 I removed the link wheels the keywords rises again.

I wish to ask where and what am doing wrong. The drop should be rise and put me on top not dropping my keywords

Hi Jerome, most definitely because of the anchors you are using and also the quality of the content surrounding your links.

Nick,google submit url is not working from past 1 week.Do you have any other ways to index ?

Yes, drop the links on social networks, facebook and twitter…they get crawled often by Google bot, your links will index fast that way. Or you can go ahead and get some backlinks from Tumblr blogs that are already indexed and wait for Google to find the crawl the links.

I am so glad I found this post. Thank you Nick. I found an easy keyword, got the two image backlinks like you said. My post is not rank 3 after just one week, I am amazed. It’s good to use no text as you say.

These image links work a treat, if you are unsure of what anchor text to use then go ahead and get no text image links, it’s one less thing to worry about. These links do work, this post is ranking on and is climbing fast, it is on the first page now on from just two image links. Go and get more links and you will hit the top spot for sure.

Hey Nick!

I have googled your keyword for this post ‘image sharing sites for SEO’ but i did not found your post anywhere? This technique will help to get ranked!

This page is ranked no. 36 on see image:

rank check

I only did 2 image links and did not index them.

I just checked, the two image backlinks are not indexed in Google.

This page is ranking 36 on content alone….

If I index those links it will hit the first page for sure, might need a few more to rank top.

You have no idea how rankings work. You really think if you index “2” image backlinks, you will be on the first page for that keyword? Let me index 10 image backlinks for you. I will reply back with ranking updates.

Hi, thank you for dropping by. This post was to reveal how to do image backlinks including how to get backlinks that you might see your competitors with. If you want to drop some image backlinks at this post feel free to do so, send us the links and ranking up dates 🙂

Hi Nick,

Great post you have up here!

Hopefully this sites are top notch for getting image backlinks.

I really don’t know, I published a post earlier, and automatically it landed on 8th position of google immediately after publish and then, it went to 5th Page.

Just dancing up and down!
What could be wrong?

Google dance is normal when a new post hits the index….your post will settle. This is Big G playing your new content to test for bounce rate…time on page….number of pages visited etc. Your content is new, so the bot has to establish where it fit’s into the index, it will not hit the top without backlinks unless click through rate is high and bounce rate is low etc. If your new content is tested on the first page it means it must be optimized well for your search term, you now need to take care of the off page factors. Take a look at your Google Analytics to get your bounce rate and CTR stats.

Are there any ways to get do follow links from WEB2.0 sites by using HTML or javascript code?

Just grab the backlinks from dofollow web 2 platforms, it’s good to have a mix of dofollow and nofollow links anyway. Of course, there are ways around re-directs etc by manipulating the code. I don’t have the time for this, I am sure there are people out there that will have done this but it’s something I haven’t looked into.

A new post at last….been a long time Nick. Another great share, thank you. You always seem to deliver just what I am needing….weird. Cant wait for the next one, try not to leave it as long this time. I will get the image backlinks over the next few days.

Yes I finally got round to doing a new post, I would love to have more time to write more, not enough hours in the day. Glad you found it useful, let me know how it goes for you. I will write a new post as soon as I can.

Good work, just what I needed also. I have also noticed my competitors with lots and lots of notext backlinks. I wanted to know how they were getting then and did a google search and found your post. Thank you for explaining this. I have started to get some and will buy your service soon.

Good to know you are getting the image share links in place. Shoot me an email if you need any help.

Thanks Nick, going to do these image links right now. Thank you for the image sharing sites list, very useful. I am a photographer, so I really need these links for my site.

Image backlinks are a must for a photography site, ensure you get a good mix and you will rank top.

Thank you, followed your tutorial and got the image backlinks from Tumblr and WordPress. I have found a very easy keyword, going to throw a whole load of notext backlinks at it as you have shown, will let you know the results.

That’s great, let us know how you get on 🙂

You read my mind, I was just the other day looking for how to get notext backlinks. I see my competitors with hundreds of these links only on seo spyglass. Thank you for sharing, I can get these links now.

Yes it is important to get these backlinks in place. I see many now using notext backlinks to rank. Get them in place and let us know how it goes for you.

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