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made Web 2 blog.. and then link 1 keyword direct to my main site… is it ok?

So, I will get a rank in google?

That is okay, if you have used an exact match keyword anchor text then your website ranking will improve when Google bot crawls the site and finds the backlink. To ensure Google bot finds the link do the following: https://www.rankersparadise.com/how-to-index-backlinks-in-minutes-fast-in-google/

I used all these web 2.0 platforms and I have my website now ranked on the first page for a tough keyword, thanks for sharing.

Do another round of links when you have all indexed and your site will keep going up 🙂

Hi Nick, um Abdul here again. Can i get my expired web 2 blogs which are not indexed in google with an indexer tool to just fire them with indexer tool to get straight into the google index ?
is that okay and wont that hurt my expired web 2 blogs when i do that ? without using any of my already indexed we 2 blogs to point them to the expired web 2 blogs which is manually instead of the indexer tool which will do that automatically..is google happy with that and wont hurt my ranking or google index..?

Hi Abdul, most indexer tools don’t work and are a waste of time and effort. Indexer tools will not hurt any of your web 2 blogs, however it’s best to do another Tier of backlinks from blogs that are indexed, or drop the links on social media sites which get crawled a lot. When Google bot next crawls the social sites the links to your web 2s will be found and will be indexed if they are going to be.

Hi Nick, I remember you mentioning that we should try and get our keyword into the subdomain as we register these free accounts. If we do this wouldn’t it show up in the serp for our competitors to see? For example, if my keyword is “cat” and I register http://www.bluecat.tumblr.com, wouldn’t my web 2.0 eventually show up for my competitors to see, if they did a search for “cat?”

Yes it will show up in the SERP for your competitors to see, you want it to show in the SERP for your keyword, the higher the web 2 sites rank for your keyword the higher your site will rank up. Your competitors can copy your links but you have a head start, your Tumblr will be aged and will have backlinks to it, while they are trying to catch up you will be getting more backlinks, your competitors will always be behind.

Hello Nick, can you explain how strong domain authority works? If we have many backlinks pointing to the home page of our website, obviously the home page will rank well. But what about the inner pages? will they automatically rank good, as well? or do we have to repeat the same process and create backlinks for the inner pages (such as service pages) that we want to rank? it seems very repetitive.

If we have a blog post with products, would it help if we keep the blogs on the front page and try and prevent them from rolling off the front page?

You will get a strong domain authority by spreading links across the whole domain, use internal links wisely to spread the rank juice around your site. Don’t just hit one page on your website with a load of links and ignore the rest of your site. At the start, you can link out from the homepage to your important inner pages to distribute the rank juice from all the backlinks you have pointed to the homepage. You most definitely have to send backlinks to your inner pages too, however this depends on your keywords, some inner pages will rank with internal links alone if your content is really good and the seo competition is low. Keeping the blog posts on the front page all depends on your niche, it doesn’t really matter if they roll off the front page, if you have too much going on at the homepage your load time will suffer.

what do you mean when you say ” Keeping the blog posts on the front page all depends on your niche?” do certain niches benefit from such a strategy? if so, which ones? what if we only have 3-4 full page blogs on the home page of our website, detailing our most important product/service. Would these 3-4 posts benefit tremendously by being on the front page as opposed to being inner pages?

I mean if you are in the blogging niche then it will look natural to have your blog roll show on the front page. If you are in any ecommerce niche it looks natural to have the blog a few click inside the site. Every niche will benefit from the backlinks, there is more benefit from being on the front page yes but it’s not a big issue.

Hi Nick, I tried setting up a handful of these web 2.0 entities about 3 months ago. They initially indexed. However, when I revisit them 3 months later I find that they have been de-indexed. Furthermore, entities such as wordpress and tumblr etc are reporting DA=1 and PA=1. Should we be concerned? is it just a matter of firing a few backlinks to them to get them to index again? if so what kind of backlinks should we use?

In relation to the DA and PA=1, is it just an anomaly or have the domain authority been reduced on these subdomains? Any feedback would be much appreciated.

Hi Jasmine, definitely fire indexed Tumblr backlinks at them to index them and keep them indexed. MOZ did an update so new web 2.0 blogs show DA 1, if you fire hire PA/DA Tumblr backlinks at them their PA and DA will go up quickly. It’s nothing to worry about having a PA DA of 1, as long as you have the keyword in the sub domain name you now have a conextual backlink from a niche related site. Also, to avoid the blog getting de-indexed you can add some more content to the blogs and use internal links.

Hello Nick,
I read and really like your posts and they have really really great value. There are lots of guys who write about SEO but as far as I found ONLY 2 of these guys(one of them is you) give REAL information. Rest makes marketng 5000 words articles. THey really make marketing but you give real information. Thanks again.

My question is this, I couldn’t find answer to this question on the web:
– Is it good or bad to leave comments on INDEXED COMPETITOR VIDEOS, WEB 2.0 BLOGS and FORUM POSTS? I hope it is clear. Lets assume that we make SEO on machine production niche. Then we have competitors already ranked. They have forum posts well indexed, they have videos(youtube,vimeo), and they have web2.0 blog posts and each ALLOW comments and they are auto approved. SO if I drop my links on these pages as comments is it GOOD or BAD? Looking forward to hear you, (by the way if dont want to print my website link you can remove)

Thanks for the feedback Ali, good to have you here. It’s good to have a mixed backlink profile and comments on indexed competitor videos, web 2 blogs and forum posts will not only help with your ranking but will pass traffic to your site too, just make sure you use the right anchors and you have other backlinks in place eg contextual ones from niche related blogs.

indexing a tumblr post is hard this days as opposed to how it use to be where one just add the link to google add url console.and within minutes is indexed. Right now you have to login to google, add the url and verify. that means if u have a blast of 50 tier 2 tumblr u have to register and verify on google one after the order, login in into the tumblr too to upload the google html metatags of verification….. How do you index and make google find this tier 2 tumblr post NICK

I use Tumblrs on Tier 2 where the homepage of each Tumblr is already indexed in Google. So when Google next crawls the Tumblr blogs your links are found and indexed. So when you find expired Tumblrs to use on Tier 2, first of all check they are indexed before you register them. You can find expired Tumblrs that are still indexed really easily.

Hi Nick interested post, how can I find expired Tumblrs that are still indexed?

I will do a post on it Karla this month, will be done in the next few weeks. I will let you know when it is ready 🙂

My new post is complete. You can see how to find expired Tumblrs that are indexed here. The tutorial shows you how to find expired web 2.0 blogs on any platform manually using free tools, no software used.

great post Nick! Do they all index?

The only one you will have a problem getting indexed is Kinja. You can replace that with Weebly if you want, I didn’t include Weebly because it requires phone text varification but you can use a free online service to receive sms like this one here. That sms service works, I have tried and tested it. You will also need to use the free sms service to set up your Google account to get your blogger and Google sites backlinks.

Just to add to Nick’s reply, there are so many sites out there now that allow you to bypass sms verification with a temporary number. I’ve tried many, Receive-SMS does work but because it’s so popular most of the numbers get used up fast. I’ve tried an app called quackr.io that worked well for me as lots of the numbers havent been used to sign up to other sites.


No problem, I have done another list here too (more options): https://www.rankersparadise.com/cheap-seo-packages-uk-case-study/

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