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Such nice information to understand this key SEO points.

Thanks, Declan, if you need anything just let us know 🙂

But not indexed any GSA link in google?. and what if bad link fired, Google is so smart to catch this link and ignore the spammy link.

Have you made it to number 1?

It was on path to be no. 1 yet someone yet again has hit Rankers Paradise with a GSA run, some of my posts now have 250,000 backlinks pointing at them. So I noe have to disavow the links to get the posts back on track. All services work if people don’t go out of their way to destroy what I am showing you for free, obviously someone has taken offence to what I am doing.

I see you are now page 2 after just one month, very good work. Looks like you will hit the top in month 2 or 3. If you do I will definitely be signing up my company that is located in New Jersey. I would like to get these seo results for my website too.

Yes that’s correct, we are jumping between page 2 and 3 right now. Another 4 weeks and we will be first page, probably top 5, we have everything going on in the background to ensure we hit the top taking it nice and steady. I will reveal everything we have done at the end when this post in ranked #1.


Again your post rank is NF!

Yes it drops in and out, it’s what happens 🙂 you have to stick with it. It will come back stronger.


How much estimated time to take keywords “New Jersey SEO Company” on 1st page? Will target any other cities of USA?

I estimate 3 months, I will target other USA cities in the future yes when I get time to write the content

Hi Nick

I have tired to find result on this keyword “SEO Company in New Jersey” as you mention this keywords is on #136 position but i can not find your website anywhere in 150 result in

Hmm, i Doubt that.

The keywords are in and out of the SERPs at the moment, this is natural. It did exactly the same thing for another local search term I did recently. The site ranked and then fell from the SERPs and then came back stronger, it’s what happens.

Hi Wasim,

Yes the keywords are jumping in and out of the Google SERPs at the moment. One day they are ranked, the next they are nowhere again, it’s natural at this stage. I am letting everything settle and then I will start backlinks, I have not done any yet, I will start end of this week or early next week 🙂

It is back ranking for the keywords, currently 149 for main keyword, some backlinks have been done which is why 🙂 as the backlinks keep coming in the post will hit the top.

Really good to see you can rank just from good on-page seo. Thanks for sharing, I will keep coming back to check ranking changes.

Get the keyword density right and use the keyword in the Heading tags and you will rank without any backlinks. Make sure the content is hand written and unique and it will index in Google right away too 🙂

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